Anchoring the Creator’s Beauty by Lord Buddha – Natalie Glasson

I am Lord Buddha, I am the Planetary Logos and overseer of the Earth from a planetary level. It brings me great pleasure to connect with your energies and minds as I wish to bring forth some special guidance and insights that will benefit your spiritual ascension and development on the Earth. In my role as Planetary Logos it is my mission and purpose to oversee the spiritual energies and existence of every soul on the Earth, I am one with you, our energies are integrated as one because we are the same; we are all aspects of the Creator. I am so devoted to the Earth and its inhabitants; I integrate my energies with the life force of the Creator that you breathe. I am here as a guiding light, I understand all that is needed to aid your development on the Earth. I hope that you will recognise that there is a unique and deep bond between Mother Earth and myself, Mother Earth inhabits and fuels the physicality of the Earth while I energise and oversee the spiritual energies and vibration of the Earth. It is my purpose to ensure that all grow at a steady rate remaining harmonised and balanced, while ensuring that spiritual ascension and awakening occurs in the most appropriate way, guided by the soul of the Creator.

I now step forward to ask you to exist as an essential energy binding with Mother Earth and I, as a powerful trinity of light. The Creator has most recently extended a source of consciousness and energy that is so magnificent; it is filled with wisdom, inspiration, ideas and enlightenment. It is a great and powerful consciousness held within a source of light that will not only raise the vibration of the Earth but will awaken the hearts and minds of many, both those who connected with the energy and those who do not. Within this source of energy is essential and necessary energy to assist the shift in consciousness and focus of humanity in preparation for a new beginning on the Earth in 2012. In truth the energy source most recently imparted from the Creator is the next stage of ascension, change and the anchoring of love. It is I who holds the responsibility for this magnificent source of consciousness which currently exists within my energy and within the Planetary Logos Ashram on the inner planes. It is akin to a brightly glowing beacon of light. Those who have linked with this energy from the inner planes, explain their experience and insights as pure beauty. It is my belief that this energy will bring an essence of beauty to the Earth, clearing away many false visions and negative outlooks so that they may be replaced by the outlook and vision of beauty. Many people on the Earth accept beauty as a physical manifestation but it is also a sacred energy that is truly divine, beauty is an extension of love. When we see the beauty of the Creator all around us and within us we are appreciating the manifestation of love within everything. There are many who see the presence of fear and negativity within every person and situation around them, we wish to now alter this and let the presence of beauty or love to be prominent, eternally glowing and growing. This source of light and consciousness now existing within my ashram is the manifestation of the Creator’s beauty; it is the consciousness, wisdom, thoughts, emotions, energy and light of beauty. It is not a beauty that we associate with the Earth and may never have been experienced on the Earth; it is the beauty of the Creator’s soul intertwining within everything and everyone. This source of light will assist in raising the vibration of love of the Earth to help the manifestation of an era of love beginning in 2012.

In order to truly anchor the beauty of the Creator it is my belief that humanity must be involved and must act as anchors and channels for the beauty of the Creator. I feel that if we as ascended masters were to send this divine energy into the Earth, as an energy wave, its energy may go undetected, resulting in humanity overlooking many wonderful lessons of growth and the understanding of love. Each person must learn to honour the beauty of the Creator within themselves and within all situations and people on the Earth. This is a powerful way of dissolving false and negative views and thoughts. In truth this source of light holds the purpose of altering your state of mind, bringing your focus from negativity and fear to love and truth. Many may say that such alterations cannot be achieved with the simple presence of energy and light, and that beauty is a manifestation of the material world, but within this energy is the consciousness of the Creator’s beauty, the consciousness of love. We are aware of the power of love as a transformational energy even within the physical world and planes. An alteration of the mind is simply a change of consciousness or a new understanding entering into the mind, which I believe can be achieved by aligning to the powerful source of light now made available and concentrated by the soul of the Creator.

It is my proposal that those who wish to be of assistance, wish to anchor the beauty of the Creator into their realities or wish to embody the beauty of the Creator take some time now to connect with my energy, asking to be made a sacred and divine channel and anchor for the Creator’s energy of beauty now in existence within the Planetary Logos Ashram. If you feel attracted to achieve and experience this energy anchoring and flowing through your being and wish to anchor it into the Earth then I ask that you call on me to assist you. It is an essential and worthwhile service for the Earth as it will nurture and awaken people to the presence of love. Realisation or becoming aware is the most powerful tool for manifestation because realisation is to accept, understand and to believe. I would be deeply honoured is you would allow yourself to be an anchor of the Creator’s beauty, letting this sacred energy flow into your mind to allow your thoughts and vision of the Earth to be aligned to the presence and existence of love and beauty. I wish to now guide you in achieving this wonderful service to yourself, humanity and the Earth.

Allow yourself to sit peacefully, gaining a deep meditative state in your own comfortable way. Focus is needed on your breathing in order to quieten and sharpen your mind.

Say out loud;

‘I invoke my angelic and ascended master guides to draw close to me and to channel your energy deep into my entire being. Please support and protect me, raising my vibration to the most appropriate level so that I may accept the light of the Creator with ease.

I invoke the presence of the Lord Buddha and the Planetary Logos Team, I ask you to pour your light into my being, please surround me in a cylinder of your light and let it seep into every aspect of my being, both spiritual and physical.

Lord Buddha, I wish to act as an anchor and channel for the new energy and consciousness of beauty, essential for the Earth’s growth, which has now anchored into the planetary level. I understand that the energy that I am about to align with is of the beauty of the Creator. It is my wish to hold the consciousness of beauty within every aspect of my being, help me to understand the beauty of the Creator, its meaning and influence. Let me feel the presence of beauty and recognise the beauty of the Creator in every aspect of my reality and my own manifestation on the Earth. Assist me in anchoring the vibration of beauty into the Earth so that the beauty and love of the Creator may become the dominate focus of all, eradicating false and fearful beliefs so that all may exist in a reality of beauty, peace and love. Lord Buddha, assist me in sharing the beauty of the Creator with every soul that I meet and connect with in order to assists the Earth’s embodiment of love.

Lord Buddha, the Planetary Logos Team and the Creator, I ask that you now align my heart and mind to the source of consciousness and light focused on beauty in existence with the Planetary Logos Ashram. Let the energy of beauty flow through my entire being continuously, settling within my energy bodies, soul, mind and heart. Please align my thoughts, beliefs and general outlook to the beauty of the Creator. Let me now become an embodiment of the Creator’s beauty, radiating beauty, channelling beauty to others and anchoring beauty into the Earth. Assist all of humanity and I in realising and recognising the beauty of the Creator in everything, every situation and person around us. Let the beauty of the Creator manifest on the Earth and within our minds and hearts eternally.

I now allow the Creator’s energy of beauty to flow into my being, from my feet into the Earth and from my heart into the atmosphere and energy of the Earth. I now exist as an eternal anchor for the light of the Creator. Thank you and let it be.’

Take time to imagine, sense or acknowledge the light flowing through your being, allow yourself to comprehend the feeling, vibration, consciousness and colour of the energy of beauty from the Creator’s soul. You may practice this each day to build the presence of Creator beauty within you, within your mind and within your reality, acting as an example of beauty and love to all. A beauty that is so different to any kind of beauty currently recognised on the Earth.

It is important to realise that the energy of the Creator’s beauty is both healing and inspirational to the mind and your energy vibration. Experiencing the energy of beauty can awaken your soul and energy systems bringing a clearing or it may make you aware of your negative thoughts and outlook, encouraging you to focus on the energy of beauty within your mind, in order to bring harmony and peace. As the presence of love can initially create some confusion or a process of releasing so can the energy of beauty, this is due to its high and quicker vibration of light. As you focus on experiencing and sharing the energy of beauty with others, I ask that you concentrate on creating thoughts of beauty within your mind, acknowledging the beauty and love within yourself and all who exist around you. Even in the most negative person or situation you will find beauty, when you search for its presence and discover its energy you will have discovered and connected with the truth and love of the Creator which is within everything but is sometimes concealed.

Allow yourself to search for the beauty of the Creator, experiencing it in heart and mind. I hope that you will assist me in bringing forth this consciousness from the Creator and anchoring the energy that is essential as a gradual awaken for humanity to the beauty of the Creator, the Earth and their manifestation.

With blessings of beauty,

I am Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light,

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