Lady Quan Yin- Crystal Manifestation – Natalie Glasson

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 18/01/10

I extend the peace that I hold so fondly within my being to you now, to flow into the depths of your body and soul, bringing forth the greatest manifestation of all, the presence of inner stillness and balance. I am Lady Quan Yin, chohan or overseer of the eleventh ray of light of a peach and pink colour of light. Within the eleventh ray ashram I tutor many light beings from the Earth and the inner planes to aid integration and the expansion of love to aid stronger links with the energy of the Creator. More souls are gathering within the eleventh ray ashram in order to accept embodiment of the energies and light of the Creator that they have been working to integrate and unite with. This increase of souls visiting my ashram is due to the forth coming energy shift in 2012.

I have seen and passed through many energy shifts and manifestations of the Creator’s quality and I have a special ritual or custom that I like to share with my students each time we draw close to a new level of the Creator’s light and love manifesting both on the Earth and the inner planes of the Creator’s universe. I feel that my technique allows a person to prepare their energies for their future experiences and to assist them in gaining the level of growth and awareness that they desire to achieve to coincide with an energy shift. I have named this technique Crystal Manifestation as it allows you to work with crystal consciousness in order to amplify your wishes and dreams.

As you are aware, the physical crystals in existence on the Earth hold the wondrous consciousness and energy vibration of the Creator’s soul. Each crystal has the ability to heal in many ways, retaining consciousness, amplify or calm energies and be programmed to aid manifestation. On the inner planes we have similar crystal except that we are able to see and work with the light and consciousness of the crystals, rather than viewing their physical shell or body. Both physical crystals and inner plane energy crystals are an aspect of the Creator’s soul and manifestation and so assist us greatly in our aspiration to align on a deeper level with and embody the Creator’s soul. Crystals have an ability of linking into the vibration that a person’s body pulsates at, merging their energies with the person to offer a new consciousness or a boost to their consciousness, thus anchoring required or needed energies. By merging and sharing Creator frequency, light, consciousness or energy the crystals can have healing or spiritual advancing affects. A crystal has an immense power because it holds the ability to accept energy, to be programmed and to transfer energy to others. I feel that this is very important because as soul aspects of the Creator we are constantly trying to accept light and energy, while also wishing to transfer our wisdom or inner light to aid the development or to heal the pain of others. We are also constantly trying to programme our energies and mind so that our link with the Creator may be the purest that we have ever experienced.

As a light body naturally reacts well to the consciousness of a crystal so the physical body is positively influenced by a physical crystal especially when chosen with care and programmed for the needs of the physical body. It is because of the soul’s natural bond with the consciousness and vibrations of crystals that I encourage my students to take time to anchor the crystal consciousness of the Creator into their energy and aura in order to intensify their manifestation skills. I will sit and meditate with my students to assist and support them in programming the crystal consciousness that they anchor. Allowing the energy to unite with their energy vibration, becoming a part of their soul energy. As we are drawing closer to a shift in energy on the Earth I am working with more souls to assist them in anchoring two sacred qualities into their energy from the Creator soul, of balance and grounding. These two qualities enable a soul to move through new manifestations or shifts of energy in their reality and atmosphere with ease, holding focus on their own spiritual development and soul purpose. Shifts in energy or new energies from the Creator’s soul can cause a person or soul to feel unbalanced, unsupported and unsure of their path ahead. By remaining balance and grounded one is able to naturally flow through changes of energy both within and around them without losing their focus.

The quality of balance allows transitions and rises in your energy vibration that you may experience due to growth, awakening and insights to occur smoothly without majorly influencing your life or your body. This allows you to accept and deal with change and alterations to your energy with greater ease, thus helping you to accelerate your growth further.

The quality of grounding is essential and assist in retaining equilibrium in your energy but while it is important to ground or anchor your energy into Mother Earth so that the light you receive filters into the Earth. It is also essential to ground your spiritual energies and the soul light of the Creator into your physical body and reality on the Earth allowing new aspects of your soul, monad and the Creator to become present within your personality and existence on the Earth.

With the consciousness, energy and light of both qualities being held within your aura and your own inner light you will naturally project balance and a sense of grounding on many levels into your reality therefore paving a smooth and easy spiritual journey for yourself to assist you in achieving all that you desire and to be prepared for the shifts in energy in 2012. Any upset that you feel in your energy or surroundings will naturally be stabilised by the presence of the Creator’s qualities of balance and grounding.

I wish to now guide you in achieving this technique that I have shared with many souls as a method of anchoring many qualities from the Creator’s soul.

Allow yourself to gain a deep meditative state in your preferred way, invoking me, Lady Quan Yin, to sit beside you, meditating with you and enhancing your ability to connect with your inner peace. I wish for you to then invoke the peach and pink light of the eleventh ray ashram to surround you in a cylinder of light, melting into your aura, body and soul. Imagine, sense or acknowledge the light supporting, protecting and heightening your energies.

I then wish for you to invoke or ask for the pure and loving crystal consciousness of the eleventh ray of light to anchor into your being. Feel or sense the clear crystal light seeping into your crown chakra at the top of your head and down your spine until it reaches your heart chakra. Let the energy gather at your heart chakra it will form a source of crystal light.

Then simply ask for the crystal to hold the Creator’s and the eleventh ray’s quality, consciousness and energy of balance. The source of clear light will take on a colour, which will symbolise to you the feeling of balance. You may even notice the crystal forming a shape that is appropriate for this quality of the Creator’s light. I then ask you to place this newly formed crystal in a part of your aura that feels correct to you, where it will continue to radiate and emanate the quality, energy and colour of balance into your entire aura. Take a moment to feel your entire aura and body being bathed in the energy of balance.

I then wish for you to take your attention back to your heart chakra and the clear crystal light that is continuing to flow into your body and heart chakra. Ask for the crystal light to manifest into a crystal of grounding, anchoring your energy into the Earth and physical reality as well as anchoring your spiritual energies, enlightenment and light from the Creator, your monad and soul into your physical body. Imagine this crystal forming at your heart chakra noticing its colour and shape. Then place the crystal in a part of your aura that feels correct for you where it will continue to emanate its light and ensure that you are always grounded in the most appropriate way for your spiritual growth.

Allow yourself to bath in the presence of the two new energy crystals which are holding, anchoring and retaining the Creator’s quality of balance and grounding within your energy.

When you wish to complete the practice, then ask for the crystal light to withdraw and become aware of your surroundings. You can then activate the crystals each day or when you feel you are in need of their energies, by simply asking your soul or me, Lady Quan Yin to activate the crystals and energy of balance and grounding within your aura, imagining their light washing over you.

This is a greatly comforting technique and can help to bring healing, stability and equilibrium to your energy, mind, emotions and awareness.

I hope that you have found my insight beneficial, please remember that you can always call on me to anchor love and peace into your being as well as to assist you in embodying or integrating with new energies from the Creator’s soul.

May the peace of my soul be reflected in souls across the Earth,

Lady Quan Yin

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