The Pineal and Crystal Bio Stargate – Mechanics of Law of Belief – Archangel Metatron – James Tyberonn

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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The Pineal & Crystal Bio Stargate
Mechanics of Law of Belief
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters !!

I am Metatron Lord of Light, and I greet you in Unconditional Love.

In this gathering, we discuss a fine aspect of Conscious Creation, the Law and mechanics
of manifestation. We speak of the Bio-Crystal Stargate computer: the Pineal.

The Pineal

Through the ages it has been known that the Pineal is the interface between the
higher dimensions and the physical realm. It can be said then to be the gateway
between the ego personality, brain and the Divine Mind. It has been termed by metaphysicians
such as Descartes and Edgar Cayce as being the ‘Seat of the Soul’. In a very real
manner of speaking, the Pineal Gland is a ‘Bio-Stargate’. It is a bridge from physical
to non-physical, from duality to higher dimension. It is extremely complex, and
is the screen from 3d brain to Infinite Mind.

The pineal is the agent of advancing knowing into reality manifestation. The pineal
works with the pituitary to open the bridge, the gateway between the physical and
nonphysical, between brain and mind. Whatever knowledge you allow yourself to believe
can only become a reality by the pineal first opening the gate to the Divine. It
does this by interpreting the frequency of thought into a thermal bio chemical
electrical current throughout your body and opening to mind.

Your human brain transforms the thoughts you generate into thousands of bio-chemicals
every second. Not every thought of the ordinary brain reaches into Higher Mind,
as we have explained.

Crystalline Pineal Filter

The issue most humans have in not changing their beliefs is blind acceptance of
mental 3d programming. You can think positive thoughts, think positive change, but
if in your deeper mind you doubt they will occur, then they will not.

Every emotion you feel, very moment of joy and fear produces a chemical enzyme in
your body. Some become springboards, others as obstructions. Each passes to the
Pineal. The Pineal is a finely tuned calcitic crystal that is piezoelectric, somewhat
in the manner of quartz. It is a frequency screen, a filter of sorts.

According to the frequency of a thought or emotion, the Pineal is the guardian of
what goes into the creative portal of Divine Mind. This is in a very functional
manner, a protection mechansim that prevents some negative thoughts from being manifested.
But it also prevents any thought that has a negative field from entering. Negative
thoughts including fear, doubt and the like. But understand it works both ways.
Accordinglky any intent that you strongly or subtly doubt, cannot enter into beleif
programming. Do you understand?

Doubt is one blockage that prevents manifestation of your desires. If you doubt,
you do not believe. Doubt in the brain creates a bio-chemical reaction. It activates
a neuron carrier in the brain that flows from the Pituitary gland to the Pineal
and blocks the ‘gateway’ (Pineal entry) from opening. The doubt is there because
you do not believe.

As we have mentioned, the survival aspect programming of the Personality Ego brain
utilizes ‘fear’ in duality as a warning system. However, the duality aspect, the
double edge of that sword, is that fear out of context can reach into many negative
emotions including depression,doubt, hatred, jealousy and self contempt. These are
at their root, negative aspects of fear, and fear creates static in the auric field,
and can lead to auric bleeding. As taught in the Metatronic Keys, the human Aura
must be integral to amplify into Mer-Ka-Na. A fissured or disrupted energy field
is unable to optimally operate in the Law of Creation.

Bio-Chemical Process

The belief thought-images that surround you are co-created in mass fields by all
of humanity in agreement in the macro. Individually they are projected according
to your light quotient. These manifest into physical reality.

This involves a physical process. Thought frequencies are digitally received and
are immediately propelled bio-chemically within the brain.
Mental enzymes are connected with the pineal gland. The Pineal gland receives them
as geo-coded transmissions. Each image, each thought, being interpreted and sorted
according to its energetic signature. They must pass through the program parameter
of belief after reception at the pineal. Your brain screens what is determined as
real or unreal. Believable or unbelievable according to the light quotient programmed
into the brain. The bio-chemicals produced are produced with acceptance ingredient
or rejection ingredient. These are allowed to open or close the gate to higher mind

These bio chemicals are sent as coded neurons, and are the delivery mechanism of
this thought-energy, containing all the codified data necessary for translating
any thought or image into physical actuality, or not.

Thoughts that are congruent with belief move to reproduce the inner image within
the brain and through each nerve fiber of the body physical. These then are the
initial fires of gestation for forming the new reality.

The next step is through clear mind intent, the force of will, will driven by the
acceleration of emotion and feeling.

This done, the physical body releases the objective in a digital code to the sublime
body, the intact Auric Field in a semi solid, congealed light code, projected and
accelerated from the chakric system.

The Aura must be intact and optimal in 13-20-33 cycle and reach. It then passes
through the Mer-Ki-Va to Mer-Ka-Va to Mer-Ka-Na field. All propelled by will. The
clarity and intensity you insert behind the thought-desire or goal determines to
a great degree the immediacy of its materialization. Once you learn the mechanics
of conscious creation it is essential then to utilize the engine of genuine desire
with image visualization and emotion to complete the process of physical manifestation.

The Law of Conscious Creation

There is no physical object about you, nor any experience in your life that you
have not created. This includes your physical form, your body. Masters, there is
nothing about your own physical image that you have not made. In fact if you were
able to view self in other life sojourns, you would be surprised at how many similar
physical characteristics you create in what would be termed sequential lifetimes.
When you have Divine Wisdom, you can create kingdoms unlimited. When you have knowledge,
there is nothing to fear, for then there is no thing, no element, no principality,
no understanding that can ever threaten or enslave or intimidate you. When fear
is given knowledge, it is called enlightenment.

You have a natural rhythm of existing in the physical and non physical. It is your
waking and sleep state. Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies and assets
as connectors between the interior and exterior realities and universes.

Your normal consciousness benefits by excursions and rest in those other fields
of nonphysical actuality that are entered when you sleep, and the so-called sleeping
consciousness will also benefit by frequent excursions into the physical matter
waking state.

But let us tell you that the imagery you see in both is at its base, mental interpretations
of digital frequential fields of core consciousness units. The frequency that your
brain receives is actually a digital code, a crystalline pattern of symbols ( akin
to what you may term as X’s and O’s), that you interpret and translate into images
and feelings.

It is not so difficult for you to accept that you create your dreams, as it is to
accept that you also create your physical reality, but you do both. You also determine
if both or either are real…or not.

We say again…doubt and fear are two major blockage frequencies that prevent
manifestation of your desires. In an very real sense, all negative emotions are
at primaral core, fear based. Overcoming fear, and replacing it with LOVE, particualrly
true acceptance and love of self, is a key frequency needed tyo Master duality.
The Pineal is the system of entry into divine, and it is a completx crystalline
computer that screens frequcenies. This is the forgotten information. It o9is time
to rememeber, time to know. It ios 2012. Shadow is being removed.

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved.

…And So it is…And it is So…


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The Power and Majesty of the Elements – Archangel – Ronna Herman

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Archangel Michael:  The Power and Majesty of the Elements

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-03-2012

Beloved masters, an understanding of the elements of FIRE, AIR, WATER, and EARTH, which are unique components, facets or elements of the nature of our Father/Mother God within this Sub-universal experience, is vitally important as you seek greater wisdom and Self-Mastery.

These are the four major elements which were encoded within the bodily system of the original human form to assist in Self-realization and Self-mastery on the material plane of existence.

These elements are supplied to all created matter in this Sub-Universe via the great Archangels’ RAY-diation of the twelve Rays of God Consciousness from the Heart Core Essence of our Father/Mother God.

* The Etheric Body and Soul Self are attuned to and fed by the Element of COSMIC FIRE. * The Mental Body resonates to and is energized by the Element of AIR /ETHER * The Emotional Body is attuned to and affected by the Element of WATER. * The Physical Body is anchored by and attuned to the Element of EARTH for the duration of each Soul’s journey into the realms of density, the first through the fourth dimensions.

The qualities, attributes and virtues of the Seven Rays of God Consciousness for this solar system were placed within Spheres of Light. These spheres, known as chakras, were designed to spin at a very high velocity, which made them appear to be spinning cones of Light radiating from the front and back of the physical body.

Therefore, you are constantly radiating frequencies of Light out into the world of form. The power of the vibrational patterns, as well as the frequency level of the harmonics you project, will determine whether you will experience joy, peace and abundance, or limitation, stress and discord.

Every living cell within your body is a capacitor which stores memories and energy patterns. For every feeling there are endocrine glands secretionsproduced which match the vibrational patterns you emit. Therefore, you might say that there is a specific energy pattern of hate and an energy pattern of love, and so on in varying degrees, depending on the power, force and consistency of the energy you project.

As you begin the journey of ascension back into the realms of Light, Continue reading

The Voice of Spirit Is Calling – Archangel Michael – Ronna Herman

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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channeled by Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, as the Light Cells of God Consciousness infiltrate deeper and deeper into the physical structure, the membranes of Light surrounding the DNA begin to dissolve. As part of this Sub-Universal experience, this was programmed into the Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body blueprint so that the activation of the DNA strands would take place two at a time. The DNA strands are attuned to the different dimensional levels. The two strands which are now available and active in the physical vessel are attuned to the first-, second- and third- dimensional levels. As we have told you before, as you sank into the density of the lower dimensions, two by two, your DNA strands were encased in membranes of Light and placed in reserve until the time you were ready to begin your journey back into the higher dimensions of Light. First, second and third dimensions: Two Strands of DNA

Fourth and fifth dimensions: Four Strands of DNA

Sixth and seventh dimensions: Six Strands of DNA

Eighth and ninth dimensions: Eight Strands of DNA

Tenth and eleventh dimensions: Ten Strands of DNA

Twelfth dimension: Twelve Strands of DNA

For clarity and to help you understand the sequence of Higher Self/OverSoul integration, let us assign numbers to each facet of your Higher Self. You were born with a facet of your God Self enclosed within a Sphere of Light. Encoded within your DNA, your auric field and the memory Cells throughout your body were the frequencies you were to experience in the beginning stages of your life. If everything went according to plan, sometime in your early years of life you awakened to the nudging /whisperings of your Soul Self, and a Soul/personality merge process began. We will call this your number One Soul Self. Your number Two Soul Self, which we will call your OverSoul, took up residency within your Soul Star, the Eighth Chakra, at the time of your birth. If you heed the “Voice of Spirit,” gradually, over time, this higher dimensional facet of your Soul OverLights you and radiates Its refined Light frequencies into your chakra system and auric field. When the integration of this facet of your higher consciousness is complete, at the appropriate time your number Three Soul Self, the next more advanced Spark of your multi-dimensional Being, moves down into the Eighth Chakra position and becomes your OverSoul consciousness. This process will be repeated over and over again until, sometime in the far distant future, you will be reunited with your Divine I AM Presence / your God Self.
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January 17, 2012 – Melchizedek – Marlene Swetlishoff

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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Melchizedek, channeled through Marlene Swetlishoff

January 17, 2012

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the changing times that are upon you. Many of you are experiencing energy fluxes, being up in one moment and then sinking low in mood and energy level the next moment. This is a recalibration of the deepest level that is now occurring within your physical bodies, your emotional bodies, your mental bodies and moving up into your etheric bodies of Light. The changes must come from within each and every one of you and this is the work that those who read this message have been doing for many years.

We from the Higher Realms are now much closer in proximity than was ever possible before. We are with each of you and assisting you to remove and peel away those last stubborn layers of illusion that still come welling up from within you. The process of cleansing that you each have done has enabled a greater expansion in the body of the Earth to take place and just as you are expanding into your higher aspects so too is the Earth. All the Light that has been transduced through your bodies through your daily efforts has given the assistance that Mother Earth needed in order to move smoothly through her transition into a higher order of life.

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Archangel Gabriel Speaks about 2012 – Children Of Light

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

Who AM I ? -Self – Personal – Spiritual – Growth – Help – Awareness – Discovery – Realization – Motivation – Teaching – Information – Angels – Ascended – Masters – Enlightenment – Love – Rebirth



A Year of Preparation for Service as you move through Disillusionment into Enlightenment




Gabriel Speaks about 2012…


Dearly beloved Children of Light, as you know we are called Gabriel and as always, we are most joyous to be in your Divine presence. We are here to talk about 2012… a year of “Preparation for Service, Disillusionment from Enlightenment and Beginnings and Endings.


The three elements that we have just listed include preparation for service, which is the focus of the soul consciousness you are all moving towards at various levels of preparation… the process of disillusionment of the old paradigm from the enlightening impact of the emerging soul consciousness… and a time of momentous beginnings and endings.


This is the year for the emotional and mental bodies to embody a sense of divine purpose, from the impact of the Diving Plan being integrated into a place of reality and realization. This year is truly the beginning of all that. It will be the beginning of what no one has known before.


As usual, we are going to divide the year into 3 four-month segments.


Purification through Self-Love Planetary Love or Love of One Another Divine Love through moving into World Service


The first segment of four months will be a process of purification. This ultimately involves learning to love the Self in a deeper way, from the inside out.


This involves developing a very personal relationship with your preparation for service. This will clear the physical, emotional and mental bodies, as you connect more fully to the first gateway of the heart (located at the lower end of the breast bone or sternum).


This will put you into a focus of the first gateway of the heart – freedom of choice and discernment for the bringing about of the development of individual conscience… out of judgment and into discernment; the ability to see all the possibilities that are available to you from an inner sense of connection to true Source, your Divine connection.


It will be a time of learning how to come together to create a relationship with self-love.


This will prepare you for the second four months, which have to do with Planetary Love, or the Love of one another. This is a cosmic love cycle for the planet. It is about moving into the 2nd gateway of the heart, which involves creating the experience of real connection in relationships that transforms old attachments.


This has to do with the world at large, with people continuing to find their place in service. The third four months involves the relationship with service to one another, the Divine Love, with the connection of the Divine Will directed outward in world service.


The first four months deal with the self. The second has to do with relationships to others. The last has to do with going out into the world to be of service with the Divine Will.


This will bring about a greater end of duality (which most people do not understand very well at this stage of development), the end of the need for duality (opposition of two sides of the same issues out of fear, defense, judgment and shame).


This will be a time of purification, as you learn more fully how to love one another, starting with the Self. This will end the illusions of the desire body, which keep you in attachments and yearning… and depends upon what happens on the outside to determine who you experience yourself to be and what choices you make.


This new intention of Self-love begins making contact at this time, perhaps for the first time as a whole planet, where the Diving Plan is being put into some kind of actual effect. This will create a re-structuring, which will indeed be “the end of the world as you have known it.”


You have known lives where you create through your myths of fear, of right/wrong and reward/punishment… which merely keeps you in a survival consciousness. Now it will be the development of the ability to exercise true freedom of choice without judgment, but with evaluation and discernment about what serves you and the good of the whole.


It will no longer be about right and wrong through judgment. From that growth into deeper truths, you will be able to develop a relationship of the quality with the self, where you are dependent upon a true connection to the inner Self.


This will be a time of inspiration, learning HOW to, using the imagination and finding guidance from your dream state that involves the fulfillment of Self-love. in order to know love of Self, one must be able to develop a conscience.


It is the difference between looking outside through the rules of right and wrong… and looking inside to your own principles and values to discern your choices, negotiating within your own needs and boundaries with the equal rights of others.


If you move in this direction, it will take you out of the need for judgment and into the awareness and ability to operate through trial and error, to learn from your mistakes and refine your freedom of choice… to really expand your ability to take responsibility. That way you own the gift of free choice that is intended for every individual.


But this cannot take place when you are trapped in judgment or fear of right and wrong, projected from the “herd consciousness.”


This first quadrant will be the inspiration of that self-love, that comes through the development and contact with your intuitive nature. This will happen more and more as the soul begins to make contact with the personality. It will be an inner learning process, rather than an outer focused process.


Most of your conditioned thoughts are based upon what is happening outside of you, rather than what choices you need to make, that are based on your own inner truth. You will learn to evaluate in this time through a growing knowledge of your needs.


You will learn to move out of survival consciousness into creator consciousness through the opening of this 1st gateway of the heart more fully…


What you will be experiencing on a physical level is a lot of energetic change and movement in the lower part of the body. It will continue to bring up any remaining survival issues in the lower chakras (safety, security and survival issues, wounded emotions and limiting beliefs that have not been nurtured and resolved).


There will be activity in the lower heart, by the sternum, as the energy moves down for purification of the 1st chakra at the base of the spine. Survival issues will come up and be reflected in the world around you.


It has already begun, but will move into more of an extreme as this year progresses. You will see it happening all around you. Do not doubt that this serves a purpose. It is about enlightenment through disillusionment (becoming aware of what does NOT work and is out of balance), letting go of the myths about the outer being the source of your fulfillment. It is NOT. So your illusions will rise, depending on what you are still holding in the subconscious.


This transformation alone will equal the end of history as you have known it, where the myth of self is sourced outside in the physical as the primary focus. Seeking love from something outside you will not work.


There will be a lot of confusion in the outer world where each country is concerned. You are already seeing this breakdown accelerate in many parts of the world, such as the challenges faced in Europe at this time. As there is more outer disillusionment, more focus will have to come back to self. You would be wise to ask sooner than later, “What is creating the problem in my own life, that is contributing to the imbalance in the world around me?” Responding to what you discover is the first place of power and healing change.


The US is going through the same disillusionment process and it will become more intense in 2012. It is a preparation, as the imbalances of system as you have known it continue to reveal for you what is not effective or conceived in valuing choices.


Keep in mind that each of these 3 four-month quadrants is an initiation into the things we have talked about. An initiation is a BEGINNING. You will not find the solutions in this first quadrant, but the solutions will begin to be revealed from inspiration that is attempting to awaken on the inside.


The dream state will become more important for the inspiration of these things. It is all happening to encourage you into an inner focus, that is then inspired to be practiced on the outside. Any conflicts that you do not deal with in your waking life will come up in your dream state as well.


This is so that you can face these energies in the physical and on the astral plane (4th dimension that is accessed during sleep). This is where the subconscious connects with the conscious mind most easily for people at this stage in your growth. There may be times when it seems that the outer feels like more of a dream than the vivid nature of your dream state.


For instance, the mythology of Adam and Eve is nothing more or less than the separation from the spiritual source and being caught up in the outer world as the source of your fulfillment. Trapped and surviving, rather than having an inner connection.


You are now beginning to break out of the Adam dream, which will expand your dream state and your intuitive knowing. You will experience that more and more as leaders and people in all areas of leadership (economic, political, religious and social structures) begin to act more fully through their awakening intuitive sense.


That will begin to bring up dis-illusionment of many old myths and the old approaches. For instance, the economic system will reveal its illusion as you move through purification of individuals in the world. You will also see more and more the struggle between opposite perspectives and approaches. This is because there are those who do not want to give up the control of the old approach to life.


However, in spite of resistance, you have already begun to see how easy some of the outer forms have been impacted. You have seen it in the Middle East and in the protest of Wall Street. People are beginning to wake up and say that some things are no longer acceptable.


This is an important step, as people must wake up in self-love and self-value… and no longer be willing to be sheep without power or voice (like wounded children who have not taken responsibility for themselves and the world around them).


The American Dream started as a celebration of individuals taking charge of themselves, to create their own dream and vision. You will face how this “dream” has become an illusion in the manifestations of imbalance that come out of a lack of self-love.


There will be an acceleration of dis-ease in the lower body at this time, as a reflection of the distortions of the mess that many systems have become and have supported, such as in the economic systems.


There will be more people coming forward to suggest deeper solutions to the problems that you face, which is also a part of the purification. However, it will only be introduced during this time. The inspiration and beginning, as your intuition begins to awaken.


2nd Four Months


This time will move you into the 2nd gateway of the heart, where you will move from attachment to connection in relationship to one another more fully.


Attachments, that are an attempt to fill the disconnection from inner self, will be prepared more fully from the purification and self-love that develop in the first four months of the year. Things will be prepared for you to take charge and move more effectively into the relationships in your lives, responding and choosing in mutual value more fully.


You will be more able to act from your own inner connection, rather than personalize what everyone else is doing. This will prepare you to show up to love one another more fully. This is a tremendous service that is needed in your world. The Golden Rule, as you break off from old attachments and move into the enlightenment of connection.


Attachment is the desire to control and get “what is missing,” from no real inner connection… from someone else. It keeps you in defense, fight and struggle. Who has perceived power over another? It serves nothing, as it has come out of a lack of self-love and value.


If we instead move into a place of self-love, we will move into the potential of equal value, where we all have equal rights and needs and feelings. This will help us to break down old attachments and move into deeper, more fulfilling choices.


As you take responsibility for your right to choose and make mistakes with forgiveness for self, you will be more likely to offer that same process to others. it can be a process of true learning with redemption of the old choices.


You will take what you have learned about choices in the 1st gateway now into the valued connection of one another more fully at this time. This will create a sense of equality to love one another. This will be quite a purification, as a realization in the world takes place within the relationships of one country with another as well.


This will bring up some issues and the need to negotiate more fully.


Keep in mind, as always, this will not happen automatically. It will only be energetically encouraged and supported. You still have the gift of free choice. And you must show up and respond if you are to move into the greater potential that lies ahead.


As the 2nd gateway of the heart opens, you will move into a place where separation and defense no long seem plausible options. As this takes place, you will seek deeper solutions more naturally. The process of defending through separation and opposing one another is in place only because of the belief that another person or group or structure has no right to be of equal value within your wounded, narcissism. “I must get THEM to accept my choice as the right one.” This will never work.


As you move into the heart, you will move out of survival consciousness and into the force of Divine Love, which has infinite space and potential. Connection in relationship of all things with their individual differences will become a real privilege. Everyone can be allowed to be where they are, with their authentic point of view, in honor of everyone else. That is where you are headed, as you build more self-love and the ability to value.


When you truly connect and respond, you exchange in equality. This will balance giving and receiving and your capacity to love. Within this process, all things are considered and have value. You release yourself from the conflicts that keep you in attachments, right and wrong, winning and losing through opposition.


You will see a breakdown of old relationships that are connected in duality and control. You will see this not only in the human kingdom, but in your relationship to your environment more fully as well. You might be surprised to see big corporations that have done a great deal of harm… announcing plans (even if only in the beginning stages) to move into the direction of valuing everyone in new ways.


As the Divine Plan just begins to penetrate in a conscious way, everyone is affected in one way or another. This depends on how conscious each one is. But it will affect in one way or another, according to development of different individuals at different soul levels.


There will be groups of souls that will also influence more readily those around them, with more benefit to more people, as you prepare for the true service of the soul, which is indeed rising. It will also bring about the revelation of many things that are out of balance. It will become more extreme in 2012, based upon how people are willing to relate and choose in value or not.


There will be much exposure at this time, with criminal acts that do not serve the good of the whole becoming harder to hide. The groups like Occupy Wall Street that are meeting around the world will discover that what they are doing is getting attention, but is not presenting a solution. They will soon discover that peaceful protest does not change anything. However, it does raise awareness. Both sides will then need to learn to work together, to serve everyone in the relationship.


You can see how “love one another” is being set up as an opportunity. You will see it all around the world in every system, in one way or another. It is now time to respond. You use all that you learn to make more informed choices, more refined choices, as you move through the learning curve of trial and error, a very needed process for you to embrace. It is all an opportunity to learn and grow and heal and enhance.


Is there going to be an economic crisis? Yes.


What is an economy? It is derived from keeping things in an equation of equity. That is not what your economic system has been based upon. It has been based upon have’s and have-not’s, which is not a healthy economy. In healthy economy, all must be willing to have a relationship where people are balanced and valued. Everyone invests and everyone is served.


This will become more exposed in the 2nd quadrant of the year.


You will experience a lot of energetic movement in the area of the heart, in the area of the 2nd gateway. It will continue throughout the entire year, from the sternum to the base of the throat. You will experience a lot of energetic issues in the area of the spleen, kidneys and liver, as well as the adrenals. The adrenals will often be compromised as energy moves, if people are holding on to attachments and separation.


If you are not holding on, the body will be able to assimilate more easily. This will sustain your extra energy or not, depending upon your choices. The immune system will shift. As you clear the body in the first quadrant and move into the 2nd, you will have more exchange and there will be more extreme responses from the immune system. If you are separating, it will have more extreme and begin to lose its power.


Physical symptoms will develop much faster. When you are in response, you will notice more power in the body. There will be rushes of energy in the body unlike anything you have known. As the vibration of the body is raised, so does your response mechanism in all parts of the body.


The activation of the messenger cells will move more rapidly. This comes form the etheric body feeding into the physical body more fully. It will activate the organs in a new way, supporting the organs more fully. Once the etheric body comes into communion in the soul and physical body, the soul’s radiatory light will be funneled through the astral body and into the physical body and into its activities and functions.


The etheric body will begin to take over the physical body. You won’t need to use the lungs as much to breathe. The circulatory motion will come more from the etheric as well.


Your feelings will go through extremes and dramas in this time, as you activate the 2nd chakra and continue to purify. You will also become more intuitive at this time.


Those that are at different levels will find themselves less attracted to one another. They will be more attracted to those who are at a similar resonance at this time. There will be some mental telepathy developing as the intuition deepens from the connection to the etheric, bringing the emotional body to a higher octave of potential.


You will gradually be letting go of the lower ego self as the higher will of the soul continues to penetrate and influence. The soul will start to express through the physical form in new and deeper ways. Expect a lot of activity as the year progresses in the upper part of the physical body in the throat, shoulders and neck.


This may come as expansion in the head in the final quadrant, as you move into Divine service of the planet more fully.


3rd Quadrant of Four Months


The 3rd gateway will begin to open more fully at this time, which will bring focus to your passion and will for life. Cosmic will of the Divine Plan will be initiated into more service for the creation of a new world. As this takes place, you will find more change in human expression, operating more for the good of the whole group.


Countries and systems will begin to shift and consider taking deeper responsibility. The ambition or intention to admit and respond will begin to awaken more fully at this time. People and groups will begin to see the value in responding and admitting where they want the good of the whole or not.


All things are connected to all things… and are impacted by all things. This will begin to become clearer in some practical ways.


Expression and Experience and Restructuring will take place more fully in this quadrant of four months. This will be a time of initiation more fully than the earlier months, as you move into a deeper experience or feeling of the “end of the world as you have known it.”


It will be the end of history merely as a repetition of survival consciousness, pain and pleasure, as well as gratification from that which is outside the self.


A survival system focuses on one dimension and feeds off of that source. That is how you have treated the 3rd dimension, the physical world. As you gain more inner connection, and create relationship more fully, you will be willing to see the connection of the whole more fully.


As the soul penetrates, your physical being will move into a place that may seem like a connection of service. The kingdom of nature already operates this way. However, your freedom of choice will allow you to eventually know that you are powerful and divine. That is what you begin to connect to in the 3rd quadrant.


Connection to the inner will change your focus and sense of priorities. You will begin to connect to a state of neutrality and oneness, if you have been preparing yourselves for this time by doing inner investment and nurturing. Freedom of choice is vital. It is the way the creative force initiates reality into expression, experience, inspiration and revelation.


You have not known that freedom yet, trapped in fear and opposition and defense for the most part. But as you move into this time, you will begin to understand and practice the manifestation of free choice.


You are beginning to prepare to know what service is, inspired into it more naturally. You will find many countries that have been separate and in opposition will start to let go of this approach, as they begin to see each and every form in value. The problems in your world have not been something “happening to you”… but something you have created by engaging in survival fears and no real value and connection to self.


You have mastered opposition and separation. You are now going to learn to master unity. It is like night and day. You will start to see both in value, to see how the darkness reveals the light.


The physical symptoms at this time will involve a lot of movement in the head and throat, as well as in the solar plexus region. Lower body movement and heart activity will continue throughout the year. Thought patterns that are repeated will come into manifestation more quickly and more readily. You are moving into creating from your RESONANCE.


If you resonate with a thought that you must still try to avoid a feeling, you will find yourself being faced with it rapidly and powerfully, more quickly than ever. This will simply support you to see the impact of your choices.


However, if you resonate with the thought that you are supported in an abundant universe, you will find yourself in the manifestation of that more readily. The potential is quite beautiful, depending on your choices.


It will first happen with a loving investment in the inner Self, then in your personal relationships and then in connection to the whole in 2012. You will see things more in group consciousness in the last months of the year. That is quantum physics in operation. Science and spirituality will support one another.


These are the things that you can expect as you prepare for service in 2012.


Hi Palmtreelifestyle friends. – Learn to let your eyes smile, and the rest of you will follow!

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2012 by Archangel Metatron – Natalie Glasson

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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2012 by Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 08-01-12

My beloved light bursts, it is such a delight to reconnectwith your energies in this way once more. I have much to share with you aboutthe changes that are occurring within the inner planes, upon the Earth and inyour own reality. For many of you reality seems much the same which may be truefrom a physical perspective but there is much occurring right now energeticallyand will continue to develop throughout 2012.

This time has been long awaited by every soul upon the Earthas you have all contracted to walk upon the solid foundations of the Earth duringthis period of evolution.  There is aneed to ask yourself why you are here at this time. I can explain this to youbut it is important that each soul has a knowingness or an understanding of whythey are upon the Earth at this very moment. If an understanding is gained then you will find that you are able touse the energiesof 2012 to boost your growth tremendously. Many people uponthe Earth now are feeling more connected to the Creator and the spiritual planesthan ever before but there are some who feel more lost than has previously beenexperienced. They understand the magnificence of the energies and know their ownmagnificence but still they are uncertain what they need to achieve upon the Earth,whether it is in their physical reality or their spiritual growth.   Some people who are feeling this way didn’tcontract to be here at this time originally in their current lifetime but have developedthemselves profoundly and their soul wished to continue this pathway of growth ratherthan upon the inner planes or upon a distant star. Others have changed theirsoul contract with the Earth several times because of their growth and so needto reconnect with their own energies and lay down new plans.

We knew that the year of 2012 would manifest but we didn’tknow when or how long it would take to come into fruition. This may seem astrange sentence as of course 2012 follows 2011, but the speed of time can bealtered significantly to progress at the speed of humanity’s growth. Severalyears can be achieved in a small space of time while a few days can be drawnout significantly, but to those upon the Earth the time seems to pass normally.Some souls at the beginning of their birth on the Earth didn’t know whetherthey would experience 2012 in another lifetimes or their current life times. Thismay seem that the soul encounters a level of uncertainly but the soul isconstantly making new plans and contracts throughout  its embodiment on the Earth and the universeis far more flowing in energy than you can imagine. You may often be told to gowith the flow whether it is energy, circumstances or experiences, this is extremelyappropriate to the soul who becomes a flexible beacon of light. Many peoplewish for the Creator’s universe and inner planes to be structured but it truththey are not, we are all growing as are you and so growth requires flexibilityand trust in the will of the Creator. As we exist in 2012 I wish for you tounderstand that allowing yourself to be flexible and to follow the flow ofenergy (albeit the appropriate flow of energy) is now more important than everbefore. Change is occurring every moment within your being and upon the innerplanes, this may cause some to feel tired and others to feel insecure but ifyou can adapt your mind to this reality and realise that each and every daycould be different, miracles can occur and the unexpected could manifest, thenyou are able to be more flexible to move with the energies that are anchoring. Theenergies of the now are quicker and more connected to the Creator, this meansthat everything is able to manifest at a quicker rate but it also significancethat your manifestations must be aligned to the light of the Creator. Somepeople are discovering difficulties because they haven’t truly connected withtheir soul, an aspect of the Creator, to follow its guidance. Of course ideasfrom the mind and personality will manifest but in order to achieve powerfulmanifestations these ideas must be brought forward by the individual’s soul.The Earth and your soul are more aligned with the Creator now, there is a needto change your understanding of yourself so that you work more fully with yoursoul. This is why I asked you at the very beginning of my message why you havechosen to be here at this time in the year 2012. You truly have chosen to behere now and there is a reason for this decision but it is only your soul whocan share this with you. The reason is unique for every soul, it can besomething truly simple or maybe there is a pathway for you to take. In truth Iam not asking for you to discover your true purpose, this comes with time andgrowth, being revealed to you only when you are ready. I am asking you to discoverwhat this time means to you, to your soul. Ask your soul, ‘What does 2012 mean to us?’ let the answer flow to youwhen the time is correct. This will help you tremendously along your spiritualpath and anchor great security in a time of change and flexibility. I also wishfor you to realise that the answer is completely appropriate for you and notfor any other. If another person revels a different answer, your answer and there’sare neither incorrect nor need to be judged. Acceptance is the key and theacknowledgement that we are all the same energy of the Creator with differentpathways even if you walk on the same street or road. We may see many explanationsof the energies of 2012, all are appropriate and valued because as a civilisationthere is a need for complete respect from one person to another. Your path isyour own and there is no need for you to judge or deny the path of another. Ifeel this is appropriate to share with you now as it is the Era of Love that wewish to manifest upon the Earth, the heaven on the Earth, and so with theenergy of love we see the manifestation of complete respect.

In the energies of 2012 I see that humanity is and will experiencea greater empowerment, the magical glistening thread of creativity weaves itsway through reality encouraging numerous creative and loving expressions. As ifa new sun is dawning and light is being cast upon everything,  all energies and consciousness that has been aligningand connecting with the Earth and your being to truly slot firmly into place.It is as if the structure has been build but now the final adjustments havebeen made and the structure is now so firm it is unmoveable.  This is one of the reasons for your feelingsof greater alignment, everything has shifted into place, allowing for a greaterenergy to flow with ease and freedom. There is a need to take advantage of yourgreater connections and ability to draw more light into your being because youhave the tools to bathe yourself completely in the loving pure energies of theCreator to heighten your growth. While your guides always bathe you in lightand high vibrations you have now entered a time when you are more responsiblefor your own spiritual growth and reality upon the Earth. This is one reasonwhy some feel lost, the tremendous guidance of their guides will always be withthem but their guides are allowing them to breath more freely and in many waysto become more independent. The reason for this is so that space is given forthe individual to connect with their soul and understand the wisdom of theirsoul more fully. In truth you are not being left alone or given more responsibilitybut you are being placed in the even more capable hands of your soul  with the infinite connections and under that the soul holds. It could beenlikened to changing a  seat in the classroom. Maybe before you liked the seat at the back of the class room where youwere surrounded by your guides, now you have been asked to move to the front ofthe class to sit with your soul. Your guides follow but give your soul space tointegrate. At the front of the class room you can see more, understand everythingwith greater clarity and you have an aspect of yourself helping you at alltimes. It is that transition of moving from the seat at the back of theclassroom to the seat at the front that is the daunting part  and while you are achieving this you have tolearn once more the language of your soul. Many people are experiencing this freedombetween  the guides supportingtremendously to the soul integrating for greater work. This is why someconfusion and fear can manifest. It is important now to connect with your soulwith that understanding that you are now to work with your soul more fullysupported by your guides. You can affirm your commitment to connecting withyour soul more fully. Even those who have long been aware of their soul aremaking or have made that shift at this time to allow the soul to experience aneven greater volume of empowerment.

Commitment is a word that is very appropriate for 2012, itis to commit to your soul and its expression, to commit to your connection withyour monad, to commit to the desires of your soul, to commit to what 2012 meansto you, allowing your commitments to manifest alongside and as new flowingenergy. Remember that commitment although it portrays  a solid focus, its doesn’t mean that itcannot be a flexible commitment.  Adevotion that is strong but not stubborn, a commitment that is detached. To understand this concept brings greaterfreedom when it is placed into your reality. The ability to be devoted, strongand focused but to sway in the flow of energy and to move when the flow ofenergy guides you to, whether it comes from your soul or the Creator.

We could name 2012 the year of ‘Your Soul,’ because it isthrough the greater manifestation of your soul that the Era of Love willmanifest. After all the soul is all the pure energies of the Creator, tomanifest your soul more fully in a flowing expression will signify themanifestation of so many beautiful vibrations into your being, humanity and theEarth.  Imagine the beauty of your soulmanifested before you in all that you see and feel, then imagine every personon the Earth achieving the same, beauty would truly be created.

This year in many ways is a testing ground for your soul,there is a need to allow for the greater expression of your soul and to usethis as a time of experiment.  Focus upondrawing your soul forwards as from 12-12-12 the Creator will magnify all thatyou are, all that you have created and all that you desire. It is important torealise that this is the time that your spiritual development truly begins andmoves to a next stage of growth, as you become at one with your soul. Thetremendous reward at this time of experimenting  and developing with your soul and empoweringyour soul will be a magnification for the Creator.

I wish for you to know that the way forward from this stageof energy shift is for a greater focus than ever before upon the soul, allowingyour soul to guide you. Allow yourself to simply contemplate this, as it willopen a space for a new aspect of your soul to connect with you more fully.There is also a need to surrender to the energies anchoring into your being,you may already notice their influence but this will manifest more fully in thenext few months.

Let us rejoice in this most sacred time and your choice tobe a part of the energies manifesting.

My love is with you always,

Archangel Metatron


Hi Palmtreelifestyle friends. – Learn to let your eyes smile, and the rest of you will follow!

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Have a Great Day in this most powerful year of 2012, the year where change will bring us into LOVE!

Love light and peace as always and in always!

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