Sananda addressing the March 9, 2010 teleconference:

“Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, Sananda. I come before you to be with you as One, in Family as in Joy, and we have heard how Mother Gaia is accomplishing her own healing, her own balancing, her own coming into oneness with the All That Is, and raising, raising her vibrations so as to be in step with all of you, all of humanity and all of her kingdoms in the Ascension process of the planet. And so it is that we are called upon now to come together in Oneness and to bring messages of Love and most of all Peace to Mother, that she may know that we are with her, that she may know that we know that all is well and that we are One in Spirit, in Love and to tell her with absolutely, total heartbased messages that we understand that she needs to do these changes. And finally, to empower our Love even more to her that she may utilize that to make the changes as peacefully as it is possible fo r her to do.

“Be assured, Beloved Ones, that she has only Love for all, and that she is as joyful as we are at this Ascension process moving forward and that she indeed is ready to take her partnering place with you consciously, sentiently and in all hearts she lives, she breathes, and we will tell you that her breathing has gotten much better with the loving messages that she has already received from you and the loving energies that have come to the planet and so she is ready to co-partner with all, all dwellers of all of her kingdoms, you Beloved Ones, and with all of us who come from the stars to transition as easily and graciously into the world of the higher dimensions.

“And so we ask that you continue breathing. Just breathe. And so we ask that you go to a place, your screening room, if you will. It is a sacred place. It is a place where you see all that there is to see, because you have a wondrous screen there. Indeed, it sparkles and shines and fills the wall that seems to be a crystalline wall and so it can receive the images and messages even as you stand before it. It can radiate messages to you and it can receive your messages and transmit them wherever you direct them to go. So stand in front of your screen. Feel the warmth of its crystalline beauty and let your focus be entirely upon it. It’s as big as you want to see it in your minds eye. It sparkles and radiates the warmth. It is wondrous indeed to feel.

“Let this warmth come into you and fill your being, and direct it down into your heart space and let your heart open. Be ready to send and receive messages, your own pink platinum heart, your crystalline now opens and is in resonance, totally and completely with your screen, and you see that your screen is alive. It has a life of its own, and thus it connects and you connect with it, and you know that you can communicate perfectly everything that you choose.

“Now, from your heart space which is so open and so focused, call forth Mother Gaia to come onto that screen and see how she sparkles her Love for you and feel it come into your heart. And now radiate that Love back to her and just enjoy the communion of hearts, your heart with Mother Gaia’s, back and forth radiating in perfect communion. And you may see representatives of Mother Gaia in that sparkle representatives of some or all of her kingdoms, and that is beautiful indeed, but know that the energy of Mother Gaia is there with you, reaching out to you in Love and perfect Joy. And now begin your messaging to Mother Gaia. She’s ready to hear you. She is alive. She is sparkling, and she is in communion with you, so the connection is total and perfect.

“And so now radiate your messages of Love to her, ‘Mother Gaia, we are One with you, we Love you, and we appreciate you, and we love that you have welcomed us here and that we have made our home here with you. We say to you ‘Ho’oponopono’ Mother Gaia, forgive us for anything that we have ever done in this lifetime or any other that has caused you any hurt or pain and we say to you on behalf of all the human civilization, ‘Ho’oponopono, Mother Gaia’. Please forgive us. We Love you and we know that the time has come for us to facilitate and assist you in your cleansing and we know that it is needed, not just for you. No, it’s not just for yourself that you engage in these clearings – it’s for all of us too, for we are One and we can never really be separate or apart. We are One with you and you are One with us.

“‘And so we ask that you accept this Peace that we bring, the Peace from our hearts to yours, the Peace that passeth all understanding, the Peace that is ours even now, and the Peace that is lasting and grounded and anchored evermore upon this beautiful planet. Share it with us Mother, be One with us in Peace, as we are One with you in Love and Appreciation and Thanks. And let us co-create your healing together, and let us be helpers to you and know that our hearts are open to you to receive your messages and know that we are with you in our hearts, even when we seem to be closed off indoors, or in a place that does not have much element of you. We are with you in our hearts at all times. We think of you with Love, and we ask that we come together in this co-creation, that we co-create your cleansing and your healing. We give permission for mitigations from our star families and we ask that you allow us to join in those mitigations with our Love and our thoughts and our prayers and our emotions and all that we are. We ask that you accept this anchoring of Peace within your heart that we present here and that our connectedness remain intact always and that you let us know if there is something that we can do of a physical nature to help.

“‘Call upon us, your family, your Earth family from the stars, inspire us, inspire us with knowledge, with wisdom that will help you in what it is that you need to do. We’re on this road together, Mother, and we thank you for allowing us to be here at this time. We thank you for welcoming us as partners upon the planet and most of all, we thank you for sharing your Love with us as we share ours with you. So it is that with our hearts open we come together in this offering of Peace for you. We ask that you take it into your heart, and into your entire being and that this be totally, totally the beginning of the Age of Peace with Mother Gaia, with Peace anchored in the heart of Mother Gaia as it is within ours.’

“So stand a moment in this communion of hearts and hear what there is to hear and feel what there is to feel as Mother Gaia responds to this offering of Peace, to this Love expressed. Let it fill your hearts, Beloveds, let it fill your fields of energy and then send it out over all of planet Earth. Wrap the planet in the blanket of Peace and in the Joy and the Love of All We Are, One with Mother Gaia and all of her wondrous kingdoms. Be in Peace and be in Love.

“And so, Blessings to all. We have the roses, as always. Take as many as you wish. My Mother and I and all of this company who comes to be with you in these most special of times thank you, Beloveds, from our hearts to yours. Take the roses from my Mother and be joyful and thank Mother Gaia for these beautiful gifts to take into your heart, for the flowers are great upon the Earth. They brighten the planet and indeed, they sing. They hold resonance and they sing to the planet and they help to create this wondrous Peace that is now. And so Beloveds, take your roses and stay in communion with Mother Gaia. She thanks you, she honors you for your understanding and for your gratitude, and most of all for your Love. And so it is. Namaste.”

Thanks to Deborah Urquhart for this transcription.

© Susan Leland 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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