LADY NADA – Where the Heart Is, Part 2 – Chanel Lingenfelder

LADY NADA – Where the Heart Is, Part 2 – Chanel Lingenfelder
Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder
July 10 2010

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your higher self for your greater good.

Special Thanks to Brandon for Transcribing

*** *** ***

I AM the one you refer to as Nada, greetings to you.

A: Greetings.

LN: Dear beings the process of life that you are living through currently as an awakened being, waking up in a beautiful state of bliss, waking up through divine perception of your own magnificence a wondrous understanding amongst not only yourselves but your family and friends of the bigger picture and the greater honour that goes with that bigger picture which of course is all about acknowledging the self, these are the very lessons that you are experiencing at this time and indeed may it be known that these too are the very lessons that the rest of humanity are also experiencing at this time unbeknown to them.

You see as you understand the process of energy and the lay out of the energy grids upon your planet physically and etherically, know that these effects everyone and thus even though you may perceive yourself to be the only person striving towards awakening and understanding of things of a greater and much more refined aspect know that the man next door your neighbour, your brother and sister (which you may perceive is completely as you refer to it 3D) they too strive within the internal expression of their energy fields to be the awakened ones, for you see when they journey at night in their sleep as you do, to lands afar and other galaxies and universes often returning to the origin of the Home Cell group to bring forth understanding and support and wisdom and what ever is needed for that being to transcend their limited times here, they bring back with them on awakening each day the possibility of their endless perception, their endless and limitless worlds of knowing, the worlds of Oneness and within that lies the true understanding of the self as an awakened being.

Very often this energy creates friction, it creates an opposing energy for because of intimidation and because of the lack of understanding friends and family often feel themselves unsure to what you are about, unsure to your expression and your understanding of your truth and thus they take this literally instead of allowing it to become a process of growth by integrating the teachings and sharing their own wisdom of the worlds that they live in.

The greater wisdom here of course lies within the awakened lightworkers heart to now let go of the process of demand, the process of the need to have yourself heard for understand dear beings that the correct and easiest way for you to make your self known and to be heard is not to hurt. Most energies that humanity share at a drop of a hat usually can have, shall we say, a traumatic side to it because of over eagerness, because of jumping in the fire without looking around, from the fat into the frying pan into the fire without even noticing what is around and now in preparing you for the awakening of your self in a more heartfelt state there comes the new understanding of your sublimeness, of your peace and of your beauty and the way to embrace that is to be content, to be relaxed, to be at ease embracing peace for more often than not conflict arises because of intimidation and insecurity.

As light workers you have a tendency to want to make the world better and brighter quickly don’t you?

A: Yes.

LN: The eagerness in that can often create shall we say a stifling energy because the excited inner child is so eager, eager beaver, to want to make a noticeable and huge difference and believe me when I say not from the ego necessarily but very much from the remorse heart because of past experiences that you almost over play it, you get so excited that that excitement very often becomes a law, it often becomes a command and in those energies of commanding and negating laws there lies the truth of judgement. Now in that scenario the lightworker now needs to come to the understanding that indeed your journey and your process of growing and evolving already existed long ago as you have brought this through from many lifetimes and with this energy comes too the memory of your punishment, punishment that many of you have endured over many lifetimes because of your beliefs, because of your understanding and perception and your truth at that time. Now believe me that that truth, that understanding and perception is exactly where it is now, for back then you believed the same as you do now because at the time the scope of your full understanding was only able to integrate the measurement of your current mental perception (at the time), do you follow me?

A: Yes.

LN: Yes, now you are living in modern times, aren’t you?

A: Yes.

LN: So therefore the brain is able to integrate much more than you could’ve 30 lifetimes ago, do you understand?

A: Yes.

LN: So therefore now in this whole new expansive energy the truth that you believe in now is at the very level it was then for then your world was this big and now it is that big yet the same truth. There is one small difference though and that is where you come short, many of you, and that is that you no longer have to live in fear and fret about that which you trust, which you believe in, that which you love and which you understand for this lifetime is a lifetime of reconciling the inner and the outer, this is your lifetime of the heart which is the very reason why we have been asked by the higher realms and hierarchy overseeing this group from a soul perspective to stretch out the essays and teachings on the heart energy for you to truly integrate little by little who you really are and why you are here, for that is the heart energy in essence.

Dear beautiful beings the realisation now is truly at hand for you to embrace the love within your spirit being, to be part of the love within your physical being and to understand that there is no separation, there is no hiding, there is no secrets that you can keep from the Creator, but yet humanity sometimes feel the need to. So then the question here is if you understand that in the worst part of your heart energy you did something so bad or so wrong that you feel rather ashamed about, guilty about, so much so that you actually can not discuss it with someone or you fear what your truth is and your belief systems to the extent that you are unable to share it with those close to you, then I ask you when it comes to judgment day and the Creator Gods, and the Omniscient presence of the Omnipotent One does not participate in any of the judgement that you may perceive that you will receive, then why be so fearful about the judgement from those who you love, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

LN: If the One that loves you more than anything will never turn you away why do you turn away from those that you love, by not accepting the self, for you see dear beings at the end of your day it is all about you, it is not about them and that is why this teaching that I have come to share with you today is to bring a different aspect of that understanding of your divineness and your oneness and how you as an individual have an individual right to claim yourself to be who you are, to be authentically yourself. You need no longer be ashamed for anything, blamed for anything for in truth all you need to do is authentically carry your own responsibility and with that everything else will fall into place, but you see you have chosen for yourself a journey of conscious awakening and that is the very reason why you are here today and the process now is for you to walk with these that you love and to show them as with your discussion prior to this communication to walk with you hand in hand, next to each other not leading each other but rather exploring together so that you now can finally put to rest all of the issues relating to judgement, to blame, to victimization, to shame, to sadness, to sorrow, to the victim.

Over the past number of weeks you have been asked to work with a specific being or two or three and dear ones the reason for that was for you to begin to integrate higher aspects of yourself in a lower vibrational thought form meaning your life, the person that you are. Of course that person vibrates anything between 3D and sometimes even 12D for some of you depending on where your consciousness is at, at the given time. As your energy field transforms itself within every minute of your day so does your frequency and your vibration increases and lowers with every thought within every section of the day, it merely depends on where your mind is at for you to understand what truly has given you the platform that matters, the platform that matters dear ones is the one that you have currently created for yourself within physical environments thus the heart core reality around you.

Now the platform that matters truly is the heart for where you are at now in your lives I want for you to quickly follow me in this and close your eyes.


Now I want you to visualise that you are a tiny, tiny speck of energy, which for all due respect you are, with a huge massive heart, which you have, now visualise yourself floating above your place of living, your house where you live, visualise your house underneath you, as if you are floating above your house and you are looking down.


Now without thinking is there anything about your house that you do not like, if there is write it down. It could be immediate, or you see a pot plant that irritates you or perhaps you see a pathway that needs to be changed, or you see a curtain that you do not like, I am talking about the reality platform of your life here.


Are you all with me?

A: Yes,

LN: Is there anyone here that didn’t see or feel anything?

Brother: I saw but I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

LN: Then you refuse to look into your own heart young man. For I took you into your heart and I placed you above the platform of your current reality, which is your home, and as you know home is where the heart is, so now come again.

LN: Come again, tell me what you saw.

Brother: I was floating above where I stay.

LN: And, what did you see.

Brother: Well I saw it from the top; so I saw the roof, the house adjacent to it, the garages and everything.

LN: Good, and there was nothing there that you felt that you needed to change?

Brother: Well it would be better if it where bigger.

LN: Well, there you go, there is the acknowledgement. So maybe it is time you increase your heart vibrations don’t you think.

Brother: Ok.

LN: Embrace and love more, yes. Now the key behind that is to expand your consciousness and your consciousness is what is pushed back into a smaller framework by the acts of judgement do you follow that?

Brother: Yes.

LN: So now expand your heart, increase your vibrations and look for a bigger apartment, isn’t that pretty clear. Perhaps your energy field has outgrown the size of your apartment wouldn’t you say.

Brother: Yes.

LN: Very good, any one else wants to share?

Sister: I had exactly that.

LN: Very good so then you understand the same concept sister.

Sister: I need to expand where I live.

LN: Very good. Anybody that felt a bit of breathing problems at the time of the exercise, it could be the same because it’s the lack of oxygen and the need to expand. Does anyone of you want to share something?

Sister: I’ve got noisy neighbours, does that mean I have to move and find another place?

LN: Beloved sister if you don’t perhaps its time for you to become noisy.

A: Laughter.

Sister: I never thought of that.

LN: Yes, you have a wonderful phrase; if you can’t beat them join them.

A: Laughter.

LN: So indeed, step up your volume a bit and while you are at it increase the frequency of your heart.

Sister: Thank you.

LN: You know I need to share with you at this time that more times than not that which you resist will persist and the reason why is because there is something within that frequency that you don’t feel at ease and at peace and at one with, so perhaps in the loudness, in the noise find the love, bake a tray of cookies and go up to them and say look what I have baked for you, please would you turn it down just a little and it is not called bribery it is called love. You are more than welcome.

Anyone else want to share?

Sister: I would like to share, it should be simple but perhaps you could just put some enlightenment on it. My roof the grass falls out because of the birds and it needs warmer décor and a prettier garden.

LN: Of your house, yes.

Sister: Yes.

LN: And what is your take on that before I give you mine.

Sister: I need a redo of my hair.

A: Loud laughter.

LN: You need a hair do?

Sister: Yes, I need to redo my hair.

LN: But what has your hairstyle got to do with your home?

Sister: Well it’s my roof.

A: Laughter.

LN: She is very clever indeed. (Lady Nada giggles)

A: Laughter.

Sister: Um, yeah and just do it up and I will need to ask for guidance because I don’t know how to do those things.

LN: The picture that we would like to share with you now is you are asked to actually create for yourself a beautiful, beautiful rose garden. Bring colour into your life, plant seasonal flowers, roses, everybody should have roses would you agree, if not in the ground, in a pot and if not in a vase, would you not agree?

A: Yes.

LN: Yes, and sister the frequency of love of your heart longs to expand and include others not so, it’s yearning for it yes.

Sister: Yes.

LN: Therefore include the garden in your love, little by little create a meter or two or three meter area and say to yourself, I now want to create something really pretty in that space and then as you do your turns going to nurseries or friends, find something in a friends garden that you love and you say; wont you please give me some of that or when you go into a nursery get yourself something to create something and slowly but surely allow your heart to transform every meter around your area bit by bit with fun, with laughter, with compassion, with colour, with joy, for that is what increases the heart, do you follow me?

Sister: Yes, I do, but I have one small challenge, I want to share my garden with my horses and they like to eat them.

LN: Well in that case keep up your shopping of flowers.

A: Loud laughter.

LN: And make sure your flowers are edible. So perhaps the roses would not be a good idea then for your animals.

Sister: They would like the rose petals.

LN: They would?

Sister: Yes.

LN: Well there you go, plant the roses. If it would give you fun and laughter and joy within your heart to watch them eat what you have grown for then so be it. Where is the love,… that is the love, the love that you have. But we definitely feel that you should bring in a lot more colour into your home, into your heart into you life because you are so beautiful.

I need to return to our young man if I may for a moment.


Lady Nada to Brother:

It is often the lack of laughter that prevents one from seeing your own growth and the energy imprint within your energy field is far too serious for you. Do you follow that?

Brother: Yes.

LN: I needed to share that with you.

Any one else wants to share with us.

Sister: The cottage that I stay in is really quite a lot too small but really don’t want to move it’s…

LN: De-clutterize.

A: Laughter.

LN: That’s what you can do about it.

Sister: Ok, thank you.

LN: You are so welcome.

Sister: I’ve got the opposite of not liking where I live or anything that annoys me, but that I have got to leave it to move to a smaller place. My place does have a lot of colour and I am going to a place where it is not so colourful.

LN: So sister what is there within your décor that you can change to become colourful?

Sister: I am hoping take a lot of what I do have which is colourful to the place I am going to which is not colourful.

LN: Well that is perhaps the best solution; also what you can do is bring in some smaller plants that flower. That is what I see for you.

Sister: Yes, thank you.

LN: Lots of smaller plants with pretty flowers that flower in different colours on windowsills.

Sister: Oh yes, thank you that will be lovely.

LN: You are so welcome. Anyone else?

Sister: Yes, I have a strange problem. It is of a negative energy which passes through my bedroom, passes through the top of my bed. I have done quite a lot of work on it, I have done as much as think I can do on it but I think there is still an influence from it and having just in the last week been over in England in a strange bed, in a strange house and all sorts of different people as well, I slept extremely well and I thought well gosh it is amazing because when I got back to my house and my bedroom and my bed my sleep was almost every night disrupted.

LN: Sister what we have for you, the area where your bedroom currently is located in is what is called a traverse passage, it’s a energy that is neither good nor bad, it is just unsettling and the suggestion is for you to try and change your bedroom, use another room to become your bedroom. That is the first thing you can do, the second thing also we find is that the area around your property lacks protective griding, so perhaps you are very busy placing a protection around yourself personally but perhaps maybe sometimes a little bit slow on placing a protection around your entire home and your property, not so?

Sister: I do, I place a violet pyramid over the property well…

LN: The energy that comes to you is to use a spherical energy, is to place everything within a pure white crystalline sphere of light. You do shall we say attract a lot of interest on the astral plane because of your chosen interests now on this plane and very often that may invite some shall we say, questioning energies.

Sister: Could you further explain traverse passage to me?

LN: It’s just an energy field. You see where the attention goes the energy flows, you understand that?

Sister: Yes.

LN: And a traverse passage is almost like a certain passage that is often used as (the word you know it as) a wormhole, and it could be that because these etheric passages or flows of energy that continuously creates the same patterns travelling through your bedroom that you find that perhaps that is an easier entry for questioning energies, for energies that may be not so congruent with your energy field. The gift of salt is always helpful.

Sister: Yes, I use plenty.

LN: And lavender?

Sister: No.

LN: Maybe if you can get your hands on a lavender plant or some lavender oils yes.

Sister: I believe this to be what they call a bengaline which is a part of earth energies but it happens to be a particularly negative energy.

LN: It is lower 4th dimensional astral plane energy, and what you call a bengaline I call a traverse passage. It is a very active energy, it is not necessarily bad but it is certainly questioning.

Sister: Thank you.

LN: You are welcome. Anyone else before we continue?

Sister: Lady Nada I have been renting a home for the last five years and I suddenly realise that I would like to own a home so I can do exactly as I please.

LN: Yes, but my exercise, we are deviating here, my question to you was to hover above your home and see what it is within your home that you want to change. Now you see here you are asking me for a miracle financially.

A: Laughter.

Sister: And my question to you is that is it because my heart is so closed that this miracle doesn’t occur.

LN: Perhaps it is time for you to take a real good look at yourself and realise your own beauty and your own love. You see because of past history you refuse to look truly at your beauty and your love and yourself in the way that you should for you have always been judged for doing so but you did it then from the ego and now you are doing it form the heart and learning to balance these two energies is what your process is about right now, do you understand that?

Sister: Yes.

LN: Therefore what would it give you to really own or rent a property in the long run? You have the famous words; you can not take it with you, yes. So what difference would it make, would it make you feel better because you can break through walls and change and create, would it?

Sister: I just want to break free from my limitations.

LN: Of your heart.

Sister: Of my heart.

LN: Correct, correct. We send you our love; you are such a beautiful being, its time you know it. You need not convince anyone anymore of your love, only yourself, and don’t step back any longer allowing others to dictate your love, yes. You are beautiful beyond words and I give you my heart.

Sister: Thank you. Anyone else?

LN: Would somebody like to give our sister a hug perhaps a Kleenex and some water, or would you need something a little stronger sister?

A: Laughter.

LN: Like a nice big man.

A: Loud laughter.

(Brother gets up and hugs our sister)

LN: Blessings to you.

Sister: Thank you.

LN: You are welcome. Anyone else? Would you like to open your hearts to me?

Sister: Lady Nada may I ask, I have cleared some entities in my home because I work a lot with crystals, did they move or are they still there?

LN: Some of the entities have and the other ones are around which is what is causing the noise for you next door. Its is an irritation energy yes, and the way to do that is to remember beautiful children that as with the border of your heart your home does not end at its boundary does it, no, what lurks behind that, yes. If you want to do some real clearing, clear a large area around your house first and then your home, that is why we always bring that into the essence of your meditations for truth be told as you have a specific area that you call your home that you need divine protection around there exists another energy area around called the earth that needs to have the exact same protection and around that the universe and if we all exist within the Oneness energy then why not clear it all, and then you may still find as with our sister there may be questioning energies coming through, there may be energies that have nothing to do with you but because of there old repeated patterns they keep following the same flow of insecurity and it so happened to include you. Do you know what I am saying?

Sister: Yes I understand thank you.

LN: But do your protection and also place if you have extra the Smokey Quartz in the corners where you feel the energies are very congested and of course you have got your Black Tourmaline which is very powerful for clearing entities and Rose Quartz which is very calming bring it in, but in areas where the energy field feels rather unstable avoid too much Clear Quartz, because Clear Quartz amplifies everything doesn’t it, every thing.

A: Yes.

LN: In your terms good or bad, in our terms all possibilities. Very good anyone else would like to share.

Sister: Um, when I consult with Sue we always have to, I have a problem with magnetic force in my home now. I want to expand because it is temporary because that was my first thing I need to expand it. Do I need to get out of the block of flats because of the magnetic force…

LN: Not necessarily it just depends; it depends on your current situation if you are able to get out to somewhere new. Do you get the urge to go somewhere new?

Sister: I have had the urge to expand and I would like to move into the flat next door but that will cost more as well so…

LN: Well if you got the money what are you saving it for?

A: Laughter.

Sister: Well funny enough….

LN: Just in case?

Sister: The worldwide money is decreasing so my money is decreasing before I even spending it.

LN: Tell us something we don’t know.

A: Laughter.

LN: Correct so go out and spend it that is why you have gathered it is to be able to spend it. Why for the money to look pretty or disappear because of your governments, but let us not go there.

Spend your money sister, go out shopping and buy a new bigger place.

A: Laughter.

LN: Anyone else wants to share on your home or need some clearance or some advice. Anyone?

Very good, now do you feel lighter about yourselves?

A: Yes.

LN: Yes, and those that have not had the chance to share with us how do you feel? Lighter?

A: Yes.

LN: The lightness of being comes through the act of acknowledgement. Now even though you may perceive to acknowledge that which you truly believe in and that which you truly desire to be part of your daily curriculum and daily life it isn’t necessarily, and by taking a look at your home where you live you begin to see different aspects of where the heart is at, aspects that you do not want to see for understand, your home, the interior and your home is a direct reflection of your soul essence.

So now, you could use it in another way. You could actually go into someone else’s home and see the reflection of their soul, but that is not for you to decide, what is for you to decide is what is the work that needs to be done on my soul journey. What is the work that I need to do now in expanding my heart consciousness to integrate a much more refined and a much purer heart essence and the easiest way to do that is to actually look at the heart which is your home and by increasing the vibrations of the heart one automatically increases the vibrations of the mind don’t you.

A: Yes.

LN: For it should be like that as you well know, for as a soul you have integrated the process of being alive to experience living life. Living life forms a whole new energy of exploring the mind, now the heart, the heart is what you work towards to go through the bridges of transition so that you may be able to live a balanced life for believe me if you know the chakric system it will bring you absolutely no good to live your life only above the heart or below the heart. The balance here is to live on both ends with the heart dictating balance, for you want to have the wonderful things of the material world and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have them and you want to have the awakening soul advancement of your divine perception and awareness that comes through now as a gift of ascension and there is absolutely no reason why you should not have it and if you take these two together and with your heart perfectly in balance in letting go of the limitations of the things that actually prevents your perception of being recognised as a beautiful child of love then you will find that in either one of these there will be conflict there will be no balance and of course the true essence of this on a far higher level and much more divine vibration is it matters not where you reside for as long as that is where the heart is at, and if the heart is at an area that does not support the latest of technology or does not support all of the trimmings that most people require or desire then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that for that is where the heart is at but, the big conflict here is when the heart begins to form the dance of reconciliation with the base chakra through the worth of the self which oversees the energies within the solar plexus that is when you begin to actually realise your relationship to lack, to poverty, for do you believe that you should have a ton of money in the bank, just in case, or do you believe you deserve a better home. Do you believe that you would rather have a huge ton of money in the bank apposed to sitting on a settee you have dreamed owning all of your life. Well the value in that lies in time dear beautiful beings for you could never tell when time has run out, for your time may last forever but then again it may soon come to an end and then you will not have the time of day to enjoy that couch that settee, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

LN: So in this divine heart space the whole essence is for you to take a very good look deep inside your expansiveness, expanding your heart essence to now include all others as the self but in this particular instance we are removing the fixture or the prefix or whatever you want to call it that will bring selfishness to anything that you relate to, so if it is for the self it is for the love of the self and if it is for the love of the self then so shall it be for all. One for all, yes.

A: Yes.

Now the reason why I have asked you to have an aerial view of your homes is because it is very important for you to feel very happy where you live not so?

A: Yes.

LN: And just being aware of your energy field within your home you will become extremely aware of the lack that needs to be seen to within your greatest abundance chakra called the heart. So the heart chakra you may also refer to as your abundance chakra, because it brings to you all of the riches of the world and the riches of the world is recognising your journey as a soul through the living experience and you do so by allowing the heart to control the mind and not the other way around.

Now having shared this with you I would like for you to again go through the process of working with the beings that you have been assigned to work with and in asking them to guide your nights and your days let us take this one step further. We will ask them at night to in your sleep state, you may want to dot this down, help you release every aspect of forgiveness that you haven’t quite dealt with and in the same process to help you release every aspect of judgement that you haven’t quite dealt with, only these two energies, judgement and forgiveness. So every night before you go to bed you simply affirm and you ask the beings that oversee you to in your sleep state help you release all of the energies that you still feel attached to when it comes to judgement and forgiveness for that will automatically erase guilt and shame at the same time, do you follow me?

A: Yes.

LN: Now in the morning when you awake you ask these masters of light to reveal to you every day ways in which you need to live in gratitude. For you to be grateful for what you have and then make a point of opening your eyes, your windows to your soul, and seeing the beauty around and in that beauty of the heart to integrate all that you need to be grateful for, and express it, if you journal, journal it, if you express, express it, but bring a constant awareness in your awakened conscious state of that which you need to be grateful for, for gratitude is what eventually will put you into complete transformation, it is the only thing. And at night you let go of the opposite, the judgement and the forgiveness that you haven’t worked on. And then we will give you a small exercise to do at the next gathering I believe you will be working with the energy of Lord Kuthumi in finally giving it another good go releasing all of these lower vibrations from your heart, from limiting to raising your frequency and vibration expanding into something that you already are, magnificent.


I wish to leave you with a small visualisation so please….

(Everyone sits up and gets ready.)

Nothing too intense, just sit back and close your eyes for a minute or two.


LN: I want you to visualise in your heart chakra a magnificent emerald ray of light. Visualise this emerald ray in whichever way or form you feel more comfortable with or most comfortable with. You may see this as a spherical ball, some of you may see it as a pyramid, some of you may see it as a star tetrahedron or any other of the platonic solid shapes. In fact any shape you wish.


I now want you to visualise from the very core of this energy a radiant light shines out into all directions, from the very core of your heart.


Now I want for you to bring your visualisation so that you can see the emerald rays coming from your heart in a deep emerald colour.


I now place within that very core a magnificent golden rose. See this golden rose inside the emerald rays coming from your heart.


And when you awake in the day try and remember the emerald rays permeating from your heart and the golden rose in the very core of that energy.


And when you go through your day in conflict or in struggle or challenge, concentrate on that energy, those emerald rays and the golden rose and from there practice your forgiveness and your non judgement and from there integrate your gratitude so that when you come to face one that challenges you and that may even off set you giving you great unbalanced temperament then etherically hand to them an aspect of that golden rose, so that they may be blessed with the vibrations of the emerald rays to follow, so that they like you will take the time to bless themselves with the gifts of Love and Wisdom and when you go to sleep at night bring your attention again to that area and for the next two weeks bring your attention to those emerald rays and the golden rose as often as you can so that you may be one step closer in realising your own worth as a truly divine being now leaving behind all of the lower energy, the lower worlds embracing for your self the world of infinite possibility.


At times of conflict and struggle I ask you to be still, to recognise your power and to know that with all of this you make God very proud of you, for you are the way showers, you are the ones that have come to set the pace and the pace you are setting indeed.

I give you my love,

I AM the Lady Nada.


A: Goodbye and thank you.

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