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The Easter Channelling 2013 – 03

Ascended Master Kuthumi, Master Jesus (& Celestial Companions)

Birth and Rebirth

23 March 2013

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder
Durban – KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

**** **** ****

Easter Channelling 2013
I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of rebirth, greetings beloved ones,
A: Greetings
It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we gather with each of you upon this day as we hold you here firmly within the Heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God, Greetings once again.
A: Thank you
MK: You are welcome! Beloved ones again you come together in the presence of spirit and Light creating a most divine and sublime frequency of Light, a divine frequency of unconditional love made tangible which is exactly what is created here at this time. The truth of this picture from an inner or deeper or higher perspective creates for itself a magnificent reflection within the ethers all around, one of realisation. Now the essence of realisation is the most powerful birth and rebirth that you can experience as a being. To be in a state of divine realisation demands of you an understanding that stretches beyond the norm, it demands of you a process of all of that which we have taken you through over the last number of years for in that state of realising this or that comes too new wisdom new teachings and certainly a brand new understanding of many of the concepts that perhaps you find challenging, that perhaps you do no quite sort of get, that perhaps you need a little help with or details on. Now the grandest realisation of all of that is to understand that as you come together in group essence creating this most divine flow of unconditional love here in your midst you carry this with you wherever you go, and that is what we refer to as placing your divine imprints on the world out there for that in truth is who you are. You are a divine…come on! (to all) magnificent authentic magnetic being! (laughter) not so! Correct!
You are a multidimensional magnificent being, morning sister ( a sister yawns) (laughter) to realise the part that you play in this world as an individual being and part of the group energy is a wonderful awakening in itself, for as you have had a desire to bring your presence forth this day or during times of perhaps introspection meditation and soul search, so too do you have a commitment in spending time with those within your immediate family or friend circle and it is of course ultimately the balancing of these (family/friends & spiritual circle) where you fail so horrible (Kuthumi laughs) it is in balancing these divine aspects that true realisation comes forth. It is in balancing the process of your humanness with the truth of your spiritness that the realisation of the balanced being comes forward and beloved ones it is entirely a process that only you can work with and shift and of course alters to the extent that it pleasures you.
It is not I Kuthumi or any other masterful being that can shift this process for you. Henceforth it is truly up to you as to what you want to do with this energy which was the reason why I asked this channel to ask everyone to work with their energy fields prior to this initiation and to tap into the new frequencies that you have been initiated into prior to this gathering so that when it comes to the activation of this energy (which I am going to be taking you through in a little while from now) it is up to you how far you can push this frequency, for you see dear ones as you know this is a learning experience – and talking about life in general if you cannot and do not learn something new every so often, best you take a good look in the mirror for it is not so, you are stagnant thus your life has become totally and utterly boring in my words and in Jesus’s words; what good is there in having if there is none in giving, correct. In Kuthumi’s words why are you blessed with all of these true gifts of divine awakening and introspection if you cannot work with them therefore if you do not learn something new every so often (I could be very bold and say every day) which will really push your human barriers now wouldn’t it? (mumble) yes how on earth could you learn something new every day? I can tell you very easily, has anyone got an answer for me? You are all square telly boxes aren’t you? It’s called national geographic! (Laughter) Learn something new every day; if you always do what you always did you are always going to get what you always got! Not so? (yes) therefore expand your horizons expand your mind and as this channel explained a while ago expand your energy field by working with it one step at a time and believe me we have been through the crawling stages I mentioned this about 3 decades ago (laughter) we have been through the infant stages, yes! I held your hand we spoon fed you we even gave you a golden spoon, we then tried levitating this nourishment into your being and still there is no mirror to be seen anywhere, come on, come on!
Beloved ones now is the time for each of you to sit up and take note of my words.
That is, live! For God’s sake… How many of you are living? Silence…Are you really alive? Are you?
A: I’d like to think so…
MK: Are you enjoying your life? (mumble) – if it is NO then this is certainly time for a mirror, it is so funny within the higher dimensions, when I say funny I do not express this in any way from a self-gain egotistical energy as you know as an Ascended master I am unable to think along those lines but it is rather humorous to see the whole process of humanity and what you have been through these last couple of years and believe me the joke is not on you although some of you have thought like that, it is not. It is quite funny or should I say humorous rather to observe through the years how all of you have work diligently to get where you were supposed to be on the 12 12 12 and the 21 12 2012 and then to see the anti-climax that followed after these events, yes, yet all along you have been taught that the Essence of the living Christ is within, the kingdom and the glory of God is within you, so if you know that why look for it outside? Why did you think for a minute the happenings that took you through the end of one calendar into the beginning of another had anything to do with anything outside of yourself, come on, come on beloved ones, listen to my words that is the very reason why I explained to this being to send that that electronic mail to each of you to say that “as the earth is still in reboot so are you”. Now what does that mean, anyone of you bright sparks?
A: mumble
MK: Reboot, what does this mean?
A: Inaudible.
MK: Prepare, reboot means prepare to start afresh, prepare to recreate. In rebooting it actually takes on the vibration of a birth of something new, to be rebirthed, reborn, rewired, recreated, re-manifest and therefore this is a very, very important time to actually celebrate life by living it!
For each of you have through many, now I am going to ask you something else. Whether you are ready for this on not, hold on to your bootstraps! Throughout your life and I am addressing Lightworkers in this group and those that may come to read or hear these words beyond this circle of light. Lightworkers have for lifetimes created and planned a divine specific pathway of birth and rebirth to be able to be every so divinely present at this particular time on this planet.
You have just experienced the triple date portals for the last 12 years with each year an increased frequency being activated on your planet and within your energy field with all of you serving as divine surrogates in spreading this energy and sharing this energy, you then came to what you perceived to be the alpha and omega of all events 12 12 12 & 21 12 and thereafter the rest is history. Now from that ‘high’ in searching and yearning outside of yourself for something phenomenal and not even for one minute being still and knowing that you are god. In finding that inner, inner Christ energy within your heart, and being part of the new world as a light worker as a bearer of light grounding the Christ Consciousness unto this planet in a new and upshifted frequency unlike ever felted before, have you for a minute sat still and actually acknowledged that? And now I am going to spin you, I am going to ask you, so beautiful beings, what is so divinely special in each of you NOW this day in this lifetime that you have waited aeons for to come to discover?
And further more I want an answer from each and every one of you.
I do not want the answer now. That is what your mission statement is about. It is an acknowledgement of who you are: NO ego. Using the keys that we have given you, the divine frequency of unconditional love and Christ Consciousness that oversees every single aspect of this entire teaching and through that nobly yet humbly to acknowledge your gifts.
Now each of you has a divine gift, you know that, yes. And that is the gift I wish for you to give birth to at this time. Do you understand me or would you like me to explain it in Latin? (Laughter) yes, any questions on that?
For that is your ‘homework’. You love being in classrooms, we’ll I am going to give you homework for if I am not going to give you homework you are not going to do anything and if you recall my words a number of years ago I said by God if I have to drag you across the crystalline end line I will! (laughter). Now your homework is to find that gift within you and the secret to that is to acknowledge that that gift is multiple it is not a single gift its multiple and that is the gratitude list that I spoke about for if you acknowledge that gratitude list and you begin to create a frequency on paper of what which you need to be grateful for you will discover within there the gifts of yourself being revealed to you as a person and as a being, and believe me they are multiple they are not single there is not just one gift, there are many, many gifts and talents blessed within each and every one of you and us from the higher realms it is up to you to now go forward and the find the glory within. Get it?
Any questions on that?
Very long Silence…
** * **
(Distinct intense gentle shift in energy)
Greetings dear one, it is I Jeshua Ben Joseph.
All gently answer softly: Greetings
I come forward this day to affirm every vibration that my brother Kuthumi has shared with you.
At this time each of you celebrate the passing of my time on your planet where I lived the life as the one known as Jesus. It is indeed a very special time (emotional tenderness energy) it is not only a time that I chose to create a teaching that since many celebrate in their lives in the understanding of birth and rebirth, it is a time where each of you are asked to find the stillness within your hearts and to remember the question posed by Kuthumi for my dearest children as your Master I am imploring you to find that gift within, for you see each and every one of those gifts that you have been blessed with in this lifetime is what creates that beautiful sparkle in your eyes. And as one that comes to be born and yet again, now is the time for you to claim the gifts of Creation and there is no better way than to acknowledge the creative gifts extended to you.
Dearest children, my life as Jesus is for many still a great mystical experience, it’s a mystery. And I ask not that any emphasis be placed on any particular aspect of that which I represented physically and still represents etherically, but the act of LOVE.
It is therefore imperative for each of you that choose to move into a higher frequency to begin doing so by embracing the act of LOVE in all of that which you stand for and to do all you can in your living power to recreate this in every aspect of that which life presents to you.
Beautiful children, acknowledging your gifts and talents, are acts of LOVE which activates a love frequency within the Heart of the Creator unlike anything. For it is in itself acknowledging the power in create ability thus that which you truly give out – frequencies of unconditional LOVE, and that is what the shift of energy on this plane is about. And as I have done, I am asking each of you to do. To love your neighbour as you love yourself, but to first understand that if you cannot love yourself, you certainly wouldn’t know how to love your neighbour. To pardon those that have done you wrong, and to forgive all of the aspects of the experiences that you have endured or remember by releasing these imbalances into the Cosmic Seas into the Womb of our Mother God, into the Hands and the Will of our Father God. Release all of the fears and the angers the frustrations into the Essence of the Holy Spirit and through the innocence of the Christ Child within claim for yourself a new beginning.
I am not asking you to hang your life on a cross, and be crucified for you to be acknowledged into that which you are. Neither was that asked or expected of me in any unreasonable way it was part of the Divine Plan. I am setting your divine plan before you this day by asking you to release yourself from the clutches of all of that which brings to you instability and unhappiness and in so doing to focus only upon that which brings good which brings LOVE, healing and peace into your worlds.
I cannot underline the importance of posing this question of your personal gifts and talents enough and especially at this time, the first of the rebirth celebrations within your new world, your new earth, in her baby years to now be aware of your own personal rebirth, a change and a shift in your own energy vibration which will help you gather your wits around and about and in so doing to stand tall in who you are.
At times of a passing, sadden yourself not for the departed but rather excite yourself by celebrating the life they lived.
Sadden yourself not with emotional turbulence emotional strain, sorrow, sadness, for the loss or the lack in physicality, but rather celebrate their life.
Give yourself time to mourn, and then let the celebrations begin.
In the life that you have lived in this current lifetime, each of you has reached the end in some way towards the end of 2012. Over the last number of months (2013) you have been in mourning in many ways f0r the loss of that which is gone and now at the first celebration of true rebirth and transition (Easter) celebrate your life by living it excitedly. For it is a gift dear beautiful children beyond any. And as with all gifts, it needs to be nurtured and cared for.
I give my LOVE to each of you as I connect my heart with yours. Absorb the rays of Christ Light into your being, allow your heart to swell with happiness with beauty and tenderness, and KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED.
Understand that as the ever Living Christ I am with you always. Adonai.
All: Adonai.
Very Long Pause
** * **
Beloved ones it is I Kuthumi
I sincerely hope that each of you understand the intensity of the message that was shared with you at this time. Who better than from the “horse’s mouth” Itself (laughter)
Beloved ones the gifts that I speak of for each of you to acknowledge and realise at this time is the gifts of LOVE that is within you, each of you. And thus you are asked to unveil the Kingdom within and live it without.
Believe me I do understand as I too have walked the journey of humanity and living life many a times on your plane as I said I do understand and with that I am being reminded that all of us from the higher realms do understand the complexities and the challenges that you are faced with, but as lightworkers you are now asked to look beyond that for you see you would like to increase your energy field and we have given a step-by-step set plan on how to do that and where to begin but as I made mention of earlier it is not up to me as an Ascended master to teach each of you how to do that for if you apply and you work with your energy field it will happen to you. As you very well know in the teachings of the consciousness cord and the Antakarana it is truly up to you as to how far are you going to push it? For you see I can sit with each of you for days and months and lifetimes on end helping you and teaching you how to create a shift in your energy field, but it is only you that can through your own personal experience celebrate an “aha” moment for only you can do that, I cannot creep inside of your head and your heart and tickle you with my crystalline wand and go ‘aha! Did you get that? No only you can. Perhaps I can go ‘boooo’ (laughter) depending of course on the day’s humour but the “aha”, that can only be experienced by you. As with the consciousness cord in creating a connection with your higher self you can stand on your head and you can hum yourself into a coma for years and years and years, and nothing will happen and then one fine day your higher self will go ‘aha’ and you probably will go ‘boo’ (crying) – laughter – it is a connection only you can work with and that is what we are preparing you for. Is there anyone here that did not get that?
What are these teachings for?
A: Progress, mumble, higher self….
MK: cay se ra se ra whatever will be will be! These teachings are given to you at an individual level yet as a group though it is totally dependent on you as to how far you will take it to have that ‘aha’
Beloved ones there are many groups such as this all over the world. I Kuthumi channel my energy through every language spoken on this plane and a number of them at this very time, how multidimensional of me not so (laughter). Each of you has the same ability. Now in this lifetime you are asked to enjoy and live, live your life to the fullest and begin to work on all of the smaller aspects of yourself that still niggles you, hurts you, brings in some form of sadness or lack, or limitation in any way what so ever and to override that it is very important for you to become still in acknowledging your gifts and talents and to give thanks for these. That is why the act of gratitude is the easiest way for you to shift any vibrations that may be in some way not as acceptable or friendly as others. You feeling sad, you feel depressed, you feel you believe your life is completely worthless it’s no good, I am then inviting you to take a glance at those less fortunate and say it again. It matters not if that is their life choice at this time, you must remember when you are ready the opportunities for you to evolve will present themselves to you. It is not a mistake that you are here. Not? Uhmmm..did anyone of you stumble upon this house and wondered what was going on inside? (Mutter)…(place where the circle is held)
Correct, now those less fortunate may be in their current situation because that is what their lives require of them, it is lifetimes you have lived before. The nicest and easiest and quickest way for each of you to embrace the act of gratitude is go and stare into the eyes of obliviousness and know that you are loved, all of you, and as those beings have taken on this journey to still be in deep slumber, thank the heavens above that you have set through intent with emotion for you to be a light worker to birth and rebirth yourself in a new way and now we are asking you to acknowledge your gifts and talents. I am going to ask you to view this. To find this and dot it down and whenever you are feeling not so good read over that and rejoice!
Beloved ones, there are many groups across your globe that gathers together in the same way communicating through the art and act of channelling. There are many groups who with the assistance of ascended masters and light beings are doing a lot of work physically and etherically as you have done as a group and believe me the time for celebration is upon you! You have in many ways built an idol around that which you expected at the end of 2012. Then through the act of every challenge that you can imagine you had to as master Jesus said faced a time of mourning the last 3 months. Mourning, moping, crying, some even depressed, have you?
A: Yes
Yes, each and every one of you, and therefore what you are asked through the gift of the Easter energy is instead of focusing your energy on the chocolates to focus your energy on that which is within, and as Master Jeshua said, love your neighbour but first: Love yourself, for if you cannot love yourself how on God’s green earth are you going to be able to love someone else, how will you know the joy of love, how will you know the feeling of love and how it feels? Yes, therefore if you believe that that love can only exist with the help of a partner think again. A partner is there to compliment your love but your love should first and foremost be an acknowledgement, a realisation within the self, of the self, and once that is done then surely you may run around and love the world. But you see because of indoctrination and because of certain teachings that went a little wonky along the way shall we say, you were taught that love exists “out there” somewhere beloved ones, you want to know love, does your mother love you, does your father love you, if they don’t love you, you must be a misfit? Yes that is what you were brought up with not so?
A: yes
Mk: we are now asking you to change that to love yourself first, it is the love within you, in other words the acknowledgement of the God within, the acknowledgement of the Christ and the Holy Spirit within, the divine masculine feminine of ALL THAT IS – was and ever can be, that makes you realise that love, that allows you to switch that light bulb on and through that ‘aha’ say – now I know what love is for I am that! That is what we are asking of you, so put aside what you ‘believe’ should be when it comes to love, thus this fist celebration is not a time of sadness, not a time moaning, mourning, crying, depression, sadness, anger etc be it for the life of Jeshua Ben Joseph be it for yourself let it be a celebration, celebrate your life, for life is for the living and remember life is ever lasting and the tiny, tiny experience that you experience within every lifetime is but a drop in the ocean of what life truly is about therefore do not put off this day that which you can celebrate. Find within yourself the gifts given to you and live it, enjoy it, understand that when it comes to giftedness the only one that confuses it all by judging is you. When we say creativity you think of drawing don’t you? Yes. That is kindergarten indoctrination – creativity is everything. If you didn’t experience an ounce of creativity this morning you probably would’ve rocked up here in your sleep wear, your sleep garments, thus through the act of creativity you felt like making yourself look better didn’t you? Yes. And enjoy it! You know what I always say: There are many gifts to enjoy in life but it is when those gifts enjoy you that you have to watch out (laughter). Everything in moderation…
Beloved ones, we urge you at this time to take up your bed and walk.
We understand that which you feel and which you have experienced but please understand that that which life gifts to you is beyond anything that you can ever imagine if you allow it to, that is the question: Are you allowing it? Are you so focused on that which you do not have that you cannot enjoy that which you do have? That is my question to you. All of you, all of you have the answers to these questions. And now At the rebirth of the new earth, the first year of the new celebration of the awakening of the Christ Consciousness on your plane understand that each of you are a great part of this and that is your first gift not so, it if was not for you then who would be doing this?
Therefore dust yourself off, and move along, move along swiftly! Have a hop and a skip in your jump as you do so.
Long pause….
You are standing facing a beautiful Cathedral.
For a moment remove every preconceived idea that you have ever been indoctrinated with when it comes to any religious teachings or set spiritual formats. Pause.
Stand facing this beautiful cathedral. For a moment allow this to come to life in any which way you wish to, paint a grand picture in your minds beloved ones, allow the world of grandiose to come to life, push it, extend it, let it be over the top. Pause
You are standing at the very entrance of this massive cathedral with the most exquisite doors, hand-carved intricate detail, big brass doorknobs, for a moment feel what this feels like. Pause
In the grandiose of this picture I want you to discover the simplicity. In the massive austere ostentatiousness of this grand cathedral, find the humbleness within. Now begin to softly hear the tuning of the bells, and then the beautiful sounds of the bells ringing. Pause.
Hear the different octaves it presents to you. Some loud, some soft, some high pitched some not. Life is as such. It is a presentation of a grand Pandora’s Box of experiences, which one will it be today?
Long pause
In the back of your mind deep within your soul hear the heavenly orchestras play; hear the angelic choirs reach out for you as they sing Praise to Creation. Pause
Now gently bring your attention back to your hands on the doorknobs, focus on the humbleness in your heart and the simplicity yet complexity of who you are, very gently push these doors open and enter into the cathedral.
You are standing with the main isle leading up to the front of the Cathedral to the grand pulpit ahead of you in rather ornate fashion, vast. You have seated on either side a cathedral jammed packed with beings. Now gently walk forward and come to stand where the very first row of seating begins.
You notice ahead of you in the far distance as this a massive cathedral a divine Being presents itself in the front standing on the pulpit. Pause
Again feel the vibration of the church bells and the music the orchestra of the heavenly realms fill your cathedral with the most exquisite angelic sounds with heavenly acoustics creating a tender vibration within. Pause
Now you are going to make your way very slowly towards the front of the cathedral where this higher being awaits you, and as you walk, as if being married, very gently in your mind’s eye connect with every one seated on the left and right, become aware of the many faces and characters that are there to celebrate this day, this day of marriage, this day of rebirth. Walking down that beautiful isle give thanks to every one of these beings that have stepped forward to celebrate this part of your life, all sitting to the side and ahead of you, feel the love emitted by them and at the same time return their love.
As you walk closer to the front acknowledge the emotion that you feel towards these people these beings that have come forward to attend your celebration this day.
The masterful being now steps down from the pulpit and comes to stand in front of you at your level.
Simply feel the vibration of love between you as you once again connect with the Essence of your Higher Self standing before you. Pause
This magnificent being connects their energy field with yours, and with that allow streams and vibrations of unconditional love and forgiveness and gratitude fill your being. Pause
Now manifesting behind you is the Presence of Master Jesus. Pause
He places both His hands on your back, flat, in the area of the heart slightly higher, as He asks you to stir into manifestation the feeling of unconditional love into your sacred heart, towards the back and slightly higher than the heart. You are now asked to relate to this physically by feeling an increase in body temperature in that area, a warm glow, a tingling feeling, are you with me?
If you are not able to feel this as yet work on it. Now He moves His hands both palms down over the back of your head over the Medulla Oblongata with the fingers reaching towards the crown and the palms over the Medulla Oblongata at the base of the skull, again become aware of the increase in temperature a frequency tingling in that area.
Master Jesus releases a divine frequency of unconditional love and divine wisdom into that area as we stir into awaking your sacred mind. Pause.
He now keeps His left hand on the area of the sacred mind and gently slides his hand with his palm over the area of the sacred heart. Pause
Now feel the vibrational frequency of these two areas begin a dance of divine communication with each another. Feel the free flow of the love frequency that flows between these two areas awakening all of the dormant strands of DNA that you have been waiting so long to awaken. Pause.
With your energy field activated prior to my visitation I now ask of you to activate your divine golden cocoon all around you and if you can make it a double cocoon spinning in opposite directions sliding over one another one clockwise the other counter.
Master Jesus now releases His hands bringing them together as in prayer fashion as He communicate to you to create a divine connection with your higher self through your 3rd eye as you stand looking at the higher aspect of yourself and should you find this challenging set the intent for this awakening to greet you in good spirit, set the intent for this realisation to come to you.
Now turn around with your back to your higher self and your front facing Master Jesus, looking deeply into His eyes, FEEL the LOVE He has for you. Pause
Beloved ones feel the love that we all have for you as you activate your sacred mind and heart stirring these into realisation. Pause
Master Jesus now separates His hands opening His palms placing both firstly on your 3rd eye, feel the heat, the energy and tingling in the 3rd eye, and there after He releases that and He places both His palms on your heart centre. Pause
He releases the energy, turns and come to stand behind you next to your higher self with all of you facing in the direction of your entry, and of course you have facing back at you hundreds and more different faces of all of those that have come together to witness this celebration of life. Pause
Master Jesus and your higher self now merges into one energy and as you give thanks for their presence this day they encapsulate this protective cocoon all around you.
Beloved ones, now visualise the most magnificent sun rays beam through the magnificent cut glass windows of this cathedral in a multitude multiple multicolour explosion of the most exquisite iridescent most beautiful colour rays you have ever seen shining down upon you from all directions possible. See these magnificent reflections coming from these stained glass windows creating a beam unconditional love and divine wisdom which is the advance frequency of the second ray of Love and Wisdom. Feel these colours tingling all over. Feel how this kaleidoscope of iridescent uncountable multifaceted colour explosions charges your auric field healing every aspect of you still imbalanced. Feel the heat all around in your energy auric field. Pause
Again bring your attention back to the spinning of the energy fields that surrounds you spinning in the opposite directions. Pause. Bring your attention to your divine crystalline new personal being birthed at this time, new, as if by marriage. Pause.
With that in your mind’s eye, open your eyes and look at every single being that have come to gather this day to honour you in this activation, there are so many, you are not able to count them at a glance if by chance, men, women, children, boys, girls, black white of all races and colours beings from all walks of life there are the noble ones and then there are the other ones.
Beloved ones each and every one of these beings is you. What you see in this sea of love around you are all of the aspects that together form your soul signature that together with the divine harmonics sings your soul song. In this blaze of coloured bliss slowly make your way out of the cathedral back into the direction that you entered and as you do so each and every one of these beings get up and exist with you clearing the cathedral as you walk though it as if by marriage. By the time you reached the doors you entered into all these beings are on their feet excitedly behind you waiting for you to exit. Pause
Goddess Diana now manifest before you in front of the exit. She hands to you a crystalline coat bejewelled with the most jewels you have ever known. She places upon your crown a crown covered with the most exquisite jewels of iridescent colours and she hands you your crystalline wand of pure crystalline consciousness and you see reflected within that an iridescent sparking mother of pearl energy that represents a world of possibilities beyond anything that you can imagine. Give thanks to her for these gifts, allow her to step aside.
With that you hear a little voice on the other side of these beautiful doors whispering to you ‘close your eyes’ and recognising the frequency of your inner child you step back into the womb of trust and you do so. Pause.
Your inner child whispers to you to open the doors yet keep your eyes close, thus do so step out on this massive, massive terrace, a magnificent crystalline platform of light and with that all that you represent and stand for exit and stands with you. Pause
Your inner child come to stand next to you and asks you to bring a divine frequency of love into your heart, to fill your sacred heart and mind, your heart and 3rd eye at a lower level thus your sacred heart and sacred mind at a higher level with love, loving the self beyond any limitations to bring that divine frequency of unconditional love into your heart, feel the love that you are.
And now, your inner child comes to stand facing you, your eyes are still closed and your inner child indicates for you to bring to mind that love in your heart, as what you wish to project for yourself within your tangible reality – in simple English paint the picture of how you see your life, not the doom and the gloom, but that which you want in your life, but then again want is a 4 letter word that you now need to let go of thus that which you accept in your life. So for a moment, bring your attention to this and through the love vibration feel what that feels like thus smell what it smells like, taste what it taste like, see what it looks like, hear what it presents to you, feel the inspiration around that, know what it is yours, be connected to it, feel that connection to it, feel what it feels like to be in service through it, feel the euphoria that surrounds it, feel how exhilarating it is to feel this, be aware of your passion, your creative expression by surrendering into it. Tap into it with all of your senses and give thanks for it.
Your inner child now takes both your hands into theirs as it hands you a golden key. Pause.
Now take that golden key and place it etherically into the golden rose in your heart, the key that etherically overlays the already present golden key in your heart. Pause. In your mind’s eye feel the vibration of this key come to life, and with that your inner child and all the beings that surround you releases themselves from your vision as they remain part of your energy field no matter what.
Now physically take your hands and place them on your heart, cusp them both over your heart connect to the gifts of unconditional love and all of that which I have shared. Pause.
Feel in your heart the gifts that you have been given. Pause
If you are uncertain ask for these gifts to be revealed to you in a divine and orderly way so that it will only be of the highest and purest vibration for the greatest good of yourself and those that you share your lives with. Pause
Beloved ones, now very gently open your eyes and look at your candle in front of you, physically open your eyes. Now draw forth from your heart all of the gifts and treasures you have been blessed with placing these with a gesture of love into your candle. Pause.
With that you may light your candles.
Long pause.
As the gifts of that which you have been blessed with stares you in the face, as you are left on this grand crystalline platform to realise the manifestation of that which you believe you are; I am asking you to celebrate life by using these very candles as a symbol throughout this time, good. If your candle comes to an end continue with another. I wish for you to take this process of acknowledging the gifts of the inner self to another level. I wish for you to burn your Easter candle, which could be this candle and any other candle that you wish during this time until the celebration of Wesak greets you in May in fact is that not a wonderful way of saying burn your candles every day anyway?
Beloved ones as you have entered into these physical candles the desire of that which you want (a 4 letter word no longer in use) but AM rather, I am asking each of you to give my words some serious thought over this time, to celebrate the birth and rebirth and instead of focusing on that which is no longer there rather have a joyous celebration of that which was.
Beloved ones, each of you are being trained on many levels to embrace a new reality, it is therefore that we decided to (as you need time to rebirth and reboot yourself) use this time to gently begin to swing your direction into a whole new focus of being and that is what we are doing, step by step, gently, through that which you entertain yourself with, through that which you empower yourself with.
The golden key as always is to let go of judgment and as I explained the importance you heard Master Jesus speak, loving the self, for God’s sake let go of judgment. That time will come, but it will serve an entirely different purpose, as your judgment is causing tremendous cracks and fissures in your energy field because of current low frequencies of guilt shame pain sorrow anger depression and so forth. Understand that you are living your life, that the frequency that you are doing it ‘according to’ is entirely your choice. So if you don’t make the finishing line this time around, I don’t have a stopwatch? But being Lightworkers you are being groomed to move on and see things in a totally different light to that which you have been indoctrinated with and that’s truth.
Are any questions I can assist with?
MK: Please don’t all shout at once (giggles)
Sister: We have a question, Pope St Francis and the energy that he is coming with?
MK: And your question?

Sister: Well we are wanting to know…
MK: You are Inquisitive?
Sister: Laugh yeah we are
MK: Its human (laughter)
Sister: So we heard that an ascended master had walked in to change things.
MK: Beloved sister understand that all ascended masters are just that, ASCENDED! Why would they want to come back here? There are many, many masterful beings in incarnation on this plane at this time but that does not necessarily mean that they are ascended masters do you follow me?
A: Yes
Mk: But indeed the new Pope, Pope St Francis is overseen and I will confirm this through the energy of St Germain, St Francis (Of Assisi) and all the new African, American and European ascended masters, many new masters for the African, American and European continents have come together to hold this divine frequency for you see the Pope or the Catholic church as it is known commonly has more of an influence over that part of the globe than the other, the East. Therefore these continents have come together and all of the new ascended masters and masters that are working with this energy have come together as one frequency to oversee the new Pope St Francis. But as I said St Germain, St Francis of Assisi which you must know is an aspect of me Kuthumi oversee the Pope directly in his endeavours
A: Thank you
MK: Beloved ones on that subject you will see more and more in your daily life how life begins to crumble at the seams beautifully and the new Pope indeed has taken on the role of shifting that frequency. The new pope was chosen by the hierarchy to shift a new frequency of Christ Consciousness in the Catholic church for you all must know the major role that that particular institution plays when it comes to religion on your plane not so, the great influence. He was already a humble St Francis long before his inauguration, no one knew. He has humbled himself for many years to make a difference in one of the richest and grandest operations on your planet, the Vatican. He has set a task of shifting that no matter what. He is also assisted in the over lit energy as I said St Francis, St Germain, but is also assisted very closely by a being who is now an ascended master that once walked your plane and you know her as Mother Theresa.
Another sister: may I ask about the Jesuits collection?
MK: What about it?

Sister: I don’t know very much about it but in history it was their business section that went around the earth.
MK: Sister I prefer not to address that at this time I prefer to leave it in this frequency of LOVE. Anyone else?
Beloved ones the world as you knew it has ended and the new pope is a manifestation of that truth and as he is out in the front line, setting an example for millions to follow understand there are many others ‘under cover’ doing just that and each of you are a part of that, each of you – for what you see in the physical manifestation of your Easter is just that, a betterment for all not so. And therefore as with this, keep shining your light, be as bright as bold as beautiful as you can be. Sing out loud; embrace the heavens that love you so dear. Accept and trust that it is a new world frequency that YOU are a part of and as the earth now reboots herself into her stardom embrace the changes in you without shooting yourself in the foot but rather so to love yourself through it. For by loving yourself through any challenge, that challenge is none.
Until we meet again I wish you a most blessed passing, from the old into the new, from sadness into joy, from anger into complete peace. May the Force of the living Christ be with you, within you, always, in all ways.
I am Kuthumi. I am the Lord and Master Cohan of the golden rays of love and wisdom and I greet and I bless thee with love, Adonai.
A: Adonai, thank you lord Kuthumi.


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