“Your comment to the world”

“If you were given a place to write something that the world could read, what would you write!”

Add positively to the jigsaw of consciousness we call life, as we become closer to becoming 1 – The Human Race! (Hue = colour)

We are all having different experiences, and these experiences become our great teachers, and hopefully we learn the lessons they offer. Then we can become the teachers to help others as they seek help while they are going through their experiences.

Please repost, retweet, paste on your social sites and lets see what others write. Lets uplift each other!

Keep shining, keep smiling!

“Your inner strength is your outer foundation”

Allan Rufus

Lots of love light and peace as always and in always 🙂

Please click here or the picture, then write a fun filled uplifting positive message for others to read. 🙂


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