Lord Hilarion Reaching Higher Potential

Self – Personal – Spiritual – Growth – Help – Awareness – Discovery – Realization – Motivation – Teaching – Information – Angels – Ascended – Masters – Enlightenment – Love – Rebirth 

(With inspiring footnote ‘visit’ from Lord Kuthumi) Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

 Please note – The information of this Transcript is free and should be made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not add, change or alter any of its contents.

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

I AM Hilarion, Lord of Light.

Greetings to you.

A: Greetings.

LH: Humanity at this time are being challenged to bring forth the very best in themselves, this is of course seen and experienced in many ways, for you see what good is a time of pondering if no result is achieved through that.

Dear ones, only by realising, actually understanding that you have some how skipped the baking powder from your recipe whilst baking a cake does one realise why it flopped. If you were convinced that you added all the ingredients and after some time in the oven there was no result of the beautiful cake that you expected and you where convinced that you certainly did not leave out any of the most important ingredients you will never know why the cake flopped, so to speak.

During challenging times this one of the most powerful energies that gravitates towards you is, shall we say the polar opposite of that which the law of opposites deliver and that is if I could share this with you in a more expressive way is like seeing the self sitting on a chair feeling rather despondent about their current situation, feeling rather trapped and sad about the challenges that faces them, yet if they could but for a moment increase their frequency by using their conscious energy they will realise the perplexed dynamics outplaying all around them and to give you some idea of what that is, you have at that time of great despair and here I am giving this example the way it is and there is no difference between anyone of you when it comes to the following explanation.

You have with you first of all your advisory angel. That dear beautiful beings is the being that assists you from the heavenly realms advising you on the way forward, advising you on the process that is taking place, from a pure advisory position. This is also the being that you call upon in times of questioning.

Very often humanity is too busy flicking their fingers wanting advice that they forgot to ask their advisory overseer to deliver; ‘I call upon the angelic force that surrounds me in the capacity as my direct or close advisor’.

That is what you ask. Your divine advisor is the angelic being within your circle that will help you to make a decision. This being prompts you from the invisible world by showing you certain symbols, by allowing a book to fall open on a certain page for you to read something.

It is this being that also often together with all of the other beings, in other words the rest of your team of light beings, have to push you and prompt you to get up from your chair and walk into your sitting area at an exact time for you to see a specific flash on your television set to prompt you to do something, for you see in truth there is a huge selection of beings that are there to support you.

Supporting this advisory being you have your angel of protection. Now your angel of protection is the being of light that is there to help you in times of trouble, in times of fear, in times of misconduct, in times of conflicting energies, in times of external attack, so when ever your energy field needs to be protected, when ever you need divine protection this being activates a cloak of light around you which almost makes you invisible to the extent that those that wishes to harm for the sake of their own will take what they need and leave the person in question unharmed, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

LH: From the advisory angelic being and the guiding angelic being the protection angelic being, these two work together with a third energy called your teacher, this is an angelic force that works with you as part of your guides or your team that is set out to help you learn, to help you understand new energies, new challenges, new expressions, to help you further yourself as far as your evolvement is concerned. The teaching being or overseeing angelic guide is also the one that prompts you to do some reading, to do some studying, to expand yourself, to get to know more, to learn more, to want to know more.

The energy of these three beings, your divine teacher, your divine protector and your divine advisory guide forms the first level of your divine matrix when it comes to your inner or personal guiding system.

For you see all of the other branches works through these three main energies. For the advisor will always advise you about the other aspects, where your healing angel comes in, the teacher will always teach you about the other aspects when it comes to your seeking in life, the search.

The teacher also is involved in the health aspect of yourself, teaching you to do different, advising you to do different, protecting you to do different, to eat different, to be different. You have a huge and very intense angelic team that supports you, around you, all of the time.

Your divine advisor, the advisory guide is probably the guides that are least recognised and most called on, if you like, in the sense that, humanity always ask questions…’please help me do this, please help me create that’, but they don’t ask to be shown how, because of the egotistical issues to do with the lower self will, they often find that most of humanity are unable to relinquish that power and that control to someone that may just know better, for you see nine times out of ten most people prefer to do things for them selves when it involves themselves, for themselves, for they believe that no one else could do it better, right?

A: Yes.

LH: Wrong.

A: Giggles.

LH: Your advisory guide is there to be consulted, that is the guide that you ask for advice. Your guide of protection is the guide that was assigned to you prior to your birth and it is probably the most consistent of all guides through out your life term, for it will be with you until and after your re-entry into the worlds of light.

The teacher also includes energy of other guides that works alongside it prompting you to expand your mind, to expand your heart and to touch on the world of trust.

Dear beautiful ones, you may or may not have noticed but the time on your planet is becoming very challenging for most. For you see this is the time where humanity will now begin to learn to work with the art of their own science. Working with the art of their own science means understanding their own energy field, getting to know themselves as a planet, allowing that planet to rely on its star.

You were told sometime ago by many different beings that your planet is becoming a star and you are becoming planets, yes.

A: Yes.

LH: That is very much the energy that you are working with at this time, for you now as a person need to learn to form a very close bond with your planetary aspects and if you do so you will be able to tap into your invisible force field much easier, in other words you will be able to integrate the dynamics of your quantum reality and you can do so by beginning to understand your star seed origins, and if you allow yourself to tap into those worlds of the unknown there is only one revelation that will come to face you and that is getting to know yourself better.

Understanding your DNA from a divine I AM quantum perspective. Understanding the science that surrounds you, the science that makes up the various parts of you and then you will be able to see how your human body operates as a complete star system by itself with all of the planetary influence around you, with all of the quantum realities coming closer and of course with your spiritual origins holding hands with your star origins revealing to you your multidimensional self.

Now many have thought that some of the teachings that we have delivered over the years may have been a little slow, may have been repeated, but then again as you were told recently by Kuthumi, it was because it was suppose to be like that for you see most of humanity live in a world of tangibility and they are unable to cope when there is nothing around them that gives any indication of being tangible. Humanity become nervous when one mentions the word ‘visualisation’, humanity becomes even more nervous at the very thought of connecting with an off-earthly being, shall we say, that is not tangible, that may just have a better solution for you at the time than yourself, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

LH: The teaching for this day is to bring an awareness and to introduce you on a closer level to this guidance that awaits you. Now in realising all that was shared so far comes the truth that there is a reality that is far greater than yours in fact, beyond your immediate realms, the realm of tangible expectation.

Now one wonders on observing many of the entertainment presentations on your planet often why the emotions of fear has always been introduced in the same line as the supernatural, doesn’t it?

A: Yes.

LH: Why were the horror movies first introduced in working with the invisible realm and then many years later the love energy. As with everything on your planet it is all about control and as many indoctrinations controlled you through their divine doctrination so too did they do that through your divine entertainment. T

here are many that are currently working, many, that are currently working at shifting those paradigms of fear. When anyone mentions anything about anything that is of spirit nature the immediate response of many, in fact more than to mention is,’ oh no, oh leave me out of that, I can’t do that’, there is an offensive barrier, do you follow that?

A: Yes.

LH: Now there are many working on many different levels to shift those barriers because dear ones, one of the grandest truths of the new energy is that the intangible through the art and the science of the mind will become very tangible, for you will be able to feel it, you are already feeling it aren’t you?

A: Yes.

LH: When you sit in a vibration of light forming a circle of light do you feel the shift in energy?

A: Yes.

 LH: Did you feel the shift of energy this day, did you?

A: Some say yes.

LH: A few of you have, most of you haven’t or have you, did you allow yourself to feel that, these are the questions that your advisor is asking you, did you allow yourself to feel a shift in vibration, these are the questions.

Now the helpers, the workers, the angelic forces of light that is working to transmute that veil of illusion into a science to remember are all you. Each and everyone of you here, every lightworker upon your planet are working at shifting the limitations that were created in the minds of those that at this stage overrule your planet, the limited ones, the third dimensional ones, for you see as your planet shifts into Her true stardom at the break of 2012 and beyond that a whole new frequency of light will be evident and that frequency is all about inter-dimensionality, it is all about the law of opposites, making that which is tangible intangible and vice versa, so that you are able to feel the vibration of your energy field so that you are able to feel the vibration of the energy field of all of those who invisibly assist you and to work with these beings specifically, asking for guidance, invoking their presence, relinquishing your control into the control of the Divine who then oversees these guiding beings, these angels or guides as you refer to them, allowing this invisible network of light to now source for you a better option. I think that is rather grand, wouldn’t you.

A: Very much yes.

LH: And the realisation of it is even grander. All of that which I have shared so far is about working with your intuition; it is about working with your invisible force field of light.

yes, you must always look at the positive side of life.

ALWAYS Dear beautiful one the awakening planet Earth as She shifts into her grand stages beckons you to let go of the old. In beginning to understand your own operational field, working with your biology, working with your star energy and all of the intricate systems of light that surrounds you in support of you, you will shift yourself into a much higher and finer frequency of light and of course as you know the higher the frequency, the lower the density, the lower the density the less it is seen, not so, that is science. So as you increase your frequency you will begin to vibrate at a total different level or vibration of density and because of that you will not, and I am going to repeat this, you will not be able to communicate and get on with those that are not of a similar or same or ascending or integrating frequency as yours, as simple as that.

In working with your guides, calling upon your master healing guide, your teaching guide, your guidance guide, your advisory guide and all of other guides that you wish to invoke you will be taken into a finer frequency and that of course includes a better understanding of your self on a cellular level, anatomically, analytically, and of course that dear beautiful beings is all about communicating with yourself on a cellular level by integrating, claiming and executing your own bio photons and that is where you now as a divine planet, as part of the whole Solar System, connecting to the stardom of your being, meaning your planet, which is now being transformed, to still connect and work with Her stardom which is your Sun, and that which works with the greater effect of that within this part of the Universe connecting of course to the Greater Central Sun.

All of this becomes a domino effect and with these teachings you will be able to demand your direction, you will be able to lovingly command your direction and that is why I am terribly, terribly sorry if we have bored you at times with repetitive teachings. We feel that if you do not understand the words that are being shared how the heck are you going to cope with the energy. So get used to the spoon for obviously you enjoy the sucking on of it, the only difference is we are now changing it, in stead of metal we have transformed it into a multidimensional intangible spoon.

A: Laughter.

LH: So feel your way around and have fun going it. Now these beings that surround you that are there to guide you, to prompt you, they are there all of the time, they don’t have a day off, they don’t take leave and they certainly never fall ill.

During times of trauma your healing guide calls upon an army of celestial bodies to come to the aid and depending on the extensive damage to you, the healing angelic force invokes a fleet of angels to come to the rescue, some come to the rescue physically if you were harmed, or you fall ill during a dis-ease or illness challenge, some works with the mental field in helping you repair that, some works with the spiritual body, for usually during time of great trauma there is a spiritual retract for that is the time when the being usually demands on knowing ‘ now why was God not present’.

Sometimes the answer that we are quite tempted to share is ‘because He was busy and He didn’t see you’.

A: Laughter.

LH: But then again we rescue, we rush over, we guide, we protect, we teach and we advise. The Creator of All, Mother/Father God, the Divine Masculine/Feminine opposites, the Is ness of All is always with you. It is the experience that you have set out for yourself prior to your incarnation that nine times out of ten takes you down very challenging paths and as you know for one reason only and that is for you to evolve into a far greater being.

You have heard many a times that it is only during times of trauma that you truly evolve and that is very true, but it is not only during times of trauma that you truly evolve but often the challenges of trauma is set up be that by yourself or be that by an unexpected accident due to darker forces or unforeseen situations to propel you into a new or a better or a different understanding of your current situation.

You, all of you present here and all those who may hear or read these words if you have concentrated on this teaching so far and other teachings similar to this you have made a pact prior to incarnation and that is never to get to the stage of vegetating waiting for death. For most of humanity reach that stage in their 3rd dimensional lives and as you know this is not at all shared in judgement, that is the process that they have chosen for themselves this time around.

All of you, all of you lightworkers that are now waking up at a speed second to none, you have all been here before, you have been in the times of Atlantis, you saw what happened then, which is what brings tremendous pain and tears within your force field at this time for you know what is possible should things not go according to Thy plan.

It is therefore imperative that you join in groups specifically, for the power within a group energy is as many times amplified as there are attendees.

Now how many of you are here now?

 A: Ten.

LH: Ten, so the power and the energy that you are creating right here is ten times more that you would have by your self, now you as a person has the ability to easily influence ten thousand souls. Now if you could multiply the energy of the group by that, what do you get?

A: A hundred thousand.

LH: Now isn’t that grand?

A: Yes. LH: During these shaky and questioning times it is especially important for you to support one another for you see you are like the little precious ones to us. We hold you in Divine Light, in cotton wool, for you are so precious, for you have chosen prior to this incarnation to be the marketing agent that you are. To share that celestial frequency and that is precious.

Now with all of the conflict that is happening it is time to remove those cotton wool blankets of light and for you to become big and strong and grown up. As you have heard Master Kuthumi say the nappy stage is gone.

A: Laughter.

LH: Therefore now you need to stand your man, be your light self and as you have heard repeatedly, recently, be the change you want to see in another. Now it is important for you to begin to work with the angelic realm, with your guides, with those that guide you, so we are going to ask you now to join us by closing your eyes.

Everyone gets ready.

Visualising yourself in a beautiful tranquil surrounding, just see yourself in a mass of beautiful clouds floating in nothingness. Now from your lower three chakras send a vibrational force field of light connecting you with the heart of Mother Earth. It is like a triple shaft of energy. Now let us see if you can bring that into a colour, the red shaft from the base, the orange shaft from the sacral and the yellow shaft from the solar plexus, connecting you where you are to the very heart of Mother Earth. Now we are going to connect the top three chakras to the heart of the Universe, of your Universe, to the Great Central Sun.

Now visualise travelling from your throat chakra a blue strand, from your brow chakra an indigo strand and from your crown chakra a violet strand up into the heavens above travelling through your star system, through your Sun and connecting you to the Great Central Sun. Pause. Are you aware of your expanding energy field at this time, or aren’t you?

A: Some say yes.

LH: Can you feel your energy expanding just doing that visualisation, can you?

A: Yes.

LH: All of you?

A: Yes.

LH: Now in this space of true greatness, of anchoring your lower centres into the Earth and your higher centres into the Great Central Sun, I want you from your heart chakra to visualise a magnificent beautiful green energy just radiating out 360 degrees from the core of your heart, in other words, make your heart the anchor of love that you are and then send these vibrations of love out into an unending Paradise. See this travelling past the Earth into your Solar System, passed your Sun, into the other Universes, into the Galactic Centre, and then beyond that for that is not where it ends, you know that.

Now, believe it or not from an Etheric point of view you are now balanced, you are grounded. You have got your feet on the ground, you’ve got your head in the sky, and you have got your heart belonging to absolutely no one and yet at the same time belonging to everything.


Now I wish for you to create a picture in your mind of a being that comes and manifests before you, this being is your first guide that you are working with that guides you through the process of your questions. This is your advisory guide. In your mind create a picture of this guide, see yourself, feel yourself through your heart energy, connecting to this guide, are you able to do that?

A: Yes.

LH: Is there anyone that is having a problem here, you are all connecting to a guide that you can sense and feel. It may be somebody that you know and may be somebody that you really don’t know. Now I wish for you to give a name vibration to that guide, can you do that?

A: Yes.

LH: Ask this guide to introduce themselves to you and to give you a name vibration.


Now I am going to ask you to start with the sister on my left to very quickly just give us, introduce us to your guide that oversees your challenges when it comes to your questions, introduce us to your Divine Advisory Guide, please sister, very quickly.

Auntie Biddy: I would like you to know that Jesus is the one……

LH: No, no, no, no Masters, no Masters. Introduce us to someone else, someone that is there to advise you, look, close your eyes, do not work with the Ascended Masters or anyone at that stage, we now want you to call upon someone that is new to you, visualise this being in front of you and ask him for his name, please.


LH: And what do you get?

Auntie Biddy: I am not getting anything.

LH: Thomas, his name is Thomas.

Auntie Biddy: I can accept Thomas, thank you.

 LH: Ask your guide called Thomas at times when you need advise, sit him down and say dear Thomas please would you now come to my party.

Auntie Biddy: I will do that thank you.

LH: Very good, next.

Marina : The image in my mind was a column of light with a being sitting and introduced herself as Andromeda.

LH: Very good, very good, but Andromeda once again is a constellation.

Marina: I have no idea but that is what came into my mind.

 LH: Well that’s very good, maybe a very good idea, even for our precious sister that felt the energy of Lord Jesus is ask these beings, the over seeing being for Andromeda and Lord Jesus to introduce you to that finer frequency that surrounds you, that works immediately within your energy field as your Divine Advisor, do you follow that? Both sisters:

Yes, thank you.

LH: Very good, next please. Suzette: I get the name Adam.

LH: Very good, tell us about Adam.

Suzette: Adam is beautiful being, he is male, he has big green eyes and sort of light curly hair.

LH: Correct, and do you feel the energy of white around him, like a white cape, cloak.

Suzette: I saw the white and a bit of green as well.

LH: Very good, next.

Poppy: My guide’s name is John.

LH: Very good, this is your advisory guide, yes.

Poppy: Yes.

LH: Very good, tell us about him very quickly.

Poppy: He is African with very short hair.

LH: African with very short hair, very good. Next.

Linda: I also got the name Jesus.

LH: Then ask Jesus to introduce you to your immediate guide for you see dear beautiful ones, the energy of the Christ Yeshua, the energy of the Ascended Masters work with all of you on all levels, they are not just assigned to only look after you in an advisory state, or just in a protection state, or just in a teaching manner, do you follow that? They work with you on all levels; the objective of this particular exercise is to bring you to a state of opening your mind to begin to create for yourself a powerful image that you can talk to. You may call him John and one day he may just stand before you and say ‘its actually Jonathan but you didn’t give me time to finish the name, do you understand this?

A: Yes.

LH: Very good, now would you like to rethink that, can you visualise anyone, a male, a female, anyone, just standing in front of you right now, giving you the hand on advising you when it comes to the times of questioning.

Linda: I am battling with that.

LH: Very good, what we would like for you to do is, there is an energy by the name of Paul that comes through for you and you may be sitting watching television and call upon the energy of Jesus, Yeshua ben Yosef and ask him to introduce this Paul to you, or you may be introduced to the energy of Paul which will bring through the energy of Peter for you, do you follow?

Linda: I do, thank you.

LH: You are now opening the door sister to communicating with this intangible world in a tangible way, that is what these teachings are about. Are you happy with that?

Linda: I am thank you.

LH: Very good, next.

Brandon: I didn’t pick up a name but I saw an elderly gentleman with a large beard (dressed) in green, I picked up a green energy.

LH: The name vibration that comes towards you is Damascus, and as there is green as with our Sister there is also a lot of white in that vision in the sense of in a robe and a white trim that is around the robe, do you follow me?

Brandon: Yes.

 LH: Can you relate to that?

Brandon: Yes.

LH: Have you got Damascus?

Brandon: Thank you.

LH: Now begin to communicate with Damascus, sit him down and say, come old chap share, show me the way, yes.

A: Laughter.

LH: Our sister, next.

Jan: I got the name David and he had very long golden wavy hair.

LH: David, with very long wavy golden hair yes, and there is also a raven energy around him.

Jan: Raven?

LH: Yes, black, it may be let us see, the inside of his cloak or his cape yes, could it be?

Jan: It could be.

LH: Now here I am asking you to play, to have fun for you see it is times when the child is within its most awakened imagined state that there is nothing imaginary about it, do you follow this? And as you grow up you’ve been through the power of conditioning removed from that reality of play. We are introducing you or re-introducing you to this to help you to bridge the gap between what is tangible and what is not, by explaining that in the world of etheria everything is tangible and so is nothing yes, very good.

Play, have fun, you can do it, YOU can do it.

Continue please.

Henny: I immediately imagined Yeshua and pictured him and am afraid I haven’t been able to….

LH: Henry, there is a man Henry there and he is standing guard for you as far as an advisor is concerned. Please understand that we do not wish for you to create this particular exercise through the energy of an Ascended Master.

When we introduced the energy of the Ascended Masters to you we introduce them to you as major overseers. Do you remember when you walked on the cobble road with your Ascended Masters, the masculine and the feminine and the world transformed under your feet yes?

A: Yes.

LH: Today we are not there. Today we are prodding you to get beyond that, to find out internally who you are by allowing the external to show you and this internal and external play of energy is what helps you to step through the veil of illusion. Now by giving you a pre-destined answer we are not helping you. You are always going to call up some famous Master because it is easy to think of instead of just listening, and there Henry is standing in front of you hitting you over the head and you will not listen.

A: Laughter.

Henny: I am so sorry.

LH: What do you want him to do, pull the chair out from under you?

A: Laughter.

LH: Hopefully you will have a soft landing. Do you follow me sister?

Henny: Thank you, Lord Hilarion.

LH: You are so welcome. Our next sister.

Laura: I picked up this huge male energy but there was a lot of shadow and he seemed to have a helmet on, but I couldn’t see any face, I don’t know if he had a long cloak.

LH: A long cloak, a red cloak, a helmet quite low over the face, almost a Roman kind of look?

Laura: Yes.

 LH: Now what is his name? Laura: I got a funny name, something like animi.

LH: Animi, Dimitri, yes. Can you play with that?

Laura: Yes.

LH: Animadimitri. The objective of this exercise is to begin to open your mind to the expansive reality that is far greater than that which you have created for your self not so yes. And by introducing creative visualisations within your mind and playing a fun game as we have just done you begin to move the density to the veils of illusion aside as you gently step in and venture deeper into the known, unknown, what ever it is to you, for remember there is nothing in this world that is not known, it may be to an individual according to you but it is known and also remember when you step and venture into the unknown the only thing that you have to be fearful of is how fantastic it may affect you.

A: Laughter.

LH: For you create the illusion of fear for you call the unknown the fearful not so, now was that a fearful experience?

A: No.

LH: So are you ready to dream some more?

A: Yes.

LH: Now again let us bring another visualisation into your mind. We are now going to ask you to invoke and work with the next teacher, your angelic teacher. You have got the advisor and now we are going to introduce you to the archetype of the teacher, so again bring into your mind a picture or a vision of this teacher.


Can you, are you relating to anything, can you feel or sense anything.


Yes, no, a bit difficult?

A: Most say a bit difficult.

LH: And now we do it again. We ask you to bring into your mind the third being. To ask the third angelic guide, your Divine Protector, your immediate protector in your force field of guides to introduce himself or herself to you.


Imagine you are walking through a beautiful, beautiful forest, you feel the breeze in the air. You walk through the forest of course you get to the lake and get into the boat on the lake. Get inside the boat and allow this boat to take you to the very centre of this lake. Now gently slip out of the boat and into the water. Can you feel the depth of the water underneath you, can you?

A: Yes.

LH: In your mind can you move your feet so that you have to keep yourself up, and above the water, can you yes.

A: Yes.

LH: Now quickly come up and float on your back, can you feel that?

A: Yes.

 LH: Can you feel the texture of the water yes?

A: Yes.

LH: Its wet yes, is it cold?

A: Yes

LH: Now open your eyes and look up at the sky and see the clouds above. Can you relate to the expansiveness around you, yet at the same time can you hear the noises of the lake underneath you, listen to it, create something. Can you, can you begin to hear little bubbles, hear the sound of a big splash, fishes jumping, fish around you or just water. Maybe feel the tentacles of the long grasses underneath you.

Open your eyes and look at the expansiveness above, and now turn around and swim to the other side. You get out and this time there are three guides waiting for you, lighting the fire. You have been here before you know, do you recall it?

 A: Yes.

LH: Now as you get out of the water there are three guides waiting for you. Previously you had met the energy of an Ascended Master here didn’t you yes,

A: Yes.

LH: Do you remember that?

A: Yes.

LH: Do you remember who that Master was, do you?

A: Yes.

LH: Yes, now in your imaginations call upon that Master and ask them to introduce you to these three guides sitting there waiting for you. You’ve got the first one correct?

A: Yes.

LH: Now in your mind see the second one sitting there, and then see the third one sitting there, and in time get a name vibration from them. Give them a name vibration yes. They may one day come to you and say no my name is actually such and such, or your vibration was not right. Do you follow me?

A: Yes.

LH: Is there anyone here that had a better insight getting out of the water and seeing the three guides?

A: Silence from everyone.

LH: How about expanding your mind, how about allowing yourself to expand your mind instead of demanding everything to be tangible, right?

A: Mumbling

LH: Right. Show me how it’s done, but before you do so let me quickly show you how I do it.

A: Giggles.

LH: The reasoning of the human condition not so. You may please ground yourself, again connect with the Earth energy and then connect with the heavenly energy and just hold the vibration of love in your heart.


Dear ones, dear beautiful ones, as time speeds up in your world, as the frequency becomes brighter and as your density becomes lighter, we ask that you take some time expanding the self to touch on the unknown to make it known, to let go of the pre-conditioning and rather to allow a multidimensional spoon of quantum mechanics and a scientific reality to guide you to embrace your spiritual origins.

With that I Hilarion who works very closely with the Oracles hand to you a beautiful emerald rose. Use the power of this colour to increase your visual frequency. Expand on your creative ability, expand your vision, expand your intuition and pay attention to the gentle nudges, especially when you are in a time of seemingly uncomfort, especially when you are in a time of great challenge. Call upon your invisible force field, your guides. Call upon all of your multidimensional aspects and embrace All That Is, as it is, an unending fountain of Creation.

I AM Hilarion and I bless you until we meet again. So long.

A: Thank you.

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a most wonderful New Year.

Greetings beloved ones.

A: Greetings

MK: 2011 is a most wonderful celebration of manifestations, of love and enlightenment and I couldn’t resist to peep in and to gift to you my personal wishes of welfare and of inspiration and beauty and love and excitement and wonderment to give you this blessing of love for the year ahead.

A: Thank you.

MK: Beloved ones, it is time for you now to embrace your Divine Self from a much greater, higher perspective and at the same time to have a lot of fun doing so for you see it is time now to let go of the old, the drips and the drabs and to embrace for yourself a fantastic reality, one that you co-create which was very much what this exercise or visualisation from Hilarion was all about not so, to get you to expand your minds, to constantly move out, to grow, to evolve, to be, to being, to share, to love, to care. That’s what it’s about isn’t it,


Embrace it, love yourself and expand yourself. Until we meet again,


A: Thank you ever so much, Adonai.

Hi Palmtreelifestyle friends, If you would like to support me, I now have 2 books in print for those interested or if you know anyone who would be interested in Personal and Spiritual Growth.
You can find them at two locations:-
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Thanks for you support. It is greatly appreciated.
Have a Great Day in this most powerful time. Love light and peace as always and in always.


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