Heart Chakra “The Heart Flame of Salvation” Part 4

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Heart Chakra “The Heart Flame of Salvation” Part 4
Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

During this session Lord Kuthumi shared some information on the Love
Crystals as well as some physical pointers that will assist our energy

Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom, to
greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee a blessing of an
awakened mind, a blessing of a most precious awakening within that
awakened mind, for you to be able to realize beloved ones, that the
time has arrived for each and every one of you, and the likes of you,
to step out of your victimization and to embrace each other with that
awakened mind in a whole new light. A light that will give to you the
gifts of planetary healing, of soul healing and of deep inner personal
and transpersonal understanding.

Greetings beloved ones

A. Greetings

It is with great joy and great pleasure in our hearts that we gather
with you upon this day, as we hold each one of you here firmly within
the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved brothers and sisters, the activation of the heart which is the
transmission that we have agreed upon for this afternoon, on the
eleventh day of the tenth month 2008, gives to you a wonderful new
insight into your heart. We would like to give our thanks to our
wonderful sister who gave you an entry into that heart. (A sista in
the circle did the opening meditation). The numerology of this day and
yesterday, very much in some way relate to the energy of the number
one. The number one as you know is the numerology of new beginnings
and to be able to create anew. Yesterday you celebrated the 10: 10: 10
gateway. For those of you that know or realize, and for those of you
that don’t, the energy activation that you were prepared for a couple
of days prior to yesterday, all of that was absolutely intended to
press each and every one of your buttons, and to do so properly. The
reason for that being is that you are about to step into a whole new
wave of consciousness with the second wave of ascension that will be
fully active on the twenty first of December of this current year, the
Christed year of two thousand and eight. And with that, over the next
two months, those that have given their permission, and those that
have intended that they wish to be a part of this wave, will have
every one of their buttons being pressed. Unfortunately, or should we
rather say fortunately, there’s no way out of this one, for what lies
ahead of you, you need to be able to be within clear conscience. You
need to be able to have a balance, or as balanced as your emotional
structure can be to be able to support you for the massive shifts and
changes, in actual fact, mind blowing changes, that lies ahead of you,
and some right ahead of you.

Beloved ones, yesterday with the activation of the 10: 10 energy, and
then of course by adding the 2008 another 10, means that with that
activation, you now have come to a new portal. The opening of this
portal takes you into a reconstructive mind, a mind that now must be
able to communicate with itself all of the aspects and the levels of
the self, with your family, your friends, your colleagues and those
that you communicate with generally, be that socially, work, it
matters not, in a structured way, for the energy increase for the year
that lies ahead of you, 2009, with the theme of the year being one of
Self Mastery, is of such extreme high and sensitive vibrations,
beloved ones, that you’ll hardly have time to think yourself what it
is that you wish to think about, let alone who you want to think about
or what you want to think about them, do you follow my drift?

A. Laughter…yes

Yes, very good. Beloved ones, during the last initiation that I
Kuthumi presented to this group, the initiation of the solar plexus,
we gave you a little warning towards the end, and that was that it is
time now for this group, as a group, individually, collectively, for
those that get to read or hear this material or those that get to read
or hear any of the other information being transmitted onto your earth
plane through various vessels, channels, it matters not what you wish
to call these entities, to come to an understanding that the energy
frequency is speeding up to such an extent, that if you are not very
sure of yourself, it would be very easy for you to actually fall back
or to get into a slip mode where you begin to miss and slip situations
because you do not have your celestial fingers on your own pulse so to

With this increase in energy and with the new energy of the second
wave of ascension, as well as with the mastery energy (the number
eleven energy firmly engraved into each and every second that will
come to greet you during the Christed year of two thousand and nine)
you have to be or become by then, extremely sure of what you are, who
you are, what you believe in and that which you are prepared to work
at and towards.

When we say that that which you are prepared to work at, what I mean
is, there are certain avenues in one’s life where one often feels
needs a little research or perhaps it needs a little discussion, or
perhaps it is a certain topic, or a certain part of various teachings
that you as a person feel a little, if not unsure, troubled about or
questioning, then what we are suggesting to you this day, giving you
this message on yet another master vibration, the eleventh day of the
tenth month of two thousand and eight, that it is time for you to
acknowledge that if there are certain parts that you need to work at,
that you need to face, or that perhaps you need to gather and sit
around a discussion table with, then these are the times now for you
to openly communicate that. How ironic is it that we have asked for
the activation of the heart to be done on this particular day. The
reason for that is one of the energies that closes off the heart
completely is the energy of judgment.

{- I feel Kuthumi here mentions the judgment aspect because of what we
will come to face during the week to follow with all the 14th October
sighting issues – Chanel. }

Now judgment is an energy that always pops up, especially when two or
three or four come together, and you sit together discussing or
sharing information, there is at most times at least one or two within
the group whether they express it actually verbally or not, that
retaliates against the information being shared or feels that their
part in this conversation is actually the part of truth and so be it
thank you very much. That is, of course, when judgment knocks onto the
door of the lower ego within the solar plexus. The solar plexus then
becomes completely insecure or unsure about the information being
presented at the time from the lower aspect of the limited heart, thus
judgment sets in. The solar plexus then runs into a panic attack, it
transfers its lower vibrational energy implanting it into the navel
chakra or sacral chakra which then become even more wobbly (movement
is a natural energy within the sacral chakra) about the unsure solar
plexus which is reflected in the mind as “is this sure or isn’t this
sure, am I right or am I not right” which creates an amazing vibration
of unsettledness amongst all of the lower and some higher chakras
which then spins into action fully awakening the issues of war located
in the sacral chakra.

Once that happens, the anger within the base centre makes sure that
you will give full expression, and then with the help of the throat
you declare war against the other people around the table all because
of your judgment. Why does one judge? Pause…


Why do you judge?

Member of audience: I have two theories, one is that it’s either you
have a feeling of inferiority over the person that you’re judging, and
the other is from when we had to survive and you had to make a quick
decision about who was coming into your space as an enemy or as a friend.

MK. Sister, that’s absolutely correct. Indeed. The two energies are
first of all being unsure of the self and then of course the
egotistical side of the self that professes to know all. All of this
brings you back to one energy which we have discussed numerous times
and once again it comes up here, and that is worthiness.

It is the worthiness within the solar plexus that supports one with
enough love for you not to be able to judge, be it yourself or
another. But it is the human makeup, because of the insecurity that
you lived and experienced lifetime after lifetime, that you feel it
imperative to defend the self. And very often there’s that tiny little
voice within, tugging at the heartstrings, saying, you better make
sure that that’s correct, but yet you continue saying what you need to
say because of the ingrain need to convey against the expression of
another. In other words you are creating a conflicting situation
because of what you believe not to be true and with that comes the
judgment from the self, defending the self in a situation be it true
or not.

Anyone that creates any form of judgment in any way, at a
psychological level says “notice me”. It’s a cry out for being noticed
thus “Please I am lonely, I’m sad, I am insecure, I am unsure, and
therefore notice me”. But what happens is, because of the human
addiction to anger humanity feels that if they do not retaliate
against anger with anger, that they are not worthy. In other words you
do not feel that you are worthy unless you make yourself heard, not
so, and in the process very often others hurt, yes. You do not have
to be shy about this; sure it’s a human condition. Humanity feels that
they need to be heard, they need to put their bit in, they need to
share their sixpence worth as I have shared with you recently, and
therefore they are unable to discuss amongst themselves information
and situations, without one flaring up or creating judgment of another
or the given situation. Now it’s very important for you to understand
especially with the most intense energy that you are currently
experiencing in this gateway of internal transformation, the 10:10 –
beloved ones, to understand that you are entitled to your opinion, but
being opinionated is a totally different story. Therefore it’s the
same as with judgment. We always share that instead of judgment rather
use discernment. And when you do use discernment, that is when you
plant yourself very firmly within your own boundaries of love, and
from that area express what you feel needs to be expressed, for this
is the important part. It is very important to share what is on your
mind or within your heart without having to offend or defend, or react
or become reactive. Instead of becoming reactive rather become creative.

How does one become creative when issues of judgment lies waiting in
the scales of the heart?

You ask the person who you are having a conversation with, the one
that you feel unsure about, to actually share and enlighten you with
more details, and with that allow them share their point of view of
what they perceive the situation to be. And then understand if all
else fails, as I have repeated on numerous occasions, after all
nothing is set in stone – for the majority of the energy here thus the
essence of the issues that plays themselves out within the dramas of
this planet, is an illusion. Keeping this in mind, then why the
constant need to judge and defend?

We understand for those of you that walk the path of ascension, and
those of you that have committed to walk the journey of enlightenment
that this may at times be a bitter pill to swallow, or a hard act to
follow, for the natural human conditioning needs to make the self
heard in some way or the other, also taking into consideration much of
the energy that has formulated your childhood years, for most of
humanity has had some trauma or drama related to their childhood
years. Not all, not everyone, but the majority most certainly. It is
because of these emotional scars of always having to defend for the
self, no matter how young, be it at the age of 5 or 7 for even for
some at the tender age of 4, having to be alert for the self in case
there is a reaction from someone else, and with that your actions
require of you to be on the defense, instead of diffuse. It’s a
‘natural’ inborn situation.

So by activating the heart energy on this day, understand that every
issue that has come into your life, especially at this particular
time, over the last 11 days, and that which will come to face you over
the next 11 days beloved ones, that you need to realize the extent of
the work that still need to be done on a personal level. The work as
such never really ends, even for us from the higher realms as we
transcend between levels, dimensions, whichever way you prefer to look
at it. We too have to transcend our awareness, we have to transcend
our knowledge and wisdom, and we have to transcend the limitations
that we too face as we ascend. Thus know the levels of planetary
awareness and awakening that is currently underway at a global level,
also affects you on a personal level.

The energy that you are facing at the moment is an energy that will
help you to work through every aspect of yourself and with that be
able to create balanced relationships in your life. The word
relationship, beloved ones, is to be underlined here. At this current
time, what is being asked of everyone that follows the path of
awakening and the journey of the soul is to understand that you’re
most important duty is to acknowledge the relationship that you are
having with yourself. That is first and foremost the most important
part of this energy. The relationship that you are having with
yourself is what will help you to put to bed all of the unfinished
business and all of the aspects of the self that still needs clearing,
thus the underlying action of this energy helps you to pack up, clean
out the closets, dust yourselves off and then to rearrange all of the
energies in your life which comes together peacefully creating a
wonderful picture called your life.


Very often a lot of light workers specifically, complain and get very
despondent about a lot of the happenings. Often questions come up in
the mind of the person or being on situations in their lives that are
currently playing out that they are a part of, and you need to
understand that the journey of the awakening soul beloved ones, the
journey that you have chosen to be a part of as an ascension candidate
is definitely not for the faint of heart. Therefore understand when
issues are being flung at you faster than you can actually return that
energy, or react, or assess, let alone clear, it happens in aid of
your growth, thus at these trying times understand the growth that is
taking place, because these actions is what is required by you, be it
on a conscious or unconscious level, it matters not.

Each of you, those of you here in particular in person today, and
those that read these words, those that follow the teachings of the
Masters and light beings, those that lend themselves towards the
awakening of the planet earth and the sweeping of a whole new wave of
consciousness, all of you, and there are millions of you I might add,
each and every one of you are now entering a period of very, very,
very intense realignment. A lot of activities that will take place in
and around your planet in time to come will change the way of your
life. It will change a lot of the realities in your lives and it will
change a lot of the realities in the lives of those that you love.

Beloved ones, as the energy of the heart chakra opens up, allow your
heart chakra to open up towards these beings. Do not allow their
judgment and criticism to be lodged in your heart to create a
situation for you to be reactive, instead of pacifying, instead of
loving, instead of caring. For the ego comes into play which then runs
away with the person, and once the ego is running away it is very
difficult to bring that energy back into an order or a norm. Therefore
heed these words. Be very aware of the judgment and the blame. Be very
aware of the anger and the fear of those that you love in particular,
and those that you know and those that you might ‘think’ you know and
those that you shall come to know. Be very aware of these energies,
and when a situation arises and you can feel within the pulse of your
blood an increased rate which is caused by an increase within the
activity of the heart, and the rising of your blood pressure as a
reaction to what you love doing (getting angry), for a moment breathe
in the pink flame of salvation into your hearts. The flame we will be
activating with you in a little while. Visualize this pink energy
simply burning in your heart. Visualize the same pink energy burning
in your crown chakra and then call upon your guides, your guardians,
beloved ones, call upon me, Kuthumi, call upon any of the Masters of
Light and ask for guidance. Ask for healing and ask for a way of
letting go of your own unsureness which leads you to react towards
another’s reactions. There are tough times ahead, and when I say tough
times, I don’t necessarily mean physically tough times, but there are
mentally challenging times, emotionally challenging times, because of
the restructure of the entire belief system aspect on a planetary
scale. Beloved ones, if you’ve grown up your whole life long and
you’ve firmly believed something, and in a flash you are being faced
with the possibility that it was untrue can you imagine the inner
trauma that these beings must face? Yes?

A. Yes

MK. Therefore it’s very important to lend a hand of support and love
to these beings. It is very important to practice the unconditional
love aspect of the heart, to open your heart and to let go of the
lower vibrations, and to do all you can in your power to feel from
your heart compassion and care and to support others no matter their
perception or their judgment of you. Taking on the journey of the
light worker is taking on a license to claim wisdom, to claim
intelligence, intellect, understanding, to claim knowing, beloved ones
and therefore with the energy being increased and the increase of the
planetary vibrations as we speak, especially these last two months
before we enter the final phase of this calendar year on the first of
December, is for you to come to the true and full understanding of you
lightworkership. It’s for you to claim your own badges as the
commanders of earth. It is for you to stand up from your heart and to
do all you can, dear ones, to join the entire globe in thought, in
heart, in vision, and to understand that as a light worker you do not
have a choice of whether you prefer to hang on to these energies or not.

There is no choice here. The only choice you have is to go forward and
live and work for the light, to allow the light to work with and for
you. You cannot go back. You cannot un-know things. You cannot undo
what’s been done. You can stagnate, sure, but you cannot un-experience
experiences. Therefore part of the current and new energy is about
claiming the realization of the divinity within the relationship that
you have with yourself, within the relationship that you have with
your partner, within the relationship that you have with your family,
with your friends, with your animals and with your plants, thus the
relationship that you have with every single thing, everything,
whether you think it’s alive or carries consciousness or not, for
there is ALWAYS a relationship.

There is a relationship that you have with the space between atoms,
that you think doesn’t exist but it does, simply because you are not
able to observe this density, but you will, for you as a light worker
have to reach the stage now in these last three months of this year
where you need to understand that in every situation whether it’s a
reaction from the self or others inevitably there is an incredible,
most amazing, beautiful blessing to the self and all involved. So
instead of feeding your addiction to anger, instead of fuelling your
insecurity through judgment, instead of having to prove the self to be
right often because of the need to feel worthy, understand that in the
greatest of negatives is the most incredible positive. And then also
understand that as you stamp your feet and throw your toys out of your
cot when these things don’t manifest instantly that perhaps the timing
is not quite there. But instead of beating your head against the wall
understand that maybe, perhaps in a moment or a day or a month from
this day you will come to know the gift that you are to receive,
instead of reacting to the anger or the judgment or the fear and so on
and so forth.

Beloved ones, the heart chakra is ultimately about your higher
emotions. It is about your feelings. As your feelings awaken within,
you need to come to a clear picture in your mind that you are on the
most exquisite journey ever, and the only thing that can happen to you
is absolutely amazing, no matter how negative it may seem, for
destructive negativity is no longer a part of the law of relativity.
In the world that you are training for, in the world where you are
entering into in the times that lie ahead of you there is absolutely
not even one tiny space, let alone a massive arena for any form of
destructive negativity, and the key here is destructive negativity.
You do understand that instead of the judgment between
negative/positive, there has to be balance within the worlds of
polarity, but when it comes to destructive negativity, beloved ones,
that is when the negativity actually creates the cancers that eat you.

The heart chakra is the transition point between the lower energies
and the higher energies. Within the lower three chakras, or rather we
refer them as three although there are more, the lower earth chakras
especially in the way that you’ve got used to this system and have
learned about the system over a vast number of years is to understand
that by reaching the point of the heart energy, in other words also
referred to as your humanitarian or transition centre or the Anaharta
centre, is that by walking through the journey of your heart you have
now absolutely reached a stage in your life where you’ve got to grow
up. There is no more time left to play in the lower three chakras in
the unevolved form. There is no more time left, beloved ones, for
dwelling within the old imbalanced energies within the lower centers
or higher centers for that matter, but the higher centers are a
completely different ball game, and the reason why is because most of
your insecurities is what weighs you down within the lower centers.
For the lower three centers are the centers that need convincing, and
the upper three centers are the centers that needs your
acknowledgement for they already know the probable outcome just as
your higher self knows this. It is you, the one aspect of the 12
pathways of your monad that needs convincing. In other words the ones
sitting in the chairs with us this day, or hopefully you are here with
us this day (smiles)

That is why when we reach the energy of the heart it is like walking
through an amazing forest beloved ones, and instead of seeing the
snakes or being aware of that which may harm you and crawl around
underneath all of the leaves, and come out of the darkness and hurt
you or poison you, or perhaps maybe even be responsible for taking
your life, rather shift the focus, open up your heart to a much
greater awareness, an awareness of that God consciousness in you. The
heart centre is the only centre that is fully active in love
consciousness any and all times, thus remember this once you leave
here in the days to follow, for you will recall this too once this
lifetime is done thus whilst the situation that you’ve experienced
upon this planet is being wound up as you are prepared within the
transition chambers or healing chambers or so on. For love, the love
in the heart outweighs anything and everything.

The crown chakra is the chakra that spins according to your ultimate
awareness. The base chakra is the chakra that spins according to your
assuredness, but it is the heart in the middle that decides which of
those are going to win or whether they will be balanced or not. That
is why when you express from a position of anger or vindictiveness, or
malice or jealousy or hatred in any way, what happens is instantly the
entire chakric system shuts down. All of the chakras are having a
panic attack, they all stare at each other and the result is nobody
can do anything; nobody wants to do anything, because everybody is
absolutely petrified of this negative or lower heart when the heart
goes in reverse thus reacts. For that is when the victim within that
centre will, beyond any doubt close off any connections that it may
have to anything that will remotely remind him of his divinity, that
will remotely encourage him to be an enlightened being, and with the
result is what you are faced with is the energy of murder, of
stabbings, of killings, of rape and so on and so forth. All of these
energies initially awaken because of the judgment. The judgment in the
heart is what flares up this most destructive anger that will allow
anyone that comes and stands in the way of that person, to not survive
another second within their company, for that being will simply cut
their life support system, for the judgment that they have against
that person being better, being better off, being brighter, being
healthier, being wealthier, and ultimately what the killer or the
negative person then refuse to admit is that deep down there is the
anger and the hurt towards the self for being none the wiser.

Wisdom beloved ones, wisdom and knowledge are the two energies that
you will find within the higher centres, but once again it is the
balance in the heart through its beauty, or through its judgment that
brings everything in to a different and a whole new way, be it a
destructive negative or a wondrous positive. For you could have all
the knowledge in the world and be none the wiser. It is the heart
energy that ultimately decides for the self, where to from here.
Beloved ones, the heart centre of the planet is crying. The heart
centre of your planet is sending out rhythmic pulses within that organ
that controls the flow of blood as within your physical body. So as
the heart pumps the blood around your body so does the heart centre of
the planet pump the blood around the planet.

Although there are mainly two areas up until now that have truly been
considered heart centres of your planet, one being the area of Maui in
Hawaii and the other the United Kingdom, I need to share with you when
it comes to the chakric system or the chakras, it will become very
clear as time goes by, that every one of the chakras will exist in
every country on your planet. So in other words, a lot of energy will
begin to shift, very fast, and you will realize when your country is
going through a heart experience or a base experience, or various
individual cities are creating these experiences, a heart experience
or a crown experience, or so on and so forth and the reason why
beloved ones, is due to collective energy shifting in that direction,
thus in time to come you wont divide energy amongst countries or
continents for everywhere it will be beautiful and balanced, unlike
anything you have ever experienced, in fact we’ve shared this with you
so many times. It is absolutely impossible to truly share with you the
magnificence that awaits you, that awaits the planet. In fact that
awakening is already taking place. It is taking place on a small
scale, as there are pockets of awakenings happening all over your
planet. Therefore you will see that a lot of the mass changes will
almost happen instantly. As you know Rome was not built in a day,
therefore as we have shared previously, it might take some time, some
changes might be done over one night, some over two nights, some might
not be able to be done overnight at all. But where the planet is
moving towards in her awakening years as a magnificent star and with
that your awakening to the star within thus your crystalline
consciousness, that, beloved ones, is paradise energy, unlike anything
that you can actually currently relate to, therefore it’s almost
impossible to for you to be able to grasp much of this.

Because of the doubting Thomas’s, many people then say they cannot
believe that this will actually be a reality, but in fact some of it
is already is a reality. For over the last couple of years, especially
since 1987, many of us from the enlightened realms and the angelic
realms and the star realms have been working feverishly beloved ones
in creating holographic imprints around your planet, the reason was
because of your calling. The deal was when humans can begin to
remember themselves as part of the divine aspect called Creation that
is when many of us may step in to become the supporters for this
awakening energy, which is what is currently happening.

You have had a lot of teachings, a lot of experiences with this energy
and more recently in the decision to share some of the information of
the system of your energy fields with you and the rest of the beings
that need to hear and find this information. There are a lot of
information centres out there, there’s a lot of information centres
within you, and what will be happening is you will begin to feel an
electricity within your body and that electricity is as a direct
result of your multi dimensional senses awakening. In other words,
instead of being limited to the five, you will become aware of the
extended twelve centres. Your multi-dimensional personality will then
allow the information centres inside to open up and integrate the
information that is out there. For information is available to anyone
at any given time, it is really only up to you to open yourself up to
the extent of allowing yourself to integrate that, which is very much
an awakening heart experience

The aim is to create a one heart consciousness. A one heart
consciousness, beloved ones, is a consciousness that carries your
fifth dimensional energies. In other words to do all that you do for
the greater good of all that is. What does that mean? In simple
language it means harm none. That’s all. To do all that you do for the
greater good of all that is. Instead of getting confused about how you
should be of service, rather understand to do what you do, but harm
none. In the old third dimensional consciousness the saying was do as
you wish unto yourself but harm not another. The fifth dimensional way
is the understanding that if you bring any harm to yourself then
automatically you harm another, not so? This is where this shifting of
consciousness is leading you to. It is taking you through incredible
transition, incredible awakening of the self, the soul self, for
ultimately once you begin to master the paths of your journey you will
come to the understanding of that most blessed, most sacred, still
part in you. You will come to reach that stage where you have to be in
complete stillness, not to upset any of the energies within and around
your energy field and it is this anchoredness, that stillness that
gives to you the assurance that you are completely loved without

Beloved ones, the love that is extended to you from the heavenly
realms, from the Creator, from all of the Masters, from the hierarchy
of Spirit, the love that is extended to you from every molecule of
Creation, your guides, your guardians, your animals, the plants, the
planet and all that is, this love is completely without conditions.

Unconditional love is to be able to share your love with any one and
for you to be able to accept theirs without having to alter any of its
reality in any way shape or form.

Unconditional love is an immensely powerful and intense energy. In
fact there are very few humans within current human consciousness that
fully 24/7, 365 vibrate on unconditional love levels. For the
unsureness of the self and other insecurities always want to question,
always want to make sure that there are no ulterior motives, that
there’s nothing added extra, but the key is to do this without pouring
extra fuel onto the fires of vindictiveness and malice and jealousy
and greed and shame and hurt and pain because of conditioning. The
growth that has taken place over the last couple of years is
incredible. It is absolutely mind blowing. Beloved ones, the higher
call here is for you to become aware that you are all part of the
transition of the planet, thus in other words, you are all currently
working behind the scenes rearranging all of the elements within the
earth’s heart chakra. Not so?

A. Yes

MK. Yes. You are all very busy working at an unconscious level to ease
the pain within certain parts of the world’s heart. And then if you
can visualise that, if you can visualise yourselves as a light worker,
working within the consciousness of the planet’s heart to rid the
planet of its vindictiveness, of its jealousy, of its anger, of its
malice, of its rape, of its hatred, of its blame, of its judgment,
then I Kuthumi, wish to ask each of you this day to use this Master
energy, this eleven energy of this day, in the numerology of the day,
to use the ten energy of the month as well as of the year, 10:11:10,
and with that, to do all within your power, use all within your power,
to do the work in your own hearts just the same as you with the
earth’s heart.

With that instead of judging and expressing or reacting, rather ask
for a peaceful activating energy to bring peace and harmony to the
self, for that is the opposite of this energy. For just as you work to
create a whole new energy structure within and around the planet, then
so too you must realize dear ones, that the time is here for you to
begin to work very deeply with the self when it comes to forgiveness.
And forgiveness, as we have said always, begins with the self. You
have a saying which says, charity begins at home, well so does
forgiveness, so does love, in fact so does everything, for if you
cannot take care of yourself, then how are you able to take care of
another. If you cannot live for the self first, how can you breathe
life into the physicality that surrounds you, to maintain another, to
love another, to care for another, to share with another?

Beloved ones, the aspect of love and unconditional love as well as the
aspect of treasure, of appreciation, of care, of compassion and
gratitude, these are the energies that work with awakening the self to
the evolved heart or higher heart centre. The higher heart centre,
beloved ones, which is the sacred energy just slightly above the
heart, is the aspect of the self that truly knows no judgment. All of
this which I have been speaking about, all of that which you yearn
for, you already have, it’s already there, it is programmed into that
centre. How is it programmed into that centre? Very simple, through an
energy that is contained within that centre called your God-Core cell.
We have shared about this on numerous occasions. Contained within this
cell are all of the qualities and the attributes of The Creator
engrained, and so too is the realization that if the qualities and the
attributes of the Creator is contained within that most sacred aspect
of the self, then so too must these qualities and attributes reflect
the mirror image of the self if the self was created in the mirror of


Intense energy increase.

That most Holiness, that most precious and sincere aspect of the self,
that most purest and most innocent, the most loving, the most
unconditional energy, the most compassionate understanding, all of
that is already there. The moment you bring the attention to that
sacred space, it shifts your focus. The moment we shifted your focus
over the last one and a half minute from your lower heart centre to
your higher heart centre, the energy in this room increased. The
intensity increased, didn’t it?

A. Yes

MK. Do you know why? Because of the ingrained naturally unexplained
respect that you carry for the energy contained within the high or
sacred heart. It is because in you there is a truthful aspect that
knows yourself beyond any doubt. Deep inside your heart, slightly
higher than you physical heart and your heart chakra, is a golden
aspect of your heart that vibrates only on the most pure and highest
levels of respect and honor and integrity. And it is this sacred
energy beloved ones, which triggers down impulses towards the lower
heart centre. The lower heart centre from its core sends that trigger
out to raise the vibration of the heart and therefore instead of
becoming green with envy, you become pink with pleasure, for pink is
the internal flame of the heart, and green is the external yearning of
the heart.

The high heart centre is a crystalline energy that takes on if
anything, a extreme golden and diamond vibration. That is the part of
the self where you, and only you, as an individual being reside. It is
the part where you hold hands with the One that created you, and if
there is anything in your current life that can add any value to
anything that you have experienced during this incarnation and for
those to come, once you leave here it is recorded and contained within
that higher aspect of the heart, for that is all that you can take
with you. The physical body stays behind, the links to its physicality
diminishes until eventually it’s just being recorded in a tiny, tiny
cell, like the black box contained within some of your aircraft, or
most of your airplanes, at least most of them that professes to have a
functioning black box.

You have that cell in you, that God spark, that God essence in that
higher aspect of yourself and that is what takes the energy of that
which you experience, that you will benefit from with you once you
leave here. In there, there is absolutely no recollection of any anger
or negativity, lack or resentment in any way. For once the choice
comes to you once again to make a decision or a judgment upon the
lifetime that you shared here there is no expectation of that
judgment, in other words, all the judgment which rests upon what you
refer to as “judgment day”, is in fact mere acknowledgement, beloved ones.


Resentment and rejection are another two energies that really play
havoc within this energy centre, for resentment is the anger action of
judgment that you place upon another, and rejection is your inability
to claim your own worth. For truth be told, how can you be rejected by
anyone if you don’t accept their rejection of you? How can you feel
feelings of rejection when another, perhaps a lover, or a partner, be
that on a personal level or a business level ‘decides’ to reject your
energy? How can you feel the energy of rejection if you truly value
and validate the self and live your worth? It is a very difficult one;
we understand that, much to wrap yourselves around, but with the new
energy and the intensity of the energy speeding up upon this planet
and especially with the clearing within the mental faculties that will
take place over the next two to three months or so, at this level of
your understanding, now is the time for you to begin this day, beloved
ones, to grasp the truth behind rejection. When someone rejects you
they no longer require you to be within their space, or they perhaps
feel that they no longer wish for you to be in their space. When
someone rejects you the choice is yours to see the worth of the self
and to weigh it to such an extent that you too opt for your value to
be far better if experienced elsewhere. At the time of the rejection
it is incredibly difficult, and we understand that, because of the
lower emotions that comes into play. The lower emotions that of course
run amok within the sacral centre, and of course all of the lower
aspects of the other centres all then work together with the result
the person feel invalid.

But the truth is to see the self as that worthy God spark. If you can
keep your concentration on the higher aspect of your heart, in other
words, at times of conflict, at times of resentment and rejection and
judgment, at times when you feel that you are to crumble move the
focus, and instead of placing your focus upon your lower mental centre
which is your solar plexus, place your attention rather on the area of
the higher heart. For the higher heart, beloved ones, is the aspect of
the self that knows its value beyond any doubt, and because of that is
unable to relate to being invalid, is unable to relate to any
rejection of any kind, is unable to relate to any resentment of any
kind, for the need is not there to please the person with passive
phrases some that simply make no sense at all, simply because of the
insecurities that is recorded within the centers that are situated
below the level of the bridge or the transition into the heart.

The value of the self beyond any doubt beloved one outweigh all other
energies of any kind and quantity for this reflects the pure aspects
of the self that knows that you are God within. This is the part of
the self that needs no convincing of any kind to feel assured,
comfortable, comforted, safe, cared for as this is the aspect of the
lower self together with the higher self that comes to the rescue when
the lower heart spins out of control, for when this happens the mind
takes over, and when the mind takes over you have problems for your
mind as you know is the most amazing gift that is either your best
friend or worst enemy therefore any person that during their
incarnation base the experiences of this lifetime upon the decisions
that are made from the mind aspect is in trouble.

The mind is a irrational decision maker whereas the heart only knows
one way that’s inevitably to be followed, and that is the golden
passage into the sacred heart for even though the heart does know
anger, vindictiveness, jealousy, malice, the shame, blame, guilt, even
though the heart may know and experience these energies internally at
a very deep unconscious level it knows of its divinity for it trusts
completely in that aspect of the self that knows only purity and
light. It is where you are anchored into the Heart of Creator Essence.
That divine knowing is what awakens this part, beloved ones this
divine knowing is what many of you currently are having an internal
war with.

Many of you some here in this group and others out there are facing
current crisis with this divine knowing, the constant need for
approval, of having to be shown that you are on the road of the truth,
way and light as Christ professed openly ‘I am the truth, the way and
the Light’, and so are your soul intentions, every one of you, even
those that are considered to be of dimmer light, those considered to
be dark for they too come from the same Creator Essence yet it is
their choice not to recognize this for they are unable to trust the
truth, the way and Light that will show them the passage into the
scared heart for their lower chakras are in complete control, for
these are the parts of the self that constantly needs the reassurance,
the what if’s, the show me’s.

The energy of the new earth within 5th dimensional thinking does not
even acknowledge these therefore the divine knowing within is being

How can you judge another if everything that you have ever created,
are a part of or instigated, is never held against you? So then what
makes you so great to keep a grudge or a judgment over another if none
is passed on to you?

The evolvement of the human mind is what brings the answers to these
questions, it’s called wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge and by
applying your knowledge you begin to lead by example and in so doing
you create a wonderful picture for others to see, to hear, smell,
taste, touch and when they are ready, to open up the higher passages
to their high heart for it is only these openings that leads you into
the passages of the sacred heart that will eventually reveal to you
the truth of your divinity within. For the true divinity within is up
until that point in a constant battle with the ego or the lower
personality self. Once you can step away from this then you can tap
into the opening of these sacred portals. When this happens no words
of judgment will ever cross your lips or mind again for this is not
possible and with that I can hear your minds …‘is this truly
possible?’… And the reply is very much. How does one get there, with
awareness, how do you become aware, by being conscious. How do you
become conscious, by staying alert. How do you stay alert, look
around, within and without at once.

Thus the true essence of all this needs to function whilst the
internal radar that connects you with your Spirit within deeply
embedded within Diamond consciousness contained within the God-Core
cell automatically connects all, whilst triggers send these recordings
under the autonomic nervous system to the body whilst all of the
eternal recordings communicate with all that is.

Therefore do not speak of another but rather look at the self. Do not
judge the actions and reactions of another but rather have the courage
to face the self in the mirror of your own making seeing your own
grace and in so doing acknowledge that which needs working at, that
which needs shifting, but also dear ones acknowledge that which you
are working on, and have worked on thus accomplished.

In others words own the feathers in your masterful cap for that is
another energy within the imbalanced heart, the inability to express
gratitude to the self, the inability to proudly accept your
accomplishments because of insecurity within the lower aspects which
is ever so ready to fire poisoned arrows of pride, which is what
usually causes you to burn your bridges for the pride inside the self
is what causes the poisons within to eventually effect the heart
muscle brining it to an arrested state thus it ceases to function.

Beloved ones, betrayal is an act that is deeply imbedded in this
centre but as life is a great paradox why not begin to see the
betrayals that you have faced in life as indirect unsurely of the self.

Why not forgive those that have harmed you and with that love the self
more. Betrayal is an energy that will no longer be part of this planet
in time to come within the Peace Christ years ahead of you, and for
those of you who suffer from the emotional scars of the act of
betrayal why not understand that perhaps you need to stop betraying
the self by not believing that you are worthy of more. Instead of
clinging on to old memories let go for that is another energy that is
coming under the proverbial spiritual hammer over the next few months,
in fact during the next few months myself Kuthumi, the Lord Maitreya,
the lady Quan Yin, the Lord Saint Germain form part of a group of many
that will be working very closely with removing the implants of old
thought patterns and memory within current consciousness does that
make sense?

A; Yes

MK: Therefore you will find that recurring dreams or nightmares or
unpleasant experiences within a sleep or semi-sleep state may occur
which are unexplainable or weird to you because during your sleep
state it is easier for us to work with you removing probes that have
been put into place within your cell tissue and etheric tissue which
seeps consistent quantities of poison at a steady rate into the cell
memory for you to keep recalling the anger, hurt, and pain of the
past. This reversal so to speak is done according to your wishes. Now
if there is one thing that you have to understand and I am saying this
with the most sincere love beloved brothers and sisters and that is
that you can not go into the future whist hanging on to the
limitations of your past. The past is over that’s why it is called the
past, its gone. The present is now that’s why it’s called the present
for it is a gift given to you by the Creator because right now you are
breathing aren’t you, you are aware and awake aren’t you, and that is
all that matters. The future is but a projected possibility for there
is no certainty therefore the only certainty that you should
concentrate your emotions on is the now current experience. If you pay
attention to anything it matters not what that had any control over
you in any way that occurred in the past, you are cutting off your
life support system from the influx of energy that is needed for you
to create a whole new now and expand from this now into a whole new
dimension called your dreams, and if so then this flow of light
instead of serving you keep the fears and the horrors of past
experiences alive and what sense does that make, non, its nonsense,
let the past go, concentrate on the now, project into your now where
you would like your now-now to be (laughter).

This is the most important thing for you will come to realize this
even though there are perhaps many of you that still think you are
unable manifest as fast as you should or want to. The time is not long
from now beloved ones where you will have every proof that your
insecure lower 3 centers need on manifesting using your CURRENT
thought. None of the other thoughts can manifest for non of the other
thoughts have any power therefore with the energy of the 5th
Dimension, the energy of the new wave of Ascension that will be fully
active after the 21st December this year, the energy of masterhood
which is the overlying energy theme for your Christed year 2009,
understand that the time has come for you to grow up. The time has
come for you to get up now, you have crawled for long enough. We
showed you where the furniture is placed, where the partition walls
are, where the windows are, where the hot stove is placed in the
kitchen thus now it is time for you beautiful beings to awaken to your
new magnificence within. Thus take on your armor of integrity,
honesty, valor, and honor and raise your chins claiming the Christ
within and live your life with joy, have fun, in harmony, with
excitement and laughter as you play with the child within.

Be funny, do something out of the norm as you step out of your own
boxes with laughter, make humor a part of your life as you claim your
humanitarian role in service for that is where this energy is taking
you. Beloved ones over the next year or two much will take place
within your personal lives that will erase every single bit of doubt
that you have ever entertained when it comes to your own ability, but
this process cannot begin unless you allow the heart within to take
you on that journey of compassion in other words get rid of being
needy, the need for this or that or someone but rather have the want
for these. The moment there is a need of or for anything it confirms
the lack thereof For the need that you have of another’s x, y, and z
affirms the inability of the self to claim your own worthiness of
being a co-creative energy. Therefore want oppose to need, be in the
relationship that you are in because you want to not need to, be in
the relationship with the self for you want that, be alongside your
ascension partner which is your higher self and claim it.

There is no more time to needy, there is no more time to keep asking
your guides to show you where the hot plate is when you know the stove
is in the kitchen unless of course you cook in your lounge or
bathrooms (laughter) nothing is impossible you know.

So the new wave Ascension is about bringing in a whole new awareness
of the heart. It is what I often refer to as ONE heart consciousness.
It is the joining of hearts at an inter-dimensional level not simply
at a human level or humanitarian level but very much on a multi
dimensional level for beloved ones this is when you will very much
begin to realize the close relationship between your heart
consciousness and ours of the ascended realms, the closeness between
intergalactic and cosmic heart consciousness, this is when you will
come to realize that all of that be it your biology, your psychology,
you as a human, animal, plants, minerals, elementals, angelic,
archangelic, galactic, intergalactic, universal, cosmic it matters not
when it comes to heart consciousness ALL IS AS ONE. This is the link,
the high heart in all of Creation that links all that is to be as one.
It is the acknowledgement of the divinity within that opens up
perception in even the most limited of consciousness of their ability
to claim themselves as part of one, and it is the oneness in the unity
of the Omniversal heart energy that brings forth the realization that
what you do on a human level to one you do unto all other.

Beloved ones another energy very needed for many to realize is for you
to make time to be in your heart space. A lot of you will do anything
under the sun just not to be in your own heart space, a lot of you
think you are in your own heart space, or should we rather say you try
and convince yourself of this yet you are hiding away from being so
truly and fully able to embrace yourself as the most magnificent being
that you are and this time is now, to awaken to these realities for
these are the energies that you are currently facing, clean out, and
with that prepare the self for that which is to come for you cannot go
ahead with grudges kept and caused by a past memory.

Live your future in the present moment as part of the now for this is
the way you manifest instantly, if you keep things in future tense
they shall remain in your future thus bring them into your present
environment and accept these as the gifts given to you that forms part
of your awakening conscious reality.

Beloved ones, in the time that lies ahead over the next two months or
so become very aware of what you partake in that causes you self
disappointment, what expectations do you place upon the self and
others that drives you to the insanity of never being happy, never
satisfied, always being disappointed, let down by, and so on…which
part of the self is so unreasonable that it does not resonate with non
judgment within the evolved heart, what aspect of the self still
clings to the greed, still wont let up and bless unto another their
desires? Look at these issues and aspects within the lower heart, have
the courage to face your own mirrors, have the courage beloved ones to
let go of the blame and judgment you have placed on another and with
that concentrate your energies on getting creative, being
compassionate and finding the passion within your heart, mind and soul.

Passion is what awakens your ability to create, creativity is passion
in action thus by being creative you live out your passion. By living
out your passion you are exercising your dreams, by doing this you are
convincing the self that happiness is a integral ongoing part of your
life and therefore claim it to be so with joy, excitement, with
laughter for these are all gifts of the heart, all wonderful gifts
that you as a human need to live out, practice, execute and claim and
the only and easiest way you can do all of this is, is to become
passionate about that which is expressed through your heart space.

The heart chakra’s element is air therefore you need plenty of time in
nature. You will find that those of you that don’t, inevitably will
begin to feel claustrophobic thus the need to get out, the yearning or
subconscious want to be in nature amongst trees, to walk barefoot on
the grass or your lawns, to be close to animals, and the reason why is
because the body is deprived of nitrogen and what happens is the
eventual effect of all of this prevents the full development of your
DNA because of a lack of protein for protein which is the main muscle
builder is what is needed for you to be strong and healthy and simply
by being in nature you automatically recharge your etheric cells
within the DNA layers as well as boosting the formation of natural
protein levels, Protein synthesis, for it is the natural nature of
the earth that allows you to wake up to the sacred natural nature of
your heart.

Therefore I will repeat one of my favorite expressions: You place the
H in earth first and you have a heart. ( H eart H )

When you feel life is getting you down go into nature as the
Elementals are there instantly to assist you. Nature is on your side,
the photonic energy in nature is freely available for you to
integrate, as it recharges and revitalizes you, this is very needed
within the heart, as all of these energies of recharging, revitalizing
etc is very much what the 10:10 stargate is all about, to take a real
closer look at the self from a higher heart perspective. This is when
you will come to claim your individuality as part of unity
consciousness therefore know over the next couple of months if you
face energies that pushes over your apple cart, that they still need
clearing and balancing. Are there any questions thus far?

A: No

So the heart demands time in nature, natural time. Increase your fruit
intake, learn to eat lighter for there is nothing wrong with eating
meat but remember the redder the meat the more dense its vibration
even if the animal was dispersed of in the correct way it still
carries density thus the lighter the food the lighter you become. You
need to have at least 2 green veggies and fruit a day if possible, for
this is what carries the element of air at an unconscious level into
the biology of the body, thus allows the body’s physiology to work out
its own magnificence using the autonomic nervous system. You need
plenty or rest, time out, me time, relax. It is extremely important to
be very conscious of what you are eating and why. It is extremely
important for you to be active, for this increases the rate of the
flow of oxygen around the body and with that supports a healthier
heart. Fish is HIGHLY recommended, grilled preferably, go easy on
excess herbs and spices, and for a healthy heart STOP killing your
food whist cooking it and in saying this we do understand that certain
foods are better cooked but why kill it by overcooking it. There is an
awareness needed here for you to understand that as the psychology
behind your heart chakra needs shifting to make way for the opening of
the higher heart so too does the culinary aspects of the centre need
shifting for you to become FULLY aware of what you put into your mouth
for indirectly what you put your heart through is what brakes it and I
am not talking about relationship heartbreak for that’s a totally
different heart experience.

Relationships beloved ones should be based on the communication
between two evolved hearts and not the neediness within the lower
heart space and lower centers.

Beloved ones, there are massive, massive changes ahead for this
planet, for humanity in general and to some extend there might be some
stormy times ahead but no matter what lies ahead understand that it is
you as lightworkers that have a response ability towards each and
another to hold each other’s hands, to walk in ONE unity heart
consciousness and in so doing to truly become aware of the fact that
if you do all you do for the greater good of all that is, then let
that begin with you.

Please will you ready yourself for this afternoon’s energy activation?
Do drink some water. Pause.

Beloved ones become comfortable in your breathing as you connect with
the natural exchange of gasses as part of the natural process of
living. Inhale and before exhaling take a moment’s pause. Draw into
your lungs all that are good and wonderful. Release all of that which
has caused you anger, pain, sadness and sorrow. Pause. Bring into your
minds eye for a moment all of that which you desire and want for the
self breathing this reality into your lungs and then at the same time
as you exhale forgive others and the self for that which you have done
to the self and others. Pause. Continue doing this for a few breaths
so that we can come closer and with that raise your energy levels, yet
rendering you completely relaxed. Pause.

Beloved ones understand love is the only weapon you could ever need.
It is the only weapon that you need to understand, in the new earth
from a 5th dimensional consciousness point of view it is only love
that will deliver to you full understanding of the reality that you
find yourself within and how you have co-created this. It is only love
that will create for you balanced opportunities to shift all that
needs shifting. It is only love that will create for you all of that
which you still desire or wish for in times to come and therefore it
is only love that can create an amazing bond for you revealing the
pathways to the higher aspect of its energy within the higher or
sacred heart. Therefore understand that you now need to be in a space
where every action has a reaction that enforces love in some way or
the other upon everything that is you. Very long pause.

I want you to imagine ahead of you is the most beautiful garden you
have every seen, become aware of the huge trees, bushes, flowers,
shrubs paint your detail and be in your sacred garden. Feel the soft
lawn under your feet, do a 360° turn acknowledging the beauty all
around you. Pause. Now start walking deeper into the garden as you
become aware of the stillness that surrounds you, the beauty of the
flowers that surrounds you as you embrace colour and all the
fragrances and with that be aware of the Elemental Presence within
your sacred garden. Pause.

Now in the distance of your garden you will find the lawn shaped in a
star tetrahedron, the grass cut to reveal the shape of the Star of
David, now walk towards it and come to stand at its centre. Now again
turn in a full circle and acknowledge the beauty of your garden, feel
the harmony, the bliss of the still point within. When you are ready
sit down on this central spot or perhaps you prefer to lie down, it’s
up to you. Long pause.

I now want you to imagine in the area of your heart burns a beautiful
pink flame energy about 2,5cm high. Simply connect with this pink
flame within your heart space. Pause.

Now visualize this pink flame extends its energy into the heart of the
earth in other words from your heart chakra connect to the heart pulse
of the earth contained within its core central sun. Pause.

Now I want you to communicate to the earth the love you feel for her,
how you feel you benefit her with your presence, how you feel that
during this lifetime you are making a difference to her lifespan, how
you feel your connection with the rest of humanity, communicate all
with her using the pink flame connection between your heart and the
heart of mother earth. Pause.

Whilst this continues become aware of 4 beings that manifest on the
outside of your Star of David energy with equilateral distances
between them creating a circular effect that encapsulates your
extended star tetrahedron grid. Pause. (Two interlocked triangles one
facing up the other facing down with outside protective spherical or
circle energy that surrounds it) These four beings now raise their
hands and radiate towards your heart a magnificent gift. Pause

Beloved ones, you have Lord Metatron the Archangel of geometry that
radiates towards your heart a blessing for you to be able to come to
the full understanding that even though at times your life seems very
intricate it is always ruled according to the laws of simplicity.
Pause. Lord Metatron transfers into your heart centre a gift that will
allow you to become aware of the power or geometry in all things
throughout all of life. He gifts to you a gift of understanding the
self at a very deep level yet to be able to relate to the self in the
way nature teaches as part of the natural process. Pause.

Next accept the gifts into your heart from the powerful MichaEL, the
archangel Michael gifts unto you the gifts of being in your own power
as a magnificent humanitarian serving from your wonderful soul aspect.
Beloved ones Archangel Michael projects into your heart centre an
understanding that no matter where you may find yourself in life in a
situation that may prove to be challenging or tough that by calling
upon his name he will always step forth to release you from the ties
that binds you to the limitedness of judgment and the questioning
within the lower heart and mind, he gifts to you a wonderful energy
imprinted within your heart that will assists you from this day
forward for you to walk in your own divine truth, to find a softness
and a gentleness within every conflicting situation no matter what and
with that reminding you that the only thing that prevents you from
evolving are the ties that keeps you tied to the coffins contained
within the repeated memory of your unsatisfying past. Pause.

Beloved ones you have the beloved masterful Hilarion that steps forth
as the third being that beams towards your heart the understanding
that NO conflict need ever become so out of control rendering it
impossible to be diffused in harmonious ways. Our beloved Hilarion
gifts unto you a blessing that will awaken within your heart from this
day forward a new aspect of peace, a new understanding of the true
power of calm, peace and serenity. He beams into your heart a blessing
of lightness, for you to embrace the self in the lightness of being,
with that embrace humor, laughter and thus be lighter in your be-ing.

Next we have our beloved Mother Mary, and she beams into your heart
beloved ones an energy that from this day forward will assist you in
every way for you to claim your authenticness. This will support your
understanding that by being who you are you are being in service to
the self and all others but by being not who you are you infact are
not contributing in any way of form whatsoever to the evolution of
mankind, to the evolution of the planet or Omniverse. Therefore the
beloved Mother gives unto your heart a gift of claiming the true
authenticity of the self, the I Am consciousness as she encodes into
your heart an energy that will awaken within you, in each new day the
reality or the possibility of a sparkling brighter future as you claim
this in the presence of the current time that you find yourself
within. Pause

Within your heart be at peace within the heart of this energy. Pause.
Simply feel this love being radiated to you from the 4 beings that
forms the outside sphere that seals the energy of your nature star
tetrahedron. Pause.

Now we are going to increase the flow of energy within this space.
Instead of these 4 beings beaming this energy towards your heart they
begin beaming their love towards each other thus all that they have
radiated into your heart space they are now radiating and beaming
towards each other with their energies crossing above you, crossing in
line with your central core channel. So if you are lying down this
crosses higher than if you were sitting as they are standing. Now
visualize at this cross over point above you a loop of energy forms
creating a whole new grid matrix which wraps itself around you and the
entire planet in close formation. See this crossing as the etheric
representation of your higher heart as these energy loops continue
wrapping themselves around you and the planet. Pause. Now again bring
into mind the pink flame connection between your heart and the heart
of mother earth which is being reinforced with these energetic loops
originally beamed forth from the still point of these four beings. Pause.

Beloved ones the blessings beamed forth from these four beings this
day is a blessing that you in this way automatically will pass on to
all in existence out there naturally, simply by claiming this as
anchored within your energy field, as within so without. Pause. By
understanding the crossing of these energies although away from your
physical body yet wrapping itself around your energy and physical
fields as part of the earth, you acknowledge your part of the essence
as above so below. Pause. Now allow this energy to subside and calm
down completely. These 4 beings now relax their energy fields simply
communicating from their hearts to yours the love they feel for you.
Very long pause.

Now become aware that another 4 beings manifest in-between the four
spaces of these beings, and then another 4 appear in-between them so
you have in total 12 beings that surrounds your nature tetrahedron on
the outside now forming a perfect circular energy. You have the
initial 4 masters representing your north, south, east, and western
points with the other 8 supportive energies all together forming the
12 pointed star grounding you in the fluidness of your own energy
grid. Pause.

Beloved ones we shall now again increase the energy flow by asking you
to imagine the 12 beings radiating their energy towards each other
from their third eye with this energy again crossing at the same point
above your head creating a geometric imprint of a 12 pointed grid
above you, a holographic imprint from their visionary centers above
you with you directly beneath its core matrix where the energy crosses
connecting its pulse to the pulse of your sacred etheric heart energy.

They now move the focus from their third eye beaming energy from their
heart centers to each other and with that the four major beings,
archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Lord Hilarion and Lord Metatron
reinforces the 4-way cross energy from their hearts which will be
anchored into your physical and chakric hearts. This represents the
4-way crossroads which links with the same energy that was activated
within your solar plexus if you recall, as these two energies in times
to come will create a linking chakra between them which will
facilitate the Solar Heart Centre. Pause.

Lord Kuthumi repeats the activation up to this point.

I want you now to release the energy between your heart and the heart
of Mother earth the pink flame energy that connected you, and if you
have been lying down for this visualization then in your mind’s eye
sit up in the yogic position whilst the 12 beings continue beaming
their energy to each other creating the 12 pointed heart grid matrix
for you. Pause. Allow the pink flame to continue burning in your
heart. Pause.

I now want you in your imagination to slowly stand up when I tell you
to do so, and as you do so you will feel from your crown chakra down,
your upper centers being transformed or charged as each part of your
upper energy will cross the matrix of this grid until eventually you
stand up fully with the core of their energy crossing exactly through
your heart centre. In this way all of the upper centers are being
charged thus prepared for the new energy that lies ahead. The chakric
activations for this year will end on the 22nd of November with the
crown chakra initiation as we have requested.

So now by standing up….gently allow this powerful energy to erase all
disbelief from the crown, see the magnificent heart beams of these
beings erase all the doubt within the 3rd eye, stand up and as you
begin to stand tall allow this energy to erase all the contradiction,
the blame, the judgment and victimization within the throat centre,
and finally you will find at the level of the high heart these beams
cross creating a matrix pulse within the still point of the sacred
heart, connecting to your God-Consciousness Cell of inner truth and
awareness of your own magnificence and with that it ignites into a
magnificent golden flame about 2,5 cm. Pause. This is the flame of the
high heart, with the pink flame burning just below that within the
lower heart centre, below that you have the Ruby-Gold flame within the
solar plexus with the 3 golden spherical energies imprinted over the
solar plexus creating a downward pointing triangle with the bottom egg
encapsulated by a silver sphere, below that you have the violet flame
within the sacral, below that the another golden flame within the sun
centre, and below that you have the white flame of purity within the
base centre with the supporting golden sphere on your left hand side
of the base and the silver energy supporting the right hand side of
the base. I will leave you for a few moments to fully connect to this
energy activation so far.

Very long pause.

Now, the 8 beings that came in support of this energy activation make
their way from your energy field by releasing the flow of their power
from yours, leaving you again standing with the initial four beings in
4-way-cross close proximity, and these beautiful flames burning within
you, revealing to you your true colours, the colors of love,
compassion and gratitude, the colors of purity, peace and light, the
colours honor, integrity and valor, the colors of happiness, joy and
great excitement and with that Archangel Michael steps forward handing
you the most magnificent red rose, he gifts to you this red rose as a
token for you to carry within your heart the true anchoring of the
Love that IS you. Pause. Give your thanks to him as he steps back. Pause.

Our beloved Mary the Mother steps forward as she hands to you the most
precious Pink rose, to remind you beloved one that contained within
you is every availability to recognize within every fleeting moment
that there need be no conditions to your love, and with that give your
love to her as she steps back from your energy field. Pause.

Lord Hilarion steps forward offering you the most exquisite unusual
emerald rose. Pause. This rose is gifted to you to understand that
deeply imbedded within you lies every possibility to manifest
abundantly that which you desire, for you as a being to know that you
came to this planet this time around with every intention to live your
life abundantly, give your thanks to him and now turn around and face
Lord Metatron whom now stands behind you.

Lord Metatron steps forward and he hands to you a scroll, open it and
read what is inscribed in the purest of gold ink. This scroll beloveds
is a direct translation from your soul explaining to you that in NO
uncertain terms the time has arrived for you to walk along this
journey with new consciousness, to see things in a different light, to
let go of the lower energies some of which we have shared with you
earlier and with that to prepare yourself for one of the most exciting
times ever ahead of you, in fact times like this you have humanly
never experienced before, therefore at this stage you are still unable
to relate to the true excitement that lies ahead. Lord Metatron looks
into your eyes, with his usual most powerful smile on his face as he
steps forward hugging you, pulling you powerfully close to him and
with that he takes your head and places it gently against his heart,
for he is a very tall being. He Ask of you to tune into your
clairaudient ability, to hear from the highest aspect of your sacred
mind the message of true unconditional love he now personally imprints
from his Heart to your sacred mind. Feel that love, feel that power
and know that you can never be alone as Metatron suggests for you to
call upon him asking you to remember this close bond that he as a
grand cosmic being now forms with you. Pause. He releases you, hands
you the scroll and steps back with the grin still very much across his
face. Pause.

Beloved ones you have these roses and scroll gifted to you from these
beautiful beings in support of your evolvement, now within your mind
give your thanks to each of these beings as they make their way from
energy field. Now from your heart take a moment and give your thanks
to The One that Created you for allowing you the privilege and honor
of being back here facing another incarnation, living another
extension of one of your lives as a man or woman. Pause. Connect to
the 12 pointed heart imprint within your sacred or high heart; again
bring your attention to standing within the core of your sacred garden
with the Star of David imprinted around you and with that acknowledge
that you will do all in your living giving breathing power to make
this world a better place, and you will do so by making sure that you
find yourself with each new day in a better heart space.

And with that ground yourself, gently ground yourself. Stretch out
your arms and limbs, take in some water and be fully grounded back
into this physical reality.

So you have the white flame of purity, the golden flame of creativity,
the violet flame of transmutation, the ruby-golden flame of the
powered self, the pink flame of unconditional love and the golden
flame of Eternal Love within your high heart.


Beloved ones are there any questions that we may assist with this

Q: Yes please Master Kuthumi; we received information regarding the
Galactic federation coming to the earth planting the love crystals
into the planet

Mk: That’s correct

Q: We would like to know what the actual function of the crystals is,
how do they assist humanity, and the earth, and what exactly are they

Mk: Beloved brother the functions of these crystals are very much to
bring into alignment that which I have discussed with you this
afternoon over the past 2 hours or so and with that bringing humanity
into a space and time of understanding that the way they have lived
their lives up until this point HAS to shift and with that move
forward. The planting of the love crystals was done in order to help
shift these love vibrations contained within the higher and lower
centers, which is achieved by bringing balance between the physical,
mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of man. As you know all of
life vibrates on the balance of the masculine/feminine process
therefore we have imprinted these two energies and that of
manifestation within the energetic structure of these crystals which
makes the one half of these crystals tangible and the other etheric in
this way it serves to completely bring this balance through into
everything upon this planet. These crystals are EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY
powerful love transmitters, they are programmed with the energy of all
of the 144 000 Ascended Masters that are actively part of the earth
ascension process thus the evolvement of the planet. Their love energy
that is being programmed into these crystals will in time create a
generating effect connecting to every single crystal upon this planet
irregardless of its type, which then will also serve as transformers
creating energetic links sending impulses of love so to speak through
the ethers, through the earth electrics, as well as through the
energetic energy of the earths inner plates, and with all that also
connect the matrixes of every grid formation that exists in and around
the planet. So in other words although only a few, they have the power
to change the concept of love upon the planet for love is the ONLY
energy that has no opposites therefore nothing, no thing exists that
can overthrow it or erase it. Unconditional love forms the basis of
their formation within their energy matrix therefore anything of a
lesser vibration has no power against them. These crystals are placed
very strategically around the planet creating amongst them a further
grid energy which from its formation creates impulses that travels not
only into and around the earth but also away from the earth like a
reflection lessening external negativity for a lot of this negativity
that threatens the planet floats around it did you know this?

A: No

Mk: It’s called satellites, how do you think your dark brothers or as
you call them your illuminate brothers knows your every move?

So these crystalline energies are also there to start changing shall
we say the ‘horror frequencies’ being emitted by some of the works of
these manmade view cams which circulates your planet, that observes
you and truth be told video’s your every move. These crystals also
serve as neutralizers for negative geopathic energy, as well as
negative nuclear energy. These crystals serve to connect each and
every heart upon your planet on every level and because all of the
hearts within your world shares the same divine connection carried in
the God-Spark within, these crystals will deliver to each awakening
soul the truth of their divinity, be it the ones that stays behind, be
it the ones that leaves it matters not. They serve as connectors
waking up the hearts of humanity to the truth and the reality of the
unfolding events, as they also serve as love-catalysts peeling away
that which prevents many from seeing the truth of life. So their
functions are extremely diverse and intense as they connect a very
large platform of service but over and above all of this their
function is to activate an awakening within each person of the reality
that you are not alone, and by saying that they bring forth a further
realization amongst humanity via the grids of human consciousness for
you to grasp the truth that you play a minute part in an even smaller
universe when it comes to over-all-creation within the Omniverse, thus
for you to realize that you have many space, star or extra-planetary
brothers and sisters from various parts of this and other universes
and with that become comfortable with the knowing that they will come
closer in time to come.

The other aspect that these love crystals serve from, is to eliminate
a lot of the fear that may result because of this contact. They also
serve as neutralizers of the anger and war archetypes, and in so doing
bring an awareness amongst humanity that at the end of the day the
only thing that is truthfully very important is for you to claim and
be your own authentic self. With that I am sharing as much as I am
able to share at this point, although there is more. Does this answer
your question?

A: Thank you

MK: Blessings be with you.


No more questions.

Beloved ones, understand that the times we come to share with you as
we are now doing carries only ONE intent and that is to bring an
awakening of the love within you. It is to share with you the
importance of loving the self and with that love all others. It is to
share with you the importance of nurturing the self, it is to share
with you the importance of letting go of the past, and that the time
has come for you to now finally outgrow your lower emotions and in so
doing rather trust the feelings within.

The world ahead of you is filled with such harmony, balance and joy
it’s quite unimaginable to you. So understand that by giving you these
messages not only from me through this or other channels or vessels or
entities, but also messages from many others that infiltrates your
world, that each of you are being visited within your dream state, are
being taken to higher planes for learning and training. So acknowledge
with the brake of each new day comes new growth and at times this
growth may be a little painful or create discomfort, it may even
involve disappointment or sadness, but know inside of yourselves
through the power that is contained within the highest aspect of the
self within the sacred heart that you will always be guided and
guarded for you to do and be where you are suppose to be therefore we
urge you to finally let go of the blame and judgment and all of the
lower energies and with that embrace only that which is good, kind,
loving and compassionate, filled with care and in so doing hold your
hands on your hearts and be the humanitarians that you have come to
be. Tap into the transition within this (heart) transition centre or
the Anaharta. Claim your authentic signature from here, your high heart.

When you take your fist and close it and you place it on your heart it
fits over the lower heart, yet when you open it for all to see it can
only fit on the plateau above your promised land which is your sacred
or high heart.

I am Kuthumi, I am the Cohan of the Golden Ray of love and wisdom and
I greet and bless thee in love,  Adonai.

A: Thank you,  Adonai.



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