Chakra 10 “Pearlescent Flame – Love from Beyond the Veil” Part 10

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Chakra 10 “Pearlescent Flame – Love from Beyond the Veil” Part 10

Beloved ones, the connection of what I have shared and that which was
shared by Lady Guinevere, all of this is what makes up the first level
understanding of your 10th chakra, and may I ask what is your 10th
chakra all about?

A: Silence

Mk; someone answers “the connection to our guides”

Mk: Very good, the connection that you have with your guides and the
angelic realms, it is the connection that you have with the
archangelic realms, to us the ascended masters and therefore this
explanation highlights two things: The truth and importance of your
connection with yourself in the reflection of your own vision which
was shared by Lady Guinevere, and secondly because of the connection
that you have with the flow of life through your veins, you need to
become affiliated with the flow of life that exists within your
etheric bodies where the flow of your life force pumps the energy
between your high heart and the rest of your auric systems, the
etheric bodies, and for this to flow without force fluidly you need to
claim your angelic rights, your human angel self.

Angels don’t make mistakes though merely embrace different experiences
which is the concept that you need to grasp, which is why we always
touch on the aspects of being too critical with the self, the
continues questioning of the self as I have shared previously,
questioning of everything all around. I could go back and dissect
every word that was shared with you this day, but due to time
constraints this is not possible therefore I invite you to go back and
read through these words that are so kindly transcribed for you, for
in everyone of these words that was shared with you this day lies the
reality of your connection to the 10th chakra. It is the awakening
angel within that now needs to connect to the reality that the angel
within is the same as all angels without. You are all angels, you are
all humans, and by claiming this energy you shall live within the
aspects of the divine human, which you already are, which is another
aspect of the Love crystals, another realization that it brings to you
the fact that you are magically and wonderfully much nicer than you
thought you were, just by being who you are. Stop trying to be someone
else, stop living in your future, stop trying to correct your past and
simply be who you are. The question is who are you?

Beloved beings of the light, are you excited?

A; Yes!

Mk: And so you should be for each and everyone of you have a
connection to the love crystals, each and everyone of you connect via
your DNA to the energy of the crystalline grids, you connect because
of your internal crystalline connection as we have shared with you
during the last transmission which is: the earth’s DNA and your DNA
melds as one and through that you are able to embrace a whole new
formation of Light, thus light particles you are now able to integrate
into your bodies aided by the integration of the photon energy. You
already know about the Adamantine Particles that supports all of life
and aids your connection to your light body, you understand the
concept of your Merkaba Light Body and your personal connection to
this all important energy, actively, thus therefore accept yet another
gift which is the awakening within your reality of your close link to
each and every one of the love crystals. Can you imagine for a mere
moment how wonderful it is that each of you here, and many, many more
to the likes of you, have heard of, was, and is part of the activation
process of the love crystals, which was engineered through the Ashtar
Command with many of us present upon the ships that brought this to
life, can you imagine the impact with millions of you around the world
focusing on specific areas at the right time, can you imagine the love?

There will be a further download of love crystals which will be shared
through the appropriate channels closer to the time but for now it is
very important for you to every now and again, glance at these words
therefore our suggestion to have the list printed making it visual,
thus stick it up where you can see it and every now and again, send
some love to these energies, connect with their locations. You are
receiving love from these crystals thus do transmit your love towards
these energies, in support of them. These crystals are not destroyable
but the more love you consciously impart on these locations, the more
powerfully with greater ease are these energies able to act out their
mission of love, transforming with love the areas where they are
placed, and not simply their immediate areas, but the areas feeding
off this energy, along the important ley lines into active and
specific directions. The reason why at this time these crystals are
concentrated in specific areas is? Who can share, who’s the brightest
button in this bunch (laughter)?


MK: To facilitate a most appropriate shift within the collective
unconscious realms.

So look at these areas and with that the reasons for their being will
come to mind supporting your understanding of why they are placed
where they are placed, to help shift limiting density.

Beloved ones, the 10th, 11th and 12th chakras are more so levels of
energy that supports transformation so in other words like with the
lower chakras: just when you thought you knew it all we explained that
there are in fact many levels of which we have only shared a few so
too instead of confusing you we will tell you that this is complex
energy that you are working with, where the overruling energy that
facilitates this all is found within the complexity of the 9th chakra,
which very much fits into the dynamics of the 8th chakra which then
shares a communication dynamics with the crown centre. Therefore there
whole system eventually works as one yet serves as individual links of
your scared chain of consciousness. One link feeds the other and so
the next feeds of the one to follow. Within the 9th chakra we exposed
you to extreme high vibrations, today as with the remainder of this
series up to the 13th (which serves as a overruling chamber of light
for the upper and lower chakras) we take you on a whole new vibration,
an increased frequency level because in the 9th chakra you have your
grounding higher homing device which connects to the 8th chakra which
is your connection to the great white brotherhood. In the 9th chakra
you have your connection to the magnetosphere energy, the gravity, as
well as the crystalline grids which reminds you of your connection to
the planet as a grid keeper and light worker that serves by anchoring
this energy, thus here at the level of the 10th chakra you now need to
relate to this and other energies in its angelic form thus to support
this transformation close your eyes and visualize yourself standing
amidst the most beautiful energy. Pause.

Simply visualize yourself standing in the most beautiful golden mist.
Beloved ones it is important to feel very comfortable within this
golden energy that takes on the shape of your energy field be that
seen as cocoon or star tetrahedron it matters not. Pause.

See within your mind yourself contained within your preferred auric
geometry and with that claim yourself to be a powerful being by
repeating these words within your mind. Claim yourself as a powerful
creator and co-creator of this world alongside the One that Creates
All, co-creating your lives, your miracles and your preferred
existence upon this plane. Pause.

Activate this beautiful golden energy that you are enveloped within as
you draw within the power and the strength to practice your will by
willing yourself into a whole new power of thought by allowing the
Divine Will of our Holy Father of the Supreme God Aspect to be
integrated into your being. Pause.

Now imagine a most beautiful silver energy manifest on the inside of
the golden energy, insulating your golden shield with a liquid silver
energy. Pause. Remind yourself that you are an expression of fluid
love as you practice unconditional love towards the self and all
others. Remind yourself of the feminine aspect of the self that always
supports you in the best way for you to remain flexible throughout
your enduring will and in so doing embrace the flexible side of your
personality by allowing the Creative God Spark to create within you
the magic that is needed for you to transform your lives. Pause.

Now connect your heart energy to the silver and golden energies, if
you need to place your hand on your heart or need to feel your pulse
to connect to the reality of your pulsating heart do so, once again
connect to the pulse of your heart. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, now connect your heart energy to the heart of your
etheric plasma thus connect your beating heart to the gold and silver
pulse and you do this by sending unconditional love into this area
that is part of your physical reality forming your etheric outline,
therefore with every beat of your heart send unconditional love into
the spaces that exists between the spaces that surrounds you. Send
this love to fill up all of the particles of light that exists between
your non-and-physical localities. Pause. Visualize how your entire
energy field fills up with light and love as we ask you to visualize
your entire energy filling with soft pink with the gold on the outside
and the silver on the inside edge of your energy field. Allow the pink
energy to fill up your energy field as it carries the frequency light
and sound of unconditional love allowing it to infiltrate your etheric
anatomy, allowing you to float within the most exquisite and most
beautiful plasma of etheric unconditional love. Very long pause.

Now begin to visualize that the golden energy that encapsulates the
outside of your energy field sends triggers of energy toward your
inner pulse, an energy that creates a sonic vibration of sacred sound
and light as it births a golden sphere of energy that simply floats
from all round and comes to lodge itself within your base chakra, thus
the golden vibration of your Lightbody gives of itself creating a new
golden energy disc template lodged within your base chakra. Pause.

Beloved ones, by connecting with every angelic and archangelic energy
– known and unknown to you at the level of your base, please
understand that the time has come for you to let go of the control you
have over others by allowing them to let go of the control they have
over you. Live through your heart, and make a point of shining your
light towards others no matter their response. Connect to the love
crystals allowing these dear energies to transform all of the energy
that prevents you from claiming your magnificence as an angelic human
at the level of your base. Allow all of the blame and judgment that is
so easily passed unto you even by those close to you, to wash over
you, to slide away from you and set the intent at this level of your
awareness to have absolutely all negativity transmuted by the ladies
and lords of transmutation. Long pause. Now release this golden disc
energy from the base allowing it to travel through your Sun Chakra
lodging itself into your sacral chakra. Pause.

At this level, is there anything that you can think of within this
energy that makes you feel uncomfortable, now is the time to take note
of and work with it. Pause. Allow this etheric golden disc to ascend
lodging itself within your solar plexus as we suggest using this
energy at this level to help you make friends with all of the aspects
of the self you still feel incongruent with. Allow this energy to
bring into balance all that is needed for you to practice
unconditional love by loving the self completely. Pause.

Allow this disc to travel up trough the heart lodging within the high
heart centre just above your heart, just below your thymus. Pause.
Beloved ones from this area of your sacred heart I wish for you to
make a commitment this day to do all you humanly can to spread love
and enlightenment out into the world unto others and one of the
easiest ways of doing this is to connect frequently with the energy of
the love crystals. Pause. Now allow this energy to ascend slowly
clearing as it transcends the throat centre, through the third eye
centre, through the crown, through the pyramid of the 8th, through the
star tetrahedron of the 9th and lodges itself resting at the top of
the 9th chakra thus floating just above the 9th chakra you have a
golden etheric disc of Light which will allow you to work at this
particular stage with all that is needed for you to integrate and
realise the truth of your angelic self. Pause.

Now bring your attention to the inner silver energy that insulates
your etheric membrane, as this energy also gives of itself creating a
most beautiful fluidity that manifests as a silver bubble right in the
very core of the golden disc. Pause. Beloved ones the golden disc is
about 2,5cm in width and about 9cm in diameter and floating within its
core is a silver bubble of energy small enough to fit into the disc
core. Pause. I now want you to gently lower this disc until it fits
into the top triangle of the 9th chakra I other words allow the flat
end of the disc to come to rest on the flat end of the downward
pointing triangle that forms part of the star-tetrahedron energy
within the 9th chakra which in time will form a support for many other
disc energies to be birthed within your being. Pause.

Do you understand what is being shared with you?

A; Yes

MK: Very good then. Very long pause.

Beloved ones now visualize within the very core of the silver energy
contained within the golden matrix a mother or pearl flame about 2,5cm
in height, of an iridescent mother of pearl vibration. You have the
platinum flame within the iridescent ‘mother-of-pearl-like’
crystalline vibration of the 9th chakra and now you have the
iridescent mother of pearl flame within the silver-gold or ‘relating
platinum’ energy of the 10th chakra. Pause.

Beloved ones this is only the beginning stages of activating this
powerful energy within your energy field, some may cope well whilst
for others it may prove to be a bit intense, either way simply relax
into it. If you feel uncomfortable drink some water and relax into it.

Relate to these powerful vibrations emitted from the golden sphere and
see how the gold, silver along with the mother of pearl energies
pulsates light frequencies into the rest of your chakras. First of all
visualize these energies of light being transmitted into the 9th, then
8th then 7th and so forth all the way down into the base centre. Pause.

Beloved ones visualize how the mother or pearl energy increase in
vibration now that the golden and silver energies have laid the
foundations for this powerful activation by sparking activity within
your auric membranes. Allow the mother of pearl energy being emitted
by the flame of this centre to increase in vibration until your entire
energy field vibrates on the frequency of mother of pearl. Very long

Now within this powerful transformation of your energy field I want
you to claim your authentic angelic self as a human angel. Claim
yourself as a light worker, a planetary grid keeper, a divine magical
mystical being that lives in miracles, creates in miracles, and
expresses only that which is of the most powerful unconditional love
and in so doing claim yourself as a being that chooses to do, to say,
to think and share only that which shall uplift others and to do so by
practicing forgiveness of the self, claiming yourself as a most
powerful being that trusts your ego to guide you instead of allowing
it to take you off guard. Claim yourself as a wonderful emotional
being, a sexual being, an earth being that claims the creative spark
that is alive within you and with that also remember that as a
creative being, a multi-dimensional being, no matter the indifferences
between you and your immediate and not so family and friends, it
really doesn’t matter, but what matters is for you to continue giving
of your God-Spark to bless them. Pause. Allow this energy to be
integrated within your being, gently. Pause. Ground yourself properly
anchoring your energy though your feet into the earth, making sure you
are thoroughly grounded. Pause. Do make sure that you are fully back
into this NOW space.

Beloved ones within the higher centres the objective is more about
energy than matter. Within the lower energy centres you very much
worked with matter and its effects on the various centres especially
within the lower aspects of these energies yet in the higher centres
the aim is more to shift energy than matter, so it is more about
energy or frequency than factual matter, and because it is a all
powerful new energy many won’t integrate it just as yet, but believe
me over time you shall. Beloved ones, it is like anything else in
life, the more you connect to it, practice it, use it and more
specifically invoke it, the more powerful it becomes. Invoke by giving
demand to receive, thus lay claim to it – for a lot of you have
problems when it comes to manifesting and creating that which you
desire, thus do this by relating to the pulse of your own body which
is why we took you though the process of connecting to your heart
which invokes life by sending out its pulse. Pause. Anyone not
relating to this?

A: No

Very good then, beloved ones before we end this afternoon’s
transmission as you know I can hang around forever (laughter), yes
spirit can continue indefinitely though I don’t quite know if this
channel will make it but then that’s entirely her problem (laughter) –
only joking. (Much laughter) Beloved’s to bring you into a wonderful
multi-dimensional space with your eye’s open sit up straight, with the
small of your back comfortably in your chairs, are you awake?

A: Yes

Mk; very good, with your eyes open I want you to bring your two hands
together like this (as to receive) – you are so human…always ready to
receive (screeches of laughter)

A: Someone in the audience says “begging”

MK: Instead why don’t you simply receive (laughter) so with your hands
open I want you to visualize floating on your open hands that which
you have just brought into your mind in miniature, thus visualize a
small etheric golden ball with silver insulation, filled with pink
unconditional love with a diamond flame sparkling inside representing
Light. See this about 20 – 25cm in diameter. Pause.

Now still with your eyes open I want you to blow this etheric energy
off your open hands, allow it to float into the very centre of the
room and at the count of 3 all of these bubbles of light shall meet at
once and explode into a massive etheric bubble replica of the same
energy which shall envelop all of us including my energy, all
contained within this etheric bubble of Light which we shall anchor
together connecting with all of the current love crystal locations in
other words we are stretching your mind from a third into a fifth into
a multi-dimensional experience from the reality of that which you
“think” you are, to that which we “know” you are, connecting you to
that which we are, are you ready?

A: Yes!

Mk: don’t look so worried (laughter) I shall guide you though it dear
one (laughter) some of you have been given a strip of paper with
magical words written on it, hope you still have it?

A; Yes

MK: There are 13 of them we start with 1 and hopefully end at 13, so
then as we recall these sites we shall transcend this massive energy
bubble created here to the various sites, allowing it to float between
destinations, and with that above each of the sites see it connect to
the energy below, as I have explained enhancing the power of these
crystals at each of these sites, as we visualize how this bubble of
multi-dimensional love connect to each of the love crystals, and how
the love crystals feed Love Power into and along the relating earthly
nerve plexus (ley-lines/telluric currents/sacred sites etc) thus
experience how everyone’s love plays an amazing part in transforming
this world into a complete divine state for this is what the HUMAN
ANGEL is all about, are you ready?

A: Whew, amazing

Mk: If you find yourself being blown off the planet simply hold on to
your seats for they are still here (roars of laughter) so then eyes
open, visualization ready, now very gently on the count of 3 I want to
blow this multi-dimensional bubble of love off your hands to meet in
the centre of this room – one – two – three. Pause. See this energy
meeting in the centre and on the count of one – two – three – it joins
and expands containing all of our energies within its essence – you
may now relax your hands, sit back and simply be in this love. Pause.
Now do not concentrate on anything specifically simply keep you eyes
on the center of this room and feel the expansiveness of this energy,
can you relate to it?

A; Yes

MK: Can you relate to the fact that this increased energy don’t
initially seem to be a powerful as the initial energy that you created
in your hands?

A; Some say yes, others very quiet.

MK: The reason being because of its expansiveness thus in reality it
is even more powerful but the effect less concentrated.

A; Whew

MK: Now simply keep your eyes gently on the vibration of fluid love
which is held within the DNA contained within the Fleece of these dear

(we had a gift of Alpaca ‘hair’-fleece for everyone to take home to
connect with as it holds the vibration of fluid love upon the planet
which was channelled through Michelle some time ago – Chanel)

Thus with that we shall start off with our first location which is?

A: Inaudible

MK: Very good so we have this love bubble hovering over Golgotha, the
place of the Skulls, allow this energy to be transferred into the
earth, can you feel the intense energy increase within your 3rd eye?

A: Yes

Mk: Tap into it as this is your 10th chakra in action. Pause.

Now allow your energy to be transferred to…

A: Love crystal Mooi River, KwaZulu Natal.

Mk: Allow your love to accumulate over this area known as Mooi River,
allowing our fluid love to be extended from this love bubble into the
crystal and into the nerve plexus of the planet. Pause. Beloved ones,
now concentrate on the third area which is…

A; Denali – Mt McKinley – Alaska

Mk: So with that send your vibrations up to this area, visualize the
air, the coldness and with that feel your love being transferred into
this area, and our 4th crystal is…

A: Love crystal – Ayers Rock, Australia, which is also known as Uluru

MK: This love crystal also protects one of the sacred entrances to the
inner earth, Ayers Rock, visualize this beautiful bubble floating
above it simply sending your love into this area, at which we take out
attention to the following destination which is…

A: Mount Fuji – Japan.

MK: Visualize this massive etheric golden, silver, pink bubble with
the inner diamond flame connecting to this area, allow this energy to
be transferred into Mt Fuji which is also one of the major anchors for
the crown chakra energy of your planet and next we have…

A; Love crystal – Ukraine, Russia

MK: We shift our focus, transcending across the high mountains until
we come to rest over the area of the high mountains of Russia, the
Ukraine, and hovering above this area relate to the dark rocks with
distinct pivotal points resembling pyramids which specifically guards
the immediate energy field of this crystal, then transfer your love
into the love crystal, into the earth and into the relating nerve
plexus. Our next location is…

A; Inaudible

MK: Washington DC – We take our awareness over this area and from this
position we decloak our emotions to show the people of America real
love without us being there in body, but yet in Spirit. So from this
massive etheric bubble of love transcend your love into the White
House, into the city, see the newly elected president Barrack Obama,
see his beautiful wife Michelle, see their children enveloped in this
love and simply connect with the truth of how the love is being
transferred from the Love Crystal within this area into that magician,
for he is the magician of love, and allow it to flow into the rest of
the America’s so that this land may be blessed eternally to take back
its power as the world leader for that is their purpose.

A; Love crystal at Mt Kailash

MK; We transcend our love to Mt Kailash in Tibet, one of the most
sacred sites beloved ones, connect to the Tibetan Himalayas and with
that see how the pink unconditional love of our being is transferred
through the icy weather into this area, charging the love crystal
which feeds that area, next please…

A; Border of India, Pakistan.

MK: Let us guide our attention to this area and a little further to
one of the areas that have for some time and very much still is
experiencing much pain, to be specific the land known as Kashmir, thus
allow the love crystal on the boarder of India and Pakistan which
reflects into the regional principality if you like of Kashmir to
anchor our unconditional love into this love crystal and into the
planet. Our next love location is…

A: Love crystal Rome Italy.

MK: We move our attention to the Vatican City, and then transform this
area by emanating your love specifically into the gardens of the
Vatican City, see this love being absorbed deeply into the earth, as
it joins all of the waterways of Europe.

A: Love crystal at Beijing China

MK: Transfer your love to this area, allow it to flow into the earth
connecting to this love crystal, and into the earth via your etheric
love bubble or grid. Allow this love to flow into the rivers of China
to bring much needed love and understanding to this area in support of
a drastic shift of energy which is caused by the archetypes of lack
and greed, and then finally…

A: Love crystal at Phnom Penh

MK: We shift our attention to Cambodia, also an area that is currently
being reconstructed within the etheric realms because of the
tremendous healing that is needed, as this area also drowns in the
archetype of lack and because of this unfortunately supports the
breakdown of the archetype of self worth for many beings within this
area, which is one of the reasons why the love crystal is being
anchored there to serve as a collective surrogate to reinstate the
matrix of worthiness within the DNA of those that frequents those
lands also affecting the greater area.

Now bring your attention back into this room.

A: Master Kuthumi we have one more crystal to go in Mecca

Mk: Mecca is an area that in its own way carry the archetype of
forcefulness, which carries intense negative energy that wont allow
humanity to shift their focus from the limitedness of anger, fear and
indoctrination to the vast expansiveness of love so therefore send
from your hearts, being here in this space, in this present moment, to
the city of Mecca a wonderful beautiful energy of unconditional love,
thus create a energy link between your heart and the heart of Mecca
which very much on underground levels immensely influences the
heart-pulse of the world at large. Visualize the protective bubble
floating above this area connecting to this love crystal which is
anchored upon the hillsides overlooking the city of Mecca. Very long

Is there anyone within this circle of love that would like for us to
add anything else, to bring any attention to anyone specifically or
any one place? Sister…?

A; Inaudible…Zimbabwe

MK: Allow this love bubble to float over the country of Zimbabwe,
allow it to penetrate the hearts of not only the people but very much
the politicians for one of the greatest blockages here is two fold.
The first is the energy that is enforced through control and
interrogation through the archetype of fear that is being enforced
unto the people from the higher political forces, and the second is
for those beings within the supposed lower ranks of being ‘the people’
to claim back their worthiness and stand up for who they are for they
have neglected their self-worth and respect in many instances giving
up too easily instead of working united as one for and towards change,
for many due to fear aspects prefer to simply walk away. We send our

A: Columbia

Mk: Let is take our attention to this area, simply allowing our love
to flow within this area, pause, then let us take our attention to the
Gaza Strip, and here allow our love to transform the conflict.

Beloved ones, in this way you are able to take your energy field
consciously and with intent in support of these energies, yes invoke
it, thus demand for your light to shift vibrations within any given
constitution. Are you with me?

A: Yes

Mk: This way you can play your own monopoly without going to jail
(roars of laughter)

Beloved ones we have come to the end of this afternoon’s transmission,
in fact we have extended our time frame. In light of all that was
shared with you, in light of creating this energy field, in light of
the energy activation that we have shared with you this day, in light
of the activation of the higher chakras which you need to work with,
as we shall share all that’s needed in time, on this very special day
celebrating the opening of the official gateway into your age of
Aquarius, with the alignment of your planets Mars and Jupiter and the
moon truly in your 7th house, know that you can go forth from here and
share your love and your divineness with anyone and everyone in anyway
you choose. You do not need to force-feed anyone; you do not need to
force any situations upon anyone that will make them look at their
lives in a different way. All you need to do is send them…?

A: Love! (all shouts)

MK: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – allow the conditions to your love to fall by
the way-side and very interestingly know that as you learn to
un-condition your love, you will make much better friends with the
boundaries that you set in place for the self because boundaries are
what most of you have a problem with relating to, and the reason being
that most don’t grasp the difference between the term boarder and
boundary where in fact there is a huge difference.

Thus within the boundaries of your angelic mind create a link between
the emerald flame within the 3rd eye which is directly associated with
the energy of the mother of pearl flame within the 10th chakra which
is why we asked if you felt any connection between these two energies?

A: Yes

MK: Very good so you are on the ball (laughter) just make sure to
balance well without rolling off it (laughter) and with that claim
your boundaries, draw your loving boundaries, share with others your
unconditional love yet also share your boundaries with clear intent,
and in this state of bounded perfection for everything in life is
always the way it should be, claim your divinity by flapping your
wings in such a way that with every movement of your angelic frame you
share out into the world the most exquisite glittering angel dust all

With the winds that shall come to change that which needs changing,
understand and know and trust that every one of those light particles
that you part with will go forth transforming other’s lives and with
that know that not now or not ever can you be alone. I am Kuthumi, I
am the Lord and the Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom
and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.

Loadsa Love
Chanel Lingenfelder




 Learn to let your eyes smile, and the rest of you will follow!

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