Awareness of Self – Archangel Michael – Natalie Glasson

Awareness of Self by Archangel Michael
There are many reasons why you are in existence as a light or energy soul within a physical solid and sensitive body. The physical plane in which you are anchored into allows for such a wealth of learning and self discovery. It allows for you to be separated from everything around you viewing everything as a diverse and unique energy and influence in your reality. You are of course completely at one with your surroundings and the energies of the Creator but the conditions of your physical body make separation seem your reality and unity seem an illusion. Your physical body is a tool to aid your understanding of energy, thoughts, emotions and the affects of your actions. It can assist you in understanding your strengths and power as well as where focus and concentration must be placed. The body allows for an experience of duality and encourages the individual to care for their body, therefore teaching the individual to care for themselves. To care for yourself is in truth to follow your spiritual path and to achieve self discovery. To discovery your true self is to understand your needs as a physical and spiritual being, realising that these are not the same as the needs of your personality or ego. To care for yourself is to bring yourself into a natural balance, to exist in perfect health in mind, body and soul. It is important to see your physical body as a valuable aspect of your spiritual path while understanding that to increase your spiritual awareness is in fact an essential aspect of caring for your entire being and manifesting perfect and complete natural health and wellbeing.
With the realisation of the wonderful lessons that the body offers, light workers on the Earth are encouraged to be more fully aware of their energy within their physical body and the energy of the physical body itself. After all the physical body has a wise energy of guidance which if discovered and accessed can bring great enlightenment and illumination.
I encourage you to touch something and to observe your reaction allows you to understanding yourself, your conditioning and your truth more fully. Allow yourself to try this now, sit peacefully and focus on your breathing gaining a deeper stillness within you. Ask for your senses and awareness of yourself to be enhanced by your soul or guides, then allow yourself with focus and observation to reach out and touch something that is around you. Observe the sensation on the skin of your finger tips, the effect that the sensations has on your emotions, mood and mind. Does it trigger memories or does it have an impact on your being? You may not be aware of anything at first, so try touching something different being aware of yourself at all times, even the extension of your arm as your fingers reach to touch an object. I would like for you to experiment with this, practice it for a few minutes simply being aware of yourself or alert to your energy and reactions. This is a wonderful practice that almost allows you to observe yourself and to act in slow motion.
Now I ask that you walk slowly around your home, your room or even in nature, being aware of yourself and your surroundings, observing the feelings inyour body as you walk, seeing the reactions of your emotions and mood as you view the colours and objects that surround you. It is almost as if you are contemplating your being and surroundings simultaneously, you are also observing your own reactions to your surroundings. There are many purposes to this practice not only does it make you aware of what is having a positive or negative effect on your energy from your reality, it also allows you to understand the feelings and thoughts that you create, when you know and understand them fully you are then able to alter and master yourself with greater ease. It is a form of meditation and healing for yourself. Most people run through their realities on the Earth, their senses may be open but they either ignore their feelings, thoughts and intuition or they have not yet learnt to utilise them to aid their understanding of themselves. Some are fearful that they are already being bombarded with energy and to awaken to their senses would be too overwhelming but when you understanding yourself on numerous levels of your being and are aware of the energies around you it is easier for you to take control, protecting yourself or releasing unneeded energies. You are then able to bring forth greater wellbeing, joy, health and spiritual advancement because you understand what your entire being needs to remain balanced, in harmony and attuned to the Creator, realising that you do not have to invite certain energies into your reality whether they come from outside influences, your mind or emotions.
Imagine if you were able to walk through a single day with the awareness that you have as you touch something or move around a room with intention and observation. You would discover so much about yourself, even people and experiences that you attract which are lowering your vibrations and how certain things bring you more joy than your realised. You would even understand how your mind hinders or helps you throughout your day and how active or inactive your emotions are. Walking through one single day with intention and inspection of yourself would be the equivalent of discovering the world because the wealth of knowledge that you would gain would be immense. Following this you would be able to make numerous changes to your reality, actions, thoughts and feelings to aid your further happiness and wellbeing. Sometimes a realisation may occur that the things we eat or do are actually harmful to us, we may wonder why we hadn’t realised this before but it is because we hadn’t taken the time to listen to our body or intuition.
You are more than welcome to try achieving your daily routine with a sense of awareness and observation; I encourage you to have the intention to do so. You do not have to exist in slow motion but simply hold the intention in your mind of being observant of yourself and surroundings especially your reactions. The most important key to mention here is to not allow yourself to enter into a judgemental perspective as this will only cause suffering, a loving observant perspective is much more valuable.
Allow yourself to discover your truth, Creator presence and to improve your wellbeing by allowing yourself to be alert to your senses, thoughts and feelings as you embark on your reality on the Earth. You will discover so much about yourself if you allow yourself to. Be loving to yourself at all times and ask your guides or me, Archangel Michael, to assist you in increasing your awareness and activating your senses appropriately so that you may become aware of the energy within and around you, taking a new and wonderful step towards unity with the Creator. Discovering yourself as the Creator by discovering all illusions and embracing all truths.
I am here by your side, you have my support,
I am Archangel Michael

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