Magic by Lord Merlin – Natalie Glasson

I am Lord Merlin, a great wizard, magician and ascended master existing on the inner planes with my heart and soul devoted to Mother Earth and the ascension of humanity. In my previous communication I brought forth an understanding of the growth and development that Mother Earth is now undergoing and achieving, which humanity may mirror at a later date on the Earth. I now wish to speak with you sharing my wisdom in the hope of inspiring and energising your focus and spiritual growth on the Earth.

I work with and have accepted the energy and consciousness of magic. On the Earth Magic is seen as false impressions, illusions or distractions of the mind in order to manifest a result that is unbelievable or awe inspiring but the Magic that I hold within my soul is so much more than this. It is a consciousness, an aspect of the Creator’s soul and a teaching that is very powerful and advanced. Magic is very much a state of mind and being, it is an acceptance of teachings that are so ancient which were in existence before the Earth was created. Many masters accept the higher realms of the Creator’s universe and energy in order to study magic which is an understanding of energy and manifestation. It is an advanced process that requires the mind to be truly expansive and the soul to be tremendously energised and powerful. It is with this foundation that a master is able to be receptive to the ancient energies and consciousness of magic, manipulating, changing and transforming energies. This wisdom descends from the Creator, it is a method used by the Creator in order to manifest the numerous realities that exist within the Creator’s universe and beyond.

I, Lord Merlin have studied the ancient energies of magic and continue to explore and integrate with this sacred energy, understanding and knowledge but I wish to assist you in understanding that you hold a small aspect of the Creator’s ancient teachings of magic within you. The basic foundation of the Creator’s magic teachings is to understand and to truly believe that you have the power to make changes in your reality. Your reality is yours to explore, to alter and to allow to unfold as you wish. This is a comprehension that all masters must have in order to be considered for integration with the magic teachings of the Creator. It is a concept that is not new to many but when you begin to put it into practice you are preparing yourself for the magic teachings of the Creator. Accepting that you create your own reality can be difficult for some but for most it seems logical and acceptable. To allow your mind to be accepting of this concept is wonderful and encouraging but to take the step beyond this realisation is where difficulties can arise, this is because accepting and believing are very different things. When you accept you acknowledge and become acquainted with the idea. To believe is to have faith and trust in the idea, to create action and to place effort in achieving a goal or desire. If you believe that you are in control of your reality and that you create every experience both good and bad in your life then you are actively starting to put effort and action into this realisation in order to make changes in your life. We must remember that knowledge or insights are insignificant unless they are experienced in our reality and existence, this is when we truly understand the knowledge grasped. To understand and exist as a being who appreciates that they create their reality and actively creates the reality they wish to experience is the first stage of preparing to accept the Creator’s ancient teachings of magic.

We are each an aspect of the Creator and so are creators, produces, inventors and makers ourselves, but this creation must come from within us, from the essence of our beings. This is our magic. It is our ability to understand what is needed in our reality to allow us to follow the correct path for us and to anchor or manifest it within our reality. It is important that this develops from your soul or Creator presence because it is this energy that holds the truth whereas your mind is influenced by desires of the personality. If you are finding that you are bored and that your life seems dull then you are not connecting with the magic within you, the basic understanding that you influence your life and so your life is as exciting and inspirational as you want to make it. This can be difficult to take on board because it means that you have to take responsibility and therefore cannot blame another for anything you experience in your life. Understanding your emotions, feels and thoughts while trying to achieve this concept is a large part of the basic preparatory magic teachings.

By sharing my awareness with you I am sharing or activating the Creator’s magic teachings within you, encouraging you to go forth to create magic in your reality. This is to simply create changes or to manifest what you desire and dream of. Remember that while the action of making changes is important, gaining an understanding of your life and the areas you are happy with and disappointed with is much more important as you begin to look within you and realise that beliefs, emotions and energies that you hold on to may be linked to the manifestations of either positive or negative experiences in your reality. In many ways we have to change our energies with and our beliefs in order to clear areas of disappointment and energise or manifest areas and experiences of wonder, satisfaction and joy. Remember that magic is not necessary a wonderful and powerful energy but it is a state of being and understanding, it is a process of discovery.

Magic comes from within us; if we are bored and life is dull then we are not creating magic.

I ask that you place your trust in me and allow yourself to follow the guidance that I wish to share with you. Firstly I wish for you to sit peacefully gaining a deep meditative state that is appropriate for you; then please invoke me to draw close to you.

‘Lord Merlin, I honour your presence and the insights that you wish to share with me, I ask that you draw close to my energies now and assist me in appreciating and accepting your presence around me.’

(Give yourself time to sense or acknowledge my energy.)

‘Lord Merlin, I ask that you assist me in activating the magic of the Creator that I hold within my soul, let the mind and intentions of my soul come forth into my comprehension so that I may accept and understand the wisdom available to me. Help me to feel the presence of magic around and within me and assist me in accepting that I am the creator of my reality. Help me to now change or enhance my reality by observing the beliefs, emotions and thoughts within me. Allow me to understand how to make the changes that are appropriate for me, comprehending my reality and myself in a new way. I ask that you now guide me on this process of discovery. Thank you.’

(Give yourself time to sense or experience.)

Again I am asking you to draw upon the trust and belief within you as these are needed in order to comprehend the teachings of magic. When we do not trust we close down our minds and hearts and block all inspiration or insights from crossing our path. To remain in a state of faith is to remain in a state of openness and acceptance.

Let the magic of the Creator activate from within you, manifesting miracles all around you.

I am Lord Merlin

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