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The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good. Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing *** *** ***

 I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a blessing of peace, a blessing of harmony, a blessing of compassion and a blessing of understanding. Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings Lord Kuthumi.

MK: It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God.

Beloved ones, you have gathered here this day to celebrate what is known as the Universal Solstice. It is an energy vibration that welcomes the consciousness of humanity to connect on a Universal level and it is such an amazing and powerful event that really denotes the coming together of groups such as this, celebrating a balanced integration of that which was during the past year.

The vibration of the number 12 brings to you the power of truth and in this double celebration of the double 12 here the power of truth asks you to integrate the experiences of what has occurred in your life over the last 12 months on a level of divine truth.

When one combines the double energies of truth one comes to a symbolic understanding of the love of the self, for you see the love of the self is what ultimately allows the love for all else to be divinely accepted, integrated and executed.

On this very powerful and auspicious day, one needs to remind one self of the truth of your world and by saying that I am referring to the world that is yours beyond that which you live within.

In reality that is as I have suggested for this channel to explain during the welcoming note to today’s event, to understand beloved ones that there is a far greater reality unfolding beyond your world to understand that even though to many of you and many lightworkers the experience of living upon this planet seem mediocre or seem as a low level energy, it is everything and anything that is indeed the opposite of that, for you see you are part of this Universe, you as an earthling living upon the Earth plane are very much a part of the reality of the experience of this planet. Now you have come together to create an understanding of that and to do it in such a way that you bring a celebration of love and light into this space.

The Universal solstice is a time for great integration; it is a very powerful time for taking an intense and very deep look at the self, holding the mirror of unconditional love so close that you could actually smell your own breathe and then because of the fantasy aspect of the world of creativity we invite you to scribe within that reflection a whole new fantasy vibration of love, one which you truly are if only you would see it.

The vibration of this day also invites a Galactic view point, understanding or perhaps expression of that which has occurred over the past 12 months for you see the important way to use this energy is to truly understand that if you could give yourself the power to live your life from the 12 th of December to the 12 th of December year to year you will truly integrate a whole new experience of that calendar year for you see on the shift or change over of the new energy to come which in your current time reflects that of 2011, it is the eve of the Universal celebration of freedom, of being balanced, of love and of course inviting an entire new world of divine opportunity here too lies the portals and the doorways to the next which is to follow.

The Universal solstice thus holds the key that opens the frequency to the year that is to follow, so in other words energetically you are already experiencing from this day a lot of the vibrations that you can expect in the year to come.

Lets be frank about this, light workers are conscious of life and the changing times and therefore accept the vibrations of the time that is ahead earlier in that reality experience as I Kuthumi have explained on a number of occasions and you have heard through various other channels, you as light workers are already working with and integrating the 5 th dimensional consciousness, hence that of 2012, not so?

A: Yes.

MK: Yes, therefore as you know and I so fondly express, the ones that you refer to as 3D begin their Christ Mass celebrations the day they finish work don’t they, and you can ask them what the date is after that, none of them can tell you.

Of course on the 25th they can for they are very excited and happy to open up a whole selection of gifts yes. Well the first gift that I am giving you today is a divine gift of integrating peace into your lives.

Beloved ones to be able to understand the quality of peace one needs to truly get to know the self on all levels and it is for that purpose as we have discussed with this channel a few hours ago that we will offer a number of teachings in the year to come in the form of Temple initiations.

These initiations, the Temple initiations which we plan to give through her will be overseen by two of the main Goddesses that she will be working with in the year to come by the name of Diana and Artemis. I Kuthumi will be along side her every second of the day, naturally, and so will many other beings and the reason why we have chosen to integrate this is because of the current journey that you are on, not only those of you in the very presence of this light but many others that follow and read this work, that work on themselves in their own time in their own given space.

These Temple initiations will aid everyone of you and those that follow this work to integrate the higher aspects of their chakras, that is what it is truly all about and with these Temple teachings at the time of these teachings, channellings, whatever you prefer to call these visits that supersedes time and space, you will be taken through a very intense initiation, initiating you into opening up the portals that will allow you to integrate higher and new dimensional energies.

Beloved ones, life is for the living, and as we so fondly recall one of the favorite sayings of this channel, there is plenty of time to be dead later on.

A: Laughter.

MK: So right now you are alive by choice and the truth here is to see your life through the divine magnetics that we see it through and that of course is the ultimate training that you undergo at this time, to be able to lift and raise your own vibrational frequency so that you may integrate those non judgmental aspects of yourself, hence once again the temptation to awaken the truth of your star origins.

The moment one mentions anything about the stars or your origin amongst them humanity sits up and takes note. The reason why is because inertly each and everyone of you know that there is a higher truth about yourself, in fact one of the most wonderful things to do is to wake up each day introducing yourself to yourself in your mirror and say ‘Good morning, how do you do, and who are you?’

A: Giggles.

MK: Have fun with the self for understand that you are not who you think you are.

You are a wonderful bouquet of the most exquisite mixture of fragrances, delightfully packaged together in one force field called love that is who you are.

Love is the ultimate energy that humanity strives to integrate deeply because love is the only energy that humanity truly can relate to and believe me if you find yourself in a compromising situation where your love is being challenged, if you find your self in a compromising situation where your understanding of love is being challenged and your buttons are being pushed simply step back from it and remember you are not who you think you are.

Integrate all these smells, bring into your life all of the different aspects of your being and celebrate your diversity, celebrate your uniqueness, your authentic ness and then for goodness sake, express yourself as such. Why place yourself in a box when there is not one big enough to fit you, yes.

A: Giggles.

MK: Beloved ones, this Universe can hardly cope with you, can you imagine a labeled box. I hope it makes you think. These words are very deep expressions of love. One of the most powerful energies that I wish to bless you with this today is that of non judgment.

Now here there is such an immense energy at play, but that which I prefer to focus on at this time is about opening up this jewel of the self in such a way that introducing yourself daily to various aspects of the self, integrating each time a beautiful gift through those various personalities then so too beloved ones have the love to understand that this world comprises of many truths.

Your truth most certainly is not the only one and if you think so you best get over yourself. Your truth is not the only one, there are various levels of truth and on this day the celebration of this particular Universal Solstice brings forth the truth that there are infact many truths and today at this time, the Realms of Light and the Celestial Armies are all actively involved in rethreading the thought waves of truth amongst humanity, unbeknown to them, for while most of them continue with their daily lives we are working behind the scenes to help weave in a new thread of truth, a new thread of possibility, a new thread of your multidimensional awareness and understanding of yourself as a star being. We have great compassion for you as beings as we have worked with you through aeons of time and this life time that you are in, this circle that you are sitting within currently is but one fraction of who you are, and we honour that and we know that, and we support your awakening of that, and therefore in doing so claim now for your self a new celestial foundation, a new projection of your self, change the way you see your self and see yourself as new.

For you see, each day when you awake after your nightly sojourns through the galaxy, through the milky way, through the star portals to other dimensions, you return with a promise of a new day and therefore make the start of each day from now on a new field of possibilities, for anything can happen and allow that anything only to carry your best interest at heart.

Allow that anything to uplift you in such a way that at the end of each day when you retire, before you close your eyes beloved ones, gently whisper – Thank you!!! For in that day a new aspect unbeknown to the self integrating the self blossomed and let us bless you with the reality of it being a multidimensional aspect for ultimately light workers such as your self the great desire is to be able to touch on and communicate with the grandness of the greater picture.

The ultimate of many lightworkers for them is to as they say become a channel. Let your bubbles be burst – you are already that, the only thing that separates anyone of you from those who we use on this plane as avenues of expression is your level of trust and trust in the self only.

Beloved masters, the upcoming year of 2011 will present each and everyone of you with the challenge of claiming that of which I have just said and as there is a grand call for group consciousness to increase so too is there a grand call for everyone of you to claim your authenticness and channel your light and your love to humanity, to do so in a multidimensional way, to balance the Earth and Star aspects of your reality.

Be still and know that you are God, and it is in that stillness where you will find the power that will propel you into the divine direction that you have set out to follow.

Beloved ones, it is time now for each of you and the whole of humanity to reach within the aspects of their hearts that they have locked out to the rest of the world.

There is such love here, there is such beauty here and that is why my primary wish for you is to bless you with peace. As the world speeds up you are asked to slow down, for you see humanity somehow believes that if they are not part of a never ending rat race that they are not human.

That they will never be able to catch up on life where in fact the truth is life already left them behind and the only way you can catch up is to slow down, there is no other way.

You all know about the proverbial teachings of turning within, well now the energy of the Christed Year 2011 asks you to take that which is inward and bring it out, in other words as I Kuthumi have preached before, be the prophet in your land, be the prophet amongst your men.

Live your truth, express your truth and stand up for that which you believe, time is running out, but then again one of the qualities of the 5 th dimension is that you don’t have to adhere to time, not so? So therefore make a promise to yourself that in the time to come you will become less dependant on it, be less dependant on time and you will have all the time in the world.

As the core of your Earth is spinning faster and faster, increasing the frequency of time, but not the magnetics (deceasing distance), so too allow your energy to do the same, so in other words from a magnetic aspect you still are part of a physical linear life that you can touch, but from a frequency aspect you have exceeded that by far as you now integrate a whole new level of living life on the 5 th dimension.

We have told you that in time to come you will begin to see quite a difference between the two worlds that of the third and fifth dimension and we are here to tell you this day that that has already happened.

You have many ways in dealing with this energy, each of you individually have your own way in as you say ‘coping’ with this through mechanisms, some known and some unknown, but whatever it may be now is the time to understand yourself symbolically as a most magnificent, simple yet highly complicated multifaceted being, multidimensional for sure, but multifaceted before.

For only once you can begin to integrate the various facets that creates your assets are you able to integrate your truth on various level of reality called dimensions. So as I said awake each day introducing your self to your self and then go out and have a fantastic day, not expecting but rather projecting.

Are there any questions on that?

Brother: Master Kuthumi can I just ask what star system I am connected to.

MK: Beloved brother each person are connected to various star systems, you have got a very powerful Pleiadian influence yes, are you aware of that?

Brother: Yes.

MK: You are asked also to work with that, but the essence of today’s teaching is not to tell you which star system you come from for believe me it is truly not important, what is important is to understand that your origins are far greater than that which you think, for your origins one relates to this particular lifetime also is influenced by that which was consternated and consumated by your earthly father and mother, but they just simply follow the pathway of one original heritage of your cosmic Father and Mother, and your cosmic Father and Mother is the Divine aspect of the Creator which is expressed through this side of the Fathers Universe as the Father/Mother God, not so yes.

A: Yes.

MK: Very good.

Sister: I would like to ask something.

MK: You may.

Sister: Lord Kuthumi you are saying we should project a good day, but how do we shed that fear and pain that we carry from all previous experiences.

MK: Well sister there is a magical word called healing and by experiencing healing you will eventually learn to let go of that which haunts you from the past and remember the past is as far back as that (Kuthumi clicks his fingers), that is the past, do you hear it clicking, no, that was the past. Facing your fears and your traumas is one of the first initiations that this group or those wishing to be in this teaching will experience in the first Temple teaching we will present next year. These are Temple initiations and are purely for the integration of the new dimensional chakras, do you understand, so facing your fear is what you will come to know but basically put in a nutshell by integrating all of that which to you is important you will naturally begin to let go of all of that which prevents it not so. To give you a better example, you look a little star studded. You wake up in the morning and you think to yourself ‘oh dear goodness me I really need to let go of my drive for eating cake (sister giggles quietly), did I touch something?

A: Loud Laughter.

 MK: I touched a sweet nerve.

So as you wake up with this projection of needing to let go of your obsession for cake the Universe sends you along a way which will present you with one bakery after another.

A: Laughter.

MK: Just for you to understand that your obsession with cake needn’t make you live in a world of fear, it is simply an unsettled desire and through the process of healing, healing the self, one eventually come to the grand understanding of your beauty and your love, and if you can get yourself to claim that powerful magnificence that I speak of you will truly know what it is like to be God, because in that speck, in that fraction of time of erasing a fear comes the realisation of power and that power can only be fed through divine will, for you see when it is fed through the intrinsic underworld system of the ego the challenges become so great that it actually spins the mental field into a counter clockwise energy to that which the Earth projects to you on this side of the hemisphere and all of a sudden you feel your self going down a dark pit not so, yes. See the love in the eyes in the mirror that looks back at you when you awake each day, look in the mirror, see the beauty of God in your eyes and then ask your self now would this most magnificent omnipotent all powerful God truly want to wish some fear or harm to be a part of your reality that day, no. Thus integrate that and live your life accordingly, therefore that is why I say instead of expect, project.

Sister: But how do we heal.

MK: Beloved sister the process of healing most certainly follows the journey of your chakras, as I have said before and you have heard this through many a other being, there are various systems of light that brings healing, but the easiest yet complexed of it is the chakric system, for you see let me share something with you now, when you created this world as co-creators, part of the Almighty, the Source, you did not intend for this world to become an energy that is expressed through power, through a school of thought, through an army, the long intention, the bigger picture of this is for humanity to live all as one, to be as One, that is the challenge that you are now picking up because of the shifting of the Earths focus thus God created every single person in a way for them to be able to heal themselves that is why healers, people that you will turn to for help have been put onto this path collectively to serve as the surrogates for others to understand themselves better, so by understanding yourself better you begin to heal your self not so. Therefore the answer to that question is get to know yourself. Wake up each day, introduce yourself to yourself and don’t be surprised if you find a few of you in the same mirror.

A: Laughter.

MK: Beloved ones, ultimately it is within the power of all of you, NO EXCEPTIONS, to heal your self.

Admittedly many may need a surrogate to do this through, someone to assist them onto that path of getting to know the self, those we call the healers, the teachers, which most of you fall under and I may add even if you as a lightworker beings are not a conscious healers, in other words to put it bluntly, if you don’t have a bed to slap someone on do not think you are not healer, for in your capacity as a teacher you heal, in your capacity as a worker, a farmer, an engineer, in your capacity as a packer at one of your department stores, as a light worker in your capacity as a machinist or someone that sweeps the streets you heal, for you see the word is getting out, the word is getting out. In the beginning there was the word, you have all heard that?

A: Yes.

MK: Before the word there was a thought, now you are working on the grids of though and expression aren’t you, therefore through your daily life no matter how boring it may seem to you beautiful soul, you too are a healer and you may touch someone else’s life in way that they may recognise the healing within themselves, where as perhaps at this time you still need the surrogacy of another, but you are all destined for the same path, all roads lead to Rome yes. Some of you decide to take a long way, while others decides to have a short cut and then of course there are those that wants to supersede the world of expectancy and just have it now, that is a human condition and of course there is nothing wrong with it, if you can manifest it, and as powerful, masterful co-creators you will learn in the year to come.

The next two years beloved ones, remember this, focus each and every day of your life on manifesting that which you want in your life and you will not fail. For you see the greater portals of the fifth dimension welcomes within its beautiful wings of love the lower third dimensional vibration on December 21, 2012 , but in reality all of you have already stepped through that portal so now make it part of your daily task to manifest that which you want and as I have made mention of, begin with little and increase as you go along, of course greed is another human condition but that is another teaching altogether and in fact we don’t have enough ‘time’ for that.

A: Laughter.

MK: I will take you through a very brief activation of your energy field so please make yourself ready We have suggested to this channel ‘ to give each of you a piece of paper’ for you to dot down all of the challenging experiences of 2010 that you would like to let go of’ and believe me there is a message in my madness as always, we gave you a small piece of paper…

A: Laughter.

MK: To challenge you to don’t make it a big deal, don’t make a big deal out of it. In fact a couple of hours ago I challenged this channel to write her declaration out in one sentence but just then because she is who she is she put a full stop in-between the page.

A: Laughter.

MK: So if you need to do it in two sentences then so be it, but write down in your own time. Close your eyes for a minute I am not going to take you through some life shattering experience (that you already experience called living) but merely sit back, close your eyes for a couple of moments and think to yourself, don’t think of the trauma that you experienced in the last year, don’t think of the accidents and the negativity, just think generally. If you could lift a limiting vibration off your energy field what would it be? Long pause. Does anybody need help?

A: General no from everyone .

MK: Very good then, I am rather relieved.

Long pause.

 We ask you to keep this and of course I do believe that once the transmission has ended you will participate in a fire ceremony to release that.

Beloved ones as simple as this exercise may seem acknowledge the power and the truth in it. Fire of course represents?

A: Cleansing.

MK: Yes, but?

A: Spirit.

MK: Spirit yes, so it is the cleansing of your spirit. It erases all of the negativity and what else does fire represent, think of it?

A: Transformation.

MK: Transmuting, transformation, now play along with this game. According to the sentence that you have written down what do you wish this fire to do for you, and write that down as well, in other words ‘ I wish to be released of x, y and z so that I can integrate the new Mayan alphabet’

A: Laughter.


MK: And now I am going to give you another challenge just because I can. I want you to write down on that piece of paper, the name of one crystal and then I am going to set the challenge for you to challenge your self to…..shall we make it really difficult, own one of these in the new future.

Do not give your self a time limitation but rather give your self the option of either easily being able to afford it yourself or B, being given it as a gift, be it in material form or visual, in a picture, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

MK: Begin to play with the self, co-creators, masters of this world.


And now, as you close your eyes and drift off into the world of beauty and love, I Kuthumi come to stand before you in which ever way you wish to see me. We will give everyone time first to finish their shuffling around, but in the mean time don’t let go of my expression. I am tall, dark and handsome.

A: Laughter.

MK: And wise, the wisdom of the ages, not aged, ages.

A: Giggles.


MK: I come to stand before you dear one, and I hold out my right hand and I ask in your minds eye to place this piece of paper that you have written on, folded, unto my right hand.


I now ask you to place your left hand on top of my right hand with this piece of paper between the two.


Lift your chin dear one, hold your head up high and know that you are loved, never allow yourself to be de-spiralled by your lack of inspiration or the inability of the confirmation of another of your divinity.

Lift your chin dear one, and grandly be who you are, at the time of letting go of one of the most difficult years for most of humanity in their own way and for light workers in general probably one of the most challenging of calendar years thus far.

Lift your chin, look into my eyes and see the love that you are. Now for a moment bring your attention to our hands, for a moment open your heart wider than it has ever been, more powerful than its ever been and in your minds eye transform that which held you back in 2010 into that which will propel you into 2011.

Now this energy is exactly what your first transmission is about with Lord Hilarion in 2011. and since you are going to be asked to partake in a fire ceremony, don’t forget what you have written on your pages, but we will give you time to integrate it again before releasing it.


I now place my left hand on yours and my two hands cusp your left hand, my right hand from the bottom and my left from the top, for you to understand that no matter the challenges that life gives you dear one, you have the essence of Spirit foremostly your Spirit to guide you through these times and the only way, the only way you can truly step into your own pathway of healing is to let go of the past, let yesterday go.

Believe me we do understand for those of you as is with this channel that have experienced trauma it is very difficult to simply just let go, but see the surrogates that you must, integrate every aspect of healing that you can and do the best effort that you can possibly have to let it go and with that in this symbolic way we ask you to let go now of the struggles of 2010, the challenges and all of the obstacles and rather see these as a divine platform for a wonderful increased frequency which you will be integrating from this day forward under the 2011 umbrella.

You see this is the time of the awakening of the Authentic One. In years gone by many referred to this as the inner child and the reason why we have given the teachings of the inner child under that specific umbrella was for humanity to realise that no matter the outcome one is always guided by the innocence, no matter the experience that you may have to get through in this life time, you are always fuelled by the innocence of the inner child.

2011 and beyond will present to you every opportunity to integrate and claim your authentic self and believe me as with the lady that is unable to go without a slice of cake a day you too will be challenged in every way to be your authentic self.

Open your heart, open your minds and allow love to become you, each day bring an awareness to the higher aspect of the heart and mind which supports the reality and fact that you are indeed god.

There is an aspect of God in you residing within every aspect of your reality of this current lifetime (and all others), no matter how challenging that aspect, no matter how dark you may perceive that aspect to be, there is God within everything and everyone and the truth now prevails for you to be as such.

My famous words…Know that not now, or not ever can you be alone, we will become a part of your living reality, your daily reality as you integrate all of the higher aspects of your self as you work very closely with all of your guides and guardians, as you begin to heal every aspect that is out of sync, out of alignment and thus to understand that for everything in life to be in balance there has to be an opposite vibration, an equal or opposite vibration.

The challenge of course is to give up on seeing everything as a negative or positive but rather as complimentary. The challenge of course is to give up summonsing the self as dark as light, as good and bad, but rather as experience. And therefore the challenge that you will come to face in this calendar year ahead is to live your truth authentically and to be able to share this with others without the constant desire to have it confirmed.

Beloved ones, may this time ahead of you bring you joy and love and ultimately peace.

May you recognise the God within each other and in so doing never deny that which is within you.

I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and Master Chohan of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, and I greet and I bless thee in love.


A: Adonai, thank you.

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