“Masters in the Making”

Ascended Master Kuthumi
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

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Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of S pirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time, and to gift unto thee a blessing beloved ones of the most glorious year, the Christed year of your own mastery for the very first time this time around. Thus for the duration of 2009 may the light of Christ shine down upon you, this day, that year, and then again for the rest of your entire existence.
A. Greetings
MK. It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with you upon this day, as we hold each of you here firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.
Beloved Masters in the making, for that is indeed truly what you are…Masters in the making…in fact, truth be told you have been training as Masters for rather some time, shall we say.
Yes you have the limitations of earth life and you have the limitations of the time zones that you find yourselves within, within this earth plane, but for us, for the beings of light and the Masters and the spirit beings from other dimensions and galaxies, the angelic beings, the archangelic beings, the galactic and intergalactic beings, there is rather no need for us to ponder on time, space and distance as you know it.
Indeed you have been prepared for many a year, in this lifetime to be able to reach this time of your life to sit here and to understand what you are going through. It is rather a momentous occasion for you, for you have chosen to be here this time, and with that, to have an understanding of the lifetime that you’ve come to play out, which we do understand the complexities of beloved ones. We have been there; we have walked your world, we have cared for you in many a way from within and behind that which you call “the curtain” of separation which of course you know naturally is within the consciousness of your own mind.
Indeed this is the time, during this particular lifetime, where you are now reaching a different level of your own consciousness and as what is transpiring here with this vessel that I, Kuthumi, speak through at this time, everything in life is changing. (changing from trans to conscious channelling) It is changing wonderfully fast. In fact, truth be told, in time to come and especially in the first of the Master celebration years of 2009, which brings it to an absolute pure, immaculate year of the 11 energy representing the Master, is the first time in many, many eons, that you as a being will be able to address yourself in full understanding and consciousness of who you truly are. That is indeed a celebration. Beloved Masters in the making …it has taken eons for you to get to this particular stage of understanding. It has taken many a lifetime for you to be able to grasp the fullness of this lifetime, to grasp a pure essence of knowing the truth of who you truly are, and of course this we do, indeed we do.
As I have shared with you many a time there is absolutely no need for any of us to be convinced of that of which you believe, of that which you understand or prefer to work with or work through, no, it is rather you…it is rather you that needs convincing. Convincing of yourself and beloved masters in the making that is exactly what you are doing currently. That is exactly what you are facing right now. You are facing probably one of the greatest challenges that you have ever faced when it comes to denial and when it comes to doubt in any a lifetime that you have ever lived. You are facing a culmination of the greatest challenges that you could ever dream of putting for yourself together in a wonderful package called ascension.
As we have mentioned it certainly is not for the faint of heart, definitely not. And you, each and every one of you here within this circle at this time, and many, many thousands and perhaps millions of those of you that may come to hear or read these words, either through this particular channel or many a thousand others, all of you are the ones that are now stepping forward to become the Masters of your own lives.
What a grand time that is indeed…what a grand moment it is for creation. How absolutely incredible it is for the One that created all of this, to have the ones who have been put away to live within the realms of unforgetfulness, wake up to the fact and the reality of what they come to do…and who they are. How wonderful is that?
Beloved ones, it is very important for you, at this particular time of stepping into your own power in a masterful way, to understand that you need to work with yourself now at a different level. As I have made mention of on more than one occasion, it is time for you to step out of your proverbial nappies, not so?
A. Mumbled agreement.
MK. I will now make it very clear that in fact, beloved ones, the nappy factory is closed.
A. Great laughter
MK. And you are not going to have any choice but to start wearing different garments…and with that you need to now to be able to get to this most wondrous stage of your lives where you are able to now finally, after the many, many years of practicing, of training, after the many, many lifetimes of learning and evolving through lessons in those lifetimes come, and especially with a lot of the teachings that have been presented to you, some through our beloved Goddess Ishtar…you remember her don’t you?
A. Yes
MK. Yes, to now come to this grand time in your lives, where you are at the threshold of mastery, and where you are able to look at yourself in your proverbial mirrors, and tap yourself on the nose like that (indicates)…audiences laughs…and look back at yourself and telling yourself how wonderful you are! Aren’t you?
A. Yes
MK. Yes…yes. And for the kind of wonderment that you’ve been prepared, each and every one of you, nappies is not going to do it.
A. Mumbling
MK. Definitely not.
We are not saying that in times to come that perhaps you would not wish that you were wearing a nappy…but then again that’s growth and evolution not so? Yes. All depends of course on who you are with (amused here).
Beloved ones, 2009 is a time zone where not only you as light workers or others of the light, will face various issues and challenges to do with mastering yourself in a hood of your own understanding…but…very much, every single being, every single aspect of living breathing light upon this plane will face some stage of mastering some aspects of itself in this masterful vibration. And the reason being is because you are now in preparation, preparing yourself to shed your skin, preparing yourself to change your garments, as I have made mention of, and with that to embrace a whole new perception, a whole new picture of what you see yourself as, and…you will not have been able to come to this part in your life where you are able to understand and integrate all of this greatness, had you not faced some of the challenges, not so?
A. Mumbling
MK. Yes. For the challenges, the upheaval, the unsettledness, and every now and again, as I have asked this vessel to describe the theme for the first meeting of next year, there’s a couple of cobblestones around, and some of them are very slippery, not so? Yes. And some, even though small, are definitely not good to walk on are they? A. Mumbling
MK. Yes. And then of course it depends whether you are wearing stilettos or boots, not so?
A. Laughter and mumbling.
MK. Yes. We give warnings, warnings of love. Beloved ones, the truth of 2009, is a truth that will be revealed and unraveled from day one in such a way that with each and every day, or breaking day, a whole new truth of planetary and galactic consciousness will be revealed. A lot of changes that were implemented in 2007 will now finally come to fruition in 2009. A lot of changes that were put in practice last year in 2007 and were taken to a different level of understanding here in 2008, some weren’t able to really, really put the pieces of these puzzles together, yet all of this will come together in 2009. As we have made mention of many a time, it will be a while still before all of the beings of your plane will be able to lay their insecure ammunition down and embrace a new understanding of light where there is no control, where there is no contamination, a place in one’s heart that is sincere and that is pure without any hidden agendas or ulterior motives.
Know that the preparation for the energy of ascension, the preparation for that which awaits you in the Christed year 2010 and beyond, when things really will begin to speed up much faster…this is the exciting part where you and every one like you will be challenged again to anchor your belief systems, and to hold these ideas and thoughts of your understanding and of your innate beliefs firmly within every part of your existence. Beloved ones, your scientists know that there is a lot more to the planet than what they can actually explain. Your medical profession knows that there’s a lot more to the human body than they are able to perceive at times, and those are the energies that will really and truly come to the fore in the following year. It is where you and the likes of you that understand these new concepts of energy and how it affects you and your matter, as I have shared with you during our last gathering of light will now come to a totally different point of knowing, understanding and trusting.
What is a Master? Any ideas? Any one?
A. A totally balanced soul
MK. A totally balanced soul..yes.
A. S elf realized.
MK. S elf realization…yes.
Beloved ones, a Master is indeed a being that has experienced life on every level without life experiencing him or her. S o what that means is, a lot of the challenges that you as masters in the making are facing during this current time is because of your inner turmoil to live in ultimate perfection. Life is for the living, not so?
A. Yes
MK. Yes…indeed…then why don’t you live it? Hmmm?
One thing you have to understand about mastery is that by being in your own footsteps and claiming yourself to be a master or a master in training, is that you must be prepared to live fully. I want you to become aware with every thought, especially as time unfolds over the next calendar year, of every time when you choose not to be on this planet. Make a list…you need a big book.
A. Laughter
MK. Dot it down…you might have to get yourself some new software, not so? You’ll fill up your hard drive as you say.
Beloved ones, being a Master is being in your footsteps. We have shared numerous messages, not only me, Kuthumi, through this or other vessels, but numerous of the Ascended Master Energies have shared the importance of footprints, the importance of fingerprints. We have shared with you the importance of having your extremities in touch with the earth and at the same time being in touch with yourself in the extreme. In fact, we have highlighted it and underlined it, and now I’m going to say it again. Be comfortable in your shoes. That does not mean to say that perhaps it’s time for you to go out and buy a brand new pair…nooo…what it means is for you to claim your own authenticness and live it…live it is the keyword here…to live it.
Living your authenticness means that you are now able, or at least finally able, to look at the experiences of your life as experiences…instead of judgments, instead of blames, instead of blockages, instead of cobblestones and hurdles, instead of pain and sadness and moping and crying, instead of complaining, instead of waiting when the right moment will happen, or the right thing will come along, and believe me I speak to each and every one of you. The waiting game is over.
MK. The Master lives in the now and in that now, no thing, nothing can find its way that belongs either to that which was or perhaps striving for that which is to come. Even if it is you sitting here right now and you cannot find your mind away from the fact that you are going to have a coffee just now, not so? That is in the future. Beloved ones, that is a prediction that may not happen. You’re all thinking of the worst…there could be no electricity in an hour from now.
A. Hoots of laughter
MK. S ee where your minds are at. Know where you minds are at…Masters. The Master is the one that lives and walks in a world of humbleness…not doormat syndrome…humbleness, for there is a vast difference between those two. Doormat syndrome is a syndrome that stems from things going awfully wrong within the 8th chakra and the energy of that doormat was unable to transcend victoriously through into all of the centres birthing the magic of you, and therefore what happens is that energy gets stuck within the base centre and from there on it is very, very difficult…it is not impossible…but difficult to be able to raise the vibrations of that which keeps you so completely within your victimhood.
Humbleness or humility is an energy of self love and the love for all that is, beloved ones, that is so good and so incredibly beautiful. It is an energy that brings with it such immense love, unconditional love. It is an energy that says I know that you are God. Beloved ones, when it comes to Creation and what is being formed upon this planet, what is being created on this planet, the One that created all of us, although not able to discriminate between any, knows that the creation of man itself is indeed an accomplishment, an accomplishment to express the humbleness of God, therefore He created you in His image. He created me in his image…he created all of us in his image, not so? If God can be that humble then so shall the master be, so ought the master to be. It is the humbleness of the God within you that knows the God within everyone else, this realization brings the understanding that it is impossible to differentiate between one level of energy and another if it comes from the same source. Not so it is all Energy.
A. Yes
MK. Therefore the Master walks a journey where he or she humbly love and takes care of all of creation. The Master knows and understands all of the energies that makes up the complexities of life, and therefore it is very important for you, as Masters in the making, to take the energy that is about to engulf you, shall we say rather in the second wave of ascension, which incidentally is an energetic influx of the power of unconditional love, for that’s all it is, to take that energy and to ride that wave, in fact, we dare you to ride the very crest of this wave without a surfboard. Do you think you can do it?
A. Yes and mumbling
MK. Any Master can…indeed…any Master can, and beloved ones riding the crest of this wave within the greatness and yet the humbleness of your masterhood, this is what the energy for 2009 is all about which will awaken within each and every person in each and every vision, in every living organism on this planet that has a brain and is able to think, that this is the time to truly, truly, truly grow from the most powerful inner part of the self which is the sacred roots and expand from that and blossom into this most amazing and most magnificent being called the Master. Everyone upon your planet will feel this energy, although not everyone will know what to do with it. For it is when the challenging Master awakens and the ego believe to be still the master that these beings will actually experience tremendous confusion, for they will know that something is different and yet indeed something is happening, but, they are not quite able to understand what their masterhood is about.
The first and foremost ingredient of humbleness, they do not have.
Beloved ones, indeed the golden age carries the paradise matrix. Indeed the golden age, the time that is now ahead of you, directly ahead of you, as we have been sharing recently, is a time of understanding that as a Master you have a duty towards everything that surrounds you. And that is what will separate you, the masterful light being or worker from those that are still mastering the third degree of their dimensional realities. And that too is good, and that too is fine, for there is absolutely no need in any way to lay a judgment against anyone, no matter who, where, when or how. Life is as it must be. It is up to you the Master to decide where you would like to leave to, how you are going to travel and what you intend creating along this way.
Beloved ones, integrity, as we have mentioned before, is the number one ingredient for the humble Master. Integrity in your heart, in your mind and in your soul. Integrity at these levels bring an awakening for you, a masterful celebration that you are a part of. It brings a truth that will ring the most wonderful celebratory bells in the ears of your divinity, and what we have been working on for many a year is for you to finally understand that you are magic manifest. Aren’t you?
A. Mumbling
MK. Yes…indeed you are…indeed you are. Every one of you is magically manifested and you have, each of you, the ability to do just that. Therefore we have shared with you many a teachings on this topic.
A Master is never short of anything, there is no lack, and there is no need. When lack and need which humanity normally experience usually in the lower vibrations of their energy systems are worked through, and you are truly able to work with through these energies, this is when the Master no longer needs as the insecure need falls away, as inner content replaces need. Beloved ones, when you anchor the Presence and the Light of Christ in every part of your existence, in every cell of your multi-dimensional body, this is when those needs and those wants and those desires fall away. For that is when the insecure part of the self is able to step out of the way, allowing the Master to remain. And the Master that remains will find that in every celebration that he is within, there is only a wonderful, wonderful outcome…no matter what. To reach this stage or level of enlightenment where you are able to work through and letting go finally of the lower vibrations of the insecure ego, beloved ones, you need to first and fore mostly make peace with the fact that you’ve come to live life. You’ve come to live this lifetime as a human and as a person.
You have to make peace with the fact that the master cannot, absolutely cannot, separate your earth reality from your spirit reality, it is not possible to do this.
What is possible is through masterful thoughts to balance these two worlds, bringing them together so beautifully to enable you to live in a much higher vibration even though at fleeting times within a lower thought form…for that is all it is.
Beloved ones, we understand, and believe me, as I, Kuthumi, have lived many a lifetime upon your plane, many a Master has lived upon your plane…many…hundreds of thousands of them in fact…and therefore we understand your journey as you do. We very often eavesdrop, especially when you seem to think that we are not there, (laughter from audience) when you think at times we don’t care and we don’t know life. Well we do (more laughter from audience). We understand the complexities of your life because we were once there…yes…I can read your minds be careful…admittedly, admittedly we perhaps did not live in the new age as you do with your technology and all of your challenges, your academic challenges and your spiritual challenges, but live we did! (laughter from audience) And we still do…just in a spirit multi-dimensional state of experience.
We understand the tribulations, we understand the trials that you set up for yourselves, we understand the experiences you call challenges, we understand the shortcomings and the needs and the wants. But being a Master you now have to come to a space in your lives beloved ones, to know that you (as God) is always wonderfully cared for. That you as an aspect of God are always being nurtured, that surely as explained within a lot of your biblical texts, if He then too can take care of that which is but as small as a tweeting bird, shall He not take care of you which is much more than that of a tweeting bird…not so?
A. Yes
MK. And therefore, beloved ones, the master lives without fear. Fear is such a challenging aspect of masterhood, for you first need to confront and put to bed every single one of those fears that you allowed to control you, before you are able to masterfully put that fear to bed with the understanding that indeed you are blessed.
Beloved ones, we, myself as Kuthumi, and many of the other Masters upon your plane have diligently fought against you giving in and relinquishing your power to fear. We have asked time and again that you come to terms with that which still has a lot of control over you, with you, for you. And that is what the process of mastery is all about. I have asked very recently, not through this particular vessel, that humanity need to take care of the things which still hangs in the air. For if they loosely hang in the air’ they have the ability to create blockages in the flow of your manifestation ability. Beloved ones there is absolutely no need, at all, for me or any one of the Ascended Beings and Light Beings to hear what your lives are about. There is no need for us, anyone of us, to sit and listen to your problems. No! You have your guides to do that. We have a lot of other work we are doing, but we offer you this advice to help you so that you are able to step out of that which limits you and into that which propels you, fantastically so.
It is the God within you that will awaken you to the fact of your masterhood.
What prevents you is the insecure aspect of your personality that refuses to believe its magic, that is controlled by its own fears, the power of the fearful unknown, the tomorrows, the yesterdays, yet in the now there is none. S o with mastery then I am going to ask you to once again have a very good look at who you are. Eliminate that which prevents you from becoming the Master that you already are. And how do you do that?
Beloved ones there are various tools that we have shared with you and others over time, but the simplest thing to do is to sit still on your chair and think to yourself, what is there in my mind that repeats itself again and again. What, what. What? Can you share with me? What? Yes?
A. Mumbling
MK. What are your fears – give them to me.
A. Being alone.
MK. There we go…now isn’t that a brave soul.
A. Being mislead.
MK. Being mislead. Correct.
A. Being poor.
MK. Being poor. But sister what is poor…hmm.
A. Not in spirit but in material things.
MK. It’s all the same. Your matter should reflect your spirit. It is all and one the same. When one looks at being poor as a fear, what happens is, you give the control of the humbleness of your trust to that which gives you things or creates things in your life. When you can understand that the only way for you to overcome this fear is to allow the golden aspect of the most sacred part that is you, control and rule your life which is the keys, as I have made mention of previously, that you hand over from the vehicle of yourself to God. In other words give the will of your fears to the will of God. And when this happens you will never again ever have to entertain any level of fear, the fears of lack, the fear of not having. For as I have just said to you, if God can but take care of that which is so small and not even on your level of living consciousness don’t you think He’s going to take care of you, far greater…far more. Have you ever starved…?
A. No
MK. No. Have you ever had nowhere to sleep…no. Then what is the problem?
A. Mumbling
MK. Do you know what the problem is? Insecurity. For humans feel that they need to walk in a way where other humans walk, well that is what you say. You say, we as humans need to be like other humans to be able to be worthy of that which they are worthy of…not so?
A. Mumbling
MK. NO! The most wonderful part of working upon your plane through many a lifetime beloved ones, is the fact that I don’t have to do it again (amused here).
A. Great laughter
MK. The new age certainly is very challenging, not so?
A. General mumbling
MK. Beloved sister, the Master believes. And when the Master believes the Master receives. And if you believe that in your heart of hearts you will be loved and taken care of, and you believe that you will be blessed abundantly, then there is absolutely no reason whatsoever that it shall not be. Do you understand this? My blessings and my love I give to you…and to each and every one of you…do not feel left out (audience laughter) we do not have enough Kleenex to go around.
A. Great laughter
MK. Beloved ones, the spirit of change, the change of life which you are experiencing right this very minute, in front of your very eyes and that is what the Master is about, to surrender into the trust of God knowingness, and in that God knowingness to understand that no matter how you feel your life should be, that it is perfect for this gives a Master the power humbly to become all that.
Many a great Master of your times have experienced much turmoil before receiving their anointed cap of masterhood, not so? Yes…and you are looking at them…aren’t you…indeed. Yes. Not me. You.
A. Laughter.
MK. I’ve had my time, beloved ones…I’ve had my time. And this time it is you who will change the concept of life on this planet, for that is what you came to do. And therefore understand if there are any situations within your lives that you feel you need to give your attention to, it matters not how big, how large or how absolutely trivial the situation might be, and you don’t do it, I am going to make you a promise as Kuthumi, that life will push you into the smallest corners you never ever thought you could fit in (audience laughing), until you do it.
Thus if something is worrying you, if there is something you feel you should do, if you have the need to save the river down the road and you do not have the guts, the gutspa to go and see the person in the office that is taking control of that river, believe me that river is going to flood your house.
A. Great laughter
MK. There’s no nicer way to put this. S o…be careful of rivers (more laughter)…be careful of rivers, unless of course you live in a boathouse…not so? (More laughter)…but then of course there are floods in other ways.
What I am sharing with you today, beloved ones, beloved Masters is that 2009 being the year of mastery, will pull on every one of your feathers, pluck them out one by one if they are not secure.
A. Much amusement
MK. And don’t think we don’t know where to find you!
A. Hoots of laughter
MK. It is the Master that represents himself or herself through the humbleness of ‘knowing’ the All Knowing God, and it is through the humbleness of embracing the Energy of the all knowing God claiming this Love from within, that you go forth and implement change to take place. It is the Master in you that will chase you. You will chase your own tail if until you realize this, in other words, to make great changes, not only in your lives but in everybody’s lives. You have come to be the catalysts and 2009 is going to be the time for you to prove this. Dear ones, the challenge here for you is to understand that you are still alive. The challenge here is for you to understand that you are still here on planet Earth (amused) and for the moment it still has quite a third dimensional vibration, not so?
A. Yes, right.
MK. Yes…as you say do you want to hear the good news or the bad news…Uh huh.
A. Mumbling
MK. You would like to hear both.
A. Yes
MK. Well the good news is that life is changing and there’s an increasing fifth dimensional energy on the way, and the bad news is the reason why you feel so unstable is because you are already in it, and this you know. How many of you are standing with one leg in the fifth dimension and the other one in the third…(audience mumbling)…and just as well there’s not a blazing fire between the two, not so?
A. Loud laughter
MK. Beloved ones, the Earth and its changes which takes you grandly with her as she swings into a much faster orbit, thus you as masters in this chain of events called creation, you will be a part of her as you all go into a whole new plane of vibration, preparing yourself for one of the most important quantum energy shifts that has hit your planet in the last 26,000 years at least, and this is only one aspect of change that 2009 will anchor.
Beloved ones, the seriousness of this is the fact that the ascension that you are facing and are going through and will still very intensely experience over the next couple of years or so, has never been a possibility upon this plane as it is currently and this brings another aspect of masterhood for you to look at. You need to look at the truth that every other time when the magnetics of this planet shifted, so did the energy vibration of every single thing on this planet. This time you are given the opportunity to stay alive through this shift, to be anchored in your lives, which has never happened in the history of this planet, never. Beloved ones, a Master live with great awareness of everything that is within and beyond him. The first realization of course is for the Master to know that he is not alone. The second realization of course is for the Master to know, to understand that he at times ‘need to’ be alone. Alone in your mind for a minute, alone in your body for 3…it matters not. We have given you extensive teachings on the still point within the crown, as we have done during our last transmission, but in the mastering of these energies and your energy centres and all of that that you have been so abundantly blessed with this past year, comes the truth and the understanding now to integrate all of this, thus you need to understand stillness, for stillness within delivers power without actively.
A. Mumbling
MK. Yes indeed. Even if it is just a mere minute at a time, even if it is five of your earth minutes at a time it matters not. S tillness within the core of your still point is what awakens the truth and the power behind your masterhood.
Masters do not control…(laughs)
A. Laughter
MK. Masters share. Beloved ones, one of the reasons why your globe is in such economic mess is because of greed, because of control…yes?
A. Yes
MK. And with the realization of putting those energies to bed and waking up a whole new energy and economic system which is currently underway, one of the biggest and most important reasons that everyone of those beings high up within the ranks of these worlds has to come to understand is that to have a wonderful thriving economy there cannot be control of any kind, we have often said that is why your internet is so successful because there is no-one completely controlling it.
A. Mmmm
MK. But the moment there is control what happens is, because of greed dictation steps in, and because of that what happens is most fall by the way-side due to issues regarding worthiness, they are unable to see themselves in the grandness of who and what they are, or that which they represent, all because they are not sure if they are worthy or not, and this is the single, biggest issue that humanity in general has to work and triumph through…am I worthy, and the master knows their worth beyond anything with the only difference being the master has absolutely no need to share this worth in any way or form in such a way for another to use this in recognizing them the be the master that they are. Do you follow me?
A: Yes
Beloved ones, the master lives unconditional love.
It is a word that your new age has played with for some time now, in fact it is a word that is rather impressive to your beings of the new age, unconditional love, but very few actually knows its meaning. During my last transmission with this group in particular we gave you some ideas of terminology that you should note and understand do you recall this?
A; some whisper no?
Mk: And you want to be masters? ( S ome laughter)
A: some one answered Kuthumi ‘don’t judge’
MK: We are not able to sister (laughter)
Beloved ones have you ever, ever, really and truly looked at understanding the meaning behind unconditional love? Do you truly understand what it means to have zippo conditions to your love? Do you?
A: No
MK: so this is where your mastery shall begin. On the 1st of Jan uary 2009 a whole new energy shall be released unto this plane which is all about delivering the possibility of a mass understanding of all that I just shared with you. Beloved ones, as we have saluted you for your efforts in the work that you have done, understand that in mastering the self and mastering the pathway of the vision of the self, one needs to begin by mastering your understandings and with that the challenge comes for you to even take one small aspect of a word like unconditional love young man (Kuthumi looking at a youngster in the circle) and to understand what it is all about. To place yourself within the matrix without conditions and to know that no matter what transpires within your life, this ultimate vibration that’s called love can never fail you and this is mastering.
Beloved ones, mastering and masterhood is seeing the God within everything and everyone so if you can begin to in a very small way see all of that which you are a part of (and this extends beyond everything you may think as part of a masterful plan) then only shall you be able to begin perceiving what it is like to have no conditions to your love. Conditions is a human addiction “I love you but..” “I will love you, I will stop loving if this or that..” yes. “I will always stay with you but…” yes these are the conditions to your love and as I made mention of earlier on this year the only but you should be worried about is yours and it should be firm (hilarious screeches of laughter) thus let go of the judgment, keep working at this as you have on being light workers and in fact as part of your mastering which includes letting go of the conditions to your love, letting go of the control beloved ones, letting go of the little energies being emitted by you that inevitably changes the world of others, whilst it keeps you comfortably within the seeds of your own complacency. When this happens you become familiar with your situation with the result enjoy being ‘safe’ in your dysfunctions called comfort thus understand that with each breath you take as a master, a new venture awaits you. Each day beloved ones wake up feeling the Love of God within your hearts, as you feel the Love of Christ within your being, feeling the blessing of your soul within alive, feel the excitement of this lifetime you came to live, see the beauty all around and know this wonderment by embracing this beyond anything, any limitation that you as master never can entertain. Be this wonderment. These are the teachings you have been exposed to and some you have been following over lifetimes, yet every time you reached a certain plateau where there act of fear took over, you stagnated and with that faced the setbacks, yet I tell you this time beloved masters, this time we urge you to take your beds and walk.
We urge you to embrace your divinity, your divines. We urge you to be strong in your faith, to know, to live this by practicing your beliefs and all shall be yours. It is in this divine knowing that you are finally bale to transcend the energies of ‘I am not worthy’ and with that be able to embrace the truth of the fact that you are indeed a divine magical mystical being as this is when you as a master masterfully take control and the only way this cane be done is by giving it up.
Relinquish the control and with that place your will into the divine Will of God and then you shall walk proudly as a master in great humbleness for indeed this is the only way.
Beloved ones, the master understands life, the 3rd dimensional challenge of being on this planet as the master knows where he or she is required to be because of preset contracts with the 5th dimensional seal of consciousness for this is where the planet earth is already in motion of moving towards which is another reason why the lower energies shifts you into discomfort should you give them the power to. The reason why the master can deal with all this is because he understands life, and the living of it from a understanding delivered through the 7th dimensional planes and beyond, which is another reason why we bring to you the teachings of abundance and manifestation for it is your right as no-one is suppose to live within worlds of lack not at all. The master knows this as the master carries the knowing of these sacred teachings within.
Dear ones, it is time for you now to put into practice all that you have learned and experienced, thus put to bed all that control you as you have allowed this therefore it is your duty as a lightworker and a master in the making to now step out of your own proverbial box and with that take these teachings and information shared with you and share this in some way with the world without expectancy. Without the need to be believed, as you carry the knowing of its truth, this is the humble master. It is within this knowing stillness that you shall realize that indeed you are God, and with that I want you to visualize within the area of your crown 12 golden flames. Now open your eyes, look at the person opposite you and see the 12 golden flames on top of their heads. Can you relate to this?
A; Yes
MK: Can you visualize this?
A: Yes
MK: Anyone having a problem?…we’ll just have to push you out the window wont we? ( S creeches of laughter)
12 golden flames burning brightly and once you are sure to see this you may close your eyes, straighten your spine, sit back and relax and be comfortable and allow us for the very last time this year for this group specifically take your through a journey of the mind, your own mind. Perhaps you may think it’s a journey through the mind of this vessel, not, perhaps you may think it’s a journey through me mind as Kuthumi, not, it is YOUR minds. Long pause.
Beloved ones every bit of this work shared with you on this level (activations) is shared with you to assist transcending yourself from limited to unlimited, from finite to infinite thus with your eyes closed relax your hands on your lap, open your palm chakras up in the supine position and with that again bring your attention to the 12 golden flames blazing in strength above your head. Pause.
Now imagine a most magnificent golden energy raining down upon you. Pause. Visualize yourself embracing this golden energy like rain pouring upon you. Now become aware how this golden energy is being absorbed by your palm chakras, how this energy travels up your arms, into the rest of your body. Visualize this energy being absorbed into your crown through the 12 golden flames and then visualize how this golden energy fills up your entire being until you can actually relate to every single cell of your body vibrating at a golden frequency. Long pause.
Be aware of your breathing; be aware of your position being relaxed in the chair, with your back straight and comfortable. I wish to now ask you, each and every one of you dear ones do you wish to venture further along the journey of Ascension answer within your minds not out loud.
Do you wish to venture creating a new earth as you go along?
Do you wish to continue within your lives bringing an awareness of the most profound changes and energies upon your planet? Do you take responsibility for your lives no matter how faulty it may prove to be for your judgment? Do you stand firmly within your shoes? Can you feel your relation to the earth? Can you feel your connection to the planet from a higher aspect?
I now want you to bring your attention to your solar plexus and with your eyes closed imagine a most exquisite golden cord connecting your solar plexus to the heart of mother earth. Pause.
Now using this link I want you to share with the earth that which you intend taking care of in time to come, be that as a project for the year to come or the times beyond that. From your solar plexus give your 3rd dimensional perception of your 5th dimensional duties towards the earth. Very long pause.
Again bring into your mind’s eye the 12 golden flames within the crown still focusing on the golden cord between your solar plexus and the pulse of the earth. Pause. I now want you to visualize very quickly the energies we have been working on over the last while, the white flame within the base, the violet flame in the sacral, the golden flame within the sun chakra between these two, now visualize the silver and golden supporting chakras on either side of the base, then the ruby-red flame within the solar plexus with the 3 golden energies grounding the downward pointing triangle within the solar plexus with the bottom of these encapsulated by a silver energy, then within the heart a pink flame, within the high heart another golden flame, within the throat a double sapphire flame with the inner being paler than the outer, within the brow visualize the emerald flame, and finally within the crown you have the 12 golden flames are you with me?
A; Yes
MK: Very good.
Beloved ones, I now wish for you to visualize ahead of you in the very centre of this room manifests one of the most powerful master teacher that you ever had the privilege of working with, beloved ones I wish for you to connect to the Energy field of Lord Jesus, Joshua Ben Josef or Lord S ananda as some might know Him by. Within this powerful sacred energy which is the expression of The Christ along with all of these flames activated and awakened know of the many opportunities that awaits you, anchoring you through the Golden umbilical cord of the self, connecting you to the womb of the earth – with the 12 golden flames burning brighter in your crown I now want you to visualize this Master hands you a gift. In your mind stretch both your hands forward, open them as you allow this Masterful Being to transfer into your hands a most exquisite gift. Beloved ones receive the most clear brilliantly faceted flawless diamond you have ever seen. We invite you now to hold this precious stone this diamond energy in your hand and with that connect your 3rd eye to that that of this Masterful Christ Being (Very long pause) and in your mind see you the Energy of the Christ Joshua takes this beautiful purest of diamonds off your palms after allowing you to feel its tingling energy and with that reaches forward placing this into your 3rd eye.
Beloved ones for those of you that experienced the last grid activation we blessed you with the diamond aspect of the Amaru crystal within the third eye which opened and activated a yet higher level of the crown energy and this day we gift to you this most wondrous gift of diamond consciousness implanted and activated within your 3rd eye which will help raise your vibrations to that of diamond status so that you may venture forth as a masterful being in the time to come and with that live the example by being the example. Within this stone of utmost purity and truth beloved ones comes the knowing that for you to live the example and with that being the example, the most important realization is for you to always be your authentic self.
I now want you to imagine in the area of your third eye, in the very centre of the diamond a beautiful citrine energy begins to form. Pause. Beloved ones within your mind give you’re thanks to this most magnificent Being Joshua Ben Josef, for stepping forward this day energetically activating your diamond sheath within the 3rd eye. Now become aware that another most powerful Being makes His presence known blessing you with His Light, you know him as The Buddha, thus in your mind’s eye see the Lord Buddha before you with the sparkling diamond energy within your 3rd eye with the core of this energy birthing a miraculous citrine vibration.
Beloved ones now within your mind see Lord Buddha leaning forward and with that he places the pointing finger of his right hand on your third eye, he closes his eyes and energetically transfers immense knowledge, wisdom and understanding into this centre as he further activates the citrine core within the diamond energy. Pause. Allow this citrine to burn brighter from a bright yellow transferring into a deep amber colour. Pause. Buddha now releases His energy field from yours and with that thank Him for his contribution to your energy field rewire for you to abundantly come to know all of that which is needed for your masterhood, all that will keep you grounded and anchored along your journey of masterhood. Pause. Now the most magical being whom you also know as S aint Germain manifests before you, and places his right hand on your heart blessing you instantly with the energy of the Violet Flame. Your entire body is now encapsulated with this violet sheath. He now places his left hand at the back of your heart centre (his right hand activating the violet flame remaining at the front) activating the silver flame assimilating with the violet energy creating a further protective shield for you, the violet-silver flame. Allow this energy to encapsulate your energy field, be that in a cocoon or star-tetrahedron shape, see this energy as your divine protection in every avenue, in every way, in every situation no matter what, so that even though you may think of a situation to be not of the most positive beloved ones, know that within every experience growth is the ultimate purpose. Happiness should be the end result of any situation that was not to begin with and with that give you’re thanks to S aint Germain.
You now have Archangel Michael that appears in front of you and he hands to you an identical copy, your own replica of His Excalibur sword of Truth. I wish for you to visualize this sword in any which way or form you feel comfortable with and with that see how you within your mind are strapping this sword of truth to your side, simply hanging by your side etherically and know that with this blessing beloved ones you are given to power to take your sword of right-use-ness and use it correctly. By embracing this gift self-righteousness is no longer a part of your path. Pause. Give thanks to archangel Michael for this gift.
Beloved ones bring into your mind the magical Lord Merlin as he appears standing facing you in which ever way of form you relate to him and as if by magic he waves a wand and instantly complete encapsulates you with a Ametrine Energy, thus the 5th Dimensional shield combination of Amethyst and Citrine. Pause. Allow this energy to create an even vaster shield of light connecting your immediate energy field with all that’s beyond that. Very long pause.
Beloved ones, within your mind’s eye Lord Merlin takes your hands in his as he looks at you through the wisdom of the eons that it has taken him to get here as he too remembers back when he stood like you today facing the portal of masterhood. He remembers when he too as with you now faced a break-through of living and being, which put him in touch with his own masterhood. He looks you in the eye and smiles the famous Merlin smile and with that reminds you that as you take on masterhood in your own way in your own light then so too are you able to use the power of your own wand transforming life in the way that needs be. Give your thanks to Merlin as he makes his way from your energy field. I now want you to visualize with your eyes still very much closed in front of you a most magnificent being, beloved ones now see a higher aspect of yourself standing facing you. Pause.
So if you could in some way or another put form to your higher self what would it look like? Thus we invite you to journey into your own mind so that you no longer entertain the limited side of your imagination, see yourself for who you truly are, see your divineness, see your magnificence and then visualise this magnificence in front of you align every one of their energy centres with yours beginning first with the earth chakras, 12 within your immediate auric field, 6 on either side all located between the earth and under the arm is about the area where these chakras are located. Thus first see a connection between their first 12 earth chakras and yours (there are a further 12 which will be activated at a later stage I presume – Chanel) Then see a connection between your star chakras forming, here from the upper part of your energy field with your arm held horizontally with the earth, thus in this upper 180° from one side to the other you have 48 star chakras hovering within your energy field and it is though this energy that all of the star beings communicate through as the earth beings communicate through the earth chakras. Visualize this magnificent being facing you connecting their star and earth chakras to yours with these energy centres becoming illuminated like glowing wheels of fire-light, sparkling with light. Pause. Now I want your visualize taking their hand in yours and with every moment step closer to each other. I want you to look them in the eye beloved ones and with that claim that you live within a world of change and shifting vibrations, and with all of this energy coming alive I want you to feel how your base chakra comes alive as it connects fully with the base energy of this being and with that step a little closer. Pause. I want you to understand that as a master you need to work at balancing your emotions in such a way that it will overrule any insecurities and judgment that you may or may not be aware of and with look this magnificent being in the eye and claim your multi-dimensional beingness, as a being that knows only love and grace and then step closer as a intricate connection forms between your sacral chakras. Now at the level of your solar plexus be aware that your solar plexus is still connected through the golden energy to the earth, be aware that their solar plexus is also connected to the earth and to your solar plexus. I want you to see this golden connection increasing in power as you step even closer to this higher aspect of yourself and with that become aware how much brighter the 12 flames are burning within your crown. Pause.
Beloved ones, you are a powerful being. Pause. But only through the practice of unconditional love thus seeing the most purest and divine aspect of everyone within your lives and that which is beyond you, will you come to integrate the truth of being a master thus to communicate your will, at will, without will and with that see a divine connection linking the energy between you and this being’s heart, higher heart and throat chakras. Pause. I now want you to step so close to this being that you can feel your noses touch feeling the heat of their breath as you look into those divine eyes and then see how this divine connection between your 3rd eye and theirs activates a flow energy which allows your diamond sparkling 3rd eye with the inner core citrine to spin at a fast rotation clockwise, the faster the spin the closer you move to them until eventually you feel your eye-lashes touching standing with your noses side-by-side, your eye lashes are touching and your energy fields fully connected and with that become aware that the 12 flames within your crown and the 12 flames within the crown of this being begins to spin in opposite directions, thus visualize the 12 flames within your crown turning in a clockwise direction and the 12 flames within their crown turn in a counter-clockwise direction. Pause. Now at this point understand that at an etheric level this is the integration of the lower and higher aspects of the self which vibrates according to the golden infinity symbol energy which will allow the two of you to become as one. I want to give you a moment to experience this and in this moment dear one allow these two energies to interlock through these golden flames infinitely and with that bring these two aspects of the self into a vibration that is as ONE. Eventually you will find that that you merge completely with this higher aspect of the self, you will find that your body feels very powerful, your energy vibrates at an increased rate, some may feel a little unsettled whilst to others it will feel as natural as breathing as for everyone it’s a different feel, yet the energy is as one. Long pause.
Beloved ones, take a few moments before you open your eyes and familiarize yourself with the fact of how much more powerful you are than you thought. Be aware of how much taller you are than you thought and so just that much more wealthier, healthier, and blessed than you ever thought you were. I want you to embrace the truth of unconditional love as part of your harness, claim your divineness as a extremely powerful master of note and with that to know that not now, or now ever beloved ones do you ever need to entertain any situation that in any way takes away from you any power and energy that robs you from your self-worth. Be powerful within yourself, claim your armor, claim your divinity, you have your gifts given to you, you know where your power is and now I want your gently open your eyes, ground yourself within your physicality, and be strong, have power and be excited for excitement is a masterful blessing that inspires the master and so too does the master see the excitement within anything and everything. Believe me beloveds, the journey of masterhood is not an easy one. If you think the journey of ascension is not for the faint of heart, then let us not even mention mastery. Masters fully surrender. Indeed you are masters all the way in making for you are here listing to or reading these words. How do you feel?
A: all answer either ‘relaxed, empowered, excited, at ease and some inaudible’
MK: Do you think you might make it through next year?
A: all laugh and shout yes!
Mk: Beloved ones you don’t have a choice (laughter) you shall stay and do the work you set out to do and guess what, you are going to do it well (all cheer) and have fun. Long pause.
Beloved ones, it is indeed a joyous occasion within the realms above this one, and below this one. It is indeed a most profound unconditional love experience to be active within this experiment called earth-life, and even more so to see the awakening of such beautiful people, and for us from the realms of ascended enlightenment to come into your world embracing you with such joy!
Anything is possible and with that lift the limitations from your mind as you are to remove the ‘but’s’ from expressions. Take away the judgment of another, take away the blame from each other and hold each other’s hands and hearts as you are about to step forth into a brand new frequency of Light. Beloved ones for some this process we have shared with you this day of increasing your vibrations may take up to 21 days to integrate (up to 31st December) and with this know that there is a gift of Love in all that we share and as I always say when you leave from here take all that you wish for and bless it unto another thus I Kuthumi gift unto thee the most precious blessing of all the worlds and that is for you beloved sons and daughters of the Light to now fully with the year of mastery ahead of you stand firmly within the power of who you are. Thus wear your armor of unconditional love with glory, greatness and joy, and with that take this divinity and give off spark of light to life everywhere.
May the Light of The Christ burn brightly in you, now and always. May you leave from here and have the most blessed celebratory holidays, celebrating the Birth of Christ thus the understanding of love and beloved ones it matters not should you believe this celebration didn’t actually take place on the celebrated date, but what matters is the memory thereof and at this particular time it is very good to remember why this man called Christ Joshua came to this plane, how He walked here amongst man and woman of a earthly form just like Him, teaching unconditional love and although perhaps at that time not many were able to integrate this message, now with you and the time of your own freedom zone you are able to understand these teachings better and with that put your knowledge into practice to grow into wisdom. But know wisdom means nothing unless you are able to impart with it in such a way that it is understandable thus show others how to create wonder and magic and joy within their lives. These are the gifts beloved ones that were bestowed upon the Baby Jesus at the time where I Kuthumi was personally present as part of the delivery team of these gifts and now I gift unto thee these gifts in the knowing, truth and understanding that you are wisdom, therefore take this wisdom and see it for all its worth, see your wisdom reflect your love, see your wisdom reflect in your understanding, take away the judgment of your life, be kind, be tolerant, make sure that you embrace change and with that keep on moving and growing. Make sure that you don’t stagnate, get rid of the fears, get rid of the angers and anguish and with that be firm in all that you believe.
I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and Master Cohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and with that I bless thee, and I give thee my love. Adonai.

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