An Insight into a New Reality – Lady Quan Yin – Natalie Glasson

An Insight into a New Reality
from Lady Quan Yin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 29/11/10

Divine and sacred greetings are extended to all from the depths of my soul; I bring forth the energy of joy and bliss to lighten and brighten your day and energy. I ask you to look not to the heavens to view the Creator and mighty source of love but to send the focus of your entire being and senses into the depths of your soul. When you look with courage, an open and clear mind and with the power of intention you will notice the magical heaven and haven that exists within you.Many people are looking for beauty and inspiration in their physical reality to lift their hearts and manifest joy but the most beautiful and enlightening energy that you could ever come across is carried within you. This consciousness, vibration and energy runs through your blood, bones, skin and muscles. It is present within your mind and emotions and sings gently to you, this energy may sing loudly to you but if you are choosing to ignore its presence then you may never hear, see or feel its beauty. The energy that I am speaking of is the presence of God within you.
If you were to analyse every passionate desire that you have you would realise that the purest intention of this passion is to enhance your connection with the Creator. For example, you may desire to live in a beautiful home surrounded by abundance and splendour, could this not be a desire to be surrounded by the beauty and love of the Creator, to feel the security and protection that the love of the Creator offers? It is important to realise that sometimes our physical desires are actually describing many desires and needs that we have spiritually. Many desires extend back to wanting to feel a complete and absolute connection and alignment to the Creator. Humanity often plays out teachings, lessons and wisdom through their physical lives, when we begin to awaken to our thoughts, needs and desires we begin to discovery more about our habits, beliefs and understandings. To address our spiritual needs will actually bring balance, beauty, love and abundance into our physical reality with very little effort. This is essential to remind yourself of often, if you are struggling with a physical problem, allow yourself time to contemplate the spiritual cause or need of this problem. If you allow yourself to rectify this and to assist your spiritual being and soul in receiving what it desires, then most often the physical problem simply dissolves away, because the lesson has been understood and learnt. It is akin to going to the root of the problem.
Most people spend much of their time and efforts on nourishing their physical body and reality but now is the time to nourish your spiritual being and soul, to offer your sacred being the love and light that it requires, to support and love your sacred aspect, creatively exploring its energies and abilities. To do so will allow your spiritual self to blossom which will naturally nourish and cultivate your entire being and reality. It could be compared to having a garden before you that needs your attention, you also have a shed filled with all the garden tools and equipment that you could ever need but because you are fearful of going into the shed or you cannot find the will power to discover the key to unlock the shed door you potter around the garden using anything that you can find to assist you. Of course you could do so much more if you were able to use the tools available to you. When you begin to feed your spiritual being and soul it is as if you are going into the shed and picking the most appropriate tool and therefore allow the beauty of the garden to blossom beyond your imagination. When you were tending to the garden with scraps that you had found this is akin to trying to solve a physical problem without understanding its purpose and meaning in your reality, because you are not looking in the correct place (within you) you may never find the answer to physical problems.
I can imagine many people thinking that it is difficult for them to access their spiritual abilities and skills as they do not understand how to, but in truth all I am asking you to do is to realise that there is a spiritual meaning and purpose behind every physical experience, desire and need, addressing the spiritual aspect allows your physical life to adopt a new balance, through this process you begin to connect with your spiritual self, nurture your spiritual self and therefore allow your spiritual skills and abilities to flourish.
Acknowledging that our physical desires and needs can offer many spiritual teachings also allows us to begin to see a separation between the truth of the Creator and our physical realities, we may notice that some aspects of our life or beliefs are simply false or are irrational because of the fears that we hold. Humans place complete and absolute trust in their physical realities, they trust that the pavement they walk upon, the house they live in and the food they eat is real and solid; it is this belief that fuels their reality. If you begin to realise that your life and energy are limitless, that you are more than you currently see, you have immense powers and abilities and that there is a world and reality beyond the Earth then your consciousness will begin to shift. You will realise that when you believe that physical energies, experiences and situations can be altered by you and that you hold responsibility over your actions and mind then the reality around you begins to modify. The more that we can lift our consciousness away from the physicality of our reality the more we begin to see the truth, aligning to light and love and incorporating this into our reality, thus discovering a reality that is just as real beyond the physicality of the Earth, providing us with much nourishment and support. We begin to see a reality that is physical and spiritual or energy and feeling based, viewing them as separate realities. The separation that we understand allows us to understand many issues and habits, especially fears and negativity that we hold onto. Much work can be achieved by viewing the physical reality from a spiritual space and vice versa. There comes a time when the separation between the physical and spiritual self no longer serves a purpose and one must integrate both realities, this is when the spiritual being and soul comes into its own and manifests more fully to encourage and support new experiences and journeys of growth. When the soul is allowed to take a greater role this is actually the person allowing the Creator to be of greater presence within their reality and being while on the Earth. With the presence of the Creator more fully integrated the person’s view point is drastically different, the mind being more peaceful and the heart being loving allows a true perception of the reality that the Earth has to offer. This is something that I desire for all of you. In order to manifest as a greater Creator presence you can begin to realise the requirements of your spiritual being and soul, listening to your inner voice, nourishing this aspect of your being. Holding a belief that every physical action and experience has a physical meaning also allows the shift of your mind’s attention from the physicality of your reality to the spirituality of your reality.
This is something to contemplate and to sit with in order to allow it to settle into your consciousness and to be discovered more fully by your mind.
I offer this source of wisdom to you simply as a gift from one soul to another,
In the love of the Creator,
Lady Quan Yin

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