Grid Activation – Archangel Michael.

It is indeed an honour to be here at this time with each of you as we together with the realms of light from all dimensions of time and space become one. It is indeed a great honour and pleasure for myself in the capacity of the Archangel Mikael to be present with you this day. Indeed beloved ones it is an honour to be part of this event in honour of the planet Earth, greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings.

AM: Dear Ones, humanity now faces a time where they will all come to face great choices and great changes within there personal and extended lives, that which involves their personal social lives, that which involves their professional lives and that which involves their commitment to the life they share on planet earth. Indeed it’s a most wondrous time upon your planet where pockets of human energy is awaking to the divine sensation of being awake and that as you know have not happened in many thousands of years upon your planet where now as you now move into the crystalline frequency of Mother Earth and each of you take on your own personal crystalline energy, the commitment and the responsibility of earning, working and keeping your light-worker- ship falls very beautifully upon the shoulders and the hands and hearts of beautiful light worker souls such as you.

Much activity is taking place all around the planet not only here within your current location of the southern tip of the African continent but certain throughout your world and your globe and dear ones the energetic grids or the crystalline matrixes that are anchored at these various strategic places combine and their energy links creating an internal crystalline matrix network of light unlike anything seen before. Now when you go back to times gone by of Atlantis and Lemuria we agree that consciousness back then was already at a highly evolved level of perception and fine tuning much as you are now again moving towards, but dear ones the difference being you now have woken up and are waking up from a long deep and arduous slumber, a slumber which awakens now in The New Earth as part of the new paradise codes. Now the paradise codes that I am referring to is you. Each and everyone of you within your DNA carry an imprint of divine matrix and divine energy and that divine energy is what is now being transferred onto the planet, for truth be told if you are the keepers of the consciousness grids, which you are, then certainly the vibration of light that you share within your heart with your fellow man and that of the rest of the planet is what is imprinted onto the planet, hence you coming together in such a way today.

The realisation of this thus the awaking of humanity’s consciousness now begins to take shape and the shape that I am referring to is very much a independent and personal choice of the one that carries it, therefore understand that you as an individual have the ability to shift your own energy in which ever shape you would like to be. Now with consciousness fresh within your mind within the awakened humanity now stepping forward standing up for the planet Earth and all She embraces, you will begin to realise that certain energy imprints within your personal divine matrix is shifting and the reason for that is because of the inner being that now releases from deep within their core all of the entrapments that have prevented them from magically stepping into their new skins so to speak. //////////That imprint of light which you now give out to the world as the picturesque imprint of yourself in divinity is what you have come here to give today. Each and everyone present at this particular activation very much forms a part of this energy and that is the reason why you feel so emotionally attracted to being here, to being at some of the previous events and would like to be part of some of the future events, because you see beloved ones, what you are creating here right now is magically divine, it is love so beautiful, unconditional love which you have stepped forward this day to express, not only to lady Gaia with your presence being here but certainly to each and everyone of your fellow man sitting right next to you and the billions that aren’t able to see you create such beauty, such magic.

The earth as you know is now shifting into a brand new energy matrix belt. The crystalline consciousness unfolding upon your plane is what brings forth a wonderful new presentation of light, a presentation beloved ones that embraces everyone that is a part of this in such a way where you will begin to learn and understand and live through the process, the actions and effects of unconditional love unlike anything that you have experienced before. It is for that very reason that a lot of the dark energies and dark matrixes lifted from this planet to enable this new energy to enable it to anchor itself. We very easily could have smashed and crashed a lot of these energy grids perfectly easy, but instead the gentler approach is the lasting approach, because the most densest of all of the darkest energies that this planet has ever faced or had to entertain is that of the limited human mind, let me tell you. And to break through the densities around some of the human perceptions when it comes to energy and matter let alone crystalline functioning energy and matter at times have proven to be rather challenging, but we sincerely, myself as the Archangel Mikael and all of my brothers and sister within the Archangelic league of the light as well as those of the higher and other orders of light we honour you indeed for the work that you have done, and the purpose that you have put behind your actions even so much so as to take the time to be here and for that we give you a magnificent ray of sunshine.

(It was raining softly through out the grid activation except at this moment when it stopped raining, and for approximately 1 minute the sun come out strong and hot, and then the rain continued)

I rest my case……..

Dear Ones we now give you a chance to really expand your energy and your mind and your heart and take you into the world of crystalline magic. We ask you to just be quite and you need not close your eyes you may keep your eyes open but just to become quiet and to place yourself into a divine and reflective energy. For a moment I wish for you to just become aware of your life where you are at, at present. Bring a picture into your mind of love, of gratitude, and now take these two energies of love and gratitude, two of the most powerful energies upon your plane and put them together in beautiful package and keep that package in your heart, in other words dear ones what I am trying to ask you is, to create unconditional love and light within your heart centre. See your heart chakra light up into a beautiful pink energy and now we will give you a few seconds to convey that precious love energy that you feel within your heart to the planet Earth, to tell Her from your heart how you feel about Her.

Long pause.

Dear ones, I now wish for you to visualise yourself inside a beautiful pink bubble of light, just a beautiful bubble of light covering your energy field putting you inside this magnificent pink energy. I want you to feel the pink unconditional love energy around you. I now want you to take a few seconds of silence and to listen…..listen to the response that Lady Gaia has for you. So in other words take some time and listen to how she conveys Her love to you. Listen to any messages that She tells you or any requests that She may have for you. I leave you for a few seconds.

Long pause.

We now ask for each of you that represents one point of the outer 12 points of this crystalline energy to out loud tell us, tell all of us who you represent and then with that to place your paper that you are reading out into the earth, and we will ask one specific person that can be the water carrier if there is anyone that is doubling up that can be the water carrier for us to follow my words as I speak, to follow the group and to rinse the crystal energies that has to be placed into the Earth with the sacred waters. Do you follow me?

A: Yes.

AM: We will begin in a clockwise direction with the person on my left to read who you represent place your paper into the earth and then your crystals to be rinsed by our water carrier and of course to be placed into the Earth.

Please continue….

Sister: I represent the constellation of Cancer, the ruling planet Moon, the element Water, and the attribute of trust.

AM: Very well sister. Next….

Sister: We represent the constellation Gemini, the ruling planet Mercury and Pluto, the element Air, and the attribute of Truth.

AM: We bless that into the Earth. Please continue.

Sister: I represent the cardinal point North, the constellation Taurus, the ruling planet Venus, the element Earth, and the attribute Peace.

AM: Very good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Aries, the planets Mars and Earth, the element Fire, and the attribute Courage.

AM: Very good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Pisces, the ruling planet Jupiter, the element Water, and the attribute Compassion.

AM: Beloved sister, speak up, speak out, slowly.

Sister repeats her representation.

AM: Very good.

You must remember, you are invoking the energies of these representations into the planet and that which you share with us that you have on your little papers certainly is what you represent in grounding into this grid, so it is very powerful. So give us that POWER!!!!

Brother: We represent the cardinal point East, the constellation of Aquarius, the ruling planet Saturn, the element Air and the attribute Wisdom.

AM: Very good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Capricorn, the ruling planet Saturn, the element Earth and attribute of Humility.

AM: Very good.

Brother: We represent the constellation Sagittarius, the ruling planet Jupiter and Uranus, the element Fire and attribute Harmony.

AM: Very good.

Brother: We represent the cardinal point South, the constellation Scorpio, the ruling planet Mars, the element Water and attribute Passion.

AM: Very Good.

Sister: Representing the constellation Libra, the planets Venus and Neptune, the element Air and attribute Beauty.

Sister: I represent the constellation Virgo, the ruling planet Mercury, the element Earth, and attribute Love.

AM: Wonderful.

Sister: I represent the cardinal point West, the constellation Leo, ruling planet the Sun, the element Fire and attribute Unity.

AM: Very good.

We shall now move to the centre, not the centre point but to the three outer points.

Brother: I represent the beautiful Pleiades and attribute Hope.

AM: Beloved ones, these three energies create the triangle and the triangle here within this circle is what represents the complete grounding of truth.

Brother: I represent Sirius and the attribute Faith.

AM: Very good.

Brother: I represent the Orion Belt and attribute Understanding.

AM: Very Good.

Brother: Representing the Great Central Sun, the element Ether, the attribute of reverence for God. As above so below.

AM: Very good.

Dear Ones now that you placed within the earth part of the essence of who you are because you are the carrier of consciousness and so are the crystalline energies and as you know the quartz energy carries the most powerful energy of transferring and relaying and connecting energies and of course the rose quartz the most powerful crystal of unconditional love and thus we have asked to create these grids with the unconditional love structure and of course the rose quartz crystal which connects to every other rose quartz upon the planet Earth and of course the most commonly found of all crystals upon this planet so indeed by forming this grid you too form part of the energy that connects with every other grid as well as every other crystal specifically more powerfully so every other cluster of rose quartz found upon this planet.

You may now please begin to cover your holes if you have placed all of your crystals within the holes, your personal crystals for those of you that brought personal crystals you may place those in as well, and we then would suggest for you to pass around the spades to fill the holes. We ask that each representative of each point cover their own hole as this too is very much part of your energy that now activates this grid within the planet Earth.

Long Pause while everyone closes up the holes.

Beloved ones, once again be aware when you do this, be aware what you are doing, be aware of the most powerful energy that you are transferring from yourself into the earth consciousness giving back to the earth and also be aware that perhaps in another couple of 100 000 years or couple of million years from now, this very site might just be a rose quartz ridge or mountain, unexplainably so.

Long Pause as everyone completes the closing of their holes.

Again we ask that you bring your attention onto that which you have just experienced. We ask you to bring your attention onto that which you have just expressed and that which you have just acted out.

Dear ones also in this hour of gratitude know that the heart of Mother Earth is bursting at the seams with gratitude for you coming together to put back the veins in her body to help realigning the rose quartz crystalline frequency. So instead of the usual raping of her body, instead of the usual most obnoxious and unconscious blasting of her body to break free aspects of her heart in crystalline consciousness specifically the rose quartz consciousness often trading these in a blasphemous way, you have come together to reverse that process and to give something back to the earth, something which you all so eagerly take from her and believe me we are not scolding you in any way what so ever for your crystalline energies but merely reinforcing the need for the awareness of these energies and in truth the overall understanding in the grand perceptive plan that you are a part of her too as is these crystalline bodies, somewhere somehow even the most tiniest of your crystals were released from the perfection of her spherical body for your own pleasure or for the vision of another due to the unconsciousness of some.

We now wish for you to close your eyes and to move your chairs above the crystals that you have just buried or if you can form a straight line in a circle with every single person sitting inside or on top of the circle. I will give you a moment to rearrange yourself.


That is just for the outer energies. The three triangles in the very centre the three beings in the triangular energies, you may now face the very centre of this grid, to our brother representing that.


And all of the beings on the outside, on the twelve pointers now become almost a solid circle all inside or on top of the grid. Do you follow me?

Beloved ones, I wish for you now to anchor this crystalline energy into your heart by creating a link between your heart chakra and the crystals you have just buried in the earth beneath you. Visualise a magnificent pink energy forming between your heart and the crystalline energies in the earth. Now visualise the crystalline energies that you have planted or seeded within the earth, the rose quartz and of course the Amaru crystal within the very centre of the grid as well as our triangular representation within the centre of the grid, all connect your energies from your heart chakra to the crystals and from the crystals to the core of Mother Earth.


Now visualise from your heart chakra a magnificent crystalline energy, a clear crystalline energy connecting from your heart energy to the heart of the Creator.


Now release that energy, and you do that by focusing your attention (with your eyes closed) on the very centre of this grid. Visualise the crystal within the very centre of this grid, the Amaru and rose quartz crystal and now link your crystal energy to that of the crystal within the very core of this grid. Now visualise an energy connecting from the very core of the grid to the three anchors within the inner circle. And now visualise the anchors within the inner circle connecting to each and every one of the twelve outer points creating a magnificent crystalline imprint, a very intricate print of crystalline energy. Do you follow me? Do you all follow me?

A: Yes.

AM: can you feel the complexity of this energy.

A: Yes

AM: So you visualise every one of the three energies surrounding the epicentre of the grid connecting to every one of the twelve points of outside of the grid.


I now ask that you visualise a perfect energy, about twelve meters up into the heavens and twelve meters below the earth, connecting to the core of the grid.


Now visualise that point twelve meters up away from the earth and twelve meters into the earth connect to your heart centre and to the crystals that you have buried or seeded in the ground, so the bottom point of that grid connects to the crystals that you have seeded and the top end of this grid connects to your heart energy and from your heart to the crystals that your have seeded a connecting straight line, are you with me?

A: Yes.

AM: In that way you now create the energy of the double terminated crystal. Do you follow that?

A: Yes.

AM: See yourself as the most powerful transmitter and receiver of energy as we now ask you to reflect from your heart chakra to the centre of this grid a magnificent pink ray towards our brother holding the centre of the grid and we ask our brother to send from his heart chakra into the very core of the earth and the heavens above all of this energy.


We now ask you to visualise from the core of the earth and from the heart of the Creator this energy is being reflected back to each and every one of you on the outside of this circle creating yet another triangular diamond imprint in this area. Then allow the flow of unconditional love to now create an energy matrix connecting the crystals that you have seeded also with the core of Mother Earth and of course the core of the Creator, creating another triangular diamond imprint over this area.

We now ask that you visualise from your heart chakra a magnificent beam of light and beam this up into the heavens above, shooting it down into the earth below, visualising these crystalline pillars of light forming the exact size or diameter of this circle which is twelve meters in diameter with twelve points forming a link between your internal matrix or DNA and that of the planetary 144 crystalline grid system.


For beloved ones as you are part of eleven other extensions of yourself so is the twelve points representing the outside of this circle part of another twelve points created on the planet, major points. These twelve major energy areas will be revealed to humanity and the light workers at the right and given time, once the energy is fully anchored upon this planet. Some of you are aware of these and some may not be but know that every grid that you have created in any way connects to these twelve major portals and these twelve major portals also in their own way allow each and everyone of the smaller grids to anchor a full energy vortex or portal of light into the specific area where it is located as is with where you are finding yourself at now.


We now wish for you to extend your love to the person opposite you on the outside of the circle only. The three brothers in the very centre extend your love to our brother that holds the epicentre or the matrix of this grid, and we ask our brother in the very centre to send out twelve fragments of light from his heart chakra connecting to every one of the twelve outer points of this grid.


So we ask each and everyone of you now not only as part of the point, the representing points, but beloved ones as beautiful, beautiful loving kind beings to also now extend from your heart in every single direction that you can imagine for 144kms an energy matrix that will ground and connect this grid to all other existing grids upon this planet. So visualise a pink ray of light being beamed out from your heart into all directions for 144kms in all directions at first.


We now ask you again to visualise from your crown chakra a magnificent violet energy and to beam this out into all directions from your crown for 144kms out into all directions.

Become aware of the energy matrix forming within this grid as each of you send out a ray of light in every conceivable direction that you can imagine and with all of you sitting in this circular form become aware of the most intense geometric shapes being formed within this site, this sacred site.


We now wish for you to do exactly the same thing within your base chakra, to use a magnificent and powerful red energy and to send that out in all directions for 144kms.


We now ask that you bring your attention back to your heart. Now visualise our three brothers and our centre brother, in the very centre. Visualise these three beings as Mother Earth. All of the beings on the outside of this twelve pointed star for a moment beam your energy into this Mother Earth energy represented in the very circle. So in other words visualise a miniature Earth floating here amongst you as you beam your love and gratitude towards Mother Earth.

And we now ask that the three brothers representing the three main gateways begin to spin your energy in a counter clock wise direction, in other words visualise a circle forming between the three of you spinning in a counter clockwise energy, whilst our brother in the very centre holds up the powerful crystals he has brought with him this day. We especially ask for the Calchelsite be held up into the sky above stretching his arms way up above his head holding up the Calchelsite which connects to the crystalline grid frequencies, with the three brothers spinning your energy in a counter clockwise direction. We now ask for the outer circle, the rest of you to spin your energy in a clockwise direction.


I am going to ask you to increase your vibrations, spinning the energy much faster for our brother in the centre to visualise the crystal that he is holding becoming brighter and brighter and brighter and for all of you on the outside spinning your energy in a clockwise direction to spin that faster and faster and faster and at the count of three I am going to ask you to release all of this energetically blasting it into the heavens above as it explodes in a powerful explosion of light raining down upon the planet covering the entire planet with the energy that you are creating here this day.

Are you ready….. ARE YOU READY?

A: YES!!!

AM: Very good. So now begin increasing your spin. For those of you on the outside see your energy spinning in a clockwise direction, for the three of you on the inside visualise your energy spinning in a counter clockwise direction and for our brother in the very centre visualise your crystal energy shining brighter and brighter and brighter, and let us now help you to spin this a little faster……..

Let us ask those of the angelic realm to help you increase your vibration of light even faster and now visualise at the count of three that you send your energy up into the heavens as it explodes and rains down on the planet…

ARE YOU READY!!!!!!…….?

A: YES!!!!!


And do that silently for a bit please.

Long Pause.

Dear ones we now ask you to visualise this grid in its crystalline format connecting with every other grid upon your planet. We now ask that you all visualise from the very centre of this grid where our brother holds the matrix point an energy is spun around the planet into every conceivable direction you can imagine. So in other words all of you visualise from where our brother is an energy is spun around the planet and back to where our brother is, can you follow that? And if you see it from your own point of view it would create a divine matrix, that looks like this…(Archangel Michael shows everyone), now visualise it, connect this grid, this crystalline grid to every other grid structure upon this planet.


Dear ones now visualise this grid expanding in size and diameter until it envelopes your entire province of KwaZulu Natal, visualise this grid expanding to cover the entire continent of Africa, visualise it expanding until it covers the entire Southern Hemisphere and then expand it to include the entire Earth, south, north, east, west, as above so below, and now expand this grid so that it forms a grid matrix up into the heavens above 144kms away from your planet up into the heavens taking on the geometry of the 144 crystalline grid system. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

Now release the energy and let it be as we ask you to draw your attention back to this specific grid here and in closing we ask you to please stand.


Our three anchors of the stellar energies face our beloved brother in the very centre, our beloved brother in the very centre sit down please. Our beloved brother we ask you now to visualise yourself in the very centre of this grid as you hold this bubble of light in this specific anchoring place. We ask for the three energies holding the stellar energies within this grid to visualise another smaller bubble of light as the three of you anchor the inner core energy protecting the Divine matrix of this grid and as for the rest of you we ask you now to turn and face outwards with your back to the centre holding your hands out beaming from your palms unto All That Is all of the love and the gratitude that you can imagine that you would enjoy for yourself. Open your heart dear ones as we ask you to bring an awareness to your brothers and sisters, those that may be of the light worker family and those that may not be yet of the light worker family, of the Divineness of the plan of Mother Earth as we ask you to bring a gentle reminder to each and everyone that you know to be kind to the planet, to become kind towards the planet, we ask that your love brings a new energy to the fore so that you may awaken everyday to your own magnificence and Divineness.

Now open your 3rd eye and beam from your third eye out into every conceivable direction a magnificent clear, perfectly clear energy of crystalline consciousness, as we ask you to tap into the invisible realms of light and thus to take on the Divine awareness of your magnificence and in doing so to embrace your own journey as part of the Divine plan of Mother Earth.

We ask you now from your sacral chakra those on the outside, to visualise a magnificent crystalline energy going out into the world into All That Is, bringing forth a Divine emotional grounding for you to accept yourself as part of the unfolding Divine plane and to do so with pride, to be in charge of your emotions by letting go of them, surrendering into the emotional matrix of Nature, of Mother Earth.

Release this with love and then turn around and face again the inner circle in the centre. We ask you to visualise a magnificent vortex of light now extending powerfully into the heavens above and the heavens below creating a crystalline portal of light, a most powerful vortex within this specific place as we remind you that the energy that is grounded here this day is a sacred vortex and we also remind those that are the care takers of this vortex to invite everyone and anyone into this space of light.

We now ask you to extend your thanks and gratitude to your Spirit self your higher self, we ask you to take on your Diamond Crystalline Consciousness. We ask you to visualise only beauty and love and kindness in all that you see, and to understand dear ones that the picture that you are within is the picture that you have planned. We will give you a moment or two to silently give your love to Mother Earth and those of the elements of Mother Earth, the corner stones of Divine Nature as we remind you to awaken each day with great awareness and Divine perception of your part of all this magnificence.

I am the Archangel Mikael, and I give you my love,

I bless you,


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