Ascended Master Kuthumi – Love at Home = Love in Action – Chanel Lingenfelder

Ascended Master Kuthumi

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

Love at Home = Love in Action

6 February – Durban South Africa

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Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

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Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of Love and Wisdom to great thee at this time and to give unto thee a blessing of greater understanding, for thee to be at one with thyself and at the same time to be completely at one with those that you love and that you live with. Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather yet again in the presence of light and the presence of the Christ, understand that as with everything else in your world it is your choice as to what you do with your time, what you prefer to do in your space and who you prefer to share these blessed truths with. One of the most amazing energies currently unfolding on your plane is about understanding the self. Now I can hear you saying, but Kuthumi, we have heard that so many times before, haven’t you.

A: Yes.

MK: Well you are going to hear it a few hundred times more

A: Much laughter.

MK: The shifting energy and shifting planes upon your would now allows for a greater understanding of your self. As with everything else we can not bombard you and take you into a vacuumed space where you will not be able to understand a single word I am sharing with you, therefore we release these energies so to speak, bit by bit, for you to integrate these thus giving us time to change the spoon as we feed you.

A: Laughter.

MK: They are wearing thin, I must add. Beloved ones if you could look at the over all picture given at this time to the planet to mankind and to humanity you would see something rather grand and beautiful and we understand that there are times in your lives where you find it rather trying or testing to see these pictures, to understand these pictures, and to be able to be part of the grand plan that plays itself out so magnificently. But hear these words you beautiful beings, each and everyone of you here, and those that may come to hear or read these very words, there is a magnificent Godly plan of Supreme Supernal Love outplaying itself into your lives and each of you are a precious jewel of God/Goddess, and what is happening now is for you at an individual level to begin to polish your own stone so that it can reflect your magnificence, which is in your heart.

Getting to know yourself, and I would like to add at this time of the earths unfolding new reality, is a grand experience for it has been thousands of years since humanity last were able to be in touch with their reality as is now revealed to you and to others like you, therefore we can not stress enough how totally and absolutely blessed you are, to be able to be in this embodiment, exactly where you are at in your life and thus the key there is to embrace that. Now you begin to embrace the fact that you are in your lives and you are in a given situation of embodiment yet not always totally understanding the reasons behind all that let alone jump for joy because of the situation that you find yourself within. Challenges do happen and of course the inevitable question marks always play themselves out.

Now, these energies are extremely important for you to be able to face yourself in such a way, that you can now begin to change the masks that you wear, into that of a far more natural flavour, and what I mean by that is, that you as light workers, light bearers, can begin to step forward as working with a united energy, in other words reckoning with a united force of love where you demand to be yourself at any given time, no matter what performance may play itself out behind the scenes, for in the new life, or in the new energy that you are within (which will increase dramatically as time speeds up) you will come to face yourself as not only the player in your life but also very much as the director, as the script writer, you will also be the camera man or woman, in fact you are going to be the entire team in what ever it takes to make one of the most magnificent movies you have ever seen, called life.

Now to enable you, to allow you to play this out into sincere perfection you need to be at ease within your current situation. Now in your current situation where you are finding yourself at, understand that life is a moving constant. Cliché….life’s about clichés aren’t they. Paradox….life is about Paradoxes isn’t it? Therefore the moving constant, the shift in change of polarity within a fully anchored position is what will give you the energy to change. Change you must, for the winds of change is what propels you forward into a direction of new energies and by that you simply have to breathe, in each moment, for you to fully experience it. For each breathe in each new moment should bring to you a brand new life experience. If not you are breathing stale air. Are you? Most people are for they refuse to go forward and take in a new breathe of light in a different direction but rather they prefer to sit within the same environment, breathing in the same stale air, breathing in the same toxins as what they are releasing and therefore are unable to shift and change, thus when you bring the positive and negative, the opposites together in one constant flow of change what you get is a moving constant, and that moving constant is you in the present moment, in the NOW, and if you are in your NOW, NOW then that means that you should be in your NOW a moment from NOW, correct? Indeed, if not you are lost.

Beloved ones, in the moment of now, in the truth of who you are and in the process of this yearning inner self that expresses itself for what ever reason or need, lies the beauty of you in such a magnificent picture or way rather, and that essence or that expression of beauty is what is slowly being revealed to you. Now you may not be aware of it, but humanity at the moment as a whole are experiencing a lot of new energies all the time. Have you found that recently you have been able to connect with strangers much quicker? I am not saying, sitting down and entertaining each other over a cup of tea, but what I am saying is being able to talk to strangers at a quicker level and also to be able to express yourself for who you truly are and blessings be you, find a way of sharing your truth without offending them. Now that is the new energy, it is part of the crystalline frequency that is coming forth, as has been explained to you previously. Everyone is exposed to the changing energies whether they are aware of it or not, and these are very much shall we say the effects, or side effects, or after shocks, or whatever you want to call it of the crystalline frequency, allowing vibrations of light now to come onto the planet where you are able to now sincerely share who you are without;

a) Having to offend the person you are speaking to

b) Convincing them of what you are speaking about and

c) Having to have the full knowing and knowledge that your speaking is true, or what you are sharing is the truth.

So what that means is in a nutshell, behind the scenes, the light workers on your planet are being, shall we say, lifted up into a more refined vibration of light that will increase your frequency of confidence. And in that confidence lays the jewel, the magnificent jewel that you are. In that confidence, if you could but take confidence and package it and put it into a beautiful wrapper, and put a beautiful bow on it, and place it in a beautiful box, confidence would have the most exquisite fragrance. It would. It would be beautiful to look at, it would be beautiful to hold, and that confidence is the energy that is delivered to you NOW, consciously or unconsciously, according to your beliefs. So you are now attracting to the self that which you reflect out. So you are beginning to make friends with yourself, various aspects of yourself and what is the easiest way of getting that energy across to you? To allow yourself introduction to various aspects of yourself reflected by another, and usually a stranger, do you follow me?

A: Yes


MK: We have given this channel a task for this group specifically, and in truth the messages that she sends out to those that is in contact with her throughout the world, that needs to hear this, and that is taking you through a process of love, as the first 14days of February you are being worked on, on a subconscious level by the angelic helpers, your guides as you refer to them, on relationships at home. Now I will share on that in a moment, and for the second half in other words the second 14days of February you will be taken through very much the same process of relationships at work. During the first 14 days you are being shown a way of understanding that relationships at home equals love in action, and the latter, love in expression, and of course the culmination of that on one of the major key dates within one of the first three months of your calendar year.

There is a reason behind everything in life, and there is much reason behind these teachings, in fact I will go as far as to say often much more and far greater than most realise, and still because of the intimidating fear factor more than most want to realise.

Now beloved ones, looking at your home situation. If you look at the relationships that you find yourself within at home I want you to understand that the concept of that energy is very, very wide, as it is with the relationships at work. I will not go into any of that as yet. The relationships that you have at home plays an incredibly important factor in your life, in the sense that each of those persons and beings and energies is a reflection or holds a mirror reflection of you, that goes for your partner, your spouse, your children, siblings, that goes for your animals, and of course having to incorporate all living things literally the plants in and around your house and your garden, for as a conscious being…..


Take note…..I mentioned conscious being, there is hope, there is yet hope.

A: Smiles

MK: As a conscious master in the making, you have the ability to connect to every other living thing it matters not of what vibration or dimensional reflection be that from the 1st up until the unending 144 000th dimension, it matters not. You as a human being, you have the force of life, blood, pumping through your body, pulsed by the heart (the pump of the body) and this energy works along with the etheric side of you, which is your chakric system that acts as smaller pumps for the etheric energy which then pumps it into the rest of your etheric energy system, pumping the prana, the energy, the life force, or whatever you wish to call it, around your etheric bodies until eventually that begins to expand and grow, so from a physical and non physical point of view, you are a living entity.


Everyone in your life, in your immediate life (we will get to the rest later I can read your mind) everyone has an influence on your life and you have an influence on theirs. All of you do have some effect on the etheric grids in and around the planet, on the etheric energy, you all work together to create new pathways of thought therefore you must all share the old, whether you prefer to adhere to those pathways or not. During the last transmission we believe you were given wonderful, wonderful explanations by the Goddess Diana, on energy and the transformer and the transmitter and how that is always ever present whether your television is on or not you are walking through that frequency, do you recall that?

A: Yes

MK: Therefore according to the law of physics, and science, the law of spirituality, matter, antimatter whatever you wish to call all of these laws, there is no escaping the fact that you affect anything that is alive, as that or they affect you, if you allow it. That’s the trick. The human, being the blessed being that you are having received the most amazing blessings from the Creator to spend yet another lifetime upon this beautiful paradise of yours, you are created with far more intelligence than any other living being upon your planet. Well that is how it is supposed to be.

A: Giggles.

MK: It is really and truly up to you if you are going to embrace that or not. So therefore being the planet of free choice which means free thinking, it your decision as to what you allow to happen to you to influence you and what you are going to give off which you would like to influence or affect another with. On that level it matters not what the complex, if you like, situation is within your very busy home lives or relationships, or friendships, or even the relationship that you have with your animals or plants. What matters is what you want to give off, to allow that relationship to blossom and to grow. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is, that in any relationship where there is two or more people coming together or two or more reflections of one being, the key is that you need to breathe new air into that situation which will allow you to learn new things, or do you keep playing the same song, again, and again and again like a stuck record, or are you singing a new song and then in fact if your relationship challenges you with your partner with your friends it matters not who it may be in such a way that it actually leaves you depleted and unhappy in some way, know that you are breathing stale air. Know that you are reversing back into a old situation instead of stepping into a new experience. In fact make a point of playing a little game with yourself and that is, let us see in your day to day lives if you can get yourself so far, not to complain about the same thing twice.

Give it some thought. Do you think you could get it in your heart not to complain about the same thing twice, because if you do you are going back into stale air instead of breathing in a new experience. And the reason why I am using the example of complaining is because that is one of the grandest tools that humanity use to dig there own holes so that they can continue breathing the same air. They love to complain about themselves and everyone else, over and over and over. We have given you the explanation before of a request unto God, and that it need not be repeated again and again and again, because God has ears you know.

A: Laughter

MK: Well, so does everyone else you know. And there is nothing more terrifying than having to listen to someone complain about the same thing, over and over and over. But that is a human energy, and that is one of the keys we would like for you to work on, for by releasing your attachment to the need to complain you will be able to upstage or upgrade your vibration to such an extent that you will begin to train yourself to breathe in new air constantly, instead of having to go back, to go and fetch oxygen from an area that is completely stale.

Beloved ones it is very important for you to become extremely aware of the energetic relationships that play themselves out at home.


MK: Over the next year or two, one of the grand aspects that you will be introduced to is to see yourself as an observer, and the reason for that is definitely and most definitely not to introduce you to a aloof side or a way out of your already complex and sometimes perturbed personalities, but rather to bring you into the understanding of your own power, and it is for that very reason I Kuthumi have asked you during the last month of the Christed year 2009, to embrace January with a energy that will allow you to be very powerful without of having to force yourself upon others, you do recall that. Now all of these energies take you into a new direction of communication, and the way to do that is to teach you somehow, someway, to become the divine observer of your life, for if you are not observing what are you doing?

A: Nothing

MK: Nothing is a good one, anyone else; there are a few answers to this. One in particular which I would like to share with you and that is, defending. For if you observe there would be no need within that now moment to have to bring a clash of the positive and the negative, the two polarities, for you to see it creates sparks, to have some charge over another, for that is exactly what happens beloved ones. If you are confronted by someone else, or they are confronting you and we are for the purpose of this exercise referring today only the processes within your home life and personal life, as I mentioned it matters not with which being. There is an energy outplaying itself, like between the positive and the negative of a charge, and when these two energies come together, what happens is etherically it creates a spark doesn’t it. When that spark happens that spark is what gives off sparks. Have you ever heard the term ‘and then the sparks flied’.

A: Yes

MK: Yes, the sparks fly in all directions and depending on who is attracting the most sparks gets the most angry, are you following me?

A: Yes

MK: So the person who attracts the most sparks that absorbs the most sparks is the one who gets angriest. So what does the other person do? It has to now defend itself for the person who has now attracted all these sparks are becoming so angry and the more angry they become, the more they need to sustain that energy, that anger, because that anger comes from a multiple other choices which I will share with you in a moment. But for what ever reason the anger is obtained within that person it matters not, the truth here is that it needs to be kept at a changing constant for that person to remain in that anger and that person then needs that anger from you. It needs your sparks to give it life. That’s why it provokes you, and when you defend or offend you are opposing the energy, so you are once again supporting polarity in creating two opposites which then clashes in the very centre, creating more sparks for this person to feed off. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

Mk: Now the key here is to step into the observer seat, but that has became a true art for very often that alone can create friction. Do you know why? It’s because that person feels powerless, absolutely powerless, and it is for that very reason it is so important that when you are having a conversation with someone within your home environment, within your personal life whether it is with your animals or not, to consciously give them your sparks. For if you do, you can control the amount of sparks leaving your energy field thus supporting them. But if you don’t you have no idea how much they are taking from you therefore you have no real control over that which will leave you drained, helpless and sad. And by being the observer stepping into the observing seat if you consciously give them your love and they still react with anger, aggression, with attack, simply love them and walk away. And then do of course a visualization, cutting the cords between the strings that have created the flow of friction between your energy field and theirs and then most importantly place yourself within the violet flame for divine protection, and bless them with the magenta flame, allowing the magenta flame to bring forth the pink flame of unconditional love.

And then don’t complain about them

A: Laughs

MK: Well you can…but only once.

A: Much laughter

MK: Beloved ones, energy on a spiritual (subtle) level take on may forms. As you very well know you are connected to your past through and through, in fact you are far more connected than most of you really know. In many cases you are your past, of course your future, and you are that by being your present, your now. Now when it comes to inheritin, inheriting financial wealth and abundance is a minute and small fraction of what you do inherit. Most of the greater part of your inheritance is usually etheric, and also in your DNA.

You inherited your mothers moods, have you ever heard anybody saying that. Have you inherited your fathers artistic side or you inherited the way your grandfather spoke. How was that possible? It is only possible because of the DNA lineage and of course the ancestral energy which is another great energy playing itself out at this time as part of the clearing process of Mother Earth’s collective bodies, in general.

One of the other avenues that often robs you of your energy so to speak is of course the lower astral plane.

Where daaaarkness looms………..

Only when the light is out, and of course, you are the light, so wherever you are there can not be any darkness. Beloved ones the astral world is a very real world, I was for a moment truly tempted to use the word tangible, but to us it is tangible, and it is a world that most of you are extremely familiar with for as you live your day to day life you are scripting the play of your 4th dimensional experience, now let me explain that in a better way.

As you repeat negative experiences in your life, and I’m referring to harping on bad news, harping on negativity speaking negatively about another, you create a whole new vacuum of energy that starts to spin a vortex of light or darkness depending on how negative you become which eventually will be part of your passage when existing Earth, as the experiences that you will go through then is what you are creating now, let me give you an example, for I see a few of you are rather puzzled. Let us say for example every day you say to yourself,

“One of these days this planet is not going to have enough water, and the world is going to starve being thirsty, look at what they are doing to the water, look at how they are poisoning the rivers, look at this, look at that, look at that”.

You are not doing anything good about it, all you are doing is complaining about what is not there, now that negative experience you will come to face when leaving here, for that negative energy will be part of the experience that you have engrained into your subconscious which has to be part of your passage out of here. That is why it is very important to understand that you create your pass over or cross over, and within every living day you take ownership of your thoughts and your beliefs which will eventually support you as you leave this earth plane and you travel through the vacuum of the lower 4th, higher 4th and into the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th dimension and of course the angelic realm an so on and so forth. So be aware of these negative experiences because it mirrors all within your personal environment, reflecting to you at a changing, moving constant, just how confusing you are, or how negative you are, and believe me these teachings are about supporting you into a new way of life, to take on a higher vibration of light. It is for that reason we suggest that you share this with anyone that may be of interest to this information. For why create a living hell because that is all hell is. It is a figment of your imagination and by telling yourself everyday that all of the world out there is bad, you are creating negativity and badness within your own current situation. For you have the power to change atoms through your thoughts, so by constantly complaining on that which is not you absolutely give no support to change this into something it should be, for you are keeping it back, you do not take a cup of your crystal water and go down to the river and pour this into the river with a blessing for the river, blessing the river, no rather you would continue complaining about how filthy the river really is.

So, the relationships within your home life is what reflects all of these energies, so that you are able to get yourself into a position of such divine self love that you have absolutely no desire what so ever to be the offender, to be the one that has to always pretend, to be the one that has to always defend, but rather to put yourself into the unconditional aspect of love, which is you in your now, as the greatest observer.

Of course everything in life is about balance, and there are always the scales of justice and truth that comes into these energies, and here on the other end of what I have just mentioned is, aloofness. So, how good an observer are you really, without becoming aloof, it is a tough one. Life is a game….…play it, play it, and play it well.

So be aware of this for very often aloofness is what creates huge friction between two people and then the sparks fly, and then if there is not enough sparks it will continue until more sparks fly. If you are faced in any situation from this day forward in any argument what so ever rather freeze the moment with whoever you are having a disagreement about. Forget about the word argue, allow that word to be out of your vocab, and take on the new energy of disagreement. For that is, a just energy. For it is not meant for everyone to be in agreement, it’s not possible, therefore you are shall we say legally allowed to disagree, yes. And then one of your most famous is to agree to disagree not so yes, and that is a miracle on its own, if you could agree to disagree then you are truly a wonderful observer. Observing your own power, observing theirs, giving them your love. Beloved ones, I ask you this, anyone here that has a little animal, a cat or a dog, or any animals for that matter? Familiar with animals? When an animal wants your attention what happens. Please explain sister.

S: They come running up to you.

MK: And what do they do.

S: They jump up, or bark, or nudge you.

MK: Yes, and the moment you give them your attention, they calm down don’t they.

S: Yes.

MK: It is exactly like that with energy so if you consciously give to another as much as you can afford, then they will never be able to take that which you do not have. For that is how energy robbing works when you are with someone that drains you, have you ever experienced that?

A: Yes.

MK: That means they have depleted all of the energy you had available for yourself. So they have taken even as far as your reserves, and your reserve is reached when symptoms physically start showing, for remember, everything that happens physically firstly ultimately happens etherically, so you were etherically already exhausted, long before the physical symptoms start showing, so they have already drained your resources when you start feeling physically ill, and you now physically feel “I can not take this anymore” thus they have depleted you of your reserves. And they now are climbing up the ladder trying to get energy from your higher self, and when that happens it opens the gates for unpleasant entities to enter, because then it is a free for all. It is a big party and everyone can come, and there is a massive blood bath and they can all suck you dry, for you cannot defend yourself in the sense of upholding your energy powerfully within your own right, you are too exhausted, all you want to do is leave, because if you were strong enough you would’ve said….NO MORE. Thank you, I’m out of here. Wouldn’t you?

A: Yes

MK: Only a fool wouldn’t. But then again many a great Master was a wonderful fool at first. So again there is hope. Hope springs eternal.

Beloved ones, in revealing, or rather for some of you recapping what I am sharing with you this day, the objective is to make you aware once again of the many powerful energies at play that you are not aware of, just as you are not always aware of the invisible world supporting you, so too are you not always aware of the invisible world stripping you. And the invisible world I referring to here is more often than not created by someone that is truly visible. It is usually someone that is close to you, often within a relationship, the husband and the wife or the two partners shall we rather say, face a situation where they feed off each other, instead of supporting one another. That is why it is important for you to now understand these beautiful concepts on a grander level and in so doing be in support of your own magnificence and your own growth, and to breathe in fresh air, to take on new experiences and letting the past go. Letting the past go first of all begins with letting the negativity go , because it is far, far more challenging to erase the negative experiences from your memory banks than it is to put new positive ones in. So make a point of becoming a more positive person, and if you wish to express some negativity make a point of knowing what you are saying, being aware of what you are sharing and share it in such a way that you understand that you have something that you need to get off your chest and perhaps it takes 3 times for you to be able to share that to get that off your chest……… but for heaves sake then let it go.

Beloved ones, with the shifting energies of the New Planet Earth, and the far greater awareness of your Cosmic Consciousness comes too, the experience of responsibly and being response able, means being able to respond, instead of react. That is one of my favourite, favourite sayings, so stop being reactive by responding to your self love and in that response give that love to the other person consciously. And then be strong enough to be able to cut the cords should you have the need to do so. Instead of letting them suck you dry to the extent where you no longer have any energy to fall back on, and the only thing that you can do is actually lie down or sleep or be still, because you are so tired you have no idea how to get yourself out of that downward spiral, you know what I am talking about.

A: Yes.

MK: Be aware of this, and when you are aware of these energies then that means you have acted in love. In other words you have now put an action to your love, that is why your home life should reflect your love in action, and if your love is in action then there needn’t be any other reactions. For why do you need to be in a position, to have what you already know reaffirmed to having some unsure person acknowledge that they are wrong.

Only a fool does that….In my books anyway.

Why do you need to have to be the one to be bigger and stronger when you know it matters not where you are from but rather were you are heading towards.

Only a fool would do that.

Why do you have to be the one that knows everything knowing the truth has many faces.


Truth loves to change, shape shift as you say. Truth loves to move because truth is a moving constant. Beloved ones where you are heading towards in your lives, there is no more time for the insecure human, and in that security know that the most important thing you need to do to have your love into full action, is to be able to observe your self form your highest ideal. And that means to allow everyone around you to reflect to you through their eyes your heart. It’s a challenge, but it is one worth winning. It’s one you need to overcome and as I said the interesting part then is for you to then walk through the path of justice without falling under the umbrella of aloofness, the umbrella of blame, judgement, shame and all of that. For those energies are gone now, or that needs go now, you need to put these energies to bed now, we can not keep bringing them back and harping on them, for there are many other lessons waiting to be earned and learnt. Many other great exciting experiences that are at hand. And that’s why we ask you today to never in an argument ever mention the word argue, but disagree rather. Because disagree comes with discernment, and argue is caused by judgement. Do you follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: Very well, please close your eyes, for a brief activation of energy.

Beloved ones, now visualise yourself in your home life, visualise yourself in your favourite place within your house, or your home. Be that in the living room, be that in the kitchen, or the dining room, be that outside within your gardens, it matters not, just visualise yourself sitting in your most peaceful spot in your house, and if you live in an apartment find the most beautiful spot in that apartment that you feel most at ease with. And for those of you living in a place you can not stand and finding it difficult to imagine this, come and see me later, because then there is a problem there.

A: Laughter.

MK: Beloved ones, I now wish for you to connect to your heart chakra. In your heart chakra I want you to imagine a magnificent pink flame. I now want you to visualise this pink flame burn brighter and brighter. And then like sonic vibrations I want you to give off a radiance of pink love travelling from your heart centre in circles, increasing in size the further in travels, until you send a sonar of love, of unconditional love from your heart pulsing through the rest of your property, your house, if you live in an apartment building it will not harm to go beyond the borders, or for those of you who live in urban homes you may go past your borders, allowing this unconditional love frequency to transform all of the energy within your home.

Long Pause.

I now want you to recall within your mind the sound that dolphins make.


Have you got that?

A: Yes.

MK: Now send this frequency in combination with the radiant pink light from your heart centre from this favourite place in your building, in your home, to the rest of your home

Long Pause.

I want you now to concentrate on receiving that same love back. Some of you may have noticed that since you have introduced the two energies of colour and sound together in your visualization it almost feels as though some of the energy has been returned to you. Has anyone experienced anything like that?

A: Some say not yet, some say yes.

MK: Not yet…some?

A: Yes.

MK: It almost feels like you are sending out these vibrations of light and love and sound and they are being returned to you. Did anyone experience that?

A: Mumbling

MK: Yes or No. No, anyone yes?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, that is what you need to concentrate on now. I want you now again back in your space, your favourite space in your home. Again from your heart centre send out these radiant pink energies from the pink flame of your unconditional love centre, send out these vibrations or rings of love that increases in size the further away they go. Then add sound to that and for this particular exercise I would like for you to combine the sound that dolphins make, and send that out as well. So you’ve got a visual as well as a sonic vibration leaving from your heart out into your home and beyond that. And then eventually some of you may feel that, that energy is being returned to you. If not I want you now to visualise that somewhere out there, and don’t place a limitation on it, this love hits some barrier that reflects it back. And then become aware that these pink vibrations and these dolphin sounds then come back to you and gathers back into the very centre of your heart.


As you sow, so shall you reap.


Whatever you give out to others is what eventually comes back to you.


Now, I want you to create a visualisation within your mind, of you in the same place or same space, some spot within your home. Now invoke all of the people in your life; even the ones that you may not live with, that you are related to. Be that a friendship relationship, or blood relationships, or a dog, or a cat, even if they have passed on, ask for the presence of their higher self to bring forth an energy aspect of them, for the purpose of clearing and then invoke their presence for them to sit all around you creating a circle around you, within this beautiful place, this favourite space that you find yourself within.

It matters not if the distance between you and them is a meter or two or three or more; just get them under your roof, so to speak.


Now I want you to become aware that a few more beings will join your circle, ones you didn’t even think of. Are you with me?

A: Yes.

MK: Is this happening to you?

A: Yes.


MK: And the circle expands, doesn’t it?

Very well then, now set the intent that if any other being would like to be part of this vibration, for them to give their energy to be part of this clearing, even if they are not visually present within your current imagination, or exercise visualisation.


And now I want you to repeat this. Again from your heart radiating a powerful vibration of love like you take a little stone and you throw it into a pond and watch it creating vibration upon vibration creating beautiful circles as the energy clears. Allow your heart to give off these beautiful vibrations of unconditional love, and now bring in the sound of the dolphins, allowing this sound and this colour vibration to travel from your heart connecting to the circle that surrounds you and then allowing them to send that same vibration back to you, allowing this energy to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, at least three times.

Long pause.

Beloved ones, now simply in your heart set the intent that if there are any ill feelings or imbalanced energy between you and any aspect of yourself within this or any alternate reality for that to be put at ease and utter peace.


Now from your heart chakra, I wish for you to radiate this unconditional pink flame out into the cosmos, out there. Now visualise the same pink flame being radiated from every person that surrounds you’s heart charka, in every single direction that you can think of, as they radiate out this energy to every other reflection they might entertain on which ever level they came into contact with, or might come into contact with, or for any other reality that they are a part of within this or any alternate realities


Now visualise, forming around your body a magnificent golden tunnel of light. Now visualise this golden tunnel of light extending out to the higher self of every person that surrounds you, visualise this in any way or form that you are comfortable with.


Beloved ones, in this way you create a divine connection between you and their higher self, your higher self to theirs, and thus you begin to build a communication bridge stating that you wish to have complete and utter peace within your life, on every level possible and that any energy that seeks you out, or you are exposed to, that will tempt you into an argumentative state be dissolved instantly. And thus, now state very firmly and very kindly, your request to the higher self of all of those beings that surround you, to oversee their immediate processes, and for them to bring forth a healing energy that prevents them from being affected by any other or alternate realties that enviably creates a friction, or a vibration and thus a spark between you and them. In other words let bygones be bygones, and with that invoke the presence of peace into your lives and into your relationships.

Now visualise all of you in a magnificent pure white crystalline energy, in a ball or star tetrahedron shape energy, a three dimensional Merkaba energy. Some of you may see yourself in a far more complex energy, into an Icosahedron, or dodecahedron energy, or a hexagon energy, in any of the platonic solids, but for those of you that prefer to just see a bubble, see yourself and all of those beings in this bubble of light. Now place your home within this bubble of light. Now, if there are any one of these beings that you have surrounding you, for this particular activation that does not live in the same home as you do, extend this bubble of light for them to be incorporated into this exercise or into this activation, even including their own property, even it is happens to be thousands of kilometres away from you.


If you have been to their home previously and you can visualise their home, place their home into this protective bubble, and if not use the power of intent to do so.


Beloved ones, I want you to visualise a magnificent crystalline spark of light above each of their homes and yours, about ten meters above your roof, visualise a glowing crystalline sparkle of light. And now visualise about ten meters below their houses and yours, a golden sparkle of light in the earth, and as you have your soul and earth stars grounding you either to the heavens above as below, you now are asked to communicate through these stars of light above and below their residence for the golden star beneath to absorb all of the negativity and to release all of this into the planet with the planet being able to transmute all of this into the light, and of course the crystalline star above their homes and yours, to draw in new fresh air, new energy, to charge their homes and yours, and in so doing you bring your self as an observer to be a full part of an amazing experience with those that you have relationships with. And we sincerely hope that you have included all of your cats and dogs, and your animals for those of you that have other animals.

Now again, visualise yourself sitting alone in your favourite spot.


I now want you to find a feeling in your heart that you can feel what it feels like to sit within that favourite spot that you have. Get a feeling, feel how you feel that makes you feel so good to be repeatedly sitting in that spot enjoying it for whatever reason. Have you got that, all of you?

A: Yes.

MK: Any of you needing more time….it is important.

Now I want you to release a small fraction of that feeling and plant it into the heart of every other person that was in that circle.


The reason why we are doing this is to make them aware of what makes you feel so fantastic. And with that we would like for you to become more aware of what makes them feel so fantastic. Have you got that?

A: Yes.

MK: Beloved ones visualise once again the beautiful pink flame in your heart. Now extend from your heart consciously, any energies you want to give to anyone else that surrounds your circle if light. Give consciously to them your love. If there are ones you have friction with, give consciously to them your love, and do it in such a way that eventually you see the friction dies off and all you have is a beautiful flower.


Now bring your consciousness back into your now moment. Keep that vibration of love in your heart, and be happy. Ground yourself back into your present time frame, stretch your arms and legs, move about, and for those of you in deep slumber, wake up!

Beloved ones, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed that, there is such a need for you to see your relationships on new levels and believe me the easiest and the only way to do that is to see yourself as anew. Breathe in new air. Let the stale air go, and concentrate only on that which is good and kind and beautiful. And thus by creating, for those of you that was with us (someone fell asleep) the reflection of the crystalline star above the home, and the golden star below the home, if there is any negativity contained within the house that you are aware of, that you aren’t able to resolve if you share the space with others, set the intent for the angelic helpers from the elemental kingdom, to assist you to through the golden star draining and releasing all of the excess negativity, releasing it unto the planet, who then gladly transmutes that for you, without them knowing. There is no need for you to tell them, and in the same way when you do that, automatically set the intent that through the crystalline star vibration above the home you call upon the angelic and those of the ascended realms to bless your home with a whole new vibration of light that simply fills it up like beams of light. The same you way you can invoke this energy to support you through your soul star and your earth star not so, which also has the vibration of silver and gold, not so? So we have now etherically guided you to create that same energy around your home. And when you leave your home, invoke the presence of the elementals and those of the angelic realm, and archangelic realm, and ascended realms and ask them to continue keeping this vibration of light even though you are not present, or even though you no longer reside there. So when you leave, leave the beauty behind, because you can create it elsewhere, leave it for someone else even though they may never know of it. Perhaps they might be in a relationship that is a bit shaky and the moment they move into your house, things change.

Beloved ones, in this way you pass on the love that you are in that beautiful mirror reflection that shines from your heart out to the heart of others, the very reflection that you see through their eyes.

I am Kuthumi, I give you my love and my blessings this day as we have come to the end of this transmission and I ask that you make a concerted effort to go forth this day and be the blessing that you truly are.


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  1. Please tell me that youre likely to bare this up! Its so good and thus important. I cant wait to see more from you. I just seem like you know so much and understand how to make people listen to what you have to say. This blog is just too cool to become missed. Fantastic stuff, truly. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

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