AA Metatron Lemurian Return and the Peridot Stargate and Easter Island the original Eden – James Tyberonn

2012 – The year of GREAT CHANGE!

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AA  Metatron Lemurian Return and the Peridot Stargate  and

Easter  Island the original Eden

The  LeMurian Return and the Peridot Stargate

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

  Greetings Masters !  I am Metatron Lord of Light ! I greet  you once and always in a vector of Unconditional  Love.

2012  now quickens and the Ascension of 12-12-12 and the birth of the New Planet Earth  on December 21st is ever closer.

Take a  moment to breathe and feel the incredible pulse of the events that will soon be  at hand !

The  Earth will shift in astonishing ways very soon. It will truly be ‘born again’  into a new and magnificent field of 12 Crystalline dimensions. This will in kind  spawn the rebirth of the Firmament.

Energies are literally bombarding the planet from your Sun, and  indeed the Sun itself is shifting in benefit to both humanity and the earth.  Special points on the planet are receiving and disseminating this  energy.

And so  we speak of one such place, the Umbilical of the Planet, the Peridot Stargate of  Easter Island – Rapa Nui.

Easter  Island is unique on the planet. As we have told you previously it is one of the  most powerful Vortexial Portals on the planet. Indeed it has been recognized as  such for millennia. It is absolutely a potent & benevolent ‘Umbilical of the  Earth’. In a true sense, the ‘wormhole’ that is located there, brings in massive  amount of coding and sustaining energies for the entire  planet.

The  gateway provides a dynamic balancing & nurturing energy that supports the  Earth, its Elemental Kingdoms and indeed Humanity. It is soon to vault into a  new and very important role. One many of you have waited  for.

The  basaltic volcanic earth of Easter Island, Rapa Nui, is absolutely laden with  crystallized minerals of feldspar and quartz silicate, giving it the energetic- affect of an enormous gemstone.

It  truly is a projected field of precious multi faceted peridot.  Indeed there are massive crystalline  pockets of olivine quartz, peridot, in its volcanic formations as well as  chrysolite.

Your  geologists are aware of these massive olivine crystal formations and  deposits.  What is not recognized is  that these powerful crystals have a tremendous influence on the energy of the  island and its portal.  But this was  recognized and understood by those of LeMuria that once lived there. These  olivine crystals are why it was called the Peridot Stargate. 


The  land that is Easter Island in your present is indeed the remains of a pristine  mountain top of LeMuria. It carries the original imprint of LeMuria perhaps more  than any other location on your planet both in physical and nonphysical terms.  It is a multi-dimensional stargate and functions in that aspect for myriad  worlds and realities.

Multidimensional reality is not subject to the restrictive  constraints of linear space-time. And Easter Island projects facets of reality  that are utterly astonishing. Because of these facets, Easter Island is a  ‘Time-Gate’. Here time is fluid and other epochs of time ‘programs’ co-exist  more tangibly than in other such points on your planet, specifically because of  its combined cosmic and telluric energies and terrestrial grid  placement.

There  are energetic stones, calderas, ceremonial sites, and caverns on Easter Island  that lead to different worlds, worlds that are known and unknown to you, worlds  that many of you experienced in your past.

The  realm of the LeMurian Utopia was an idyllic paradise that most of you  experienced, and most of you have forgotten. For those of you that were  LeMurian, Easter Island is a gateway that offers this remembrance. Indeed it is  much easier for those of you versed in esoteric disciplines to experience such  alternate realities, in the ‘Peridot Stargate’. But because the triangular  island is now but the top of an ancient mountain, and relatively quite small, it  may not seem to be the Paradise that it once was, but we tell you, all that was  ever there, remains in place within the complex  facets of  multi-dimensionality.

Zipped  Space

The  energy of this Sacred Island is ‘zipped’ space. (Only Mount Shasta is its  equivalent in this category.)   Within its succinct field are far more than 12 dimensions, concentrically  condensed.  And as we have said, the  visiting pilgrim with the developed expansive vision of the third eye can more  easily ‘see’ past and future versions within the facets of this  multi-dimensional vector. The grand Temples and Pyramids, and lush vegetation  that once were here, are still quite present in simultaneous epochs of  time.

Original Entry Gate

Most  humans experienced LeMuria as their first sojourn on Earth, entering the  Earth-Plane thru the Arcturian Stargate of Easter  Island.

The  land that is now the small island of Rapa Nui was then a Sacred & Holy  mountain at the southwestern corner of the massive continent of  LeMuria.

But we  wish to make an important clarification. It is essential to understand that  LeMuria existed on the earth in two very different phases. The first was a  utopian realm, which may be more accurately described as a hologram of light.  This was before the Earth shifted into duality, long before the purposed  break-up of the original Firmament. At his time LeMurians were in luminescent  manifested ‘projection’ forms, not truly physical, but these light forms  utilized the ‘elements ‘ of the Earth in their expression.  Accordingly their vibrations were’  faerie-esque’.

That is  why many of you so relate to the elemental kingdoms of earth, air, fire and  water, for the LeMurians experienced life as projections of the earth elements  and kingdoms. They were the original shape-shifters ! Capable of flying as an  eagle, swimming as a dolphin, running like a jaguar ! Harmonically melding at  will with every aspect of the planet, including the mineralogical crystal-beings  and the benevolent fire-dragons of the earth’s kundalini leys. . 

In this  state life was an adventure, not one of duality challenges. It is of this phase  of perfection and joy that we now speak.

The  hologram of the original LeMuria was indeed anchored at Easter Island to the  physical earth, but that physical Earth was quite different in its  dimensionality and expressions than the Earth you now live  upon.

The  land that is there is the same you once walked on and there are still some of  the enormous statues and ceremonial sites.  But the surface land area is now much reduced.  Sea levels are much higher. Below Easter  Island is a massive chasm of hollow Earth, and it is teeming with lifer and  adorned with grand Temples and Pyramids, as extraordinary as the ones that were  on the surface eons ago.

And the  original gateway, the Stargate is absolutely still there. It cannot be  shifted.

That is  because the Stargate of Easter Island is a purposed coordinate of energy,  deliberated   placed with a  unique arrangement of particalized light. And while the mineralogy of the island  embellishes its energy, its location is based upon its geometrics and cosmic  angular alignments. Its placement on the geo-spherical earth grid has a direct  connection to Arcturus.

Paradise Is Not Lost

The  LeMurians always knew that an opportunity to transit into a different, more  physical dimension would come…and that it would present defining choices. Some  would remain and enter duality; some would return to other realms, others would  enter in the frequencial chasms of inner earth. And it is not paradoxical to  state, that all within multidimensionality maintain a great aspect of self  within the original Island of Paradise. It is not  lost.

And to  make an important note, that may be in contrast to the conjecture of some, the  transition into physical matter within duality, was not a degradation of  downward spiral. It was not the ‘Fall of Mankind’. No ! Rather it was an  optional choice of decision that was offered. Physicality was chosen by some and  not by others. It allowed for a greater challenge and the freedom to experience  will within duality and polarity. To experience linear time and polar magnetic  earth, while very challenging, is a great path, and noble  one.

Hologram of Light

T he  LeMurian Utopia of the initial phase was a specialized hologram of light  inserted within the Omni-Earth.  It  was a vast hologramic of nonpolar frequency and coherent light. The original  LeMurian utopia covered the entire planet. But it was entered into via the  Stargate that is now Rapa Nui.

Within  that Utopia all movement was by thought, and communication was  telepathic.

At the  initial phase of ancient LeMuria, Easter Island was part of a super continent.  Easter Island was a beautiful mountaintop, with sloping velveteen sides. It was  indeed the original Garden of Eden, with lush flowers of scintillating perfumes  in vibrant colors of every hue. Incredibly beautiful trees were lined along  crystal clear cascading streams.

All Kingdoms of the planet were in  harmony. The Faeries and Elves of both the planet and mineral realms were  totally visible and intermingled with Water sprites above the gurgling brooks.  Carpets of iridescent moss and lichen brought in amazing colors. Winds were soft  and gentle. The shifts of temperature and sometimes turbulent weather you now  know did not fluctuate in ancient Mu.

The entire weather conditions of the  entire planet were modulated to one consistent temperature even in the Polar  Regions. Rainfall occurred in the mornings and late afternoons in soft mists  that generated astonishing rainbows. The higher Divine aspect of the animal  kingdom walked in amazing arrays, living on water and light, and communicating  clearly, gently and clearly telepathically. Lions and tigers lay beside luminous  human and lamb.

Memories of Eden

All of  you have deep memories of this Eden, this lush paradise. It is a place you  return to in dream state, and it  nurtures each of you, filling you sensuality and vibrantly with the original  passion and joyueaux de vivre, which is oft hard to discover within duality  challenge. But it is there, and land of beauty and dream scape, one you visit  more than you know. These mornings in which you wake feeling strangely  rejuvenated, feeling something wonderful just happened, though you can’t quite  put your finger on it , cant lucidly recall it in detail as the mist of dream  gives way to waking mind, are indeed the magical times of having gone thru the  Rapa Nui Stargate back to the living hologram of  Eden

And  this paradise was a time in which locomotion was by thought projection, indeed  you could be anywhere on the Earth by mere focus. Dreams you have of the  passionate exhilaration of fearlessly flying high above vast distances over  shimmering waters, vibrant mountains and color collages of myriad landscapes in  fact are often ‘dreamscape’ very real reconnections to the Eden of Easter  Island, for you did that so many times.

And  because instantaneous travel was so easily achieved, the LeMurians remained  somewhat based in Eden; the luminous stargate of Easter Island, for there was no  place more beautiful or more potent. The LeMurian infrastructure was thought  manifested and fluid, self evolving through thru magnificent harmony of combined  group mind. It was an Eden of creation.

The  land was adorned with Pyramids gilded in golden layers and Temples of white  alabaster marble.  A ray of visible  light beamed from the apex of the Pyramids.  And from the Temples, beautiful artistry  of dance and music was performed.

The  night skies were a kaleidoscope of color, as the Firmament glowed in the  iridescent hues of the Aurora Borealis, covering the entire sky in a dynamic  swirling energy that was stunning to observe. The energy of the stargate atop  Easter Mountain glowed in a luminous radiation filled with light burst that  shined like suspended micro stars.

And the  amazing plant life, all of the members of the Plant Kingdom were vividly  conscious expressions of what the Druids referred to as ‘Greenman’! The trees of  LeMuria were conscious, exquisitely expressed and articulate. There were groves  of trees as tall and majestic as the California Sequoia & Redwoods. All  exuding energy of strength and tranquility. The vines of green ivy were  animated, braiding and twining at will to the rapturous delight of all  around.

There was no fear, no anger, no sadness,  only joy, only LOVE – Unconditional Love.

The actions the LeMurians made did not  require a consensus of council, for all was in harmonic perfection. But their  thoughts and creations were not frivolous, rather in the frequency of highest  good. This was Utopia. Manifest reflections of highest vision and elucidated  wish. A mindscape of lively spirit, adventurous vitality and creative animation  in an inspiring stream of infinite and resplendent  life-expression.

It is  still and ever there !It yet shines above (and in chasms below) Easter Island,  and at times amidst the benevolent volcanoes and amazing statues it can be seen  for a fleeting moment, and felt for a timeless instant of  eternity.

Shangri- la of Joy

LeMuria  was a Shangri-la of play, of laughter and joy. When one laughed in joy &  bliss, all felt the love. Luminous souls were not limited in the wholesome  expression of any loving emotion, there were only expressions of light in which  souls merged and expressed ravishing ecstasy, spiritual sensual bliss of  Beingness in complete sharing.

Pilgrims to the Island absolutely have lucid visions of this  memory, for the Garden of Eden is timeless.   It is the once and future Camelot  of beauty and harmony. We tell you it is there, the stargate and dimensional  field of this living hologram will ever project eternal  magic.

The  land & the standing stone statues of Easter Island subtly, yet dynamically  project the energy-keys. It is not conjecture, rather thru multidimensional laws  of physics.  The land does indeed  upshift the vibration of past and present LeMurians, and allows all to enter  into the Living Rhapsody of Love.

Paradise was not lost. ..just forgotten in the challenges of  duality, but always there in the refuge of lucid  memory.

Question to Metatron: You have previously mentioned that vertical  and horizontal octahedronal gateways exist on Easter Island. How does one enter  the portal to the ‘Inner Earth’?

Metatron: Your bodies are conduits of the planets currents within  the third dimensionality. At specific power  nodes, particularly volcanoes such as  the ones on Easter Island, earth currents contain the circuitry of other  dimensions within the earth. This embellishment is a result of mineralogy.  Easter Island is composed primarily of the mineral olivine (when in its  crystalline phase is also called peridotand chrysolite), is an octahedronal  magnesium iron silicate. The entire island is a projected energy of peridot and  chrysolite! Now you may understand why it is such a unique place of healing,  serenity and expansion.

Indeed  the crystalline deposits of the crystalline gem aspect of peridot, being an  olivine of silicate quartz provides an incredible energy to Easter Island.  Feldspar also occurs on the island. Both add to the octahedronal ‘as above so  below’  geometry of the island. The  crystalline and magnetic (iron basalt) minerals combine to amplify the ability  of the Moi stones and AHU Pyramid to assist each human in traveling lucidly to  other realms.

We also  emphatically add that being in the concentrated magnetic energy found in the  caldera of the volcanoes and lava caves assists entry into the hollow realm of  inner earth, but it is important to be in the specific locations. Not every part  of the island offers the gateway to the hollow earth  chasms

Question to Metatron: You mention that the ‘standing stone statues  of Easter Island’ hold energy keys that allow for entry into the original  Utopia. Can you speak on this ?

Metatron: The stones are of the Earth, but the energy embedded into  them is celestial. It is activated by harmonic ‘Om’ sound, just as are the keys  in the hallowed chamber of Giza, and the circuitry of mounds at Newgrange  stargate.

We add  that the Utopian field is etheric, in your terms. The Utopian field is held in  place by a nexus, a series of inter-connected spirals of energy that carry  associated particles of matter / non-matter between the hologramic layers of the  physical / non-physical dimensions. But the stones act as the catalyst of the  frequencial keys, their energy works with the Mer-Ka-Na, the crystalline light  body by induction to upshift those that have the ability of light-quotient to  enter.

Vector  of Choice

Easter  Island represents far more to humanity than is recognized, and especially so for  the many who experienced life in its first 2 phases. When Earth shifted into  duality, it was chosen as an Island of Light for LeMurians selecting to  experience life in the more dense eras of physical matter. It was chosen for its  incredible energies and proximity to higher dimension…but also for the  gateways above and below, and for its role in the  future.

As we  mentioned earlier in this channel, the Utopia of LeMuria was and is a  nonphysical realm of ecstasy and joyous adventure. Approximately 800,000 years  ago in your linear time The LeMurians moved onto specific sacred points within  the Earth’s energy grid that aligned favorably with cosmic influx. Easter Island  represented the major point, with secondary communities dispersed throughout  LeMuria, notably in regions around what now remains as islands including, Hawaii  and Tahiti.

LeMurians were not bound to the Earth in the utopian field, but as  the Firmament dissolved, and Earth transitioned into polarity, most remained for  a time, experiencing the denser bodies in which souls were tethered to physical  forms. No longer could they travel by thought or fly in luminous bodies of  light.

Requisite Frequencial Separation

In the  flow of linear time and duality there came greater challenges, and knowledge of  impending cataclysm…an understanding that the continent would submerge. This  brought to the forefront a difficult crossroad, a perplexing decision. A  defining point of separation was at hand. The LeMurians individually choose  either:

1) **  Total physicality in duality cycles of reincarnation (primarily into Atlantis ,  Egypt & Rama)

2) **  Withdrawal from the physical EarthPlane

3) **  Movement into frequencially higher ‘Inner Realms’ of the  Earth.

Approximately 65% moved into Inner Earth, the greatest numbers  below Easter Island, and others below Mt Shasta and the crystalline energy beds  of Arkansas and Brazil.

These  would be held in place by the Codes of Light and retained by Wisdom-Keepers for  many millennia. The LeMurian age was at a seeming end, and as duality increased  a separation fell for a season. The Inner Earth LeMurians headed for a  completion, and for a time there was little purpose in interfacing with the  density of the Earth’s surface populace. This was innately understood. But the  purposed separation was only for an age and a season, as marked in cosmic cycles  of the Omni-Earth. Special LeMurian Emissaries remained upon the surface and  Inner realms. Carrying codes and retaining wisdom as the surface populace moved  into greater densities of duality and faced challenges that were not chosen by  Inner Earth LeMurians. And so accordingly the sojourns of Inner Earth LeMurians  and surface Earth populace, moved into vastly different vibratory  dimensions.

And  although the Inner Earth beings progressed in a very different cycle from those  on the surface Earth, there have always been special emissaries connecting both.  Indeed the ‘Law of One’ of Poseida in the Golden Age of Atlantis were also  Elders of LeMurian Codes. The Law of One were in fact family members of the  original Utopian experience.

A Grand  Reunion

It was  deeply understood by all LeMurians that there would in time be a re-merging.  That time is coming.

Easter  Island carries an important role in that process. It is now being prepared to  anchor the New Firmament. And beyond the anchoring in the not too distant future  it will be a re-emergence point of the LeMurian family of inner earth. And the  reunion will reunite all LeMurians, of surface & Inner Earth and those of  Sirius and the Pleiades.

In the  interim, Easter Island, Rapa Nui-144 is ever a Sacred Portal of Healing, Balance  and Remembrance…of that which you once knew and will be  again.

Easter  Island now calls to you, calls to those of LeMuria to come and receive the codes  of remembrance. It is a place of the nurturing energy that is in the perfection  of balance. It holds a unique alignment to Mt Shasta, Arkansas, Newgrange, Giza  and Brazil (Sao Tomas des Letres in Minas Gerais). It is in fact axialtonally  connected by underground hyper dimensional ‘tunnels’ to all of  these.

It  exudes the energy you term Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It is the  perfect equation of both in balance. Accordingly it provides the energy  necessary for those that are in imbalance to receive the flow of what is  required for balancing. For a male in over masculine frequency, feminine influx  occurs, and vice versa. It will in 2013 pass this energy axialtonally to other  such locales on the planet, and there are 11 receiving this energy. Those of you  receiving the codes of this will become living carriers of such codes to pass  them forward.

Easter  Island is indeed a Crystalline Light of Peridot, and the light of this energy,  which is richly embedded across its land, offers the Green Ray of Healing and  Joy.

It was  and remains the first Temple of the LeMurians. And most of you know this energy,  perhaps far more than you realize. It exudes the energy of  home!

The  Clarion Call

The  Stargate opens to those who are called. Each of you in Divine Self know, in  deepest truth that you are still there. It beckons and it is visited often in  dream, lucid dreams of euphoric exaltation and zest. It is a buoyant heavenly  place of evermore where dreams come true.

Your  travels have taken you far, and the path now leads you home… and the light is  left on for your arrival.

I am  Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are  Beloved.

…And  So it is…And it is So

Metatron Channel


Easter Island -The Original Eden


Archangel Metatron via James       Tyberonn

Greetings Masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light. I greet each       of you in a vector of unconditional love! We take a moment to bring in an       entourage of Angels and the Spirit of Place of Rapa Nui. We are joined by       the Hathors, and ancient ones of MU in a brilliantly shining spiraled       vector. Close your eyes for one moment and feel our       collective…..

Oh Dear Human Angel, we embrace you fondly, both individually       and collectively. You wear duality filters which keep you from fully       seeing what an exquisite energy you are. Many of you do not even recognize       the magnificent accomplishment that the Ascension represents, and fewer       still understand the fact that YOU Angels in Human form truly created it.       But indeed you did, and now as a result of your incredible efforts , you       are all on the cusp of an utterly astonishing graduation, and we truly       honor you !

Dear Ones, the earth is part of a solar system that is vast,       powerful and far more extensive than you may fathom There is one physical       Earth, but it exists in more than one reality, and in many versions. The       Earth has served many purposes and will continue to do so. There are       specialized points and places above, upon and within the earth where       dimensions merge and frequencial door-ways occur. There are numerous       unique cavern-apertures that reach far into the earth and enter other       realities, and into the realms of beings of differing experience &       expression.

We have told you previously that other beings and races       currently share the Omni-Earth with you. There are numerous others that       have come and gone in differing epochs of space & time. Most of them       know a quite different earth than yours. The earth has since its beginning       been home of many races that have chosen to live upon and within the earth       and its moon. They have been aware and unaware of each other, separated by       space, time, dimension and purpose. The earth is uniquely symbiotic in       that it is a camp-ground to some and proving-ground to humanity. But all       who enter above or below ground on the planet know Rapa Nui, for it is a       Stargate of extreme potency with a unique alignment to Arcturus. All life       that enters the Earthplane passes first to the gateway of       Arcturus.

And so we speak of Rapa Nui, Easter Island.

Mega Portal

Indeed Rapa Nui it is one of the most powerful & unique       portals on the planet, and has been recognized as such for millennia. It       is absolutely a potent & benevolent ‘Umbilical of the Earth’. It is a       dynamic balancing and nurturing energy that supports the Earth, its       Elemental Kingdoms and indeed Humanity.

It is a place that was once home to giants, to Hathors and       walking Cetaceans of Sirius. It was the surface Temple of the LeMurians.       Most of you know it far more than you realize. We tell you it houses a       gateway of extraordinary proportion & importance, and it will play an       extremely important role beginning in 2013. We have accordingly requested       the channel to bring Keepers of the Earth to (re) experience Rapa Nui, and       receive & anchor the codes. The clarion calls !

Now, Portals are normally considered to be a wormhole in space       or a stargate that allows entry from above the Earth. The astonishing       portal that exists on Easter Island is of a double octahedronal matrix. It       is two octahedronal ‘gates’….housing both a vertical octahedron with       entry above & below the Earth, and a horizontal octahedronal portal       that connects to other points in the holograms insert programs of       linear-time.

Rapa Nui 144

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) is also in the truest sense of the       word a point of power generation. The Earth’s axis receives and generates       energy patterns that are similar in nature to that termed scalar waves       Easter Island is one of 12 locations on the spherical globe that is a       direct conduit of this incredible energy. This energy was recognized and       utilized by advanced societies of the past, especially the Atlanteans.In       your not so distant future this energy will be recognized again, and will       assist the Earth & Humanity in many ways, not the least of which is in       the anchoring of the New Firmament. For this reason and others Rapa Nui       holds a very specialized relationship with Giza as well as the other 11       scaler-wave nodes.All were utilized as energy sources by more advanced       civilizations in your past, and indeed in your future.

Now, iIn terms of its function as a Vortexial Portal. We       validate the location of Rapa Nui on the Planetary Grid as being a major       node functioning in the Precession of the Equinoxes. With Giza       appropriately assigned the ‘zero’ longitude, Easter Island is in the       important progression of 144 degrees! That is very significant, both in       the planetary grid and the frequencial keys of numerics. This will indeed       be even more important in the not too distant future, for reasons that are       both known and unknown to your scientist and seers. Rapa Nui is awakening       into a new role, and will be one of four major anchors in the Southern       Hemisphere for the New Firmament.

Balanced Field

Easter Island was formed from the lava of three triangulated       volcanoes. The volcanoes are embellished, much like Mt Shasta, & serve       to lock in the vast dimensional overlay which occurs above and below the       144-Portal of Rapa Nui. The energy generated here is incredibly powerful,       yet benevolently in balance. It exudes an almost musical serenity and       opens each pilgrim and visitor to heightened awareness and spiritual       merging with Divine Self. It is a remarkable place of ‘thin veils’ . One       experiences Divinity in meditation here in extraordinary lucid       clarity.

Easter Island holds a very special and purposed special       relationship with Mt Shasta, an axialtonal line exists between the two.       Both have enormous LeMurian connections, and inner earth cities exists       below and within them. Both Shasta and Rapa Nui are extremely potent       energies and because of the power they exude, both a ‘crucible points’ in       which humanity are able to purge and purify aspects deeply embedded within       that do not serve their highest good. Yet of the two, Easter Island is a       more feminine, a more balanced and gentle energy.

The proximity to the Pacific Ocean waters literally make Rapa       Nui an oasis of tranquility and nurturing heart. Because the island is       presently quite small, the ocean wave effect on its shoreline easily       encapsulates the entire area with a benevolent and soothing plasmic field       of anionic charge. Being in this energy otherwise would be too intense,       but because of the blend of telluric and comic energies, it is an area       that can be termed a regeneration node. The numerous forces at play here       homogenize extremely well, and provide an energetic induction field that       is of great benefit to those that spend time on the island. Its energy is       literally capable of balancing and aligning the human auric field, of       healing infirmities and indeed extending longevity. This was well known by       the LeMurians and Rapa Nui was utilized as a Center of Healing and       Spiritual amplification.

In 2013, beginning in the March Equinox, energetic coded       crystalline light will flow into this area. It is the light of a new era,       and sustains and advances the emergence of enlightened humanity. It will       be a beacon to many and will be heard above and below the Earth. It is       seeding the New Firmament and preparing the way for a grand       reunion.

Now specifically because of the enormous utility, complexity       and extreme energy generation, the Easter Island power-node is an       extraordinary Mega Vortexial Portal.

It was recognized initially at the time of LeMuria, and was in       fact the entry gate that was used when many first experienced the       Earthplane, before the planet was one of duality. This was in the time of       the original firmament. Rapa Nui remains very active in its function as a       major point of entry into the Earth-plane.

Easter Island served as a Utopian Mecca in the time of the       Firmament. It was a much larger land mass at that phase of the planet, and       was visited from throughout the Cosmos. Incredible Pyramids were       constructed in the area, most of which are now submerged below waters,       although several are located and are functioning in the vast city below it       in what may be termed Hollow Earth.

Much later in linear terms, during the ‘Golden Age’ of       Atlantis, when many extra terrestrials of Sirius A, Sirius B, the Pleiades       and Arcturus manifested upon the Earth, and walked with humans in biology,       the Earth was mapped and the location of such sites were embellished       technically with transmitting and receiving Pyramids and circuited       monoliths were placed in such locales and vectors.

Easter Island, Giza, Titicaca, Patagonia, Israel, Turkey,       Arkansas and Newgrange were among these. Some of these were on the surface       of the planet; many others were placed in frequencial chasms below the       surface.

The circuitry and transmission stations enabled a more       condensed concentric merging of dimensional fields and a means of       stabilizing & controlling the energy flows within them. Yet understand       the technology utilized responded to and was operated by high frequency       thought.

We tell you that the Earth is much different than you realize.       To put it in an understandable ‘computer’ analogy, there is one primary       Earth program, and within that program are many subprograms or files, that       contain different versions, different epochs and different probabilities       of time and space. So with this somewhat explanatory image, understand       that within the Omni Earth are dimensions of time and space that are       separated by frequency.

Dimensional Corridors of the Omni Earth

Masters, dimensions are not separated by distance and as such       neither are other worlds, or other realms of Omni Earth. These cannot       truly be accessed by physical travel in the manner you may think within       the limited laws of your physical reality. Had mankind in his present era       devoted as much thought to mental locomotion as physical locomotion an       entirely different set of physics would be understood. All dimensions of       the Omni Earth take place in the same timeless moment and the same       (spaceless) space, but not in the same frequency. In other words,       dimensions border each other somewhat in the same way that a radio carries       many different stations.

The Earth now and always contains specialized dimensional       gateways; portals that are entry points to other frequencial worlds. To       most of humanity that is a moot point, for a frequencial up-shift is       requisite for any being to be able to lucidly open and utilize these       astonishing portal door-ways. But very few on the planet at this time have       the knowledge and light quotient required to open these gates and travel       within them.

Atlanteans of the Law of One, LeMurians, Ancient Egyptians,       Tibetan Monks and certain indigenous cultures understood how to do this,       and were able under certain shamanic disciplines to alter their reality       and dimensional resonance.

Rapa Nui- 144-The Original Entry Gate

As we have stated, Easter Island houses the Portal that souls       used to initially enter the Earthplane during the early stages of       humanities experiences in what is termed LeMuria or MU. Thi8s portal is       equally as potent as the Stargate located in Giza, and was in fact       utilized prior to Giza, particularly by the Arcturians and       Sirians.

In the manifold of Easter Island you are standing upon a       gateway where time and frequency are capable of offering doorways in       different dimensions and temporal holograms. The Rapa Nui land mass is       also the location of a potent opening to what is termed the ‘Hollow       Earth’. It is the largest of several major entries which was used by the       LeMurians to enter the subsurface realms of the Earth, at the time in       which LeMuria was no longer sustainable.

Rapa Nui is a land that many code carriers are drawn to       revisit, for it contains within it beautiful memories of MU that will be       reactivated. As such those drawn to this land will recognize it       immediately. The energy of Place of Rapa Nui will welcome you and will       benefit by your presence, and indeed you will benefit by receiving an       incredible activation. It remembers you. It knows you. You carry within a       seed that will reactivate, anchor and align to a very special re-emergence       that is coming in your future. For within 3 centuries of your linear time,       Rapa Nui will re-emerge as a Cosmic Mecca.

Master Beings will journey from throughout the Multiverse and       relish that the land is still hallowed. It will once again become a       Pilgrimage site and Utopia, especially for the re appearance of Inner       Earth LeMurians as well as the Golden Hathors and Sacred Cetaceans. In       this phase, the seas levels will have declined considerably, and Rapa Nui       will again be a much larger land mass. II will also be a refuge of       rejuvenation and joy to all forms of life. It will harbor and nurture all       who visit. It will be among the first areas in which Master Beings walk       again among humanity in manifested form. Uniquely so as its energy field       will project & sustain higher dimensionality fields within its       resonance. It will be an interface for the inner Earth populace, for just       beneath its surface area, is one of the largest cities of the ancient       LeMurians, as well as a Hathor Sirian base. Indeed the two are very       connected.

Inner Earth

Many of you do not truly consider that the interior of the Omni       Earth is inhabited, but we assure you that it is absolutely populated. In       fact every planet in your solar system, as well as three of your planetary       moons are inhabited internally, in chasms below the       surfaces.

Those that dwell within the inner dimensions of the Earth are       numerous. But we add that none of the extra terrestrials currently on the       Earth are hostile or interfering. Indeed they are providing a protective       shield for the planet. All are associated with the Ashtar group or the       Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. Some of the extra terrestrials have been here       from the beginning, before humanity in fact. The most prominent of these       include those from Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturius, and other benevolent       beings from distantbi-nary star systems.They have observation bases or       what may be termed laboratories. Some have roles in maintaining aspects of       planetary interface with other realms.

The LeMurians of Inner (Hollow) Earth

The greatest inner earth populace, however, are the humans of       LeMuria. Many of you were originally among them before the earth entered a       cataclysmic phase in which the surface lands could no longer sustain human       life.

Keep in mind that LeMuria originally occurred on the planet       before the Earth became a ‘University of Duality’, at the time of the       Firmament. In this phase humanity was not truly physical, and the Earth       was a utopian experience, in which semi physical forms were manifest and       dissolved at will.

After the Fall of the Firmament and polarity realms       predominated, bodies became more dense, and filters were in place. Their       vibrations moved into polarity paradigms and their life journeys became       one of chosen growth and challenge. Their utopian existence was lost and       replaced by greater mission.

The LeMurian society and energy embraced the nurturing and       unconditional love aspect of the Golden Hathor and Golden Dolphin. Their       vibrations were also very much attuned to the Faerie Kingdom and they       expressed a deep love of all nature.

When the Earth’s environment was no longer able to sustain       human life, (as has occurred several times), approximately 65% of the       LeMurians chose to enter into the hollows of earth. Others chose to       reincarnate into Atlantis and others into the Sacred Cetacean (Dolphin)       realms in order to be of service to humanity. We have told you previously       that dolphins and whales regulate, joyously upshift and anchor the       powernodes & energies of the oceans, which cover two-thirds of the       present earth. They are the loving guardians of the       waters.

Physiological Evolution

Adaptation into the hollow earth took many generations, and the       LeMurian community adapted accordingly, both to the inner Earth environ       and to one another such that mind, spirit and body acknowledged the bond       and through Divine will , their bodies evolved. We tell you that the human       body will acclimate and quickly evolve its physiology to match the needs       of its inner and outer environment.

Within a few short generations, an environment that was       previously toxic can become quite hospitable, and such was the experience       of the gentle LeMurians. Indeed this remarkable physiological adaptation       was the case long ago and it will be the case again in your probable       future. As events upon the earth continue to progress in the centuries to       come, experimental communities beneath the earth, above the earth, as well       as on the moon and as far away as Jupiter and Saturn will be established,       and in each case, human-kind bodies will adapt and in so doing make the       new home compatible .

And so to continue, the LeMurians of inner Earth are now in       bodies that are much less dense than that of humanity inhabiting the       surface. They are above 3d. They have the mental ability to adjust to       their environ, somewhat chameleon like, in forms that can be frequencially       transformed, in bodies that are far more resilient and malleable to their       conditions.

Their eye-sight has evolved to perceive accurate imagery of       their environ in a much wider scope of visibility, reaching above and       below that of what is termed the visible spectrum of light. They have       developed capabilities similar to the dolphin’s sonar. There is a skeletal       framing to their forms but it is more elastic in nature. Their skin is a       blue-grey tint, because of the rich mineral content of the water they       drink. They derive nutrients that energize their bodies almost entirely       from the enriched mineral-waters they drink. They cultivate a form of       aqueous algae similar to spirulina, as a food source. Their bodies produce       very little solid waste and are more capable of greater longevity. They       have life spans more than quadruple that of surface humans, livingon       average approximately 350 years.

Life Sustenance in Inner Earth

The LeMurian humans live in a life-sustaining portion of the       interior of the earth. It is far more stable than the surface. They have       been there for a very long time, and are a civilization very close to       completion. At present they have very little desire to intermingle with       surface humanity, despite what others may tell you. Although there is a       small contingency among their leaders who have interfaced with more       advanced humans who were originally part of the LeMurian existence on the       surface. This generally occurs in the human’s subconscious realm or dream       state. In several rare incidences a specialized core of what may be termed       diplomatic advisors has met with some of your governments and leaders.       This took place in the early years after your WWll in the times of the       highest potential of a nuclear war.

Very very few of the LeMurians venture to the surface in       physical form, for indeed their adapted bodies would not be able to       sustain the present sunlight (UV levels) for very long periods. This will       begin to change after the establishment of the New Firmament in       2038.

Many of the recent past accounts of LeMurians surfacing at Mt       Shasta are somewhat exaggerated or are remembrances from dreamscapes. (But       there are indeed interactions within the sub-conscious realms of dream       horizons.)

The LeMurians simply do not presently physicalize on the planet       surface because their physical bodies would be quite vulnerable to       viruses, certain bacterial infections, and over exposure to sunlight.       Their physical vision is adapted to a different form of light than what       appears on the surface. The LeMurians are also quite aware of the       aggressions and issues of the surface world masses, and are very content       to complete where they are until humanity progresses over the next three       centuries.

We will tell you that all of the planets in your system have       societies living in their interior, and as a general rule, societies that       reside internally are more spiritually advanced

LeMurians were somewhat confounded by the shift of the planet       into duality realms after the fall of the original Firmament. They have       always been repulsed by violence and aggression, and as a society and       culture had difficulty confronting it, or learning how to defend against       it, even when it was appropriate to do so. That is one of the primary       reasons most LeMurians moved into inner dimensions, rather than relocating       on the surface..

The fact remains that strength is an attribute of Love, and       Love without strength is incomplete. Yet the LeMurians have found a way to       achieve strength of will, but have not resolved the duality issues of       confronting & successfully resolving issues of violence. That remains       an issue for several of your past civilizations. It is a difficult rubik,       but is necessary for mastering duality. When resolved it carries expansive       growth and tremendous leaps in creatorship, but it is a complex       task.

We will add that some surface members of humanity are more       resonate with the Inner Earth LeMurians because they have dually       incarnated in the inner earth as well as the surface, but these are few.       These special souls are providing a unique & honorable emissary       service to both realms, and will play an important role when the LeMurians       begin to surface after the mass Ascension of humanity in approximately 15       generations. This surfacing will occur in the areas of Easter Island,       Patagonia, Arkansas, Titicaca (Tiahuanaco), the San Francisco Peaks       (Arizona) , Turkey, Guatemala, Yucatan and Mt Shasta to name some of the       major exit points.


Much lies before you from 2013 forward, as timescapes and       landscapes reveal their hidden layers. The corridors of space & time       are beginning to open now, offering you the benefit of creating present,       past and future.

Many of you feel that you are in your last earthen life       experience. We tell you that beyond 2038 and into 2312 many of you will       chose to return. Not for lesson, but for celebration, for joyous       reunion.

For in this phase is the mass shift of humanity into       enlightenment. You see 2012 is the Ascension of the Earth, the expansion       of the crystal grid & matrix, and that 2012 expansion, allows for the       enlightenment and Ascension of humanity in mass. You may feel it is a long       time away, but it is but a flash of time from higher       perspective.

As this phase draws nearer you will have the benefit of guides,       teachers and visitors who have been residing in frequencies and inner       spaces that most of you have not visited. It is through this rare       corridor, Rapa Nui, that allow worlds that mirror your earth to be       revealed in ways that are new, exciting & wonderful … which is why       the earth is so utterly fascinating.

The star system to which the Earth belongs is quickly pulsing       into a magnificent graduation…into a stage of exquisite crystalline       resonance. The Earth’s Ascension is inspiring an evolutional leap that is       affecting the entire Cosmos. It is a rare event within the great design of       time in which duality experience moves higher, and all frequencies, all       energies; all life within the Cosmos is elevated.

As we have told you 2013 is the true beginning, not an end. The       New Earth in all of its grandeur is truly unfolding now. This is an       extraordinary and wonderful time of re-making that which you are, even as       the earth continues to do the same. We honor you and shower you in       blessings of Love. You are truly magnificent Beings…never forget that       !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are       Beloved!

…And so it is…And it is so…


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