The Crown Centre Doorway to Mastery – Goddess Diana and Pallas Athena – Chanel Lingenfelder

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Goddess Diana and Pallas Athena  

The Crown Centre Doorway to Mastery

 Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder


Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing

*** *** ***

Greetings to you I AM Diana, I AM the Goddess of Light, I AM the Goddess of Love.

A: Greetings.

GD: Many of you are quite aware that I am also known very powerfully as a Goddess of war, but as you understand, war has many facets, war has many faces and certainly perhaps the most comfortable of these expressions for me is not be known as a war Goddess but rather as a warrioress.

We are currently creating tremendous grid systems around your planet and when I say we I am referring to many beings of light that have come to gather at this time, creating a symphony of beauty, of splendour, of love. Creating a symphony of the most astounding colour and sound frequencies humanity has ever been exposed to, shall we say. Or rather not, being exposed to is perhaps too critical, being comfortable with integrating that is another story altogether, so little by little we introduce to you wonderful ways of integrating more frequency and more light in such a way that you are able to embrace the self from a pure divine level, from a pure divine aspect of seeing creation as that which you are, which of course you know.

The time grids being placed around your planet are certainly creating a new divine frequency. As many of you know much is taking place behind the scenes and behind the curtains so to speak of this show, the drama of your life, in fact there is very little that humanity knows for sure about, that humanity is able to understand from the aspect of the reality of this creation. The lightworkers as you refer to yourselves, you understand this, you know about this, yet there is also a level of concern, perhaps quite an alarming concern in many ways as many of the lightworkers at the moment are facing tremendous challenges, tremendous conflict within themselves, within their lives and within the general outplay of that which they have set aside for them to come to experience this time around.

We the Goddesses of Light and the Lords of Light together with the Cosmic Council and all of the Ascended Masters, the Ladies and the Lords of Light from all of the various levels, the most intriguing levels, we are all in some way currently joining together in heart to support you for you need it. For you see the time zone that is being altered at this time is the one that will determine the outcome of all of this, which has already been predecided. It is a done deal, it is now purely for you to get through this final stage of this most magnificent unfolding plan and if you could relate it perhaps to a race then you will know that you are now in the last stretch, in the straight and you can see the end is there, the end is of course for you the beginning of something brand new not so. So now is really the time that you must hold your energies together, that you must hold yourself to be powerful within yourself, to support and to love each other, rather than to create dismay or perhaps negativity amongst one another. There has been a call and it has been heard within the Realms of Light for the lightworkers around your planet to begin to become friends, to come together, to work together, for you are all working for the same cause aren’t you?

A: Yes.

GD: So get out of your ego self and get into your beautiful self and from that platform hold hands, share and care and be as one. Now that which I have just described to you of course is the New Energy that is contained within the evolved Crown Chakra, the lower Crown Chakra was still very much about the individual, very much about you, the person and what your experiences was and of course the more you evolved through that the less you become interested in the self judgement and the more you allow yourself to express more freely, creating a wonderful way of connecting with your friends in not only in higher places but everywhere. The new vibration for the Crown that humanity is now integrating and becoming completely at one with is quite a refined energy in the sense that word service is what will be repeated very often, very often you will come to hear about service.

Now there are very many ways in which you can actually steer yourself from a service point to become more enlightened but of course the ultimate for you is to begin to see the service of the self as that which it should be, in service, and not asking on the one hand in service and asking on the other hand ‘ so what is the reward’, for that is truly, truly time of the old energies that plays out now, the reward is good, it is great, and it is divinely abundant and prosperous, but the reward that you will receive in this new vibration is an automatic acceptance and claiming of your own divine abundance, being abundantly blessed yourself and claim that, and moving away from placing a restriction such as a price tag onto your services, do you understand?

A: Yes.

GD: So your service orientated energies will create a new flow of light for you to teach through, to weave and work through and to experience, in which you will be rewarded in many, many ways, but not necessarily like in the old energy according to a singular price tag, it could be a multiple price tag. It could be something far greater than you expected. If you think back to all of the teachings that you have received over the many, many years through many, many beings you will remember that you have always been asked to expand yourself to such an extent that you can not place a limitation to your worth, you remember that?

A: Yes.

GD: Yes, so I am going to repeat that. The new energy of abundance asks you to leave your worth open and abundantly challenging to receive as much as you deserve, as much as you thought you deserve and therefore it is very important to raise your own level of self worth and to claim for yourself this divine energy, far greater than that which you have actually placed yourself within in times gone by, for the value of yourself is what allows you to release the power of the judgement that holds you by the neck. It is the value of yourself that will now finally bring to you a wonderful way of understanding yourself which is what most or majority of the teachings have been about, to bring about a wonderful way of seeing the self without judgement.

Now that, that is a very, very difficult one, trust me on that. For you to be able to stand and face the mirror of your consequence and not judge yourself, that is truly quite a journey, but nonetheless it is a journey that each and every one of you is already on. It is a journey of self realisation, of understanding the self from the point of divine be-ing-ness in such a way that your worth now almost becomes an open ended possibility, so the essence of this energy is truly asking you now to remove the price tag from your individuality and rather to place yourself in a divine category of authenticness, that is where you are going. And humanity although there are many, many lightworkers on your planet that work very diligently with themselves, they too reach a stage where they feel that they have somehow misjudged themselves. First of all they have misjudged themselves from the point that they should have never had judged themselves about for that brings down the value of the self and secondly they misjudge themselves because often the value that somebody else places on your reality seems to be supersede that which is within the individual thought process, especially those that have been suffering from the lack of energy, those that have been suffering from depression, those that have been suffering from all sorts of illnesses that urges them to create a even greater barrier for themselves called loneliness.

Now retracting into your shell, shall we say, is good in many ways, but you have had many a lifetimes of this, you have had many times that you have actually spent in recluse situations, lifetimes, and this one I am sorry to tell you is not going to be like that and every time you try to create that what happens?

A: Silence.

GD: Anyone?……….oh get on with yourselves.

A: Giggles.

GD: You failed didn’t you, yes. What happened…….you lost value didn’t you? You lost connection didn’t you and every time you tried to crawl into your shell you just become more unhappy didn’t you, yes.

So unfortunately the lightworker journey you have chosen for yourself this time around is going to be (and is) one that is out there and certainly not hiding away. Hiding away in the bushes as I said can be a wonderful pleasant experience in the sense of finding that quite interconnectedness with the self connecting the self with the higher aspect of the self which is very much needed, but from a far grander and greater aspect you are now to step out of that and as you do so, get rid of all of all of your war games, get rid of all your price tags and give yourself that much credit to be able to leave an open ended value to that which you contribute to yourself, to your life and of course the lives of others, that is not to even mention the great part that you play in Creation and of course the great part that all of you play in this unfolding reality as you come to face the final stretch as the end or the new beginning is in sight, so now it is time for you to actually sprint and the only difference is, do it in such a way that you are comfortable at your own speed, meaning your own frequency. Do it in such a way that you are able to hold hands as you cross the finishing or beginning line without having to win or be faster or be better or be brighter or higher it matters not. So now the frequency of this energy that takes you into a more refined vibration is asking you to truly allow yourself to get in touch with your own soul in such a way that you are able to assist and create a wonderful supporting pathway for yourself, your friends and of course your enemies. For where you are off too, heading towards, I am afraid the only enemy that you will have is perhaps your waist line, you are not going to do anymore than that, you are not going to experience anymore than that.

When it comes to the belief systems of your world, you have experienced this energy in many ways. You were introduced to the very bottom level or the lower vibrational energy of this first of all in the base chakra where you are asked to actually label for yourself some beliefs and of course you know what is the easiest way to raise the frequency of the base chakra, yes, what it is, anyone?

A: Silence.

GD: You increase the frequency in the Crown. These energies always work together. In the lower Crown energy you were asked, in the third dimensional Crown energy, you were asked to actually define your belief systems, to understand what they are, and to know them, and practice them and to do so diligently. Then in the second frequency, the second layer of this energy as you raised your divine self into a more magnificent state you were asked to now try and let go of the judgement of your belief systems in trying to impound this onto another, trying to hit them over the head, trying to force this issue into them and now in a new frequencial vibration within the Crown centre as you make this transition from raising your crown vibration from purple to violet and going into a golden frequency as you know, you are asked to actually understand your belief systems in such a way that you no longer need to execute them. In other words this is where the vibration of your crown will bring for you such peace and such calm and such tranquillity that you no longer need to defend your offence. You no longer need to make somebody else understand and make them aware of how you feel about your belief systems, you need not even defend this for you will never be offended by anyone that imposes anything that may or may not be true to you when it comes to that which you believe. For you see at this level this is when you begin to live your reality in a new dimensional frequency. This is when you begin to understand yourself so well that you can actually befriend the various aspects of yourself which obviously as many of you may or may not know is reflected through the Eighth Chakra.

Now when it comes to the power that propels your “need for judgement”, you need to understand the personalities of the self in such a beautiful way that you now truly no longer need to defend any one of them but instead be congruent with yourself. Everyone in the human vibration comes to face many different challenges when it comes to the understanding of the self in the sense of the archetypes, the personalities that it has to face, but now in the new increased frequency within the crown you are asked to let go of the insecure self, the one that always had to place a price tag on everything but rather to embrace that in such a way that you can actually almost not give a price to your value for you are too valuable, you are too magnificent, you are divinely magical, mystical and multi dimensional of course.

In realising these things comes too a reality that asks you to get to the peace stage in your life, to be able to actually simply align yourself and bring yourself into such a state of divine peace and divine tranquillity, so that from that level (this new increased frequency) you can claim all of that which you need to, to be able to integrate this energy, to be able to understand it and most importantly to be able to live it, for you see the way to dream yourself into a new and altered dimension is to live it and what you are being shown through these energies is to raise your frequency to such an extent that you are able to share this with others so when you come around the bend and you have your mates on the left and the right of you and they want to sprint away from you because of their own need to be heard, to be felt, to be reckoned with it is then truly up to you to say, no brother, no sister, come hold my hand and let us journey together to the stars, let us hold this new frequency that we are given in such a way that we and our family and our friends, our light communities can increase the frequency and vibration of those that are unaware of this in such a way, that they too will one day wake up miraculously, reflecting back from the mirror of their own divine reflection there true worth.

You are asked to join hands and hearts, you are asked to support each other and you are asked to now claim for yourself that beauty and that love as the true being that you are. Hold your eyes on the focus of your heart and don’t waver from that, don’t waver from that for in the new vibrational energy of the extended Crown centre once again you will come to face the reality of your beliefs in your heart for as you know it is ultimately the heart that decides, that makes the decision for you, which way to go, when to stay, when to sleep, when to rest and to remind you that you cannot hide yourself away from the world and expect no one to see you.

In your mind I want you to visualise yourself in a beautiful energy of love, visualise yourself surrounded by a most magnificent pink energy, a beautiful soft pink cloud, soft and gentle.


Now visualise yourself standing in front of a beautiful magnificent Temple of Light and from the very tip of the roof, extended is a magnificent Violet flame.


Now in your mind enter into this Temple of light. Take some time to discover for yourself what it is like, how do you see this Temple?


The Temple we describe for you now is a massive round Temple with a huge golden dome in the inside with a very powerful Violet Flame extended from the very core of the Temple blazing through the open roof of the dome and as the power of this violet flame is released into the atmosphere around visualise how the particles of light that is released from this magnificent flame travels inter-dimensionally connecting to the collective unconscious.

And then visualise these beautiful particles of light simply multiplying from themselves extending the original core energy into All That Is.

Now for a moment bring your attention to your planet and from exactly where you are sitting now see how these violet particles of light coming from the violet flame travels through the atmosphere in through and into the planetary atmosphere, penetrating the stratosphere, bringing in multiple particles of light. See how these guided particles of light grow in size as they multiply from themselves and now visualise for yourself how these beautiful particles of love come to rest within the ethers of your planet. Visualise these Violet energies becoming part of the air, the oxygen of your planet, visualise your planet breathing in this violet energy and how everyone, every human on your planet over time become transformed through this light. How everyone over time as they are more comfortable with these high frequencies are able to expand their lungs in a better way to integrate the reality of the shifting consciousness. How they too, even the ones that you once judged becomes a pillar of light, becomes a sound frequency of love and how they alongside yourself form part of the new energy, truly understanding the reality of what it means to be at One.

Now stretch your multi dimensional wings as we ask you to be transported back into the Violet Temple in the Etheric realms, standing in this Temple again, bringing your focus onto the Violet Flame coming from the very core of this Temple, through the earth of this Temple, into the air of this Temple, blazing the fire of this Temple, into the ethers beyond the Temple and being absorbed as liquid particles of love back onto the earth plane.

Now stand in this light and see this magnificent violet flame blazing forth in front of you as I Diana come to stand in front of you and I ask you to hold out your hand, your right hand. I then place within your hand a very special gift, a crystal, and I want you to bring to your mind the crystal that I am giving you and as you all have information about that crystal I want you to be aware of the energies of that crystal and then to find some creative time so that you may research a bit of information on that crystal and find out what this crystal is revealing to you about your crown. Do you follow that, does anyone have a problem with this? Are you all happy with this?

A: Yes.

GD: Can you do this?

A: Yes.

GD: Yes, Very good then.

I close your hands; you have your crystal gift, I now place my right hand on your heart chakra and I gift to you a most beautiful vibration of pure divine love, untainted love, as I Diana transfer into your body all of the energy and the love that you need to claim yourself true also as a divine warrior or warrioress of the light.


Behind you the energy of our beloved Pallas Athena appears and as I give you my love and bid you goodbye I ask you to keep shining your light and don’t be tempted to see the reflection of your heart in your armour.

I AM Diana and until we meet again I greet you.

A: Thank you.

Greetings to you, I AM Pallas Athena, greetings to you.

A: Greetings.

PA: Again we meet, and we meet in such divine circumstances aren’t we?

So to continue with the initiation for you I want you to turn around and look at me in your mind.

Yes I am a little taller sure!

I place upon your crown a beautiful etheric crown, this crown is a resemblance of yourself for here you come to meet the energy of the twelve golden flames within the Crown energy. Some of you may recall the past experience we have had with these flames, if you haven’t it truly doesn’t matter. The twelve golden flames within the Crown is what comes to greet you now as all of the wonderful aspects of yourself in expression and just for fun, just for fun I wish for you to create an exercise where you will come to meet and greet the twelve aspects of yourself in your crown, the archetype that gives to you the power to claim yourself as a personality for you see the true essence now as we stand together in this beautiful vibration of love is for you to come to the final understanding that it matters not which vibration you take on of the twelve aspects of the Crown, of the flames within the Crown but more so rather to be friends with these aspects, to be a type of friend and connection to the various aspects of your personality self, for you see now in this new vibration of light we are as you know letting go of the judgement and of course understanding that as you, as 3rd dimensional human had so far express yourself in judgement, as a fifth dimensional aspirant and initiate the only thing that you have to concentrate on is to be in a Oneness space of your own divinity and here as you have heard through my beautiful sister Diana, there is no judgement, there is only love.

So now lift up your pretty chin. In your imagination look at me in my eyes and let me feel your soul.


You are beautiful beyond words, your eyes are so magnificent, they truly are the window to your soul.


I take both my hands now away from your head as I rest upon your head a magnificent crown with twelve golden flames extended from beyond it. And as my sister Diana asked that you do some research on the crystal that was handed to you, and in saying research we by no means you need to go and stay over in a library, it is just some fun way to understand some of the blockages that this gift gives to you. I ask of you now in the times to come be aware of the different aspects of your personality and befriend them and get away from the constant strive for perfection for it does not exist, you are already in a perfected state, get away from the old world desire of having to be placed within a specific vibration of value, get away from that, increase your value, multiply it in ways that you don’t even understand at present. Give to yourself the greatest value you can give anything and that is to get out of the proverbial box when it comes to your worth, to open that and to become as free as the vibration within this increased frequency truly is, free and light and joyful and easy and peaceful and tranquil.


I now come to stand next to you and we both face this beautiful Violet Flame, blazing from the very core of this Temple into the atmosphere, into the ethers of your time, of your Earth, of your planet, through the galaxy, through the star ways.


I now ask you to bring into your mind one of the most challenging aspects of your personality.


In your mind visualise this in a bubble placing that limitation of what you thought was restrictive and restricting you in a bubble of light and then when you are ready, in your imagination blow it into the Violet Flame of transmutation.


So each of you at this time, can in your mind visualise all of you sitting around this Violet Flame in this Temple. Now bring to your understanding an aspect of yourself that you feel is challenging when it comes to your ego.


And look as I Pallas Athena, am one of the greatest Goddesses of your time when it comes to facing truths, as I have my own personal relations with the Temples of Truth, I ask you to become daring in yourself and to bring into your mind, into your protective bubble an aspect of yourself you are not quite excited about and then release it into the Violet Flame.


Now, here comes the tricky part.

I want you to visualise an aspect of yourself that you desire most and then visualise this being, brought into your reality the other way around, descending down through the Violet Flame from the cosmos, and allow this vibration that you desire of yourself and you feel you have not quite manifested hover in the Violet Flame ahead of you in the very centre of this Temple, in the very core centre of this Temple. Do you follow what I am saying?

A: Yes.

PA: Very good, are you all able to relate to this?

A: Yes.

PA: Are you?

A: Yes.

PA: The gentlemen, are you?

The gentlemen: Yes.

PA: Yes, very good. Now allow that vibration of yourself that you feel you have not quite integrated yet hover there in the flame.

And now, just to burst your bubble, allow the previous limited aspect of yourself to break out of its bubble to become one with the new energy in, let us say, the golden bubble. And see how you may find a way to transform the limitations of your life, of your mind and your time into all of the aspirations that you so desire and yearn for.


Find a way of visualising within that flame in the distance a magnificent transformation of that which limited you previously into that which will bless you eternally, now and in time to come.


I now want you to visualise these energies in a more shall we say relatable way, manifesting on the outside of this magnificent Violet Flame is a man and a woman for now. The woman carries the aspect of that which you have been blessed with and the man carries the aspect of that which you initially wanted to release and together they hold hands. And through their energy of their fingers intertwined and holding hands they now become very much the same energy. Let us now transform this masculine and feminine, the gold and the silver into a crystalline frequency.


They now come slowly walking towards you, this divine masculine/feminine aspect of yourself, also representing the limitations of your mind and the expansiveness of your imagination. They come to stand in front of you, facing you; you are on my right and directly in front of you are these two beautiful beings. The one aspect of your personality self that you find very difficult to be with, the one aspect of your personality self that at times has given you great frustration and sadness, despondence and crying and even loneliness and depression, allowing you to descend into isolation almost retracting into your hermit, and perhaps even for some gone further than that, even bordering on dementia, losing complete track of your mind, this is side of yourself that to you is one of the destructive forces of yourself which we have brought through the male representation, and believe me I am not sexiest.

And then you have on the other side opposite you the female representation here, and we truly only give this example because of the innate ability of the birth and rebirth of creativity through the female aspect, the great giver, the multiplier. So here you have in the Goddess stature of your imagination everything that you think that you can be, everything that you wish to be and every desire that you so much yearn for, and these two energies are facing you. Now having released these initial challenging aspects of the stubborn masculine pattern into the Violet Flame you have released or transmuted all of the sharp or cutting energies that is contained within the archetype of self destruction of conflicting inner pain, hurt, and not being in harmony with the self. That energy, the bubble being burst and becoming one with the blessed golden aspect and then once stepped out of the flame of transmutation that means now that through this new integration of energy that you have been blessed with, you truly have the power to be your expansive self and to know that these previous aspects no longer has any particular hold on you, in fact not much more than you are prepared to give it, so the power is ultimately in your hands.


Now, visualise these two divine aspects of yourself which creates the androgynous beauty in the Crown, which transforms the limitations of the lower Crown into the limitedness of the higher crown, these two energies, this divine masculine/feminine challenge of your magnificent androgyny hold out their hands, both their hands over each other and they ask you to place on top of their hands the crystal that you have been gifted with from Diana.


Now I ask you to take both your hands and to cusp it over theirs and then I Pallas Athena step forward. I come to stand on the side and I hold my hands above and below around all of yours.


I now want you in your mind to see a transformation taking place in the crystal. I want you to see this crystal being transformed into another. For example previously you could’ve had smokey quartz and now you have the amethyst, see the crystal being transformed. And make sure you know what the name of this crystal is and remember this for I too would like for you to go from here and perhaps do some research and have some fun with yourself and believe me fun in the new crown energy takes on a whole new dimensional feel. Have some fun with yourself and then find the characteristic in that second crystal and then bring into relation the first crystal and what that means and then the second crystal and what that means also relate these two transforming crystals to the masculine limitation and the female limitedness that you have been represented with this day.


I now step away, I release my hands.


I ask you to take your new crystal in your hands as your divine masculine/feminine warrior/warrioress self that brings to you a new dimensional frequency, removes their hands too from this. They ask you to now in your minds eye take your crystal, raise your hand and place it in your crown chakra from the top. You have on your head a beautiful crown with twelve golden flames as we have started out, now place that crystal vibration into your crown and then see how your crown is being transformed, carrying the vibration of that crystal, still glowing the twelve golden flames. These twelve golden flames is what will prepare you also now to integrate the twelve major aspects of your personality self which will in time prepare you to embrace the different meanings of your expression in such a new that you never need to judge yourself again.


I ask you now to release the divine masculine/feminine from this initiation and as these two beings turn around and disappear within the Violet Flame of transmutation I want you to turn around in your mind, knowing that, that Flame is ever burning, ever increasing and to become aware of its power by being aware of the transformations taking place in the world around you. To be aware of the transformations taking place in humanity and to allow this to support your new foundations in such a way that you can only do everything that you do for the greater good of doing it and you do it by being it.

So now release from your mind this vision of the Transmutation Temple, bring yourself back into your body, ground yourself nicely, extend from your chakras the energy to ground you into the planet, open your heart to embrace the world around you without judgement, without blame but so too without criticism and shame. Bring yourself back into this timeline, open your eyes and be in your body.


If you need to perhaps take down the information for the crystals if you are going to forget then please do so. I will give you some time to reconcile with yourself.

Also if you want to describe for yourself what your experience was in meeting the opposing male and complimentary female on that level or in this frequency.

Long pause.

As you come closer to the time of the great shift in evolution, as you approach this, with each new day you will see major things happening and shifting and if you thought that your world is being stirred by the recent upheavals on your planet (Egypt), as you say, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The challenge here is to serve through the heart for you see the lower vibrational man almost touch on a barbaric energy, who does not see beyond the immediate needs of the self and even though it is truly a magnificent gift to stand up and fight for your authentic self surely you too should know where to draw the line. Destruction is not good in any form for the easiest way for you to actually rid yourself of any destruction or destructive behaviour is to integrate it with divine new frequencies of light for you see to be able to rid yourself of something that is challenging, you need to integrate something else that is complimenting and although we from the Realms of Light are watching your plane, without judgement of course, we too are intrigued by the constant reoccurrence and flashbacks of some of your barbaric experiences. Of course if there are no injuries then it is quite amusing.

In wanting to acknowledge the self as victorious, as limitless, one needs to let go of the limitations and the restrictions. One needs to let go of the power of judgement and even further and deeper than that as you descend into your own personal making of the pits of despair that contains your limitations you need to understand that there is only one to blame for your situation, AS IT IS, and that is you.

So the message that I am going to leave with you before I take my leave as one of the greatest Goddesses of your time, Pallas Athena, is to not base your own life upon the projections of another but rather to steer clear from all those interferences and you do so by letting go of your desire to control, by relinquishing your will into the divine, by not judging that which limits you but rather allow this to be transformed into that which serve you as you serve others and to remember that at the end of all of this there is no need for you to limit your worth, claim it, expand it and when you think from a most supreme, sublime and eternal love aspect that your worth is so good, is so great, is so big, then step back and quadruple that.

I AM Pallas Athena and I will see you again really shortly, but until then embrace that which limits you allowing that to do the dance of time with that which absolutely supports you as you support each other, so as you come around the final bend of this race, see the new beginning in sight, and know that this certainly is not the end of the road.

Until we meet again, so long.


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