Natalie Glasson – Mahachohan Saint Germain

As the Earth and its humanity continue to evolve and advance, spiralling and ascending to absorb higher and greater vibrations of light much information, teachings and enlightenment is being concentrated into the Earth, its consciousness and atmosphere. As the energies of humanity awaken so the consciousness within them is activating and the consciousness or ancient wisdom of the Earth is stirring for those who are guided to access it and share with others. Information and enlightenment from the Creator is flowing continuously into the Earth and into the minds of many. This is not due to the focus of the Ascended Masters and Angels on the inner planes deliberately offering wisdom, teachings and enlightenment but because people are beginning to ask and pray for guidance, enlightenment and spiritual wisdom. They wish to understand their past, present and future, the energies around them and within them. It is the intentions of humanity that is encouraging waves of information to flow onto and into the Earth, entering into the minds who call upon the guidance but also into the minds that are receptive or open to divine guidance. This flux of wisdom anchoring into the Earth and bodies of humanity is amazing and extraordinary as we can see that humanity is aligning their energies with the Creator, reawakening many memories and stimulating ancient wisdom from within them as well as calling forth the information and inspiration that is needed to aid their spiritual progression. The consciousness and inspiration that you call upon not only anchors into your being and reality, but also anchors into the consciousness of the Earth. Every situation, emotions and action that you have ever experienced while in existence on the Earth is recorded within the consciousness of the Earth; this is the same for every person on the Earth. You can see why the Earth is in need of healing and why many positive and loving energies need to be anchored in order to energise the Earth and raise its vibrations once more.

When we enter into the Era of Love in 2012 it is our aim to have cleared at least half of the negative energies stored within the consciousness of the Earth, replacing it with positive consciousness. Every positive thought or emotion that you create will energise the positive consciousness of the Earth but there is a need for more than half of the Earth’s consciousness to be of a positive vibration in order for an era of love to manifest, where love is prominent and the vibration of humanity is loving, kind and positive. Of course negativity and fear will still be present because of the negative or painful memories recorded in the atmosphere of the Earth but gradually these will dissolve over time and also because of the spiritual awareness of humanity increasing to focus on the loving self within. It is my wish that you are aware that as you focus on your individual spiritual growth you are also converting the consciousness of the Earth and amplifying or building the strength and power of the positive Creator consciousness that needs to be anchored into the Earth. So as we more forth to 2012 our focus is to convert the consciousness of the Earth from negative to positive and loving.

The wisdom that is flowing forth into the Earth is anchoring into the consciousness or atmosphere of the Earth to help the rise in vibration but the increase in wisdom is causing confusion also. There is a need for you to understand that the energy and soul of the Creator is vast and the extension souls of the Creator, such as yourself and the Ascended Masters on the inner planes, all interpret the light and consciousness of the Creator in different forms and methods. All are of course truthful but also appeal to different souls as every soul is on their own sacred path of learning to return to the light and comfort of their monad or soul group and the Creator. Not every person’s mind works in the same way and not every person is receptive to the same vibrations of light, but this is because we are all different aspects of a whole. As new information is anchoring onto the Earth it sometimes conflicts with wisdom that has already been accepted or understood but this doesn’t mean that it is incorrect because as you are constantly changing and growing so the Creator is continuously evolving thus the wisdom coming forth will always be appropriate in the present and in the now. With the abundance of wisdom anchoring onto the Earth now and coming forth from so many beings it is easy to judge, to become confused or bewildered but there is a need to be aware that not all information that comes forth is for you, as you exist in your current stage of spiritual growth. There will come a time when you are able to accept all forms of teachings, healing, wisdom and even religions and synthesis them as a whole within your being to bring forth a greater truth and power from within you. In the physical planes of the Earth you have a purpose and a mission created by your soul to lead you along a path of learning and integration that is appropriate to you. It is because of the unique reality of the Earth that there is a need for you to focus on what is right, fits comfortable and feels true to you. This is essential because it allows you to hold your own power but it also means that you are drawing on the tools that are provided for you rather than trying to progress with the incorrect tools.

I feel that as the abundance of wisdom is anchored into the Earth focus is needed within the minds of humanity. Allow yourself to accept only what is correct to you but also to understand that other teachings that you come across may not sit comfortably with you, realising that this is for a reason and the reason being that they are not for you at this current stage of your growth. The task is to understand what feels correct and true for your path by either asking your soul or following your feelings or the guidance of your soul. It is a wonderful but sometimes challenging task to follow your own guidance and feelings as well as to realise what wisdom, information or teachings you need to accept and which you need to detach from. This will come with time, dedication and practice and I ask that you devote yourself to achieving this task as it will make your way ahead so much easier to walk, so I send my encouragement to you. Fine tune your energies and connections with your truth and feelings so that you can decipher what is needed for your own growth.

I realise that I have used words such as correct, right and true when encouraging you to grasp the energies and wisdom that are necessary to you and to detach from those that are not needed. The use of these words doesn’t necessary mean that there are incorrect wisdom and false information. To realise that all wisdom and guidance offered from the Creator and the many soul extensions of the Creator has its place and purpose means that everything exists for a reason. Guidance that seems false by many may be placed within the consciousness of the Earth and realities of humanity to encourage them to accept wisdom or gain realisations that would not manifest had it not been for perceived the false guidance. In truth wisdom that is perceived as false brings forth many lessons especially concerning judgement. It is this quality that I feel most needs to be mastered now on the Earth because it would dissolve a lot of pain and negativity between humanity and that is held within the consciousness of the Earth. To judge in its very simplest form is to say that one thing is good and another bad, or that one thing is superior to another. Judgment can help us to understand what is needed and what is not needed in our lives but it is my wish to remove the hatred and pain form the act of judgment and to dowse it with love. This would mean that opinions are shared in a loving way and so can be immensely healing, inspirational and instructive as they were originally intended.

As I gaze at the world it is my loving opinion that the abundance of wisdom coming forth is causing confusion and sometimes pain because of the negative judgment that is manifesting. There is a need for openness, a willingness to listen and understand each other and a realisation that not everything extending from the Creator’s soul is specifically for you but might be perfect for your neighbour. These are my loving opinions as I view the Earth, of course you have the right to lovingly accept my ideas of growth or lovingly discard them, but let us restore the quality of judgment from a negative manifestation to a positive and loving manifestation thus healing the Earth and converting the consciousness of the Earth. It is my belief that adopting the ideas that I put to you now will help to aid the ascension of humanity and the integration of all of humanity as the Creator on the Earth.

I would be greatly honoured if you would join me now in invoking the violet flame of light from its home within the violet 7th Ray Ashram on the inner planes to descend over your entire being and reality, over the Earth and the consciousness of the Earth to dissolve all negative discharge, pain and suffering that is caused due to the negative judgment of humanity. Let us sit together and imagine the violet flame of light so expansive, vibrant and brilliant extending its energy over the Earth and our beings to burn up all negativity caused by judgement and releasing all past judgments of humanity from the Earth’s consciousness. Let us experience the violet flame of light for as long as is necessary before allowing it to return home. In our hearts we know that this is a sacred opportunity to begin a fresh and reprogram our minds to realise our needs and to express our love to all.

With the sacred expression of love from my soul,

I am the Mahachohan Saint Germain

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