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February 2010
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We, the Arcturians, are always with you on your journey to full awakening because we are always with you. How could we leave you for we are ONE? Actually, we are ONE with all of our grounded ones, even though their mundane minds are often unaware of this fact. We wish to remind you again that it is important that you do NOT perceive us as some form of God Beings who are more evolved than you. We do NOT perceive reality in terms of more or less. In fact, when you are ONE with your Multidimensional SELF, neither do you.

We wish to take a short intermission from our journey into the sixth dimensions to make sure that you are grounding your Corridor experiences into your everyday life. Of course, we observe that you are definitely doing so, but now you have new challenge. What was once the world of your imagination and the real world are blurring together, causing your physical brain great confusion.


It used to be that the third dimension was in your present and the fifth dimension was in your future. Now, more and more, you are experiencing the reality that you have known as the third dimension to be moving into your past, while the reality that you experience as the fifth dimension is moving into your present. There is no future, for when your consciousness moves into the fifth dimension. There is only the NOW.

Furthermore, your energy is pulling away from the mundane actions of the physical world, and you only feel energetic when you engaged in an action, with people or in places that resonate to your fifth dimensional consciousness. Nonetheless, this coming attraction that you feel just beyond your reach still alludes you. What is actually happening is that what you are feeling, wanting, predicting is integrating into your daily life. In fact, it is integrating into the daily lives of all who can accept this frequency of light.

Indeed, what you are experiencing is a frequency of light that has always been beyond your perception. However, now that Gaia is being released from the shackles of the old darkness, Her humans are increasingly joining the ranks of Her plants, insects, animals, elements and Elementals to journey into the fifth dimension. Those of you who have opened your minds to the process of awakening are beginning to absorb this higher frequency light. Actually, the light is not higher frequency for it is multidimensional. Hence, it contains all frequencies, including the quantum, zero frequency.

It is with the fifth dimension and beyond, as well as the zero point, energies that humanity is challenged. You are challenged because these energies are new to your five physical senses. The expanded perceptions of your Multidimensional Soul/SELF can easily perceive the cosmic waves of torsion energy streaming from the Black Hole in the center of the Milky way and out the now open portal of the Galactic Center. On the other hand, these waves are a unique experience for your ego/self who is struggling to receive, translate and integrate these frequencies of light/information, even when your Soul/SELF gives it the green light.

The reason for this struggle between your self and your SELF is that you ego has been assigned to protect your earth vessel. These waves of torsion energy, are turning ON old codes in your Junk DNA that have been shut off since the fall of Atlantis, and turning OFF certain codes in human genome DNA. For over 12,000 years, your earth vessel has been limited to 3% of your DNA and not had access to this new genetic information. Therefore, your earth vessel cannot recognize it, perceives it as an intruder and tries to attack it.

Because of this struggle, you are having an antibody war in your earth vessel, which creates great exhaustion. Fortunately, when your consciousness extends into the fifth dimension, you are so distracted by the feelings of unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm, that you can easily ignore the conflict in your earth vessel. Normally, one would begin their ascension process at this time. In fact, many of the members of the Planetary Ascension Team have had the experience of ascension in one or more of their parallel realities.

However, in these other realities, you died and abandoned your physical body in order to soar into your true Home in the higher dimensions. In your present reality, you have volunteered to stay on earth in your earth vessel to assist with planetary ascension. Hence, your consciousness is in one dimension and your body is in another. It is through consciously closing this gap that you assist with the planetary ascension. Your consciousness forms a bridge of light that connects these two worlds. Now, this bridge is beckoning you to cross.


At first, the process of crossing the bridge makes you spacey and exhausted. However, as you begin to place your primary consciousness, your sense of self and main control center, in the fifth dimension rather than the third, you will begin to get relief. As the third dimensional reality continues to move into your past, and your fifth dimensional reality moves into your present, your primary consciousness becomes fifth dimensional.

Your primary consciousness is also what your perceive as your present. Hence, Gaia and Her grounded ones are gradually transferring their primary consciousness from third dimensional Earth to fifth dimensional Earth. This process is much like one in which you get a new home, but still live in your old home for an extended time. In this manner, you can slowly and exactingly personalize your new homeLightbodywhile still living in your old homeearth vessel.

While having the two homes, bodies, realties, you can gradually transfer your primary consciousness from your old home/body and into your new one. However, these two homes/realities are quite different, and you will need time to completely make your shift. On the other hand, once you move into your new home, time will no longer exist. Therefore, your third dimensional consciousness is becoming very confused. It has become addicted to the concepts of time and space. Because of this perceived limitation, when your primary consciousness returns from NO-time and NO-space, your biological computer/brain cannot compute these experiences.

Your ego/self perceives this entirely novel reality as possible harm or even death, and tries to stop you from going back to your fifth dimensional reality. Hence, you may feel an increasing amount of fear that needs to be releasedagain and again. You dont understand why you are having this fear, for you have already done so much releasing. Therefore, please understand that your ego/self is quite frightened by the constant influx of the torsion waves that are foreign to it, and fears the imminent loss of its earth vessel.

The best way to deal with this situation is talk to your ego/self from the vantage point of your Soul/SELF. Tell you ego/self that there will be no loss, only a grand transformation from a carbon-based body to light-based body. Show your ego/self how your light form already exists within your earth vessel, and expand your egos duties from just care and maintenance of the earth vessel to include care and maintenance of your inner light body. Surround your ego and earth vessel with the wonderful unconditional love, gratitude, peace and calm that youSoul/SELFexperience every time you embrace the fifth dimensional reality.


The rising of your Kundalini and opening of your Third Eye has activated your pineal gland. Your pineal gland is a hyper-dimensional stargate built in to our human physiology. There are tiny molecules within the pineal gland water called microclusters. These microclusters form geometric shapes that create a resonant gateway or stargate. When “fired up” by means of Kundalini activation, the pineal gland stargate is accessed. Kundalini activation is the clearing, balancing and unifying of all your chakras, so that the latent force of of Kundalini can rise up from the Root Chakra, through all the chakras, and into the Crown Chakra to open your Third Eye. This opening is often experienced as a tickling, buzzing or pressure inside of the head or on your forehead.

The activation of the Kundalini and opening of the Third Eye brings new brainwaves online to allow advanced states of consciousness to integrate into your daily consciousness. One of these is Gamma brainwaves (40 cps), which serve as harmonizing frequency through which the observations of any objects size, color, texture, function, etc. are stored, perceived, and processed by different parts of the brain.

Gamma brainwaves are thought to be associated with the brain function that creates a holographic synthesis of data stored in various areas of the brain to fuse them together into a higher perspective. This higher perspective facilitates the activation of the expanded perceptions of your fifth dimensional consciousness.

There are also extremely high brainwave frequencies above Gamma, which have been titled Hyper Gamma brainwaves (100 cps) and Lambda brainwaves (200 cps). Conversely, the extremely low Epsilon brainwaves (0.5 cps) are thought to be the state yogis go into when they achieve suspended animation and/or complete control of all their biological functions.

All three of these newly discovered brainwaves (Hyper Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon) are associated with higher states of SELF-awareness that allow conscious access to superior levels of information and insight, psychic abilities, and out-of-body experiences. Theta (Shaman brainwaves) and Gamma brainwaves interact with these new brainwave patterns to assist in the brains holographic packaging of information into coherent images, thoughts, and memories.

Hyper Gamma, Lambda, and Epsilon frequencies are linked together in a circular relationship. Hyper Gamma and Lambda brainwaves are so fast that they appear to be embedded in the extremely slow Epsilon brainwaves. Simultaneously, the extremely slow Epsilon waves are so slow that they appear to be riding on the crest of the very fast Hyper Gamma and Lambda waves. In the same manner, our expanded, psychic senses are embedded into, and piggybacked onto, our-third dimensional five senses. As these new brainwaves come online, our inner perceptions can be consciously perceived while in our mundane consciousness.

It is important to remember that the higher dimensional realities have always existed, but the moment you forget them, you stop choosing to perceive them and exclude them from your possible reality. However, that potential remains latent within your biological computer/brain. Fortunately, the more your primary consciousness becomes fifth dimensional, the more you activate these extremely high and low brainwaves, and the more you regain access to your innate higher brain functions. These higher brain waves will allow you to more easily close the perceived gap between your two realities.


We fully support your in closing the perceived gap between your grounded reality and your multidimensional reality, for it is the core of ascension and of being an Ascended Master. Of course, from our perspective, there is no gap. How can there be a gap when there is no time or space to measure it? Therefore, releasing the illusion of a gap between one dimension and another, one person and another, one time and another etc. is the challenge that forces your polarized, computer/brain into its true state of unity.

We know that you can feel the higher dimensions just beyond your threshold of perception, much as you can feel the rain just before it falls or the light just before the dawn. The secret of closing the gap is actually inside the very earth vessel that you have blamed for separating you from the higher realities. Focus your consciousness, now, deep inside your earth vessel and inside your heart.

See your blood around you and hear your hearts valves pumping it through your body. Feel how your breath brings fresh oxygen into your lungs to be shared with your blood. Visualize how that oxygen is carried on waves of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

Now move into your High Heart and see your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of life blazing before you. Step into the center of that Flame and see it before you, behind you and around you. Just as smoke rises from a physical flame, your consciousness rise above your Three Fold Flame and into your opened Third Eye.

From within your Third Eye, see how the third/fourth and fifth dimensional realities are actually ONE, constantly interacting and intermingling.
Look to your right and see a magnificent Light Being who smiles in response to your recognition.
Look to your left and see any place on Earth that you wish to experience.
Now, look above you and through the Portal that is between your Third Eye and your Crown.

This Portal is in the center of your forehead at the edge of your hairline, between your Third Eye and Crown. At first, the Portal looks like a mirror with water rippling over it, a wormhole, which indeed it is. This Portal is one of the many areas on your earth vessel, which affords you the opportunity to close the gap between the world of illusion and the multidimensional worlds on the other side of the veil.

Now, with the force of unconditional love emanating from your ATMA, gently blow the veil away from the Portal to see the wormhole open, welcoming your entrance. You will not leave your body, for there is no leaving or coming when you resonate beyond time and space. To enter this Portal you must release your attachment to physical limitations and know that you are everywhere and everywhen.

As the current of your breath totally moves the veil of separation aside, the Portal is revealed in its full splendor. The circular shape morphs to remind you that this Portal is an alive Being. In fact, it is an element of your aliveness, yet independent from you as it is not limited to just you. This Portal is for every person, animal, plant and Being that is the body of Gaia. What you are experiencing is YOUR entrance to this infinite and Cosmic Portal.

The veil of illusion is completely removed now because you were/are able to believe that you deserve entrance through this passageway. What appeared to be water rippling over a mirror that reflected your light, is now revealed as a vast orb filled with liquid light.

The liquid light begins to slowly flow out of the Portal and onto your earth vessel. As the liquid light adheres to your physical form, you become the Portal, you become liquid light, and your consciousness and sense of self extends through the Portal while your earth vessel still remains in your mundane reality.

The illusion of separation between physical and consciousness is released, and you are freed from the perceived boundaries of your previous existence. You know that eventually you will return your sense of self to your mundane lifeeven though you have never left it. You know that when you return, you will seem to forget this experience and become, once again, embroiled in the challenges of your third dimensional life.

But is it still just third dimensional? What about your body of liquid light that infinitely flows, dances, intermingles and communes with All That Is? Will you forget this experience? Will you just be physical? No, you cannot. You cannot return to the illusion once the truth has been revealed. You may temporarily forget the truth, but the illusion has been unveiled. The secret has been exposed and the truth is alive in your Being forever whispering to your sleeping awareness, I am one! I am a Being of liquid light.

Then, when you hear that whisper, you will see the light, feel the unconditional love that is absorbing into your every cell and atom, and you will remember! You will remember your SELF, and you will remember the Portal. You dont go through the Portal, for through denotes that a part of you leaves where you were to be where you are going. But, if you listen to the whisper of light it says, You dont leave or come, for you are everywhere. There is no time. There is no space, There is only HERE and NOW.

You are HERE NOW because the distance between Light and Light is zero. You are physical/matter interacting and intermingling with spirit/light. The liquid of the light indicates that the Flow of the Light is zero distance for all the light. Hence, your third dimensional matter/self intermingles with your Light/SELF that is at zero point to ALL Light. This light flows like a liquid through the entrance of the Portal to commune with the light of your third dimensional self.

Your third dimensional self
Intermingles and flows with your light

Your light intermingles and flows with ALL Light

Thus, the Light of your fifth dimensional SELF
Intermingles and flows with your third dimensional self

You do not leave to become fifth dimensional or leave to become/return to your third dimensional self. Your light holds the third and fifth dimensions as ONE. Once you bond your consciousness to Light, you are zero point form the light of your fifth dimension SELF that intermingles and is ONE with the your third dimensional self. Only illusion separates you from your SELF, as the third and fifth dimensional light is continuous.

While maintaining your connection to your earth vessel who is dedicated to matching the slowing increasing resonance of Gaias Earth, you can expand your consciousness through the Portal to merge with your fifth dimensional reality. Feel the connection in your High Heart, which serves as your grounding point, and your opened Third Eye, which serves as your control tower, for all your multidimensional journeys.

Through merging with your fifth dimensional reality, you can more easily release old attachments to the drama and limitation of third dimensional life and expand your belief that you can live in peace and calm. It is through the peace and calm of truth and love that the gap begins to fill-in with the Knowing of Unity with all life.

Being your SELF

When your primary consciousness is in your Multidimensional SELF, you can consciously experience both of your merging realties. Since your inner Divine Child has never lost the awareness of your Multidimensional SELF, he/she is the gateway to the merging of your imagination and logic. Within the heart and mind of your Divine Child, everything is always possible and alive in your inner worlds. When you can awaken this Child and allow him/her play with the wondrous fifth dimensional perceptions, there is no limit to the reality you can create.

You can walk through the woods and see Nature Spirits fly above you. You can have a tea party in the middle of a stream and swim through a water cave with a gently manatee. You can pull down the Light and see the Portal between water and sky. The colors of your expanding reality will open your heart and heal old wounds of loneliness and sorrow. You will float through these colors in your body of light and fully merge with each moment of your experience.

Remember the innocence of your childhood, no matter how fleeting it may have been, so that you can recapture you ability to KNOW that what you imagine IS real. Imagination is fifth dimensional thought. In order to fully embrace the fifth dimension in which you already exist, believe your imagination. Believe your SELF. Trust your expanding perceptions and allow your inner voice to be louder than fear and self-doubt.

In fact, we Arcturians ask you to take a moment now to put on your imagination glasses as you look around the room in which you are sitting. Just as you would put on your 3D glasses to allow the action on the movie screen to enter the theater, put on your imagination filter to allow the fifth dimension to enter your room.

Look to your right… What aspect of your fifth dimensional reality does your imagination perceive? FEEL the freedom and joy of this perception. Allow your inner child to fully explore this new adventure.

Look to your left… Allow a fifth dimensional thought, which was formerly beyond your conception to fly into your awareness. Accept this thought into your heart and place it forefront in your mind.

Turn around and see all the aspects of your third dimensional reality that you are ready to release… Give thanksgiving for the lessons you have learned as you bless these aspects goodbye. Now, focus your primary attention on the fifth dimensional reality that you are NOW beginning to live.

Turn forward to see your Path laid out before you… What does your Path look like? Where is it leading? See yourself bravely walking this Path filled with peace, calm, confidence and unconditional love.

Now, allow your room to gradually shift into its fifth dimensional resonance. As you look around, what has changed and what has remained the same? How have you changed, and how have you remained the same?

As you go about your day, place your attention on the parts of your self and your life that are already fifth dimensional. For as long as you can remember, see all of your life through the perceptions of your Multidimensional SELF. In this manner, you can consciously experience the merging of the third and fifth dimensional realities.

To BE fifth dimension, remember that, first your raise your consciousnessto open you up to new beliefsthat set your expectationsand dictate your perceptions. Then, the reality that you perceive is the reality that you live.
You must perceive the change to BE the change you wish to create.

We, the Arcturians, bless you for your wonderful contribution to the ascension of Earth, the Solar System and the entire Milky Way. YOU are the Light of the world. You are the multidimensional Light of all reality.
The Arcturians

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Try this meditation everyday for 21 days to break the habit of being third
dimensional so that you can create the habit of being fifth dimensional.

Suzanne Lie

Thank you for joining us in the Arcturian Corridor.

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