Discussion Concerning Guides – Master Kuthumi

Discussion Concerning Guides by Master Kuthumi
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 08/11/10
The love of your guides can be present and powerfully supportive in your life or it can be absent from your conscious awareness, this doesn’t mean that you are not loved completely and absolutely by your guides. Whether you believe you have guides or not and connect with them daily or never, your guides are present and by your side always. They never leave you and are always observant of your life, experiences and existence on the Earth. Their mission and devotion is to love you always and to steer you as much as they are able to through your spiritual journey on the Earth. There are many light workers who do not believe in guides or their significance on their spiritual paths, their belief is that there is only one energy to connect with and this is the light of the Creator, all other energies or souls on the inner planes are simply distractions from the truth. There is some truth in this belief. As a light worker on the Earth it is your purpose and need to connect with the light of the Creator, to embody and work with the vibration of the Creator in your physical reality. In truth there is nothing that is more important than this, to feel the light of the Creator around you and within you brings great comfort but with practice it allows you to exist as your truth on the Earth.
When we speak of guides we are not speaking of distractions but of gathering different aspects and qualities of the Creator around you. Your guides have a consciousness that is purer than your current consciousness; their energy is currently higher, quicker and finer. Your guides are able to see through boundaries and limitations that baffle you in your life to perceive the larger picture of your experiences on the Earth. They are friends who are there to support and guide you whenever you need assistance, to energise and enhance your abilities and manifestations. They are friends who are always positive, loving and generous with their energies and wisdom, whatever you do or say your guides will never turn their backs on you and will never leave you alone. As light workers on the Earth seeking ascension, a oneness with the Creator and a manifestation of the truth, love and sacred abilities of your soul, your path can at times feel lonely and difficult as you strive to achieve something that at some times can feel impossible to your physical mind. Your guides are there to make your journey easier to assist and enhance your alignment with the Creator and to love you unconditionally. When we are growing spiritually, discovering our inner energies and dissolving the darkness within us, to be loved unconditionally and to feel love around you is essential as it allows you to remain focused upon your goals. When you become aware of the love that surrounds you then this becomes extremely powerful in your reality and spiritual development as it allows you to feel the network or platform of support that surrounds you and is cheering you on to achieve your goals.
Your guides are energies that you can speak with in your mind or out loud, who you can share your deepest feelings with, most importantly you can ask of them anything and they will assist you in the most appropriate way as long as it abides by the will of the Creator and aids your spiritual development.
When we think of our guides we must realise that they are manifestations of the Creator, they are connections and bridges to the Creator’s light. The most important realisation to hold is that you are linked as one with the Creator and therefore your guides. There are no separations or differences between you and your guides and this is the same between you and the Creator. You are the Creator as are your guides. To link with and embody the energy of your guides not only supports and advises you tremendously in your reality but permits you to accept a new higher vibration of the Creator’s soul. It is important to dissolve the thought that your guides distract you from the Creator and to accept that your guides bind you on a deeper level with the Creator. Whether you work with your guides or not they will be there for you so it may be appropriate to begin to build a bond with your guides, being aware of any subtle changes this brings to your reality and experiences on the Earth. When you work with your guides you are bringing the energy of the Creator onto and into your path with greater intensity.
I, Master Kuthumi, act as a guide to many on the Earth; it is a delight and a privilege to openly and completely love so many souls with their acceptance of my presence and the Creator soul I wish to share with them. I wish to offer you a simple technique to improve the presence of your guides within your reality and to anchor greater Creator light, consciousness and awareness into your being to support the growth of your soul. This technique can be completed each day and by any person whether they work extensively with their guides or wish to begin.
I ask that you sit peacefully and focus on your breathing, allowing yourself to accept a deep meditative state of existence and mind, indulging in a deeper silence and stillness with every new moment.
First ask that your personal guides draw their energies closer to your being with the intention of protecting you completely in love and making you aware of their pure and devoted presence.
Be aware of your body, feelings and any sensations that occur.
Take a few deep breaths and release, as you exhale, any fears or blockages that you may be holding concerning connecting with your guides. It is important to practice this even if you are accustomed to connecting with your guides as it may enhance your connection.
Ask your guides to pour a crystal clear white energy into your entire being through your crown chakra at the top of your head. Feel the energy particularly flowing into your mind clearing all thoughts and allowing your mind to rest in peace with a simple practice of observing your experiences.
Ask that your soul aligns itself completely with the light and soul of the Creator. Ask your guides to increase this alignment by ensuring that every aspect of your being is linked with the soul of the Creator and that the Creator’s light flows with ease, power and precision into your entire being. Hold within your mind the ability of observing the whole process.
When you are ready ask that your guides to merge their energies of the most appropriate vibration and qualities with you. This may result in a feeling of energy or light flowing into your being. Their energies are merging with your energies as your energies are integrating with theirs. This is a process where all are equal beacons of light sharing their energy to become and experience a greater oneness with the Creator. You may be aware of colours, visions, words or feels, simply observe these. Allow this process of integration to complete and then sit in the energies for a while to allow the light to settle and anchor within you.
The purpose of this practice is to aid your connection with your guides, to dissolve any barriers, to boost your light quotient and to allow you to learn to communicate with your guides, releasing their presence around you.
When you are sitting embodying the complete energy of your community of guides you can then begin to ask for their help in your reality and spiritual growth, speaking to them from your heart, holding faith that they will assist, support and aid you. When you ask them for their help and guidance they are always listening, but with a strong and powerful integration with their energy your requests will hold greater power and their ability to assist you will be greater also. Then simply be aware of any changes or experiences in your reality and hold faith that you are loved completely by your guides and the Creator. This practice will allow you to voice your feelings and desires as well as helping you to have more confidence in yourself and connections.
Remember that in order to receive you must first ask, in order to ask you must understand your desire, when the desire comes from the truth within you then you will always be granted the abundance of the Creator. You must then be open to receiving. Your guides will teach you that the energy of the Creator is all around and within you and that you are one with everything. Separation is an illusion; integration is the process of accepting your true existence as the Creator. Allow yourself to accept this process of integration viewing it as a stepping stone closer to the Creator’s light emerging from within you.
With sacred bliss,
I am Master Kuthumi

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