Everything has a Purpose by Master El Morya – Natalie Glasson

In last week’s message, I spoke of your spiritual abilities and experiences acting as a pathway to lead you closer to the Creator’s soul. It was my wish to help people understand that their abilities as light workers do not define them but are simply stepping stones of learning and acceptance of the Creator. I reminded all that their ultimate goal and focus must be to embody the light of the Creator and to integrate with the soul of the Creator once more. I feel that this was a beneficial message that touched the hearts of many so I have been allowed to come forth once more with another realisation that I believe humanity should be aware of.

As chohan of the first ray of light of a red colour, translator and sharer of the will or divine plan of the Creator I feel a deep connection with the Creator soul, consciousness and thoughts. I strive to ensure that I decipher the will of the Creator in the purest way so that the truth of the Creator may be expressed to souls on the Earth and the inner planes, offering essential guidance. We have a team of light beings, angels and ascended masters working within the First Ray Ashram and the Planetary Logos Ashram of Lord Buddha to decipher the will and consciousness of the Creator as it flows within sacred and pure light from the higher planes and levels of the Creator’s universe.

The light flows from the solar level into the planetary level, anchoring into Lord Buddha’s ashram and the first ray ashram. Many souls gather to sit before this constant flow of light which is akin to a pillar of ever glowing light holding divine and new consciousness from the Creator’s soul. One can visit either Lord Buddha’s Planetary Logos Ashram of the first ray ashram to meditate before the will and guidance energy of the Creator to bring greater clarity and understanding to their current role, whether it is on the inner planes or the Earth and to guide their divine purpose forward. This is something that you may request to experience during your sleep state or meditation by simply asking and holding the intention of which ashram you wish to visit and allowing yourself to breathe in the light of the scared pillar of will from the Creator’s soul.

The Planetary Logos Team and First Ray Team who are appointed to decipher the will of the Creator and to distribute consciousness, enlightenment and guidance to where it is needed, have been working together for much time and understand the Creator’s energy to accept the truth. It is akin to taking messages from the Creator’s soul for humanity as a whole and individually. We then pass these messages onto the guides of the souls or the people they are intended for. Their guides accept the message and share it with the person they are assisting in the most appropriate way for them to understand and use as guidance to take action in their life. With this method you would perceive that every soul on the Earth and the inner planes would understand the message that they receive in the same way creating a united consciousness with a united understanding of all that is the Creator, whether the guidance flows from the Planetary or First Ray Team, through their guides or their divine connection with the Creator. There are so many aspects of the Creator’s soul which have extended from the Creator’s soul existing now as angels, ascended masters, light beings, humans and many more. Each aspect of the Creator is unique and different, meaning that they interpret the consciousness of the Creator differently. We alert souls to the will of the Creator, we are sharing information that is needed now that will make changes to the Earth and reality of many, information that aids the ascension and development process, but every soul has their own ability of accepting and deciphering the will of the Creator and are doing so constantly to carve their path forward. It is the acceptance and interpretation of the Creator’s consciousness that causes great controversy on the Earth, and you may not realise this, but also on the inner planes.

Controversy occurs on the Earth between religions, people’s beliefs and current understandings but this doesn’t mean that some beliefs are correct and others are false. We must realise that every belief or faith has a purpose of leading us along a path that will offer us greater understanding or clarity as to our path to the Creator. Numerous people channel every day or connect with the Creator’s soul bringing forth wisdom and enlightenment from the Creator’s soul to the Earth, each piece of information is needed on the Earth because every person’s needs are different. We must remember that the consciousness of the Creator is vast and many light beings on the inner planes align with the will and wisdom of the Creator, interpreting it in their own way then sharing the wisdom that they have understood with like minded people or souls on the Earth. It is akin to streams of energy and consciousness flowing through different routes into the Earth, in order for consciousness to be deciphered and united, assisting in the truth prevailing within all of us and creating a united consciousness that is so diverse and knowledgeable.

Many souls on the inner planes also have different beliefs and understandings of how they can help the Earth and its humanity, and how they can be of service for the greater integration of all with the Creator. This is because we hold different qualities of the Creator’s soul and have different backgrounds through past life times which shape our thoughts and understandings, as well as the way we convert the consciousness of the Creator into guidelines that we may use to help others. Some wish for all to take a simple path way of love while others wise for a diverse path way to the Creator that allows much growth and self realisation to occur. As guiding lights to the Earth, we then mentor souls who have similar believes to us but we all unite in our passion for the Creator’s soul, our ability to experience and accept the love and light of the Creator and our belief in the presence of the Creator. The way that we teach others to activate the Creator within them or to achieve their spiritual growth process doesn’t really matter because the truth of the Creator will always be shared, whatever path way we guide you to take to achieve unity with the Creator’s soul. What must be realised is that there are many staircases that lead from the Earth to the Creator and you will be guided to the most appropriate staircase to gain the most appropriate mentor, consciousness, inspiration and the most essential qualities of the Creator’s soul. If you choose a staircase and find that everyone else has chosen a different staircase or path to the Creator, you must continue with honour and bravery, knowing and understanding what is correct for you. It is essential to realise that while you are all on the Earth to learn and discover yourself and the Creator you are also learning the ability to accept the consciousness of the Creator.

Acceptance is a difficult lesson especially when there are so many people with different beliefs and faiths, but acceptance allows us to adopt the consciousness that we need from others and to let people and souls be; to allow them to exist as the Creator consciousness and link that they hold and represent. Even on the inner planes we are learning the ability to integrate with all aspects of the Creator, this takes time, patience and a strong inner faith, while ensuring that you are open minded and accepting of all Creator aspects, manifestations and souls. We must realise that every soul whether on the Earth or the inner planes is bringing forth a consciousness and understanding from the Creator that has a purpose and a meaning. Through our judgments, inability to accept or closed minds we are missing out on so many experiences of growth and integration with souls all around us. Remember that consciousness is not true or false, good or bad but it is needed, it has a purpose and allows us to discover more about ourselves and the Creator, through the process of understanding the wisdom that is needed and not needed in our reality. What you cast aside as unneeded understanding, beliefs or faith may be the truth to others and may allow many to Creator within them a complete quality from the Creator’s soul.

I hope that you are able to grasp the insights that I am sharing with you. Please realise that different teachings come from different inner plane souls, guides and mentors because every soul holds a different connection with the Creator and has a different interpretation of the Creator’s will. When we peel back the layers of all teachings we see the same glimmer of truth within all, this is the soul of the Creator. Both the Earth and the inner planes are working on achieving the same lessons of acceptance and integration, we are helping each other.

Let us take a moment to send a blessing of peace, harmony and integration for all on the Earth and the inner planes.

With many sacred blessings and the richly flowing will of the Creator extending to you,

I am Master El Morya

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light, http://www.wisdomofthelight.com

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